Whose apocalypse trumps whose?

Author notes : The idea came to me after reading another story 'Splitting of Souls' . Brilliant story but apart from small similarities at the beginning my story is very different.

In this verse while Spike is their for Buffy it never developed into a physical relationship.

Obvious disclaimer. The verse and characters do not belong to me all belong to Joss . If only Angel / Angelus did.

Chapter One : The players emerge

Cordelia was seething, she needed the information about the beast and thought to play on both the hosts feelings and the vamps feelings. She offered up herself but this just amused the demon, he gave her an infuriating smirk

"No deal sweetie, you see there is only one girl for me,"

The master stormed upstairs so the rest of the gang switched back on the monitors. Even caged the group was scared of the Demon. Angelus had gone back to whistling a cheerful Irish little ditty from when he was human as he paced. Angelus knew it would be tormenting the green demon who read auras. Wesley himself was wishing for access to the watcher diaries but he would not inform the other watcher especially with the damage that Angelus had inflicted upon his old friend the last time the demon was loose.

All of a sudden though Angelus stopped pacing and looked up and listened to something that wasn't around for the others to hear. A look of genuine joy crossed the vampires eyes. "She's coming," The change in tune and aura truly shocked Lorne, he let the others know "Whoever this she is Angelus is truly happy,"

This was creeping the group out in a major way they were not liking the idea of a happy Angelus. Gunn asked the most obvious question

"Should we thank this girl? Or be scared of her if Angelus respects her,"

Angelus just looked up at the monitor answering having heard the question with his supernatural hearing. "Don't worry your virtues are safe, lovers more likely to want to harm me if I touch you," Wesley knew of only one person that Angelus was so obsessed with and would be upset if he hurt innocents "How would she know to come ?"

Fred was now curious "Who would know? Do you know this girl Wesley?"

Wesley never got to answer the question as he was beaten to it though when an angry woman demanded, "Where is he!" All the group turned to the petite blonde who looked fairly angry in the doorway. She was wearing a white Mac and sporting a wicked bruise to the side of her face, she dumped a black bag on the table that clanged in a way to suggest it was filled with weapons.

She spoke almost conversationally but Wes didn't miss the undercurrent of anger knowing her as he did. "You know the next time you yank his soul away warn me not the greatest way to start a fight against a turkhoan,"

Wesley paled "You felt it good lord if we suspected that the connection was still so strong,"

This comment set off a startled laugh from the mysterious blonde, "None of you have ever understood the bond we share we always feel each other Wesley all the time," the others were still confused knowing they would be Buffy turned towards the group. Buffy decided to introduce herself, "Forgive Wes, I'm Buffy You must be Gunn and Fred," then she turned toward the teenager hand on hips "You and me boy need to have a chat,"

The teenager didn't know this woman but he suspected she was important he could literally feel the power roll of her. What surprised him the most was his response, he became very defensive and actually pouted "I haven't done anything,"

To this she raised an eyebrow as if to say 'really' she just sighed wearily "Where is Angelus?"

Connor was becoming frustrated and he really wanted to know, "Why do you people treat him as if they are separate people? Angel / Angelus it's the same monster,".

All the AI gang just rolled there eyes having heard this more than once Buffy fixed the teenager with a piercing stare and spoke calmly "Your wrong Holtz was wrong when your done clutching to your anger I'll tell you the differences between your father and the demon downstairs,"

The others hadn't caught the statement, but Connor had "How do you know about Holtz?"

The slayer fixed him with a sad stare "Honestly I've dreamt about you since you were born Connor and had to watch in anger as Holtz poisoned you towards your father and I couldn't reach you in your dimension god knows I tried,"

Connor was stunned that someone had cared that much to try and help him, even when they didn't even know him, and she was obviously someone who cared for his father.

It stunned him in that moment it was the first time he truly acknowledged that Angel was his father. Not really thinking about his actions, he offered to take the stranger down to the cage "Angelus is in the cage downstairs. I can show you,"

The rest of the AI gang watched as the usually sullen and brooding teenager offered to help the young slayer. The group quickly moved towards the monitor eager to see

the exchange between the pair. Buffy descended the stairs to hear the mocking tone of her demons ex

"Hello lover,"

Chapter two reunion

Angelus could feel the all too familiar tingle of his mate settling in his stomach. Letting him know she was very close. He couldn't help but greet her "hello lover," He took in his lovers face even with the bruise from an obvious blow she was still beautiful, in a way that pissed off the demon he hated the emotions that his mate could bring about in him. It was the feelings of humanity that she brought out in him that had made him torment her as he did the last time in Sunnydale..

