Jude sat on her bed with Amanda on her lap. Her little girl had cried all morning, begging for her Daddy Harley to come home. The reality of the situation was that Harley hadn't called that house his home in a long time. He also wasn't her father. Jude couldn't bring herself to tell Amanda, but she also couldn't keep on letting her think that Harley was her father. She wanted Amanda to love Tommy and call him Daddy, but she couldn't imagine the trauma her little girl could go through, knowing that so young.

Kay and Bry were playing on the bed next to Jude as she rocked Amanda back and forth. She wondered when her life had gotten so complicated. One day, everything was alright, and the next, it was terrible. Amanda cuddled a pink teddy bear that Tommy had bought her the day before and sucked her thumb, clinging to her Mommy's shirt.

"Amanda, Mommy has to tell you something, okay?" She asked, kissing her daughter's head. She wasn't sure how she was going to break the news and she didn't really want to do it in the first place. Amanda was still so little, she didn't need this kind of change in her life.

Amanda pulled her thumb out of her mouth and watched her Mommy, eyes moving from her lips to her eyes and back to her lips. She understood that something was wrong and her Mommy was upset by it, which made her upset in turn. Her eyes widened and she hugged her Mommy, leaning her head on her chest.

"Sweetie, you know Mr. Tommy?" She asked, pulling Amanda away so that she could look at her. Amanda nodded, a smile flickering across her face. Jude took that as a good sign. At least it showed that the girl liked Tommy. Maybe she wouldn't have such a hard time adjusting to this.

"Well, honey...Mr. Tommy is your Daddy."