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Chapter Eight

At the Ishtar's:

When Bakura got through telling Ishizu what happened to Serenity Wheeler, she was outraged. "What did you do to that monster?" Marik said, "He's in the shadows, someplace where he'll never get out, not until he's paid for what he did." Then Ishizu asked, "How's Serenity now?" Bakura told her, then he said how Yugi helped them break the spell that Yami used. Joey's biggest, worry is that she'll remember what happened and that if she did, he's scared that he might lose her forever.

Ishizu then said, "I'll contact Shadi to see what he can do to help remove what happened to her, I'm not sure that that is the way of helping her, she needs to be able to deal with what Yami did." Ishizu got up and walked around the room, then she stopped and asked, "How's Yugi?" Bakura said, "He's staying with us for awhile, Ryou and Malik are with him." She sat down and said, "I want to know why Yami decided to do that to her, I always thought he loved Yugi." Marik sighed and said, "That's what Yugi asked him the day we sent Yami to the shadows. He tried to get Yugi to believe that he did love him, that Serenity didn't mean anything to him." Bakura then said, "It was the hardest thing Yugi had to do, release Yami from any bonds that they had." Tears ran down Ishizu's face as she listened to what Bakura was saying.

Bakura's phone rang, when he answered it, he heard Ryou's voice, "Joey just called, said that Serenity remembers what Yami did to her, Kura she even mentioned that he raped her. Joey's so scared; he's going to ask Kaiba for some name of anyone who could help her." Bakura asked, "How's Yugi?" Ryou said, "He just sits by the window, Kura, will he get better?" Bakura then said, "I'll be home soon, we're still talking to Ishizu." Ryou then said, "Alright, see you then." Then Bakura closed his phone and put it in his pocket. Bakura turned to look at Marik and Ishizu, "Joey called Ryou, says that Serenity remembers everything that Yami did to her, she even said that he raped her." Ishizu then said, "Shadi may be able to help him, I'll contact him after you leave." Marik said, "Thank you, I know that we've had our differences, I know how hard it is to have me in your home, I'm just glad that you did listen to us." Ishizu then got up and walked over to Marik and said, "You've changed, I can see how much Malik loves you and how you love him. I will only say this once, if you ever change, I'll kill you with my own hands." Marik nodded his head that he understood, and then he and Bakura left.

At Bakura and Ryou's home:

When Bakura and Marik got back, Ryou walked over and said, "Kura, I'm afraid that we're losing Yugi. He eats and sleeps, but something's missing, ever since he released Yami, he's slipping away." Bakura put his arms around Ryou and hugged him, and then he said, "I'll talk to him." Bakura walked over to where Yugi was sitting and he said, "Yugi, we need to talk." Yugi turned around, looked at Bakura and said, "I know, I feel so hollow inside." Marik looked at Bakura then he said, to Malik, "We've got to go; your sister is contacting Shadi. I want to be there when he comes." Malik nodded, and then he looked at Yugi and said, "I'll see you later." Yugi said, "Alright." After they left, Yugi was sitting by the window, then Yugi looked at Bakura and then he said, "I feel like I'm slipping away, please help me." Bakura said, "Listen, I know what's wrong, if you'll trust us, I know that Ryou and I can help."

At Joey's apartment:

When they came home from the Pancake House, Serenity went to lie down; Joey picked up the phone and called Seto. "Kaiba here." Seto said into the phone. Joey said, "Serenity remembers what that son-of-a-bitch did to her, god Seto, he raped her. She needs to talk to someone who might help her deal with this. Do you know a good Therapist she can talk to?"

Seto told him, "I'll call Dr. Thompson; she's the best Psychiatrists who helps women who have been raped. I'll have her call you; she'll want to have Serenity come into her Office as soon as possible." Two hours later a Dr. Thompson called and talked to Joey, she said, "Can you bring your sister in this afternoon, I'd like to talk to her as soon as possible." Joey said, "I'll let her know, I'll call back and let you know if she wants to come talk to you." Dr. Thompson said, "Alright, I'll be waiting for your call.

Joey went to Serenity's room, knocked on the door, she said, "Come in." Joey opened her door and said "A Dr. Thompson would like to talk to you about what happened, will you talk to her?" Rene closed her eyes and tears ran down her face, "Alright, I'll talk to her; I pray she can help these dreams go away." Joey hugged her and said, "I'll call Dr. Thompson and see if she can see you today." When Joey called the doctor, she said, "I can see her at two this afternoon." Joey then said, "Thank you, we'll see you then."

