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It is about Robin and Starfire taking a couple big steps in their relationship. It is a fluffy but frankly smutty piece. It is an M. Repeat, this story is an M for implied and described sexual interaction.

As it currently stands, it is consistent with the story telling of my piece Teen Titans: A Day Off occurring a number of months afterwards.

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Chapter 1: Nature vs. Nurture

Robin would never change. Over-analyzing was not just his nature, he had become that way under the nurturing of Batman.

He had spent so many hours worrying about this. He was 19 years old, nearly 20 for heaven's sake. If he were a normal person, maybe a college freshman or sophomore, he probably would have had sex with his girlfriend by now.

And he loved Starfire, he had loved her for years. If not from the moment he saw her on a rampage destroying part of Jump City, Robin loved her very soon after. It just took so long very, very long for him to come to terms with his feelings for her.

Now finally they were together, and they had been together for months. They were dating openly. Even Batman had finally let up on Robin about dating her. Hell, everyone knew they had loved each other forever.

Many of their acquaintances were perplexed when they heard that they were finally dating. Most of the honorary Titans as well as your average person on the street had assumed they were already together just by seeing how they were together.

Occasionally, Robin or Starfire were questioned pointedly about it. "I am a bit surprised, that's all" Robin recalled overhearing Argent saying to Starfire. "I was sure that you guys were already a couple during the battle with the Brotherhood of Evil." Bumble Bee piped up before Robin or Starfire could, "No, Rob here was just too dense realize his feelings. Sparky said he spent most of the time denying he liked her. Typical guy." On that particular day, instead of taking the bait, Robin had simply taken Starfire's hand and walked away from the girls, thus allowing them the pleasure of gossiping without their help.

Some said they were preordained, fated soul mates. Some were more cynical, that Starfire was only a gorgeous and very personable young woman, the perfect type to be the girlfriend of a hero, a leader.

For Starfire, she had been in complete bliss for months since Tokyo, since they were officially a couple. She had loved him for so long before then and had always seen them together someday, even when Robin pushed her away. Things had been wonderful since they had returned home from Japan and their relationship had been progressing beautifully on a slowly rising trajectory. Oh, there were awkward moments here and there, not to mention Starfire's own insecurity and concern over Robin being nearly constantly barraged with calls, emails and even faxes from Batman. Even if not directly telling Robin to break up with Starfire, Batman kept warning him of the dangers that would exist. Fortunately, although not completely understood by Starfire at the time, although Robin had been moody, he had never waivered in his determination to be with her.

They spent most nights together, sharing a bed as they had since they declared their love for each other as was expected in her culture and was certainly acceptable to Robin. They had not made love although they explored and pleasured each other, becoming more intimate over time.

Everything was progressing well, at least until about three weeks ago when that upward trajectory of their relationship seemed to turn downward. Starfire could not figure for the life of her what had changed but Robin seemed quieter around her and when they were affectionate, clothes remained on and the make out sessions were becoming shorter.

Though it was her nature to be an optimist, her life experience being a princess turned over to the enemy for peace, the treatment she received from her sister, and other bitter life experiences had taught her that things do not always turn out well. Starfire braced herself, she knew things were about to change between Robin and her.


5:59 PM. Starfire would be meeting him up on their spot, the roof of Titan Tower any minute. Robin stood looking out to the West, watching a setting sun over the ocean. He was in uniform, with his mask in place. In his hand was a small bouquet of lavender tea roses tied with a lavender ribbon. In his pocket was a velvet box, containing a very special gift. He had never been so nervous.

6:01 PM. Starfire came up behind him. He was acutely aware of her as she was walking rather than floating toward him. Realizing this he became a bit more nervous, if it was possible. Why would she be sad enough to walk? He was not reassured when he turned and saw concern on her sun lit face. "Hey" he said, now really nervous, why did she look so upset?

"Greetings, Robin"

"Thank you for meeting me. I needed to talk to you about something, something I have been meaning to for awhile now..." The look on her face, even sadder, concerned him greatly and his words trailed off. "What's wrong, Starfire?"

"Oh, um, nothing, I am fine". She was a particularly bad at lying.

"No, you're not. What happened?"

She let out a sigh. She had to let him know what was bothering her and she might as well just come out and say it. "Please Robin, if you are doing the breaking up with me, can you please not do it up here? I have always enjoyed being on the roof, especially during the setting of the sun and I do not wish for the breaking up to happen up here."

