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Dark forbidding clouds rolled in over the horizon, looming ominously hundreds of meters above the surface of the earth and continuing on thousands more till all they become was one thick rolling black curtain closing in on the act.

Even from a distance, Hermione could see a tint of green revolving around in the clouds themselves. She sighed and glanced down to where her 14 month old son Chase was crawling around on the green and red blanket she'd placed down on the ground an hour ago when they'd arrived at the park in the first place. He was at the moment, crawling slowly over the rug, his gaze and interest focused solely on the mat in front of him. Bending a little she moved to see what it was her son was so focused on and then smiled when she spotted a small caterpillar wriggling across the mat.

In a matter of seconds the caterpillar was being accosted by her son's drool.

Her gaze went up once again to the distant storm at the sound of low rolling thunder.

"Don't you think it's about time for ye to be getting home with that boy of yours miss?" A frail creaky voice asked her.

Hermione shot a glance at the neighbourhood's eldest inhabitant, Mr Kendrick's who was walking slowly through the park on his way home. She smiled and then nodded. "Yeah I was just thinking that."

Mr Kendrick's smiled and then glanced down at her son, a soft loving reminiscent look came into his eye before continuing his journey.

Hermione sighed and started gathering the baby toys strewn around the mat, placing them back into the basket she'd packed for this outing. Around her, she noticed the quietness of the world. The natural ambience - the chirping and the humming of insects, the thrum of cars – was gone. In its place was an eerie silence, almost expectant of something terrible.

Chase babbled as the caterpillar escaped his grasp and disappeared into the forestation of grass that had grown past the regulation length that council's had kept for the past few years. He pushed himself up to sit up on the mat and then sent his mother a bubbly grin, clapping his hands and cooing in happiness.

Hermione smiled and picked up her son, placing him in his pram and strapping him in, kissing his cheek in return.

Turning around, she moved to pack up the mat and remaining possessions laying around, glancing briefly around the park as she did.

Only one other person remained in the open. Everyone else had disappeared indoors, readying themselves for the approaching storm.

He sat across the park from her, slouched into the bench he had chosen, his cap pulled down low across his face in an effort to cut the long gone bright sun light from his face as he slept. He was dressed in typical young adult fashion, comfortable fitting jeans and an oversized baseball jersey.

The sound of thunder, louder this time around, jolted Hermione to the present where she finished gathering her belongings and started to push her child home.

Out of the corner of her eye, she notices in the back of her mind, the last remaining visitor in the park stand up and start to walk towards the exit. As she exited the park herself, she couldn't help the strange shiver and the sense of dread that overwhelmed her.

It was like the eerie calm before the storm.

Five….It was like something out of a novel. Enemies for years and then they end up twisting and turning, fighting the other for dominance as they rolled around on the plush carpeted floor, clothes being ripped to shreds within their hands. Their mouths agape as they attacked each other, kissing roughly, passionately any part of skin they could find. Harsh panting filled the air, husky chuckles and low moans vibrated across the large richly furnished room. And then the final scream of his name shattered their worlds.

It was the tension; it had to be the tension.

But nobody told her it was sexual tension that had been building up all these years.

All the years she'd spent at school with him, the 6 years she'd spent, day by day hurling insults back at him just to top his own, it had been building.

But silently. Almost dangerously.

Then that year, the year everything that her friends and herself had worked so hard towards had come and gone, with a victory in their corner.

Life seemed to go on, a weight off of everyone's shoulders.

Hermione had ended up opening her own business. All those who were affected in some way, mentally, physically or emotionally needed help. The ministry, however wasn't concerned with helping the fallen, the heroes of the war that they'd tried to deny for years.

Somebody had to help.

Her business had been a success and so, when the final patient, the last remaining hero that had come to her for help had left through the front doors, she'd been urged to make this more. More than just help for the heroes.

There were others out there, others who faced abuse or some sort of fear or phobia that disabled them in some way, fit or form; others who suffered from diseases and their helpers. Every body needed to talk some time or another. Hermione had continued to help, her and her fellow trained professionals, anyone and any who that came through those doors was looked after and helped to the best of the centre's abilities. She became an acclaimed medical witch, studied her heart out to pass the exams that would allow her to further help her patients. She travelled the world, helping out other centres to develop the successful programs that were already in place at hers. People, famous people, sought her out in secrecy, under cover for the help she offered. They trusted her; they allowed her to go places. And she'd accomplished it all within the ten years after she'd finished school.

And then he entered her office.

Hermione sat beside the tub, her hand dangling over the edge and listlessly twirling the small amount of water within the tub. Within the warm water sat Chase, splashing and playing quite happily with the rubber duckie she'd brought him when he could sit up in the bath by himself. Hermione still sat beside the tub and watched him with hawk eyes, paranoid for the fact that he might somehow end up with his mouth under the short level of water she'd made for him and wouldn't be able to get him self back up into the fresh air above.

