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Horror crept inside the white she-cat's body. Was she really going to do this? She glanced down at her two small, mewling kits. Her two kits, a ginger she-kit with white patches and a blue-gray she-kit with a white chest were sitting by her belly, sleeping quietly. How much pain would these kits have to endure because of the choice she'd make? No, she told herself desperately. Whitewing, if you don't give away these kits, they'd die! Whitewing scolded herself angrily. She decided. She'd follow the warning Ashfur gave out… she was going to give away her kits. They would never know about their heritage, and would never know they were sisters. Although Whitewing felt bad that she had to do so, she knew she had to, or else her kits would die. She was not going to let her kits die.

She carried her tiny kits up by their scruffs, and padded out of the nursery. ThunderClan would not need her kits. They were destined for something else, and even if it meant to give them away, she would ensure their safety. She decided to give the ginger-and-white she-kit to ShadowClan. This little kit would grow up into a strong, aggressive warrior; Whitewing stared at her older kit. Then she turned her bright green eyes onto her gray kit. With that sleek, blue-gray pelt of hers, she'd be better off in RiverClan, where she had higher odds of being accepted, now that Mistystar was leader. Anyways, if she gave both of them near the borders they shared to ShadowClan and WindClan, ThunderClan would be suspected. Putting the gray-blue kit near the stream of RiverClan would be a good idea. It was near Mistystar's den, and she'd surely take in her kit.

Her thoughts swirled around her head as she stepped out of ThunderClan camp, and headed toward the ShadowClan border. She prayed to StarClan that ShadowClan and RiverClan would both notice her kits. I must stay strong, Whitewing thought desperately. She knew she couldn't, though. Why is giving them away the only way to let them survive? It was a cold leaf-bare, and snowflakes drifted onto Whitewing's nose. She quickly shook it off, not wanting to sneeze or shiver. It was then that she noticed her kits were covered with snow. Licking them swiftly, she silently hoped that they wouldn't freeze to death as she traveled to their future Clans. Birchfall, she thought of her mate. They had discussed this together when Whitewing received the horrific dream. He had agreed they should do so, but even so, Whitewing couldn't make up her mind.

Finally, she reached border ThunderClan shared with ShadowClan, and placed her small kit on the ShadowClan side. The ginger kit mewled wildly, but wasn't able to move because she hadn't learned to walk or crawl yet. Whitewing groomed her for the final time— Which would probably be the last time ever, she thought bitterly— and walked away, leaving the tiny kitten mewling and wailing. She glanced lovingly down at the gray kit she was carrying. Her second kit. Both kits were only one moon old, and in the eye of ThunderClan, would be dead. What would she say to ThunderClan? That I woke up finding my kits gone, she thought. It was near the time her kits started to walk, anyways. She made sure her pawsteps were soft and stealthy, as she was passing through ShadowClan territory. Luckily, no ShadowClan cats heard her, and she reached the RiverClan border.

Without hesitating, she dove forward lightly, and raced through the snow, placing each pawstep carefully as she ran. Soon, she reached the stream. She glanced down at her young little kit, dangled in her jaws, eyes not yet open. A wave of sadness hit her as she realized her kits would never know her. It was the worst thing a queen could endure. Maybe, even at a Gathering, her own kit could snarl at her. She hoped not. Whitewing wished she didn't have to do this at that very moment. Her kits would never know of their own mother, and would probably think her of a cruel character, leaving them behind. It's not like that! Whitewing yowled silently. It's for your sake, kits, please understand that! She mouthed the words at the gray kit, who didn't even look up. Gripped with sorrow, the white queen placed the kit down near the stream, and gave her the final licks. The small kit glanced at her direction, and mewled joyfully.

In that instant, Whitewing felt her heart break. She felt it. A ripple of pain ripped through her chest like sharp claws. Tears streamed out of her eyes as she walked away, hearing her young little kit mewling in pain, turning her head around to search for her mother. Why did she have to do this? Even if doing this was saving her kits, it felt like it was killing herself. Oh, StarClan, she wailed. Why do you have to do this to me? Why me? Her steps were hesitant but quick, and she soon reached the border where she placed her first kit. She wasn't there. A cat must've brought her in! she thought happily. She sniffed twice, and recognized the scent of the other cat as Darkpool. The mottled dark gray she-cat was a loyal warrior, and Whitewing was glad it was she who had taken her kit in.


"These are the warriors going to tonight's Gathering," Firestar announced as he stood on the Highledge. Whitewing felt something grip onto her heart as she glanced up at the flame-colored tom hopefully. "Graystripe, Millie, Squirrelflight, Spiderleg, Birchfall, Brightheart, Lightningbrook, Lilypaw, Duskpaw, Lakespring, Skypaw, and… Whitewing," he finished. Her eyes lit up immediately, and as the other cats stared at her, she realized her fur had fluffed up with joy. She quickly flushed and darkened. Finally, she was going to a Gathering. It had been so many moons and Firestar always happened to not choose her to go to the Gathering. She was desperate to see her kits. I'm sorry, she thought as she stared up at the sky. The full moon was bright. Kits, I'm really sorry for abandoning you… Please forgive me. Those were her last thoughts as she walked away with Skypaw to the Gathering.

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