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They lay in Chekov's bed, a tangle of pajama clad limbs, sharing a pair of 21st century ear buds and listening to music Chekov has somehow managed to get on the antique device. It's peaceful, and she thinks she could easily stay like this for the entire night plus the following day if not longer.

The two of them met at the academy. A much larger student had "accidentally" banged into him rather hard, sending his things scattering across the path. She'd been the only one to stop, blue-black locks glinting slightly in the sun as she knelt,picking up papers and books right along side him. She smiled when he thanked her, replying that is was no problem and was he by chance Russian? He affirmed that he was and she'd said that it was nice meeting him, that her name was Eleanora, and what was his name, all in a half-mangled mixture of Russian and English. She was forced to admit that she knew only a bit of Russian, and knew bits and pieces of many other languages, though mostly just cuss words, a fact that made him chuckle.

They became fast friends, though they were not unlike big sister and little brother really. She watched out for him as a sister would, protecting him from the bigger students, who seemed to consider it a sport to bully the Prodigious Russian, hauled him to the medical bay when he fell ill and inevitably stubbornly refused to go, not relenting until it was absolutely necessary, and made sure he ate, as she quickly found out that when wrapped up in his studies, he had a tendency to forget all else. In turn he asked questions about girls, a subject of which he knew little aside from all that he knew about Ellie as he'd dubbed her, trailed her like a second shadow quite often, and occasionally annoyed her in that way little brother's are apt to do. All in all, it became very rare to see one with out the other, Ellie and Pasha (though she was the only one outside of his mother he allowed to call him, a fact that Ellie made perfectly clear to anyone who attempted the feat).

They were never so glad to see each other as when they saw each other in the hallway, just after the catastrophe of the Romulan attacks. They ran to each other, hugging tightly, Ellie repeating pasha pasha pasha over and over again in his ear, tears streaming down both faces. The reunion was short lived as there was much to be done, but as soon as things had calmed down, they'd located each other and were babbling in a mixture of Russian and English (much less mangled than the day they met on Ellie's part) that even Uhura would have had trouble keeping up with.

Now moments like these were commonplace, both them possessing a love for the ancient piece of electronic called an iPod, but they did other things too. they played chess (which she'd finally acquiesced and allowed him to teach her), read both out loud to each other and quietly to themselves, usually curled up on a bed (hers or his,it mattered not to them), pasha's head in Ellie's lap because she liked to play with his pretty curls,or just lay and talked about anything and everything from Captain Kirk's eyes ("such a pretty blue. Like china dishes")to the Captain's Reputation ("i heard that Mr. Sock walked in on Dr. McCoy giving him a very,very thorough examination the other day") to whatever happened to pop into their heads at the time. It didn't really matter all that much what they did really,just so long as they had each other, Ellie and Pasha, Pasha and Ellie.

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