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Chapter 6


The End of One Journey and The Beginning of Another One


Robin woke early. The moon was still high in the sky. He looked over next to him to see a naked Starfire asleep. He replayed the events of the previous evening in his mind, how close to perfect they were. He paused to be thankful that things had gone well and that they were finally one.

With only hours left until they had to check out of the inn and head back to Titans Tower, sleep seemed like a terrible and almost tragic waste of time.

Robin gathered up Starfire in his arms and kissed her softly. Feeling her stir, he said, "Star, I sorry we missed the sunset last night and I was thinking that we should watch the sunrise together."

Starfire stretched her arms over her head as her eyes blinked awake. "That would be glorious." She put her arms around Robin's neck and kissed him briefly. "We missed the sunset, did we? That has not happened in quite some time. Perhaps we were distracted?"

"Distracted?" Robin said with a chuckle, "That's one way to put it."

He paused briefly, "Star, I know when you're teasing me, which you are getting better at by the way."

He paused again so they could share another kiss. "God you're adorable. But lets not miss the sunrise, come on, lets go." He stood, offering her his hand helping her to a standing position and he was gifted with a spectacular smile and another kiss.

They dressed warmly, both in jeans and sweatshirts, Robin adding a jacket. Robin through caution to the wind and under cover of darkness, hologram rings on but not activated, they flew out the window together. They took off with Starfire carrying Robin with a trapeze hold. In a playful and unexpected move, Star swung Robin up and over, flipping him in front of her, so that he ended up lying on her back.

Robin suppressed an eep, and began to laugh, "Star, a little warning next time!"

"And what would be the fun in that?" she replied cheekily.

"I'll show you fun," Robin said playfully as he attacked her neck and ear with his mouth.

Starfire whimpered a bit and found it hard to concentrate on her flying. The sky was beginning to lighten and the blackness of night was being replaced by purples and blues.

"Over there," Robin said as he pointed toward a canyon off to their left.

Starfire gave a nod and began to fly along the rift in the earth. Scanning a particularly tall cliff, she flew toward it and slowed as she gently set them down on the peak. Robin stayed behind her, encircling her slim waist with his arms as he resumed his assault on her neck. Starfire moaned as she reached around turning her head toward Robin's and guiding his lips to hers.

The purples of first light continued to brighten and the landscape became deep pink and orange. The sky as well lightened and Starfire could sense the Sun's rays just as they escaped over the Eastern horizon. Without saying a word, Starfire broke their embrace and stepped back. She gave Robin a wink and turned around, and while now facing the Sun, she stripped completely.

They were in an isolated area and Robin had not seen any lights as the had flown out from the inn in the darkness. He was however a bit stunned, wondering why Starfire had done that - not that he minded at all. He also knew it was far too cold for him to follow suit.

Starfire stretched up and Robin's mind began to clear enough that he realized she was recharging, her Tamaranian physiology needing solar energy to help power her. Robin spotted a boulder behind him and decided he'd sit on it – as a naked Starfire continued to stretch up toward the sun, he felt particularly weak in the knees.

Starfire was a bit lost in the feeling of her power being restored and with the surge rose up into the air to better absorb more of the light. As happy as she was that they had made love, she like the rest of her people lived by their emotions and the events of the previous day placed a significant drain on those emotions. It certainly wouldn't effect her ability to fly, it seemed as though she now had a lifetime of joy to fuel her flight, it was just that her overall power had been drained.

Robin was glad that he had the rock for support. Watching his naked girlfriend floating up in the air back-lit by the Sun was an image that he was certain would remain with him forever.

By the time the sun was fully above the horizon, Starfire felt 100% recharged and floated back to the ground. As she turned toward Robin, he was struck not only by the beauty of her form but by her comfort in her own skin. Life with humans, with the Titans, had made her somewhat modest. She woke up that morning a changed woman, returning to her Tamaranian roots and freely displayed her body without embarrassment.

"You look gorgeous, Star," Robin managed, his throat as dry as the canyon walls.

Starfire smiled and closed the distance between them. They embraced and Robin could not how believe how incredibly warm, how incredibly perfect she felt. He kissed and caressed her everywhere. Somewhere in the back of his mind it briefly crossed his mind that if someone came across the scene it would have been quite a shock. A handsome young man (he was not dressed as Robin, nor did he have his mask) and a stunningly beautiful naked Alien out in the open doing things that were meant for the privacy of one's bedroom.

In a rare moment of throwing caution to the wind, Robin made the decision to enjoy the moment. Stopping to place Starfire down onto the ground, using her sweatshirt and his jacket to protect her from the dirt, he continued his kisses and attention to her incredible body. Starfire felt particularly regal, and allowed Robin to do nothing short of worship her. She was rarely passive for long in the physical part of their relationship, but this was too good not to sit back and enjoy.

The pleasure built quickly and the release was shattering. Robin held Star close, listening as her heart rate and breathing returned to normal. Nothing needed to be said, it was perfect.

With the sun was fully risen, Starfire stood up and collected her clothing, redressing.

"Robin, please take me back to bed, I need to make love to you."

She didn't have to ask twice. He answered with a searing kiss, "Let's go."


They flew back to a deserted area not more than a quarter of a mile from the inn. Landing softly, they activated their hologram rings and walked hand in hand back to the inn. They had remained undetected during their time away from the Tower and didn't need to be discovered now.

As they walked into the lobby of the inn, Robin and Starfire couldn't help but notice an odd expression on the innkeeper's face. Fortunately, he said nothing about why he hadn't seen them leave. As they walked by, Robin said a polite, "Good morning!" to him and Starfire added, "is it not such a beautiful day?" leaving in their wake a very confused individual.