What pissed him off though was he sensed a second claim on his mate faint but there.

"Who?" Buffy realised immediately what he was asking he seemed to be able to sense Draculas bite, she answered knowing he wouldn't be upset at her. "Dracula bastard used his thrall ironically your bite saved me,"

He sat crossed legged in the cage almost relaxed now she was here, the tiny blonde mirrored his motion. His infuriating smirk was back "Who got the lick in?" Actually gently stroking the bruise on her cheek as if he cared the action confused Buffy, "Why is it important?"

The look he gave her made her shiver It had been too long since she'd seen him last it was difficult intellectually she knew it wasn't her Angel but he wore his face an she'd missed him.

"You belong to me, I'm the only person who should touch you," the possessive statement made her shiver outwardly though she'd never tell him. She shrugged," It was a turkhoan no biggie it's dust it got the lucky kick in, because I felt your soul leave,"

This seemed to amuse Angelus "You do realise that those are the vamps that vamps fear lover," Buffy couldn't help but be flippant "Big vamp, uber vamp, demon god they try anything in Sunnydale I take them down.. Plus when you can't die fear is redundant

Angelus' eyes lit up at what his mate implied he sensed she had way more power than the first time they had battled if true then their marriage really was an eternal thing. He decided that sometimes charm worked better than violence even if it wasn't as fun, so he asked her a question civilly "So why did you come? "

A pout crossed the slayers face "apart from hearing that you have no sun, a beast a master that they've yet to figure oh and your ex who justifiably earned the nickname scourge of Europe could get loose. I figured my apocalypse is only brewing your was already here,"

A charming grin crossed the demons face and he really wanted to try and rile his mate, "you really felt me?"

She bared her neck showing his mark clearly on her neck playing to his vanity "Always … have whether it's you or Angel since the bite more so,"

She didn't miss the smug possessive smile that crossed his face, he abruptly stood up with a cheeky smile "It was a claiming bite I tell you what a kiss from my adoring mate and they can ask there questions,"

Buffy thought about it if Angelus considered her his mate then the most he would do was hurt her physically it was unlikely that he'd try and kill her gathering her wits she muttered lowly "What the hell"

Angelus gave a throaty laugh "You already sent me there lover, anyone would think you wanted a divorce but you should know our marriage is eternal,"

Buffy already knew what it had meant when she'd let Angel feed but they didn't belong to each other they each had duties which both understood, plus she refused to rise to the demons bait. She took on an exasperated expression her hands falling to her hips, "You'd started an apocalypse and summoned Acathlea it was the final straw honey," Christ she thought they sounded like an old married couple oh the irony a vampire slayer mated to the scourge.

He grabbed her and pulled her towards the cage and she let him lead the kiss, it was fierce and passionate he broke the kiss with a smug smile "Let soul boys gang ask their question,".

She turned to the monitor knowing full well the group would want to watch the meeting between the pair. "Come on down,"


Lorne watched the tiny slayer descend with more calm than anyone in their right mind would have but as she turned round he saw the bite mark. Oh boy, he thought it was Angels soul mate and chosen mate. The group watched as by her mere presence the demon calmed it was actually a relief for the demon, Angelus' soul was one of the darkest he had ever read. Wesley watched the interaction between the pair he hadn't realised just how much the blonde understood the demon side of her ex. It was rather bizarre the way they had a civil conversation just sitting opposite each other and when the argument broke out the banter was more reminiscent of a married couple. Fred herself couldn't believe that the slayer was even willing to go down their the demon side of her boss actually terrified her.

They all sucked in a breath when they heard what he wanted in return for questions. Connor caught the comment about sending him to hell, he looked to Wesley, "Did she seriously send him to hell,"

Wesley saw them all look he sometimes forgot that Cordelia and he knew way more about the boss. He explained "It was Angels love for Buffy that released him the last time while without his soul he started the apocalypse Buffy's friend managed to resoul him but not before the gateway was opened. She kissed him told him to close his eyes and stabbed him, it was quite remarkable they truly love each other but she did her duty. Honestly Connor if two people deserved happiness its them they separated because they feared this very event,"

Fred thought it all very sad and not a little Romeo and Juliet, they saw the intense kiss before the blonde turned to the camera "Come on down,"

The group descended cautiously something that seemed to greatly amuse the demon who had a sardonic smile and turned towards Buffy. "Your not leaving lover," the blonde shook her head knowing full well what Angelus was capable of "Nope I'll stay reduce any mental damage that you inflict. Ask your questions," she stayed leaning against the wall.

