Title - The Classics

Author - sholot

Disclaimer - not mine

E/O Challenge word - ravenous

AN - teen!chester, blood and cursing. Here goes…


"My dad's gonna kill you."

The man just smiled.

Dean tugged on the manacles holding him to the wall.

What was with the dungeon theme? So old-school.

Stupid for getting caught by this nutcase.

Plucked off the street near school.

Shoulda paid more attention.

"When he gets his hands on you…"

His captor strode forward, holding…



"Fuckin' Hell!!!"

Dean leaned on one leg, the other broken and bleeding.

Tried not to whimper.

The man lowered the sledgehammer.

Opens the door.

"It likes food tender."

A fugly of unknown origin creeps in, eyes lit with a ravenous gleam.


-= end =-