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"Atmos?" Reilly asked.

Tommy and the Doctor, despite the difference in accent, replied in unison, "Atmospheric Omission System."

"You two enjoy speaking a different language from the rest of the…" She glanced at the Doctor. "... People on this planet. Don't you?"

"Yes," They two men replied. The Doctor continued. "Look at that."

At the same moment, the Doctor, Tommy and Reilly whipped out a set of glasses from their jacket, the rectangular thick framed, the round thin black frames and the frameless clear lenses leant over the oblong object. Reilly sniggered at them all, being the only one who noticed as the Doctor continued, "this is a new model. Mark II, I haven't seen it before, why was it just lying around? Even the Sontaran aren't that stupid, surely."

"How do you know that? Sontatan? Do you know who he is, the Doctor?" Tommy looked at him in surprise. "Do you track him too?"

"Who?" The Doctor played innocent.

"The Doctor. He's an alien, a Time Lord. Scattered across history, with a trail of destruction following him. They say he was at the Battle of Canary Wharf in London, the Iowa Cover-up in the eighties. But… I think this Doctor's the good guy. You know like in the Lord of the Rings-" Reilly gave a disparaging sigh. "-when Wormtongue accuses Gandalf of brining the storm, as opposed to riding against it, following the storm and saving the Universe!"

The Doctor nodded, looking smug, "You know, Tommy, I think you're right."

"Thank you, Mr… Smith, was it?"

"Yes, John Smith."

Tommy took a step back, pointing. "The… the… picture… sent… yesterday… My… Lord… you…" He sent a file flying, paper fluttering out in all directions. He grabbed one of them, "Mister… John Smith, Deffry Vale High School, lights in the sky… your picture matches… The Doctor." He staggered back, grabbing a camera from his desk. Before the Doctor could react to this outburst, he was blinded by a Polaroid flash, followed by two others. "It…. It is an-n-n honour, sir, you meet you." He took another photo, this time putting his head ion beside the Doctor's. "Oh my… Can I help you in any..? Oh my god, it's the end of the world isn't it. The Doctor on my, of all peoples, doorstep…" He grabbed the Doctor. "Is it the end of the world?"

The Doctor glanced sideways at Reilly who was inspecting "The Regeneration Board", ignored her friend, "Was this really you?"

"Um… Yes." Attempting to shake off the man clinging to his coat.

"What's with the scarf?"

"That got me out of a lot of tricky situation, I'll have you know."

"Sure." Reilly very deliberately drew out the vowel.

Tommy waved his hands, letting go. "End of the world? Atmos? Sontaran? Am I the only one who cares?"

Reilly turned on the balls of her feet, "Doctor, how many times have you encountered these Sontaran?"

"Six or seven times."

"How many times have you overcome any threat that they posed?"

"Six or seven times."

"In that case I'm not duly worried.. How old are you?"

The Doctor looked offended, "Have I asked you how old you are?"

"Good point, no, I'm twenty-six, Tommy's forty-eight."

"Oi!" Tommy yelped, losing track of his utter, flustered excitement for a second. "I'm still forty-seven."


"Marshal Maal." A dark, dome headed Sontaran, wearing the dark oil blue armour of the Sontaran Special Forces stepped forth.

"Major Theel." He stiffly stepped to face the 'younger' warrior.

"The Doctor has found our trap, sir."

"Excellent work. Is the declaration of war complete yet?"

"No sir." Theel saluted and stepped back.

"All in good time."

Maal gazed out through the window, the Sontaran would not fail the Earth Mission this time.

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