Still uncertain but at this point Wes asked "What can you tell me about the beast?"

Angelus never one to miss a chance at mockery "I remember it well Prussia 1797 someone was wreaking carnage impressive if not wasteful carnage,"

Gunn confused "You sound both impressed and mournful," Buffy couldn't help but laugh and answer for Angelus "Carnage and mayhem to demons what chocolate is to us girls, wasteful though let me guess honey the beast didn't leave any victims to drain," Even now in this situation Buffy couldn't help but fall back on sarcasm. None missed the look of affection that crossed the demons face. Angelus was impressed that his mate understood him to the level that she did, "Very true mo grhea," he noticed a slight wince when he used soul boys nickname but then she went contemplative.

Then she was back on the offensive standing in front of the cage arms folded in front of her. "Tell me honey who did the beast and his master want you to kill?" Angelus had a proud smile he knew that she'd figure it out way before the others. Soul boys gang turned but Buffy noticed the look of alarm that crossed Cordelia' face which all but confirmed Buffy's suspicion.

Angelus smirk continued "Why is it the one that plays the ditzy blonde asks the sensible questions ?"

She saw all the others bristle she'd forgotten how good at mind games he could be she just played it nonchalant and spoke softly, " I worked long and hard to present an image so that my enemies would underestimate me honey,"

Wes though knew that the image of the ditzy blonde was an act and he truly respected her opinion "They?"

Buffy shrugged trying to think of the best way to explain, "In my experience demons fall into two categories, one super smart End-the-World kind of guys like sweetie over there," as she pointed to Angelus, "Or they are stupid strong guys who are used by guys like him,".

Fred finished Buffy's thoughts off "And the Beast guy falls into the later category,". Lorne seeing a valiant exit "I'll go see my contacts," Wesley had his element books "Me and Fred will start researching,"

Wanting the group whittled down to his son and mate he gave up some information freely "The beast wanted me to kill the Priestess of Svea," Gunn not enjoying the creep factor and knowing that of everyone Cordy would be the easiest manipulated "We're on it,"

Now all that was left down the stairs were Connor, Buffy and a locked up Angelus. Angelus looked up wanting to at least unsettle Buffy after all he liked control . "I forgot lover this is my son Connor, soul boy couldn't work up the guts to tell you,"

A feral grin crossed his mates face "You'll have to do better than that honey, I've been dreaming of Connor since the day he was born,". This didn't throw her then the next statement might unsettle her and the vicious smirk meant Buffy at least had an inkling something was on the way. Angelus smirked "A mother would he smells of you and soul boy not my ex-bitch., of course soul boy dismisses it as wishful thinking on his part,"

Buffy turned to look at Connor I mean she did have an unexplainable link with Connor no she'd dismissed the link as been that with Angel, but if was true then she and Angel had a child then it would be the best news she'd heard since she'd been ripped of heaven. She saw a lot of Angel in him but then he though about her interactions and his mannerism were more hers, Connor looked at her and he couldn't help but kick the sound of hope that was in his voice. "Could he be telling the truth?".

Buffy was a little bewildered "Who knows my sister is a magical energy that was created strange things tend to happen to me, but if they resurrected Darla to carry my child that has got to be the mother of all ironies,"

She knew that this question couldn't go unanswered and Angelus knew this but before she left, "By the way honey is the master in Cordy,". Angelus seemed a little surprised though it would confirm that she had been resurrected stronger, "If you give me another kiss then I'll answer your question," Buffy just wrinkled her nose the information about Connor having given her the perfect out "Not in front of the kids honey," with that Buffy and Connor turned to leave. The demon growled in frustration "Where you going lover?" Buffy threw over her shoulder "mother son bonding time,".

Events had incredibly frustrated Connor but his father loosing his soul made him realise the differences. It was a serious split personality disorder then this blonde had come took control, made even the demon talk and she didn't seem phased. The comment about bonding set Connor off laughing causing the others round the table to look surprised. Buffy didn't even dignify them with an answer.

"Wesley I need a witch contact me and Connor are going out," Wesley scribbled the address down it was a place that Connor recognised "I'll show you but if were going out we'll need weapons,"

The only response from Buffy was a gleam in her eye that Connor recognised from a fellow weapon enthusiast. She unrolled the bag showing swords, stakes, hatchets and one sword, Connors eye lit up it was better than Angels weapons cabinet.

