AN: Hi! This idea funnily enough, came to me after having a dream about my fav couple. It's pushing the Saiyan bonding a bit further, having Bulma find herself in one of Vegeta's nightmares.

I know! There's still a story I still haven't finished, but I had to write this one before the idea escaped me. Have fun reading!

Bulma knew she was dreaming for three reasons.

The first, she had no idea where she was, besides the fact that it wasn't Earth. Out the nearest window, Bulma could see she was in outer space, the black emptiness was proof of that.

The second, she was staring at a face she wished she would never see again. The face of an evil killer, one she knew was dead. Her son had seen to that and she'd witnessed it herself. Frieza.

The tyrant wasn't staring at her, she was sure he didn't know she was there otherwise she'd be dead already. He was staring at a small boy standing at the center of the room.

He was the third reason. He stood tall in front of the monster that could annihilate him within a second, because his pride wouldn't allow anything less.


There was no doubt in Bulma's mind. The hair, the eyes and the posture hadn't changed in the thirty odd years that had passed.

"So the little monkey wants to play a game?" She heard Frieza ask. The voice was very chilling, calm and almost casual but with an undeniable hint of malice in it. She shivered.

Vegeta didn't say anything but stood his ground. Bulma knew he was doing some very quick thinking. It was very unsettling to see the power this tyrant held over the boy version of Vegeta.

Without warning, Frieza shot two energy beams out of his eyes and they peirced Vegeta's shoulder. The boy sank to his knees for a second, not a sound escaping his lips as he got back up to his feet, clutching his shoulder.

Bulma felt a rage inside of her build up at this kind of ruthlessness. She had been scared before, but her anger had killed it and it was all she could do not to foolishly throw herself between Frieza and the young Vegeta.

The tyrant shot another energy beam at him but Vegeta was obviously expecting this one and dodged out of the way, straight into another one of Frieza's blasts. She cried out when it went through his other shoulder, nearly tearing his arm off.

Then the evil bastard laughed, the cruel nasal sound of it drilled through her skull.

It might have been the fact that the boy reminded her so much of her Trunks but without any rational thought or a sense of self preservation, she jumped at him. She just wanted to hurt Frieza badly.

She had nearly reached him when something stopped her, the force of it sending her sprawling in the opposite direction.

"What the hell are you doing you stupid woman?"

Bulma got up quickly, ignoring the pain her leg was suddenly in. That voice...

A full grown version of Vegeta was glaring at her with his arms crossed. Behind him the scene was still playing out, Frieza had his foot on the young Vegeta's neck, choking him.

"No!" Bulma yelled, attempting to push past Vegeta, hoping the dream to give her some kind of strength to actually do it.

Not a chance. He held her at bay, his face now a stone mask. "Calm down, it's just a memory. The boy won't die."

"It doesn't matter!" Bulma yelled, "I can't just watch!" She struggled to escape his hold on her, to somehow help the younger version of him.

Suddenly Vegeta let her go, and she ran towards Frieza, her hands reaching for his scrawny neck. Before she got there, the ugly red eyes turned towards her and she was on the ground...Fading...

Bulma woke up screaming. She stopped when she realised where she was. In the dark she could see she was back in her room, everything the way it was when she closed her eyes to sleep. A dream. She knew it had been a dream, but there had been an eerily real quality to it.

A memory, her Vegeta had said.

Her head whipped around to look at the other side of the bed, where she could feel the heat of his body next to hers. He was awake, staring at her.

"What the hell was that Vegeta?" She whispered, turning her body towards him.

He didn't answer but he looked at her with an expression she couldn't understand.

"What is it?" Bulma asked and her hand found his shoulder, her fingers stroking the muscles unconsciously.

Her touch seemed to break whatever train of thought was ruling his mind. "It was nothing." He said briskly but she knew him too well. It was the tone he used when he was hiding something of himself from her.

"It wasn't nothing, Vegeta! It was horrible." She thought back on the dream and the sense of hopelessness that, even now, still lingered. "Was it really a memory?"

"Yes." Was all he answered before drawing away from her, getting up. "I'm going to train." He said, going to the dresser and pulling his training shorts on.

"It's three in the morning!" She said, sitting up.

"So?" He marched to the door.

"Are you running away?" She demanded quietly, knowing he could hear her.

That stopped him. He turned towards her slowly and she was shocked to see how angry he was.

"What the hell do you want me to say, Bulma?" He yelled. "Yes it was a memory, but it wasn't even one of the worst ones!" He marched towards her, his dark eyes tormented but she didn't move. "You think that one was bad? You're damned lucky you didn't happen to stumble into last night's memory!"

Then all of the anger seemed to drain from him and he sat on the end of the bed, his hand running through his hair. "You don't want to know what I've been through and I don't want you to know." He looked across at her frozen figure, her eyes wide but fearless.

"I don't want to know, Vegeta. You've been through things hell couldn't think up. The fact that you still dream about it..." Bulma looked him in the eye as she let this sentence fade. "I want to know why this dream thing happened in the first place. It's sure as hell never happened before."

Vegeta didn't tell her that it had. He'd fallen into one of her dreams before. There was no pain or blood. No violence. Just her and him. He thought it had been a fluke, a very pleasant one.

"It's part of our bond. It's very similar to the mind reading in many ways, acting as a means to communicate." He told her.

"Can we stop it from happening again?"

He hesitated before answering. "I doubt it will. It's a rare occurrence but if it does and you're aware of it, you should be able to wake yourself up."

Bulma nodded slowly and a yawn escaped her lips. "I don't want to go to sleep yet," she said at his look. She knew if she went to sleep now, she'd have her own nightmares. She lent over and pulled him down onto the bed. "You are not going to train at this hour of the morning." She put a finger over his lips as he began to protest.

His brows pulled together in a frown and he moved her hand. "You will not order me around, woman."

"No, I'm pretty sure I can persuade you." Bulma whispered, placing her arms around his neck and pulling him to her until their lips met.

AN: There you go. It's not that long, but I like it. It's a good feeling to write something that so easy to write.