They entered their room each disengaged their holographic rings, returning them to their normal appearances. Within a heart beat Robin felt himself pressed against the wall as Starfire began to kiss him more passionately than he could remember. When the kiss broke, Robin saw a fire in Starfire's eyes that he had never seen before.

"Take your clothes off!" she commanded in an authoritative voice, her royal voice.

Seeing the look in her eyes and hearing those words made Robin smolder more than he could remember.

Not to disappoint or disobey her, he removed his sweatshirt and began to unbuckle his belt as she began kissing him hungrily again. Down to his boxers, Robin started undressing Starfire while they made their way back to the large bed.

As empowered as Starfire felt, her own desire almost scared her a bit, and she worried about Robin's reaction to her being so aggressive. They were still learning, establishing their footing. Perhaps this might be fun in the future, she thought to herself as she backed off, kissing him with the sweet somewhat restrained passion that she was used to.

Robin had been beyond thrilled by Starfire's aggression, but when she backed off, he didn't mind. It was all so new, so wonderful to make love, there was no way it wasn't going to be perfect.


As 11 AM checkout time approached, the now dressed and packed lovers sat on the bed. They smiled shyly at each other in spite of everything they had shared.

Robin pulled Starfire into a hug.

"Thank you Starfire." Robin murmured in her ear as he enjoyed the feeling of being close. "I love you now and forever, Koriand'r" he added softly.

Starfire felt so wonderful and hearing Robin's words, thinking over the events of the previous day, she felt more complete, more content than ever in her life. She pulled out of the hug so she could look him in the eye. "Thank you Richard, my Robin, my lover. The making of love with you has been more glorious than anything I have ever known."

Robin cupped her cheek and gave her a sensual, soul stealing kiss. Knowing the inevitable, when the kiss broke, they stood up and without saying another word, activated their holographic rings again and left room in which their lives changed forever.


They weren't ten minutes down the road when Robin pulled off the road to a deserted overlook of the canyon not far from where they had enjoyed the sunrise that morning.

"Is something wrong Robin?"

"Not at all Star, just thought we'd enjoy the drive better if we had the top down." Robin threw the switch and the cloth top retracted backwards. Robin reached into his pocket and fished out the familiar black and white piece of cloth that had been one of the things between them for the first five years that they new each other.

Starfire watched him closely, her eyebrows knitted, trying to anticipate what was going on. Robin took off his ring and Richard Grayson appeared before her.

"Thank you for playing along with hiding our identities for the trip out here," he took Star's hand in his removing her ring, his eyes locked on hers as her true image appeared, "but I see no reason for us to continue with the charade for the trip home. I hope you don't mind." he added with a playful tone.

Starfire launched herself toward him, ending up in his lap, peppering his face with kisses before giving him a trademark bone crushing hug. "Starfire - can't breathe!"

"My apologies Robin. I am unclear as to what a 'charade' is, but not utilizing the rings of holograms on the return trip to our home is a wonderful idea! Nothing could make me happier!"

Taking advantage of their privacy and Starfire's proximity to him, Robin leaned in for a sensual kiss. "God, I love you," he said when the kiss ended.

"I love you as well."

"Alright, lets get back home."



Months past after their getaway to the inn and life in the tower was never better. Starfire and Robin's relationship continued to grow, and Robin couldn't help but think about the future: as a couple, as heroes, as Titans.

There were a number of important changes that Robin had planned. After working on it on his own for a few months, Robin finally shared with Cyborg his plans to improve the living quarters within the tower for the Titans. They needed additional rooms anyway to accommodate visiting members of the Titan network, and Robin had planned to convert some of the unused portions of the Tower into more upscale 'apartments'. Rather than upgrading either of their rooms, he had originally planned just to create a space for Starfire and himself that would be new for both of them. He soon realized that as they were growing up, more privacy was needed by all the Titans. Rather than the dormitory feel that the tower now had, it would soon be more like an apartment building with separate areas not only for Robin and Starfire, but one for Cyborg, Raven and Beast Boy as well.

Robin also wasn't taking anything for granted as far as Starfire was concerned and had taken the time to design another piece of jewelry for her: an engagement ring. He planned to propose when the time was right, but he was still working on when that time would be. Dick Grayson had grown up a lot but he was still the same person.

He also had continue to reestablish his relationship with his mentor and adopted father Bruce Wayne, the Batman. Things were not perfect, but they hadn't truly ever been. At least Batman had long since stopped trying to break Robin and Starfire up. But Robin, or rather, Dick Grayson had never truly left Batman and Gotham completely behind. He was a well known hero, and one in his own right, and although he was the acknowledged and respected leader of the no longer teen Titans, he was yet to be truly his own man. He had sought the advice of a man he had known well, having worked with him since his boyhood days as Robin: Clark Kent, Superman. Robin knew he was to become Nightwing for the three years since Starfire had gone to the alternative future as she battled Warp, and Superman helped him further formulate the image of the new hero and was planning to help guide him through the transition. The fact that the Justice League itself was formed partially in response to the team of heroes format that Robin and the Titans had proven was so effective, Superman, who had always respected Robin, could not help but admire him as a peer.

For all his accomplishments and ambitions, for all his very human flaws, when it came right down to it, the hero still known as Robin, the man Dick Grayson, was basically a content man. Each day he was reminded that Starfire, the Princess Koriand'r had made him the man he was. He couldn't image his life without her and he made an effort to tell her regularly. Sure, he was still intense and obsessive at times, but he was fundamentally balanced. He was not a younger Bruce Wayne, a junior Batman. He needed love and he needed Starfire. He knew someday soon, the time would be right, and he would propose to Starfire, and they would embark on the next stage of their lives, a life that they shared and would until their dying days.



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