Buffy just smiled "Go ahead take your pick," he choose an axe it was perfectly balanced sharp and deadly.

They both moved quickly and efficiently threw the streets, dispatching anything demonic in there path. They entered into the witches shop Buffy gave the standard Wiccan greeting "Blessed be," The witch listened and went wide eyed as she was filled in on the situation. The witch could see the auras of both and they did seem linked, the boys aura was spectacular with regard power but the Woman's was something else she could see both the purity of the soul and the power that it contained.

"If it is confirmed what then?"

It was an important question that the girl asked seeing that the boy needed some affection. Buffy replied "Honestly I love Connor for being part of Angel, but if he's mine then this would be the first day I would be truly happy since being ripped from heaven,"

The tests was played out and confirmed what Angelus had said, she was ecstatic she looked to Connor with one single tear of joy "I'm a mom," she pulled him into a hug that he returned. Connor never loved Holtz he'd simply been the man that raised him, Angel tried to love him but he'd felt smothered. Buffy though hadn't tried to influence him or demand his love she was just their and treated him like an equal which he respected more than anything Another thing was though he felt something that he was actually born from love rather than desperation.

He gave a wry smile "Can you forgive me for making you the youngest mom ever,"

She gave him a big smile "I'll forgive you since I never got fat,"

Chapter 3 Old friends

They knew now was not the time to truly bond but on the way back towards the hotel Buffy did give him a clipped notes version of the life and times between her and angel. As they neared the Hyperion she could actually feel Angelus amusement, "Damn it something amusing Angelus,". Connor thought about it he knew that neither Buffy nor he could sneak up on the Vampire but the person amusing him they could so he offered to show her a hidden entrance.

Connor showed her a sewer entrance and they listened as a frayed Lilah Morgan tried to find out what was going on ironically Angelus was actually playing his souled alter-ego.

"Why would he go after us we're the bad guys," It was that comment that meant Angelus could no longer play his other half and gave a cold laugh. Lilah backed up sharply, "Your not Angel,"

Buffy and Connor stepped forward at that moment "You have to forgive my father after all he is off his meds,". The skills were off both his parents, the brooding from his Dad, but that sarcasm was so his mothers. Angelus just shook his head "Unbelievable lover in one afternoon you've got him to accept soul boy,"

Lilah already frazzled became even further shook when she made the connection of who the blonde was. "Your dead," Buffy just shrugged in an aww shucks me way "Fates figured if I'd keep cheating death then they'd take the choice away,"

Lilah caught the double meaning "Your immortal,"

Angelus just grinned "Lovers not just any vampire slayer though are you,"

Buffy laughed in that moment he sounded more like a proud husband, "Yep that's me bionic vampire slayer,"

She knocked Lilah out Buffy just shook her head she had seriously pulled the punch.

She turned to Connor "Can you carry her while we go and update the gang,"

The look on Wesley, Fred and Lorne's face as Buffy and Connor ascended with there various weapons and Connor carrying Lilah. Buffy only explanation was "You had an uninvited guest,"

Buffy gave her summary to Wes "Okay the Master is in Cordelia, I want Angel resouled and Connor is actually my son,"

Connor then asked "What will we do then?"

Buffy went into slayer leader mode "I'm getting the sun back and your father back then I'm dealing with the latest Sunnydale apocalypse, then I'm fighting for what I want,"

Connor was curious "What do you want?"

Buffy smiled then answered , "Well I'm going to stop Angel running then I want a family you and Angel. What do you say?"

Connor thought about it then knew how to ease the situation and let her know that it was a good idea. "What's your apocalypse and can I help?"

Buffy grinned admiring the nonchalant way that they could talk about impending apocalypses "First Evil,". Connor whistled "Okay your apocalypse trumps ours,"

It was at that moment that she realised the others looked slightly guilty, "What happened?"

Lorne knew having seen the auras that this might be news not taken well, "It seems someone misplaced your bonded soul,"

Buffy wanted to loose her temper but she knew now was so not the same time, "Okay if its Cordy its probably still in the hotel,"

Connor looked and said "I'll go check her room,"

Buffy watched as Connor ran to Cordys room, "Do I want to know how he knows about Cordys room?"

Wes thought about it and asked her "Do you want to know as a mother or as the slayer,"