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The Doctor ran to the console, sweat streaming down his face. If he could just activate the phorson shield, he might just save...

He froze as the sickening crunches reached his ears. He hung his head, tears stinging his eyes, and slowly turned.

Mac would be-

"Doc," called the young voice from just beyond the entrance, "you ok?"

"Erm, oh, yes," said the Doctor, starting forward. "I'm glad you're..."

He stopped and stared.

"Mac," he said carefully, after a few seconds. "Those were aliens, you realize that."

Mac stared hard at him. " T'ink I figgered dat out, Doc."

"They're trained in several planetary systems worth of martial arts. Their hide is..." The Doctor stammered, seemingly at a loss for words.

Mac glanced down at his hands, seeming to notice their bleeding for the first time. He tore a couple strips off his shirt, wrapping them around his knuckles. He looked back over his shoulder, shut the door, then back into the Doctor's eyes.

"Boxin's what I know. Now, can we get outta here? Dunno how much more of dose guys I can take."