Chapter 64

It didn't take long to land on the Earth. Which meant no one was focused on doing their own task when Jackie who had been waiting with Jack, checking on her daughter, screeched out at the Doctor.

"She's dead!" Jackie screeched. "You killed my daughter!" She prowled up to the Doctor, ready to slap him, but he ducked away, spun around the console away from her and took Rose back off of Jack.

"She's not dead." the Doctor told Jackie, hoping that by having Rose in the way Jackie wouldn't slap him.

"She hasn't got a pulse. I don't know what you're thinking, but denying it isn't going to help, there has to be something we can do to fix it." Jackie ranted.

Everyone stopped and stared as Rose gasped and jerked in the Doctor's arms, going from limp and unconscious (dead) to upright and heaving for breath.

"What?" Jake said.

"It's a new trick of hers." Mickey told Jake, just as Jackie burst out into shouting at the Doctor.


"Mum seriously, shut up." Rose cut her off. "Blimey my head," Rose groaned, as the Doctor gently put her down, keeping an arm around her waist to steady her. "What happened? Where's the shrivelled old guy and the pepper pots?" Rose asked, confused to be back in the TARDIS. "Wait, she survived?" Rose grinned up at the Doctor as she realised.

"Rose." The Doctor said quietly, mentally showing her what happened.

"Oh." Rose commented, eyes falling to Donna before walking straight to her, sitting down next to her to check on her.

Jackie stared at her daughter then back at the Doctor. "What did you do to her?" Jackie demanded, hand lifted threateningly.

"Mum seriously, stop it. I told you I was coming back to him to stay with him forever, this happened but it's not like I can change it so forget it." Rose snapped at her.

Jackie bit her lip and humphed, and everyone in the TARDIS could see exactly where Rose got her personality from. But Jackie stayed quiet as the Doctor gestured to Sarah Jane Smith.

"I've parked us near your place, Sarah Jane," the Doctor told her, opening the door and following her out.

"You know, you act like such a lonely man. But look at you. You've got the biggest family on Earth!" Sarah Jane told him. "And it seems as Rose isn't in a hurry to leave you."

She stretched up and hugged him and he just grinned at her.

"Gotta go! He's only 14. It's a long story. And thank you!" Sarah Jane abruptly pulled away and grinned, beginning to walk away backwards. The Doctor waved at her and she waved back before turning around and dashing off.


Jack and Martha were next to leave, with the Doctor grabbing Jack's wrist last minute to sonic his wrist device just outside the TARDIS. Rose had already said her goodbyes from next to Donna, inside.

"I told you, no teleport! And, Martha, get rid of that Osterhagen thing, eh? Save the world one more time." the Doctor grinned at them.

"Consider it done." Martha grinned back. She paused then asked, "Rose and Donna are going to be OK, yeah?"

The Doctor looked startled at being asked that question.

"Well I know Rose will be, but Donna?" Martha asked.

"I don't know." the Doctor told her. "Hopefully." he added optimistically.

Martha nodded, and then glanced at Jack and the pair saluted him. The Doctor saluted them back, and they linked arms and walked away.


Back in the TARDIS, after Mickey hugged Rose and whispered something to her, he turned to Jackie and hugged her, "I'm going to miss you." Mickey told her.

"What d'you mean?"Jackie asked. Jake stood next to her and offered his hand. Mickey gripped his arm briefly and nodded at him. Mickey had already spoken to Jake about it.

"The Doctor's going to take us home, isn't he?" Jackie asked, worried.

"Well, that's the point." Mickey told her. She realised what he meant and nodded, hugging the man.

He then ducked out before the Doctor could re-enter the TARDIS.

"Oi, where are you going?" the Doctor asked.

"Well I'm not stupid, I can work out what happens next. You take us all back to the parallel world, it gets sealed off. And hey, I had a good time in that parallel world, but my gran passed away. Nice and peaceful. She spent her last years living in a mansion. And I mean, Rose hasn't been home for months now either and she has you. There's nothing left for me in that world." Mickey told him.

"What will you do?" the Doctor asked.

"Anything! Brand new life! Just you watch." Mickey grinned. He held up his fist and the Doctor knocked his back.

"See you, boss." Mickey grinned, before running after Jack and Martha, calling out to them.

The Doctor sighed and then turned back to the TARDIS, entering her again to make one more drop off.


The TARDIS appeared on Bad Wolf Bay and Jackie, Jake, Rose and the Doctor all emerged from the ship.

"Ah, fat lot of good this is! Back of beyond. Bloody Norway! I'm gonna have to phone your father, he's on the nursery run." Jackie told Rose.