"What are you talking about?" Robin was genuinely surprised. "Do you think I asked you to come up here, to break up with you?"

"Well, yes I do. You have been acting, well the different toward me lately." Starfire worked hard to maintain composure.

"Oh, I am so sorry, I have just had something on my mind and..." He paused having been thrown by her misinterpretation of event. He was not sure how to say what he was about to say. "Anyway, these are for you" he said, handing her the bouquet of roses.

"Thank you, these are very lovely." She examined them carefully them lifted them to her nose and took a whiff of them.

"These are roses, are they not? They are a different size than the ones I have seen before, and the color is different to"

"They are called tea roses. I wanted to have something in your favorite color."

She stared at the roses, trying to understand what was being said. "I am sorry. I am confused. It seems that the use of dead plants are used for many different reasons here on earth. As decoration, or to commemorate a birthday or the passing of someone."


"So what is the purpose that you are presenting me with these roses of tea?"

"Well, I wished to give you them to tell you I love you and to, well mark this occasion."

"I am still confused, I am sorry. Is this, I believe the term is 'consolation prize' for breaking up with me?"

"Yes, you are confused" Robin replied with a chuckle. "I am not breaking up with you" They were definitely out of sync.

"You are not?"

"No, quite the opposite. Starfire, can you explain to me why you thought I was breaking up with you?" Robin was surprised, he hadn't ever considered his behavior of late would have been this misinterpretted.

"Well, you have been acting the strange lately," Starfire pointed out plainly.

They were interrupted by Beast Boy and Cyborg, who were at the top of the roof stairs,

"Friends!" Starfire exclaimed looking in their direction.

Robin was not pleased. "Yes, hi friends." Didn't he ask them to stay off the roof? Before the two interlopers could say anything, Robin turned back to Starfire and said "Can you fly us to the park?"

She nodded, still looking unsure and confused.

Robin turned back again to Cyborg and Beast Boy Robin said, "We are taking off for a bit, we have our communicators. I trust you will call us in case of an absolute emergency".

He saw a nod from Cyborg and turned to Starfire, grasping her hand, "Let's go".

Still concerned and unsettled, in order to fly Starfire had to close her eyes and draw upon one of her favorite memories, the kiss she and Robin shared in Tokyo. She rose off the roof slowly, pulling Robin up with her. He looked up, trying not to look concerned about the less fluid than usual flight and smiled at her. Subconsciously noticing his eyes on her, she dropped her eyes to see him smiling up at her. Her face brightened and Robin's smile broadened. With that the strength and speed of her flight increased, much to Robin's relief.

Moments later, they were landing at the park. Having scanned the area from the air, Robin had noted a secluded spot behind a group of trees. "Come on, Star, follow me."

They reached the spot. The sun was low in the sky, and with the shade of the tree, they were less visible to any potential passers-by. Perfect.

Robin had had a chance to collect his thoughts and wanted to allay Starfire's concerns first.

"Starfire, let me make things clear. I do not want to break up with you. I can't imagine I would ever want to."

She smiled shyly. "Good."

Robin continued. "And I brought you the roses to help tell you I love you and that I wanted to well commemorate today. I wanted, I needed to ask you something"

"And what would that be?" Starfire said almost coyly.

Robin smiled. He was relieved. And empowered. "Well, er... sorry, this is a bit hard to asked. But I am not breaking up with you!"

"I repeat: Good. I do not want you to do the breaking up with me." It began to sink in that things might be okay.

"Oh, right. Here, I have something else for you." He reached into his belt and pulled out the velvet box.

Handing the box to her he said nervously, "Please open it."

Starfire took the box and opened the lid back. Inside, there was a platinum chain with a star shaped charm that had channel set diamonds.

"Oh, Robin this is just beautiful" she gasped.

"Do you like it?"

"It is truly lovely. I have never seen anything like it before."

"I am glad you like it. I had it made for you."

"You did?" Starfire looked up, somewhat surprised.


"But I do not understand. My birthday is passed, it is not one of your Earth holidays. Not that I mind, but why are you giving me such a beautiful gift?"

