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Chapter One

Serenity stormed out of the apartment, she had just had an argument with her brother. 'He's always trying to tell me what to do; all I want to do is go to the party' She said to herself as she walked. She wasn't really paying any attention where she was going and when she finally did, she found herself in the Park. She walked around until she came to the playground, there she went over and sat down on one of the swings. What she didn't know is that someone had been following her.

Joey couldn't believe what just happened. He had been talking to his sister about that damn party, and before he knew what was happening, she ran off. He threw his hands up in defeat, and went after her, but where did she go? He got into his car and drove around looking for her, but it was as if she dropped off the face of the earth. Joey took out his cell phone and began calling his friends, 'Have you seen Serenity?' He asked each one. Now he was getting worried, no one had seen her.

While Serenity swinging on the swing, she started to cool off and when she stopped herself, she knew that she was wrong; maybe Joey was right about the party. She started walking home, when she thought that someone was following her. She looked around, but she didn't see anyone. Serenity reached for her cell phone to call Joey, but she had left it at the apartment, now she had no way of calling for help. She looked around to find anything she could use to protect herself, when she heard a familiar voice, "Serenity, where are you going?"

Breathing a sigh of relief, Serenity smiled and said, "Joey and I had an argument." He walked over to her and said, "What was it about?" Serenity told him and then he said, "If you want I'll take you to this party." At first, she was thrilled, and then she said, "I really should let Joey know where I am." "Let's go to my place, its closer then apartment, you can call from there." Serenity didn't see anything wrong with going that, so she went with him. (Little did she know that she was in for a lot of trouble.)

They had been walking for a while now and Serenity said, "Are you sure this is the way?" He smiled at her and said, "I'm sure." Not really knowing where they were, she stopped walking and then she said, "I think that I'd better go home." She started to go back the way they had come from, when he looked at her, and then he waved his hand and said, "You will do what I say." Serenity stopped walking, turned around and said, "I must do what you say." He went over, took her hand in his, and led her in the direction of his secret place.

When they got to where they were going, he took her inside an abandoned house, he told her to sit down, then he stood there looking at her, the a sinister smile came across his face. 'Now for some fun' he said to himself. He went over, took her hand in his, and led her to one of the bedrooms, in the room there was a mattress in the middle of the room. He told her, "You won't remember anything that happens here." Serenity nodded her head. Then he started taking off her clothes, when she was completely naked, he said, "Lay down on the mattress." She did as she was told.

Joey was frantic; he had to find his little sister before something bad happened to her. His friends were helping him, they all spread out and was looking everywhere, but it was almost as if she had disappeared. Tears filled his eyes, as he stood there looking out the car window, where was she? He remembered the fight, why didn't he just let her go to that damn party. His cell phone rang; he grabbed it in one hand and pulled the car over to the side of the street. "Hello Rene?" He said. It was Tristan, he said, "Joey, what kind of shoes was she wearing?" He asked.

Joey tried to remember, and then he said, "She had on her sandals, why?" Tristan said, "Duke and I found one sandal at the Park, we were walking around and found it beside the swings." Joey drove over and met them at the Park, sure enough, it was Serenity's sandal, but where was she? They looked around to see if there was anyone else there, someone who might have seen where his sister had gone, but they didn't find anyone.

As they were walking back to the parking lot, Joey saw Yugi and Tea. "Have either of you seen Serenity?" Joey asked. Tea asked, "Joey what's wrong?" He told them and Yugi said, "I'll call grandpa and see if she might have gone there." Yugi took out his cell phone and called, but grandpa told him, "No Yugi, I haven't seen her." Joey then said, "Yug, what am I going to do?" Yugi said, "Have you talked to Kaiba?" Joey laughed and said, "Yeah right, he'll probably just laugh at tell me, it's your problem Wheeler."

Yugi then said, "Joey, you've got to try, you never know, he just might surprise you and want to help." Joey dialed Kaiba Corp., and asked to talk to Kaiba. To his surprise he heard, "Wheeler what do you want?" It was Kaiba's voice. Joey said, "Serenity's missing. We had a stupid fight and she ran off, now I can't find her." Seto said, "Tell me what she was wearing, I'll have some of my men look for her." Joey told him, then Joey said, "Thanks for helping."

Back at the abandoned house:

He stood looking down at the luscious body lying on the bed. He was so excited that he could hardly contain himself. When he started to taking off his clothes, his cell phone rang; he looked and saw it was. He pushed the talk button and said, "What do you want?" He listened to what the caller was saying, he knew that he had to make sure that no one knew where he was. He looked down at the naked body lying on the bed, and then he waved his hands and said, "You won't remember why you're here. Get dressed and go home, but next time you hear my voice, you'll come back here." Then he walked to the door, opened it, then he turned around and said, "Serenity wake up." Then he hurried out.