She ran her hand over the soft blonde hair that was curled somewhat, rinsing the shampoo from his hair with a cup in her other hand.

"Mummy" Chase cooed picking up the rubber toy and shoving it in her face. Hermione smiled down at her son and then took the duck from his hands, placing it back on the surface of the water and giving it a push to sail off across the high seas. Chase laughed and clapped his hands before reaching out for it, momentarily throwing himself off balance as he reached forward and landed on his stomach, face first.

But within the 10 cm high water, he pushed himself up to sit again and Hermione's hands wrapped around his chest were no longer needed in his attempt to sit back up.

"Alright you, time to get out." She said reaching over for the towel she kept near by.

When she'd gotten Chase out of the bath and finally dressed in pyjamas even though it was still only 4 in the afternoon, she left him to play in the play pen she'd set up in the already somewhat crowded living room while she went to fix herself the last warm drink before she turned in for the evening.

As she stood at her kitchen sink and stared out the window she noted the dark clouds she'd seen earlier had finally arrived. The sky, as far as she could see from the 4th floor of the apartment block she lived within and the multi-level library and crowd of shops opposite, was dark and almost livid. The tint of green she'd seen before was even more prominent now. The world outside was silent as ever, waiting for the storm to finally hit, to be done with its anger on them and be on its way.

"Mummy!" Chase cried from the living room as a flash of lightning lit the darkened sky.

"I'm here Chase" she called back to him, quickly adding the milk and water for her hot chocolate. As she made her way back into the living room she saw Chase standing at the gate, his legs bending and straitening agitatedly as he looked up at his mother in something akin to nervousness. She smiled reassuringly and then placed the hot beverage on the coffee table before going over and picking her son up and allowing him to sit next to her on the couch. He crawled over her, sitting in her lap when he found a comfortable spot and just stared up at her, his silvery grey eyes big and filled with wonder and total unconditional trusting love. His hand reached out to touch her cheek and she was reminded that such an act was what his father had done to her often; reached out to cup her cheek gently, his eyes scanning her face with love and questioning his worthiness of her.

Chase was so much like his father it was sometimes almost heart breaking.

Four…. He'd come to her as the final attempt to get somewhere, achieve even one small miracle. He'd been all over magical London and Europe to find someone he could get to help his mother.

Of all the people that she could help or expected to see walk through the doors of this practice, she never expected to see Draco Malfoy walk through the doors and walk, unannounced and quickly into her office along the corridor to the right of the lobby. He'd informed her and made it absolutely and unabashedly clear that she was his last resort and that he seemed to trust no one with his mother's secret nor could they seem to truly help him or begin to understand what was keeping his mother from the world of the sane after all she'd been through.

So the weeks went on; Draco would come in once every fortnight with his mother for her to tell Hermione about what was wrong. At first it was awkward. For the both of them. Here she was, being seen by the one and only Malfoy – for the help of his mother- the man who'd tormented her for years during their schooling, calling her every name under the sun.

And she could see that the great and powerful Malfoy also felt the awkwardness of the situation.

He, the pure blood genius, babe magnet and all around god, was seeking help from her, the mudblood, greatest mind of their era, somewhat lacking in the relationship department.

It took a while for him to warm up to her too. While his mother sat in the chair designated for patients in front of Hermione's own special – and most comfortable – chair, Draco sat quietly and extremely rigid behind his mother on one of the chairs she'd bring in from her waiting room. He watched the interaction between Hermione and his mother with caution and speculation. She could tell that he didn't fully trust her to succeed in this matter.

Eventually weeks turned to months and then almost half a year had passed before Draco sat back comfortably in his chair and waited for the appointment to be over with. It was only when Narcissa had spent a whole week without having some sort of nightmare that the progress was shown. That appointment where Narcissa had happily exclaimed that she had not had a nightmare the entire week, Draco hung back to talk to Hermione. Before she'd left through the door he'd sopped her with a gentle hand cupping her cheek. He'd whispered something to her and then kissed her forehead and then stepped back to allow her through the door.

"Thank you." He said, once the door had closed after his mother.

Hermione had shrugged and stood up to place her notes away in the appropriate file. "I haven't finished with her yet." She warned him.

"I understand. Except...its just you've achieved more than what any other psychiatrist has in the amount of time. She's also stopped her nervous habits of fidgeting and shying away from Father's associates and Father himself."

Hermione nodded and took a seat at behind her desk. "Is your father helping her development?"

Draco sighed and shook his head, falling into the seat recently vacated by Narcissa. "Father doesn't concern himself with such matters. As long as he has a normal obedient wife that is all he is concerned about."