"Well, to show my devotion to you. Starfire, you know I love you. Here on Earth, for some people, for some couples, they give each other promise rings or another token of their affection. I wasn't sure whether or not you could where a ring because of your starbolts. Then I remembered hearing that sometimes people exchange special necklaces with a charm called a lavaliere. So, with that idea in mind, I am giving you this necklace. It symbolizes that we are a couple, exclusive to each other."

Robin took a deep breath, he was on a roll. "Basically it is a pre-engagement and that someday I plan to ask you to marry me."

"You wish someday to be betrothed?" Starfire was surprised and pleased.

"Yes, very much."

"Oh Robin - I don't know what to say."

"Will you wear this necklace?"

"Yes!" her face just beaming.

"Do you think you will want to marry me some day?"

"Of course. I would marry you now if you asked me."

"Well, uh, one thing at a time okay? Remember its me, we kind of have to take things slow."

"I do realize that, Robin. I am getting used to how you are by now." She teased.

"But, you thought I was breaking up with you."

"Yes. You have been acting quite strangely."

"Well, there is something else I wanted to talk about" Robin blushed. "But first, if you are in agreement I would like to put this on. Let me see that box."

He picked up the necklace, unclasping the latch. "Now if you could turn around, and lift your hair for me."

Robin made sure to lean close, reaching around her neck, taking a side in each hand meeting in the back and engaging the clasp, then followed with the safety chain. He stayed close and said gently in her ear, "There you go." She shivered in reponse. "Turn around so I can see."

Starfire turned around and Robin saw the necklace on her beautiful neck. It was more lovely on her than he had imagined. "Now you know you are mine."

"I have always been yours." Starfire breathed, leaning in for a kiss. The kiss began sweetly and quickly deepened. They opened their mouths to each other and let them explore each other with their tongues.

After a few minutes of kissing, they paused to take a breath. "Starfire, it is getting really dark, why don't we head home now?"

"Did you not say that there was something else to discuss?"

"There is, I just would like to get home. Don't worry, its nothing bad I promise. Its late to be here in the park."

"Home sounds wonderful. Here," Starfire turned back around with her back around her. "Grab on to my waist and hold tight."

He complied while Starfire reached around grabbing onto his back, roses in hand, and she took off into the air. When she leveled off, flying parallel to the ground, Robin was laying on her back held tight to her by both their arms.

They had never flown like this before and it was so exciting he could not help but become aroused. Able to feel him hardening against her and already thrilled, she felt herself becoming excited as well. Not being able to help himself, Robin began kissing her jaw line and neck as they flew. Both were breathless by the time they lighted on the roof of Titan Tower.

Upon landing Starfire reached her right hand to Robins right ear and turned to kiss him. As the kiss deepened, she dropped her hand to her side as Robin guided her around to face him. They continued to kiss deeply, their hands wandering.

They separated and Robin leaned into her ear and whispered, "Come with me".

Starfire had never felt the way she felt right then, it was as if a fire had been ignited within her. Knowing that they would be going to Robin's room, Starfire decided to not waste anytime and flew them to his room, this time holding onto him from behind. They had not completely landed when Robin pressed the combination in record time.

About to step inside, Robin stood fast holding Starfire back. "Please allow me to do this." he said as he proceeded to pick her up bridal style attaching his lips to hers in a gentle kiss.

He had to stop again to shut the door careful to lock it. He resumed their kiss and carried Starfire over to his bed laying her gently down on top of the covers. He gently laid on top of her never breaking the kiss. The kiss depended and Robin felt he was getting very caught up in the moment as he unconsciously began to grind his hips against Starfire.

Starfire was also in a state of bliss. She was unsure of why she was carried to the bed in that manner, and made a mental note to ask Robin about it later. It did register that this was not like Robin's behavior of late. He had been more reserved than he had in months, not letting their make out sessions to go on for hours as they had been, and only reaching underneath clothes to touch no longer removing them. It was then that Starfire remembered that Robin had said they had something else to discuss.

Robin also was slowly remembering that they were going to discuss things. He needed to explain why he had been holding back physically. He had wanted to discuss making love for the first time. He wanted to discuss it ahead of time, so that their first time would not be because things had gotten out of hand.

As their minds worked in tandem their kiss broke apart. Starfire spoke first. "There was something else to discuss?"

"Yes." 'oh no' Robin thought, blushing again. Concern washed over Starfire's face. Robin quickly added "I told you it is nothing bad, please don't worry Star." Robin reached and took off his mask. Another stall tactic. "I wish you could have seen my eyes when I asked you before so I will ask again: will be mine."