"How is Tony?" Rose asked eagerly.

"He's grown so much, oh you have to see him!" Jackie grinned at her daughter.

Rose glanced over her shoulder back at the Doctor and Jackie watched as her mouth dropped open. Rose then proceeded to storm over to him and slap him.

"Don't you even dare to attempt to do that." Rose growled at him.

"What just happened?" Jake asked Jackie, who could only shrug.

"Rose, the walls of the world are closing again, now that the Reality Bomb never happened." the Doctor told her.

"And I thought we were past all this. I'm not leaving you. I'm not going to be tucked away in this world just because you want me to be safe or out of your hair. If you don't want me around then say something and I'll go live with Jack -" Rose yelled at him.

"Rose Tyler don't ever think I don't want you around." the Doctor interrupted her.

"What am I meant to think, if all you do is send me away?" Rose snapped at him. "I thought you would have got the message with this bond thing, I'm not going anywhere. Now I know the price of that and I'm prepared to make that decision. And I don't want to but I have to and I have. You can't take that away from me."

The Doctor nodded once and stuck his hands in his pockets.

"What's he trying to do?" Jackie asked.

"He was thinking about leaving me here with you cause he feels guilty about making me choose between you and him and that I would be safer here." Rose told her.

"Well you're being a complete idiot then. I know my daughter, she is going to do what she wants, not what you want." Jackie told him. "Don't let him abandon you." Jackie told Rose.

"He couldn't get rid of me even if he wanted to." Rose told her. "Give Tony a hug for me, and tell him I love him." she hugged Jackie tightly. "We need to get going before the walls close again. I'm glad I got to say goodbye again, after just leaving."

"Yeah, never do that again, we went spare trying to find you. Then the cannon started working and Mickey said he had spoken to you whilst trying to sort of the mess around that Donna woman. He tried to explain the whole mess, something about two of you?" Jackie frowned. "I didn't understand."

"A parallel world was formed around Donna and her choice that meant she never met me. It resulted in her not saving my life and my death, which meant none of what I did after that point in this timeline happened, which meant Rose never came back to this world, so she was still in the parallel world with you guys, but only in Donna's pocket universe, as we were living the correct timeline simultaneously. So Rose was with me, but there was a temporary second Rose in the pocket universe, but when Donna fixed it by making herself meet me again the pocket universe was gone and everything sorted itself again." the Doctor attempted to explain.

"OK." Jackie just agreed, having not understood a thing, before hugging her daughter one last time. "I love you" Jackie told her.

Whilst Rose hugged Jake and said goodbye, Jackie hugged the Doctor and whispered something into his ear. Rose and the Doctor then turned and entered the TARDIS and Rose waved over her shoulder, shutting the door reluctantly.

"Rose," the Doctor began.

"Don't even think about trying to convince me to stay. Yes I'm going to miss her a lot. And it is sad to have to leave her all over again, but I knew I was staying here with you and nothing is gonna make me change my mind." Rose told him.

"Right." The Doctor nodded.

"But Doctor," Rose spoke up as the Doctor ran about the console, taking the TARDIS out of the parallel world and into the Time Vortex in their universe. "Donna?"

The Doctor crouched at Donna's side and brushed his fingers against her temple and consequently his mind against hers.

"There's nothing we can do." he told Rose. "The power burnt her up. She couldn't handle it."

"She's dead?" Rose asked, tears building up in her eyes.

"She's brain dead." the Doctor nodded, attempting not to cry as well.

Rose stepped forward and wrapped her arms around the Doctor and buried her face in his chest, as she quietly cried for her friend.

The Doctor held her until she quietened, but when he looked down to check on her, her eyes were shut and her mind was blocked by him.

"Rose?" the Doctor asked, trying not to panic. The TARIDS sent him a message, meant to reassure him and prevent him from panicking. "Whatever you are doing with her, be quick." the Doctor told his ship, disliking the feeling of being blocked yet again from his partner.


Rose opened her eyes to find herself laying on grass, in a meadow of sorts. She sat up and found Donna sitting opposite her, knees brought up to her chest, looking worried.

"Rose?" Donna asked. "What happened? The TARIDS was exploding and then I woke up here and nothing was happening and then you just appeared."

"Donna?" Rose frowned. "The TARDIS must have done this," Rose muttered, looking about.

"What's going on Rose? Where's the Doctor? Where are we?" Donna asked, almost fearfully

"The TARDIS was being destroyed, and I have a connection with her so she used it to save herself, using the power of the Time Vortext through me. But you got caught up in it, somehow, probably because you were in the TARDIS at the time. The TARDIS must have realised and tried to save your mind, protecting it from the Time Vortex but locking it away here." Rose explained. She grinned at Donna, "We thought you were brain dead."

