It wasn't really the Three of Diamond's fault, now was it, that she had fallen in love with the Two of Spades?

Really, what did you expect when you were sitting there underneath someone for hours on end while the person playing the game worked on something else? You got bored, you got to talking, and sooner or later you were either tearing at each other's throats- or wanting too, because as pixels, they couldn't actually do it- or you had found your happily ever after.

But then the Queen of Diamonds had to get into her daughter's business, and inform poor Three, from much further down o the stack, that she wasn't aloud to associate with that two. To which Three informed her mother that she couldn't exactly move, now could she? So the Queen began scolding again- but Three refused to pay attention, leaving her mother screaming in rage while she talked calmly to Two- and, occasionally, to the Four of Clubs above her.

And then the stupid person had to come back and move her Two, her precious Two, leaving her sobbing, unheard by anyone but Two, who cried out in desperate reply, her mother, who told her it served her right, and the other cards, who were largely uninterested. And then she was tossed on a pile of Diamonds- a pile that was, just to add insult to injury, all the way on the left, leaving two piles between her and her Two- and was subsequently squished by a large pile of her relatives.

Sometimes, it really sucked to be a pixel.