Starfire smiled gently and replied "Yes, but you know that I am already yours"

"Yes, you are" he kissed her adorable nose. "The necklace looks beautiful on you, why don't you take a look." Yet more stalling.

Starfire got up and crossed over to look in the mirror. "Oh Robin I love it! It is so beautiful and so perfect" then tentatively she added "May I wear it in front of our friends?"

"Of course Star. It symbolizes our love and that we are promised to each other. I do not want us to hide that. I want you to wear it all the time," he paused being sure that he was looking in her eyes, "please don't take it off."

"Who are you and what did you do with my Robin?" Starfire laughed.

Robin laughed too at her comfort with joking and teasing him out all those years that he denied and / or hid is feelings. "I am still your Robin and because of you I can be more open about my feelings."

"Yet," Starfire started, "yet you have been well more..."

"Tentative around you?" Robin finished her thought.

"Yes. That is why I thought you wanted to do the breaking up with me. You were well less... uh, I think the word is passionate lately."

"Yes and that is why I wanted to talk to you. You see Star I have been having difficulty well, controlling myself lately and I did not want to pressure you into, uh..."

"Into what?"

"Into sleeping with me, into making love with me. Do you understand?"

"Yes, you mean to mate, to have sexual intercourse?

"Well, those terms I guess are synonymous. People probably most commonly call it sex or sleeping together, but with us it would be making love."

"Did you think I do not want to?" Starfire had always felt she made herself clear in the way she expressed herself physically.

"Well we haven't really talked about it since we agreed not to when we started spending our nights together. I don't want to pressure you. I want to be certain it is something that you want to do."

"I do, I am certain I do." Starfire said emphatically. "However, I guess you are right we have to discuss what it means to each of us both personally." She then added, "and we are well, different species, but it seems that with the exception of kissing, sex is pretty much the same for humans and Tamaranians."

"But you do enjoy kissing, I am pretty certain of that." Robin teased. "I wanted to let you know how I felt and also we need to discuss what we would need to do to be prepared."


"Yes well there is the concerns about birth control, that is preventing pregnancy and also sometimes women go to talk to a doctor and get checked out before they have sex."

"Well as far as pregnancy goes I am on the hormone supplement to prevent that. All Tamaranian women take it after their transformation to prevent not only pregnancy but help control their desires and behaviors. What is called the time of the month that Earth women have is not nearly as intense as it is for Tamaranian women. Without suppression we find it hard not to seek out a mate and as warriors it is far too distracting. Therefore it is standard that Tamaranian girls start the hormone tablets until they are betrothed or married and wish to become pregnant."

"What about illnesses STD's? Diseases passed by sexual contact."

Starfire stopped and thought for a moment. "Although Tamaranians are very passionate, relationships are generally exclusive and I am unaware of diseases passed by sexual contact. Actually there seems to be much less illness in general on Tamaran."

"You have always said Tamaranians are resilient. Anyway back to us - are you sure you are ready?

"Yes I am." Starfire stopped for a moment, mentally collecting herself. This was a conversation she knew she'd have with him eventually. "However I am uncertain if you are ready to have me."

"Oh Starfire, I know I have been pushing you away but I do want to make love with you."

"Robin it is not that. I have learned things about Earth culture and American culture and I need for you to know about my past. It may effect how you feel about me."

"Nothing could change how I feel about you..." Robin protested.

"Please let me tell you. All these years we have never discussed my capture by the Gordanians. I told you I was a prize, correct? Well I was, and at the point I met you escaping a recapture. I was being returned to the Citadel. It is a very long story. I had escaped there and was then captured by the Psions, and then once I escaped from there I was caught by again, this time by the Gordanian bounty hunters and was being returned to the Citadel."

"As a prize and as servant."

"As a slave. It is a very long and difficult tale to tell. As the princess I was sent to the Citadel after my training with the Warlords of Okaara to bind a treaty to protect my planet. I was a child when I was there but to some of the Citadel that did not matter."

"Oh God, Starfire" Robin's eyes began to well up.

"Please, Robin let me tell you - I am not sure if I will get the strength to do this again." She took an unsteady breath. "It was bad enough that they touched me at all. I was the Princess of Tamaran, no off-worlders were to touch me. But I had been told that the Citadel would not respect our custom. Nor would they respect my dignity or my what is it called the personal space."

