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A girl with long black hair with a tint of blue in it was walking down the streets of Konaha. She was going to the training grounds to meet up with her team. As she was walking she heard a voice that she hadn't heard in a long time. When she turned the corner she saw a certain gold blond hair ninja. She let out a gasp and hid behind the wall. Sure she saw him when he came back from his three year training a year ago but she hadn't seen him since the rebuild of Konaha. The girl put her hand up to her chest where her heart was madly beating. The last time they talked was when she was in the hospital after the battle against Pein.

She would never forget that battle. That's where and when she told Naruto that she had always loved him. But when he came back to Konaha and went to see her, he had told her he didn't know yet and that he didn't know didn't know if he was ready for someone to love him, but he still wanted to be friends for now. But after that day she never saw him again, so she thought that maybe he didn't want to see her anymore. HE had broken her heart but she still loved him with all her heart.

"Oi Hinata!" She heard someone yell while waving a hand in front of her face.

That's what brought her out of her thinking. Her lavender eyes looked at the hand than up at the person. Sure enough it was Naruto and boy had he changed. His golden hair was now a little longer than it was before but it was still spiky on top. He was still wearing orange but he had more black on than orange, and he had a cape like white with red markings jacket on.

"Oi Hinata, You ok?" he asked while looking at her.

Hinata's face went red as she saw him look her up and down. Without even knowing it, Hinata had fainted. She waited for the cold hard ground to come but instead she felt two strong warm arms wrap around her that stopped her from falling. The last thing she heard was Naruto saying

"Some things never change…."

A couple minute later Hinata opened her eyes. She blinked as she sat up and looked around at where she was. She was at the training grounds and she heard a lot of yelling and fighting. When she looked at where the yelling was coming from, she saw Kiba yelling at Naruto while fighting him.

"you're awake Hinata" A boy with glasses on, with black hair wearing a gray jacket with black pants said.

Hinata jumped a little when she heard his voice.

"Sh…Shino-kun D…don't sc…scare me like that" Hinata said while looking up at him.

Shino sighed as he looked over at Kiba and Naruto. Hinata looked over at them than at Shino.

"What made them fight, Shino-kun?" Hinata asked without a stutter like she has been doing for awhile now.

Shino put his hands in his pockets before saying

"Naruto came walking by with you in his arms passed out and Kiba got mad. He started yelling at Naruto for breaking your heart and for not being here for a year…."

Hinata smiled a little as she remembered the day when she told Kiba that Naruto Broke her heart………

Flash Back-

Hinata was sitting down by a lake trying not to cry. Her long hair was blowing in the wind while she sat there. She then heard a tree branch crack and hit the ground. When she turned around, she saw Kiba with his dog, Akamaru.

"Oi Hinata, Neji's been lookin for ya." Kiba said while walking over to her.

Hinata sighed as she looked out at the water. She didn't really want to go back; all she ever heard from her father was how pathetic she was. Kiba sat down next to her while Akamaru sat on the other side of her laying his head on her lap. Hinata started to pet Akamaru's head.

"Ok Hinata what's wrong?" Kiba asked but didn't get an answer.

"You've been more quite than usual." He said while looking at her.

Hinata looked down at Akamaru as she continued to pet him. She didn't want him to know about what Naruto said because she knew he would seek his life if she told him. But she knew he would find out anyway. She let out a long sigh before telling him.

"Na….Naruto-kun…he…he told me he didn't know what to think….he… he didn't know if he was ready for some…..someone to….to lo….love him."

Kiba looked at her and he could see that she was heartbroken. He sighed as he put an arm around her. He could always tell when she was about to cry.

"Maybe he just needs time Hina-chan." He said while looking down at her.

Hinata looked up at him as tears begin to fall from her eyes.

"Bu…but…but it's almost been one year and….and I….I ha….haven't se…seen or….or…heard from him…." Hinata said while putting her hands over her face.

Kiba glared at the clouds in the blue sky. It was true Naruto disappeared the day after he talked to Hinata. No one had seen or heard from him ever since. He even asked Lady Tsunade where he was but she wouldn't tell.

