Title: A Tearful Departure

Author: Mord-Sith Rahl

Disclaimer: The usual. I own nothing.

Words: 100 x 3 + 29 = god I hate maths

A/N: This was stuck in my head...and now I want some Ben & Jerry's...

"Please don't leave me," Harry whispered tears clogging his throat as he watched the only man he's ever truly loved move to walk out the door.

"Harry, I have to," Severus sighed not even turning back around to stare at his lover as his fingers tightened against the door frame. "If I don't there will only be more tears, and I honestly cannot put up with it anymore."

"Severus, I love you," Harry whimpered, two crystalline tears falling from his eyes to trail down his cheeks. "I'll do better, I promise. I won't...I won't be so needy..."

"You are the epitome of needy," Severus sneered back, finally twisting his neck around enough to send a light glare Harry's way. "I must leave now before it is too late."

"Please don't!" Harry cried now in earnest, sniffling back the mucus in the nose though he let the tears run free. "Please..."

Muttering an oath softly to himself Severus spun around and stalked back to his near hysterical lover, laying two firm hands on his quaking shoulders as Harry obviously tried to swallow back his sobs. Merlin preserve him...

"You are by far the most overemotional man I have ever met, and while I understand that your separation anxiety is at an all time high right now, if I do not leave this precise moment to go get you your damned muggle ice-cream that you woke me up in the middle of the night to beg me for not ten minutes ago the nearest stores will all close and then where will you and your insane cravings be?

"Now I'll say it again, I will not be gone long. I will be back soon. You will hardly know I am gone. See you in a very little bit."

Kissing his very pregnant lover on the forehead Severus again spun around to leave, still in his night clothes, wondering who in god's green earth would ever name an ice-cream flavour Chunky Monkey.