Title - Upon Young Shoulders

Author - sholot

Disclaimer - anyone you recognize isn't mine

E/O Challenge word - worn

AN - sorry to be late, life sucked last week. Hope you like.


A small lump under blankets whimpered.

A boy appeared in the doorway and crossed to the bed.

"Hey, little bro."

Hazel eyes peeked over a worn blanket.


"How you feeling?"

"Ear hurts. Dea make better."

Green darkened with worry.

"I will, Sammy. Go to sleep."

Little sigh.

With his brother sleeping, Dean went out to pace the hall.

How did a ten-year-old get medicine for an ear ache?

"Shit, Dad. Where are you?"

Wander out to the kitchen.

"What was Bobby's number? No, Pastor Jim's closer…"

Stare at phone.


Dean sank to the ground.

"Someone please help us."

-= End =-