Back at Bakura and Ryou's house:

Yugi looked at Bakura and asked, "What do you mean?" Bakura said, "If you'll let me I can make you my Hikari too." Ryou looked at Yugi and said, "Please do it." Yugi then looked back at Bakura and said, "Alright, please do it, I don't want to die." So Bakura closed his eyes, then in the ancient words, he bound Yugi to himself, so now he and Ryou would be Hikari's to Bakura. When Bakura was through saying the words, Yugi felt complete again and he smiled and said, "Thank you." Bakura then took both Ryou and Yugi in his arms and said in a teasing voice, "Now, both of you go to the kitchen and fix your master something to eat." Ryou looked at Yugi, and then they both grabbed a pillow off the couch and began hitting Bakura with them. The laughter that Bakura heard was the most beautiful music he'd ever heard.

At Dr. Thompson's Office:

When Serenity first met Dr. Thompson, she was nervous, but after a while, she was at ease talking to the doctor. She told her all about the dreams she had been having, Dr. Thompson listened to what Serenity was saying; Dr. Thompson had heard other women talk about how their husbands, boyfriends and even father, brothers, Uncles and even grandfathers had enslaved them. How because of their hold on these women, they had to do exactly what they were told, or they would be beaten and sometimes died from these beatings.

After their first session, Serenity felt better, but she still feared the dreams. Dr. Thompson gave her some different things she could do to make the dreams less frightening. One of the was, she had to try to talk to her brother about the dreams. "I know that some of the events are embarrassing, but if your brother loves you as you say he does, he'll understand. It'll be that understanding that will help you." Serenity told Dr. Thompson, "I'll try, and thanks for letting me come talk to you." The doctor then said, "You're quite welcome, now I'd like to see you again in one week." She shook hands with Serenity, then Serenity walked out to the receptionist's desk, made another appointment, then with Joey by her side, they walked out of the Office and she said, "Can we go get something to eat."

At the Ishtar's home:

When Shadi got there, Ishizu told him what had happened, he was livid, if Yami wasn't already in the shadows he would of sent him there himself. He listened to what Marik said about both Serenity and Yugi and said, "Bakura has to bind Yugi to himself or Yugi will die. As for Joseph's sister is concerned, I'm afraid that there really isn't anything I can do. The spell that Yami used was a powerful one, but when Yugi released Yami from any binds that they had and you and Bakura sent him to the shadows that would have broken the spell. Now Serenity will have to try to deal with any dreams she might have. If I try to erase her memory, I could do more damage then Yami already did."

Bakura called Marik later that day, he said, "Tell Malik and Ishizu that Yugi's going to be just fine, I told him the that the only way he'd survive without Yami was that I'd have to bind him to me, he agreed." Marik said, "Thank Ra." Then Marik told Bakura what Shadi said. Bakura then said, "I agree with him. I'm going to call and see how Serenity is doing and to let Joey know that Yugi's alright." When Marik shut his phone, he told them what Bakura said, Malik ran over, Marik hugged him, and he looked at Shadi and Ishizu over Malik's head, they both nodded that they were happy for them.

Joey and Serenity went to dinner, as they sat there eating their meal, she looked at him and said, "When we get home, can we talk?" Joey knew that it was about the dreams, he said, "You know that you can tell me anything." Tears filled her eyes as she smiled at him. He was he best big brother and she loved him for it. That's exactly what they did, she told him what Yami did, and how Dr. Thompson told her that talking about it will help make the dreams go away. Joey held her in his arms as she cried because she'd lost her innocence what that bastard raped her.

Later that evening, the phone rang it was Bakura. He told Joey, "I had to bind Yugi to me, when he released Yami, it caused a domino effect. He was fading away, and in order to save him, I had to make him my Hikari." Joey wanted to scream; why in the hell did that bastard do what he did. Not only did he take his sisters innocence from her, he nearly caused the one person he swore that he loved to nearly die. Joey thanked Bakura for calling and he said, "Rene's getting better. She does know what happened to her, and with the help of the doctor Seto recommended, she is going to be just fine. Please will you let Yugi and Ryou know, and would you also call and let Malik, Marik and Ishizu know too." Bakura said that they would and they all pray that Serenity would get better soon.

It did take time, but with the help from Dr. Thompson, and the love from her brother and their friends, she did get better. Yugi is happy living with Bakura and Ryou, and deep in the shadows, Yami is still denying that he did anything wrong. She will forever be his possession.


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