"Hinata…..Hinata I swear when I find him or he comes back I'll beat the living crap out of him" Kiba said as he looked at Hinata.

End of flash back-

Hinata stood up and walked over to where Kiba and Naruto were fighting. Shino looked at her as she walked. He knew what she was going to do. Hinata then walked into the middle of the battle field and stood there. She then proceeded to put her hands out at her sides.

"STOP IT!!" Hinata yelled as she saw the two almost run into her. She glared at them with her lavender eyes and saw them panting for breath.

"Hinata get out of the way!" Kiba yelled gasping for air.

Naruto and Kiba were glaring at each other before Naruto sighed and put his hand out to shake Kiba's.

"Truce?..." Naruto asked as he looked at Kiba who didn't look too happy at the moment. "Come on Kiba let's be friends again," Naruto said as he smiled his famous fox grin.

Kiba just started at him but then took Naruto's hand. Kiba smirked as he then pulled Naruto towards him and put him in a head lock.

"Don't you ever leave without telling us and don't break her heart again," Kiba said while looking at Naruto.

Hinata giggled a little at their actions. She then saw them looking at her. Kiba let go of Naruto and they both put their hands behind their heads while showing of their smiles. No one had heard Hinata giggle or laugh after Naruto left and boy was Kiba happy to hear her angel like giggles again. Hinata blinked a little before putting her hands over her mouth. Her face turned red as she looked at them.

"Oi Hinata you okay? Your face is red," Naruto asked as he walked over to her. He put his hand on her forehead and put his other hand on his.

"Hm, it doesn't seem like you have a fever." He said as he put his hands back to his sides.

Hinata blushed even more, and felt a little dizzy. As she was looking at Naruto, her vision became blurry and the next thing she knew was that she was falling towards the ground. But this time no one got to her in time.

When she woke up, she was in her room. She didn't remember how she got there, but the last thing she remembered was hearing Naruto's voice. Hinata looked around her room and noticed that it was already night time. She shivered as she pulled the blankets closer to her. When she looked at her window, she noticed it was open.

'I thought I closed that this morning' she thought to herself before getting out of bed and walking over to the window.

Hinata looked out the window to see blond, gold hair glow in the wind as a shadow jumped away over the wall. Hinata smiled, she knew who it was and was glad that it wasn't a dream. Suddenly she heard footsteps walking closer and closer to her room. Hinata quickly closed her window just in time to see Neji and her Father Hiashi walk into the room.

"Hinata, I heard that you have been asleep since Kiba brought you home," Hiashi asked as he looked at his daughter.

Hinata looked down at her feet; she started to fidget with her fingers like she always did when she was nervous or scared. Hinata knew her father was most likely mad at her. Neji was always with him when something was going on. Neji didn't like being there when Hinata got in trouble. He always wanted to help Hinata, but he knew that if he ever stepped out of line, Hiashi would make the hand signs and activate his curse seal. Hiashi watched his daughter while he crossed his arms over his chest.


Hinata looked up to her father then looked at Neji and returned her gaze back to her father. She put her hands at her side while standing up straight. She let out a sigh and closed her lavender eyes, and then she opened them.

"I am sorry father. I guess I was just tired after training since morning" She lied hoping that her father would buy it.

Hiashi looked at his daughter. He then proceeded to turn around to face the door and said, "If that is all, I hope tomorrow you do not over work yourself again…" and after that he left the room.

Neji waited until Hiashi was all the way down the hall. He glanced at Hinata.

"You better hope he doesn't find out that Naruto brought you back to the house."

Neji was about to leave when he felt a hand pulling his shirt. He turned his head and saw Hinata looking up at him. Her lavender eyes said it all. He smiled a small smile that he would only let Hinata or Ten-Ten see. Hinata then let go of him and he walked out of her room. She walked back over to her bed and sat down staring at the ceiling, she smiled to herself as she started to reminisce on that day's events. She lay down towards her softy, purple pillow before falling into a deep sleep.