"A couple of the Citadelian males were interested in me and told me I aroused them. They did touch me even though I did not want them to and that I was still a child as I had not gone through my transformation."

"Did they hurt you? Oh, I'm sorry Starfire I didn't mean to interrupt."

"Well yes they did. How do I say this - because of anatomical difference, attempts made to copulate with me frustrated the Citadelians as they were not able to... uh, I guess the word is ejaculate. Two of them in particular would beat me after they would attempt copulation. I understand that in this culture that what they did would be rape or attempted rape and that this is not an act of love or even lust but of violence."

She was speaking quickly and knew she needed to slow down. "But there is something else. In order to escape I actually killed one of the Citadelians as he attempted to copulate with me. I am sorry I killed him but I had to try to get free."

Robin was white. Staring at Starfire intently he continued to hold her hands, tears streaming down his face.

"Please forgive me for killing that monster. In my world such acts are not considered wrong. I will never take another life. And please understand that what was done to me has nothing to do with what we share or with making love to you. But I am not ignorant of the fact that I might be considered tainted in your world."

She took a deep breath and paused. "I believe that is what I have to say. I am sure you have questions. But please let me know how you feel about me? Do you wish for your necklace back?"

Robin pulled her into a hug and Starfire finally broke down and cried.

"I am so sorry Star. I knew you had gone through a lot be I had no idea about, well, everything. Yes, I have questions but right now I have to tell you," Robin stopped to lift her chin and look her squarely in the eyes, "I could not love you any more than I do now. Nothing has changed. Please... I want you to keep the necklace on."



"Do you have any questions then, Robin?"

Robin took a deep breath. "I guess the obvious - did they hurt you, uh, I mean down there - you said there were anatomical difference."

"No," Starfire said with an ironic chuckle. "They could not hurt me even as a child, the Citadelians were, what they say, the inadequate. Their frustration was that it would not, uh, there was no intromission, uh, insertion."

Robin cringed but smiled slightly as Starfire began to blush when she realized what she had said. Starfire had allowed Robin to touch her and he had even slipped a finger or two before and to the best of his knowledge she was the same as an Earthling.

"Oh. And you were always okay with me touching you, weren't you Starfire?"

"Of course I was and I am. I love you and you touching me has nothing to do with what happened before. It feels wonderful." She paused and considered him carefully, and added meekly, "I hope that what I told you will not effect you."

"Starfire I don't know. Honestly it is a lot to process." Robin replied, realizing immediately that what he just said had not come out right.

"This is why I was the reluctant to tell you! You find me undesirable now that you are aware of my past!" Starfire began to cry again.

"No that is not it!" Please don't get defensive, please don't get defensive. "Not at all. I just need to get my brain around what happened to you. God, it makes me so angry!" Robin found himself clenching his fists in anger.

"You are mad at me - I did nothing to provoke them! Now you will not make the love to me tonight and maybe never!"

Robin gently grasped onto Starfire's biceps, looking into her eyes.

"Starfire, look at me, I am not mad at you. I love you and nothing could change that. I didn't know.... please."

Robin continued, "Sweetheart, I am not sure that you understand that I was not planning to make love with you tonight. I was planning on asking you to in the near future . I was hoping we could plan to be together Sunday night, maybe even leave the Tower to avoid the ever present interruptions."

"Truly?" Starfire brightened significantly.

"Yes. Actually, to be honest I already rented a room in an inn out in the country." He said a little bit sheepishly. "Sundays are our lightest day for alarms according to our statistics. I have had this planned for weeks."

"So, this is why you spend all the time on the crime reports and statistics, so you would know the best time to seduce me?" Starfire said with a twinkle in her eye.

"Yes exactly. I have been keeping records for over four years just to determine when to seduce you. Hours of work with that one goal in mind." He chuckled, "Come 'ere" and with that Robin pulled Starfire into a kiss.

Right then the Titan Alarm went off. Robin groaned. "And statistically speaking, a Friday night would lead to at least one call. Don't make any other plans for after the mission, okay?"

"I'll see what I can do" Starfire teased. "Oh Robin, what should I do with this?" she said touching her necklace.

"As I said before, please don't ever take it off." Robin replied checking his utility belt and getting ready to answer the alarm.


Next up things will work out very nicely.

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