Somewhere in Domino:

Serenity was wandering around not knowing where she was, when a dark car pulled up along side her, the car stopped, a tall man got out and said, "Miss is your name Serenity Wheeler?" Serenity said, "Yes, who are you." The man said, "My name is Roland, your brother is worried about you. My boss Mr. Kaiba asked me to try to find you." Tears ran down her face as she said, "I don't know where I am, or how I got here." Roland smiled at her and said, "Miss, please will you get into the car, I'll drive you back to your brother's apartment."

When she got into the car, Rene sat back against the seat and tried to remember why she was here in this part of town, but she just couldn't. She then closed her eyes and hoped that Joey wouldn't be too angry with her. When Roland found Serenity, he called Seto and told him. Seto thanked him and said, "Take her back to her brothers apartment, I'll call and let him know that you'll be there soon."

When Joey got the call from Seto, he nearly crashed his car. "Where did he find her?" Joey asked. Seto then said, "He said it was out near the old Industrial District, he said that she was just wandering around not knowing where she was going." Joey thanked Seto again, and then he turned his car around and drove back to the apartment.

When Joey pulled his car in front of the building, he saw a dark car already there. Joey got out of his car and walked over to the other car, the door opened and Roland got out and walked over to Joey and said, "Your sister is really upset, it's almost as if someone has jumbled her mind, please don't start interrogating her, she's really scared." Joey held out his hand and when Roland shook it, Joey said, "Thanks, I'll go easy."

Roland opened the door, held his hand out, and said, "Miss, we're here." Serenity took his hand and as she got out of the car, she looked up and saw Joey. Tears ran down her face and said, "I'm so sorry big brother." Joey held out his arms and she ran to him, when his arms encircled her, he looked at Roland and said, "Thanks again." Roland nodded his head, got back into the car and drove back to the Manor.

Joey looked at her and said, "Are you alright?" Serenity had tears running down her face when she said, "I'm fine. Joey I'm so sorry for running off. I should have listened to you, instead of acting like a baby." Joey hugged her again, then he said, "Let's get inside; I have to call everyone and let them know that you're back home." After he had called everyone, Joey dialed Kaiba Corp. and asked to speak to Seto. When Joey heard Seto's voice he said, "Thanks again for your help." Seto said, "I'm glad that Roland found her, she's alright isn't she?" Joey then said, "She says that she's fine, but there's something about the way she's been acting, I wish I knew where she went." Seto then said, "Just be glad that she's back."

All he could think about was Serenity and how he wanted to ravish her luscious body, he wanted nothing more then to make her his. He finally got to Bakura's and as he walked in, he saw Yugi standing there, Yugi was talking to both Bakura and Marik about how Joey's sister had run off and how they had all been looking for her. When they heard the door open, Yugi looked and saw he standing there. "They found Joey's sister." He pretended to be surprised and said, "Is she alright?" Yugi said, "Joey thinks that something's wrong. He said that she wasn't acting like herself." Bakura looked at Marik then at him, and then Bakura said, "Has she told Joey where she's been?"

Yugi then said, "Serenity told Joey that she doesn't remember anything." Bakura knew that somehow, he was involved, but exactly how, he didn't know. He then said, "You better get home and let grandpa know that Serenity's alright." After they left, Marik looked at Bakura and said, "Wasn't he acting a little weird to you?" Bakura nodded his head and then he said, "I agree."

Serenity was in her room, she was lying on her bed trying to think where she'd been. She closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep. Joey was getting lunch ready, he went and knocked on his sister's door, she didn't answer and he got worried. He opened the door and smiled when he saw her sound asleep, he closed the door and went back to the kitchen and ate some lunch. While Serenity was sleeping, he was in his room. He was thinking about Serenity and how much he wanted her; he knew that he had to be careful so that no one would find out what he had been doing.

It was nearly dark when Serenity woke up, she stretched and sat up, her stomach growled and she got up and went out to the kitchen, she found a note from Joey, "Sis, I had to go to the store, will be back soon. There is something a sandwich in the fridge if you are hungry. Joey." Serenity opened the fridge door, got out the sandwich, got a tall glass of milk, sat down at the table, and ate her lunch. When she was done, she rinsed out the glass and went back to her room to wait for Joey.

When Joey got home, he went to check on his sister. He knocked on her bedroom door, when she opened it he said, "Want to help me fix dinner." She smiled and they went to the kitchen and made dinner. After dinner, they went to the living room and watched some television. Joey wanted to know what happened to her, but he was afraid to push her. Serenity turned and looked at him and she said, "I'm scared. I don't remember what happened to me from the time I left here." Joey put his arm around her and said, "Just give yourself some time, you might remember later." She hugged him and then she yawned, they both laughed and he said, "I guess we'd better get some sleep." He turned off the television, and then they walked down the hall and when they got to her room, Joey gave her a kiss and said, "See you in the morning."

That night as he lay on his bed, he remembered how Bakura and Marik looked at him when he came in, he had to make damn sure that neither of them try to stop him, so he'd have to be careful not to make them any more curious then they already were. So for the time being he'd have to bide his time, then when he knew that no one suspected him, he'd make his move and she'd be his.

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