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This story is a different ending to Family of Blood. Enjoy and review.

There was darkness all around her. Squishing her. Suffocating her. She reached out blindly. Keeping her eyes shut as she felt the darkness closing in on her. The singing that she had been hearing in her dreams was blaring in her ears. She felt like she was going to burst. She tried to breath but couldn't get her lungs working. She pushed her fear back as she thought about her family. Her mother, father, brother, Mickey, him. She was never going to see her Doctor again. After all this time. After all this searching, she was going to fail. She let go, her mind drifting away from consciousness as she felt the darkness and pressure lift off and she heard shouting. A cool breeze hit her face and she took a deep breath as she fell down and down, away from the land of those who were awake.

"Get down!" the Doctor yelled. The green light streamed over Martha's head as they entered the TARDIS, falling to the ground for cover. The Doctor shut the door and sprinted over to Martha. He picked her up and said, "Did they see you?"

Martha was still shocked at what had just happened, she babbled, "I don't know!"

"But they did they see you?" the Doctor was persistent.

There was fear hidden in the Doctor's eyes. Martha was scared just because he was scared. "I was too busy running." she stuttered out.

"Martha, it's important, did they see your face?" the Doctor repeated.

"No, they couldn't have." Martha said, coming to a decision.

The Doctor sprinted away, around the console of the TARDIS. "Off we go." the Doctor pulled a lever and stood back as Martha joined him. The monitor beeped and the Doctor groaned, "Ah! They're following us."

"How can they do that? You've got a time machine." Martha pointed out, fear entering her voice.

"Solen technology. They've got a time agent's vortex manipulator. They can follow us wherever we go. Right across the universe. They're never going to stop. Unless... I'll have to do it." the Doctor ran his hand through his hair and turned to Martha. "Martha, you trust me, don't you?"

"Of course I do." Martha said, confused at why he was asking.

"Cause it all depends on you." the Doctor ducked down and began to look for something.

"What does? What am I supposed to do?" Martha asked, getting scared.

"Take this watch because my life depends on it." The Doctor held up an old fob watch. "This watch, Martha, this watch is..."

John Smith opened his eyes. He looked around then with a groan, he got out of bed. There was a knock on the door. "Come in." he called out.

His maid, Martha, walked in with a tray that had his breakfast and tea on it. "Pardon me, Mr. Smith, you're not dressed yet. I can come back later."

"No, it's all right, it's all right, put it down." he pulled his dressing gown on. "I was...sorry, sorry. Sometimes I have these extraordinary dreams." John said, in his light, quiet voice.

Martha opened the blinds and said, "What about, sir?"

"I dream I'm this adventurer. This daredevil, a madman. 'The Doctor', I'm called. And last night, I dream't that you were there, as my companion."

Martha smiled softly and said, "A teacher and a housemaid, sir? That's impossible."

The Doctor smiled softly and said, "I'm a man from another world, you know."

Martha spoke, a bit hesitant. "Well, then it can't be true 'cause there's no such thing"

"This thing, the watch," John continued, walking over to the fireplace and looking at the fob watch sitting there. He picked it up and was about to say something. He shook his head and put the watch back down. "it's funny how dreams slip away. But I do remember one thing. It all took place in the future. In the year of our Lord, 2007." John said, turning around to face Martha.

"Well, I can prove that wrong for you, sir." Martha said, picking up the newspaper and handing it out to John. "Here's the morning paper. It's Monday, November 10, 1913 and you're completely human, sir." as human as they come." Martha said, almost regretfully.

"Mmm. That's me. Completely human." he looked up at Martha and smiled.

"Over here! There is someone hurt, I think." a man called out, running over to the motionless form of a young girl. Her blonde hair was tangled around her face and her clothes were ripped and torn. In comparison to the girl's clothes, she was surprisingly clean. There was no dirt or cuts on her face or arms, and she was still breathing.

"What is it?" another man's voice called, jogging over to where the body was. His voice was full with authority and command.

"A young girl. I can't seem to wake her but she is still alive." the first man called.

"Pick her up, we will take her back to the school for the Matron to check her out. Then when she wakes up she can go on her way." the second, commanding voice said.

"Yes, sir." the first man said, lifting the girl over his shoulders. Surprised at the lightness of his load, he concluded that the girl needed to eat more. Hopefully she would stick around long enough for someone to explain that to her.

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