"Protecting my mind? What's happened to my body?" Donna asked, confused.

"Nothing. Just, well I had the Time Vortext going through me as well and it killed me." Rose told her. "The TARDIS must have done something to protect you from dying as well by sticking you in here. But now we can get the Doctor here somehow and he can help put your consciousness back in place and fix everything." Rose grinned at her.

"Right. Well do it. And then you can tell me what happened to the Daleks and end of the world." Donna told her, a little confused but trusting Rose and just going along with it.

"Right, well, you and I stopped the Daleks and got rid of them and their machine they built to rip apart every molecule of life." Rose told her.

Donna blinked then nodded. "Right. Good. Go us."

Rose grinned at her and then shut her eyes. "If I can find out how to get a hold of the Doctor, he'll know what to do."

"Right. I'll, just sit here then." Donna rolled her eyes.

Rose reached out to the part of her mind where she normally found the Doctor, and found it blocked.

'Come on, please?' she asked the TARDIS. 'We need to help Donna.' Rose told the old girl. The TARDIS sent a wave of sadness to Rose, but lowered whatever shield she had up.

'Rose?' the Doctor asked.

'I'm fine, stop panicking.' Rose sent him. 'The TARDIS has locked Donna's mind here. Whereever here is. If we can figure it out we can wake her up, yeah?' Rose asked him.

The Doctor was silent as he went through Rose's memories and examined the situation. 'Hold on.' he told her. He went to Donna's body and scanned her mind with his telepathy. 'I think I can try something. Hold on.'

Rose opened her eyes and grinned at Donna, "He reckons he can fix this."

Donna smiled at her friend, and then she disappeared. Rose looked around, then found herself opening her eyes, waking up in the TARDIS.

Rose sat up and the Doctor helped her up, as they watched as Donna slowly woke up.

"Bloody hell that's what you call a hangover." Donna groaned.

"How do you feel?" Rose asked eagerly, helping her friend sit up.

"Like a jack hammer has been through my head." Donna muttered.

"Yeah, that'll pass." Rose grinned, relieved to have her friend back. "You should have seen it Donna, everyone was here in the TARDIS and I could feel her happy and humming in my head, and we kicked Dalek arse. The Doctor dropped everyone off home now, but we can go visit Jack, Martha and Mickey, after we check on your mum and granddad of course."

Rose grinned at Donna who smiled weakly back, still feeling the effects of the power.

"So, Jack, is he single?" Donna asked Rose, not trying to be subtly or discrete about her interest at all.

Rose chuckled and went to answer, but the Doctor cut her off.

"Donna, can I just?" The Doctor gestured with his hands to her head. "Check?"

Donna nodded, and let the Doctor rest his fingers on her temple and he shut his eyes. He pulled away a moment later and walked over to the console, worryingly quiet.

Rose jerked her head away from Donna, as she had been about to continue their conversation and stared at the Doctor.

'Rose, it didn't work.' the Doctor told her.

'What do you mean it didn't work? She's awake, she's alive, she's fine.' Rose argued back, not wanting to believe it.

The Doctor showed her what he had seen in Donna's mind. Her mind was still burning up, slowly, through her memories.

"I'm so sorry Donna." The Doctor said.

"What?" Donna asked, glancing between the two.

"What happened with the TARDIS, there's a reason it shouldn't be done. It burns up the host, it kills them, the power, no one can withstand it." the Doctor told her quietly.

"But, you saved me. Rose said you could fix it." Donna said quietly. Rose wrapped her arms around Donna's shoulders, tears building up in her eyes.

"I had to try something, but it didn't work." the Doctor told her.

"We can't just let her die." Rose argued.

"No." the Doctor agreed. Quite vehemently. "I never said I'd just let you die." the Doctor told Donna. "There is something I can do."

"I want to stay." Donna told them tearfully.

"I know." the Doctor told her. "I'm sorry Donna."

The Doctor then stepped forward to her and placed his hands on her head, and her eyes fluttered shut. Rose, who knew what he was doing due to their connection sobbed once as she hugged her now unconscious friend, but managed to maintain control over herself for the time being.

The Doctor stepped away a moment later.

"I had no choice." The Doctor told Rose.

"I know." she told him. "It's not your fault Doctor, it's not." Rose gently leaned Donna back against the chair and stood to wrap her arms around the Doctor, hugging him as he buried his face into her shoulder, neither of them commenting on the tears.