Hermione twisted the pen cap on and off, mulling over her next question. "How does he feel about me helping his wife?" she asked.

Draco turned to look out the window before replying. "He doesn't know it is you that she is seeing. As far as he is concerned I take her to the best psychiatrist in France to get her help. Instead, I apparate from the grounds of the manor to the apparating spot 2 counties across then apparate to the spot outside your building."

Hermione nodded and then let the silence fill the room. Malfoy looked down at his hands sitting in his lap and then looked back up at her, a determined look on his face. "I want to apologise as well. While there is no plausible nor forgivable excuse for the way I treated you at school I hope that you could forgive me anyway. I've changed Hermione…and you helping my mother, after all I've done to you…I'm beyond gratefull. I'm eternally in your debt."

Hermione paused at the apology. His voice was genuine; his eyes trained and focused fully on her face, in particular her eyes, trying to convey the sincerity, the truthfulness of his apology. Taking a deep breath, Hermione nodded.

His mouth opened to let out his own deep breath, nodding gratefully that his apology had been accepted. Then he stood, nodded once more and walked out of her office.

By now the rain had started to fall, but it was wrong. Somehow the dark depressing clouds were only releasing a small amount of big fat droplets. The sound of the rain echoed off the tiled rooftops, within the apartment the closed windows and doors muffled the sound. Only in Hermione's bedroom could she hear the full effect of the rain, her bedroom window open fully as it was away from the direction of the rain falling at slight angle. The sound was refreshing, rejuvenating, and held so much unease and danger.

A strike of lightning forked down through the sky outside her window, the bolt cutting through the atmosphere like a sword through butter, jagged and sharp as ever there was. The predicted resounding sound of thunder boomed mightily 35 seconds after. What did they say about how far a storm was away? Count the seconds between the lightning and thunder, divide by three?

Hermione shivered with a mixture of anticipation and dread. The weather forecasters had predicted that this storm would be the storm, the 50-year storm that hit the city every…well 50 years. The news reporter had dug up the records of the last 50 year storm that had hit the city and pointed out that 50 houses were wipe offs, double the number for vehicle, the city lost power for four days, trees that had been sunk deep into the ground and had been living for well over 90 years had been uprooted and toppled. Most other houses had sustained damage to their roofing tiles leading to the short-lived nickname of tarp city.

As she turned away from the window, trying to tune out the storm and the worry and unease it was creating within her. She looked towards her dresser, topped with all her nick knacks and long time-cherished photos of all the important people in her life. There was the picture she'd taken with Harry and Ron when they were all together at the burrow just before they'd returned to school. One of her parents and herself just before she left for Hogwarts for the very first time. Another with just Ron, his head turned so that his lips were planted against her cheek. It had been only another month before they'd figured that their relationship wasn't dating material. They both looked on at each other as siblings and so had made a clean break form each other.

The next was the photocopy she'd created of the picture of the old order of Phoenix. She'd taken the photo off Harry and made a duplicate of it for herself so she could remind herself of all the lives lost or ruined because of the war. And then in the picture frame coupled to that, was the updated Order of Phoenix, with Harry, Ron and herself front row, centre.

The last picture was of him. Chase's father.

She was laughing in that photo, rocking back and forth in the fit of laughter that had encompassed her when Draco had spilt his coffee over both of them, their clean white shirts soaking up the liquid, moulding to their figures. Draco had just been arrogantly talking about his cleanliness when a waiter had come past behind him and knocked into his back. Draco looked bemused at her hysteria but his eyes were hungry and full of passion and lust. Hermione had been grateful that she'd been wearing a purple singlet top underneath and so her shirt wasn't totally see through. But she could see that the memory of spilt coffee was affecting him once more.

Hermione had been grateful that Ginny had had a camera that day, though she was sure to make certain that only one print was ever made.

Three…Hermione couldn't believe her luck. Of all the days to wear a white blouse to work.

She'd spilt her hot coffee all over her top thanks to one of the nurses and she couldn't locate her wand for the spell to fix things. Now her dirty brown blouse clung to her body, allowing for her light pink bra to shine through. As she shuffled through the papers on her desk trying to locate her wand, the door opened.

"If you don't have another blouse for me Tiffany then you better not disturb me." Hermione had said without even looking up at the intruder.

"I'm not Tiffany." Came the lilting voice of Narcissa Malfoy.

Hermione had stopped her searching immediately and looked up to see both Narcissa and her son standing in the doorway. Her face heated up with embarrassment. Narcissa had looked slightly bemused about the situation and when Hermione had shifted her gaze to Draco…her face really turned red. His gaze was heated, hungry and locked on to her chest.

"Uh…sorry." She started and then started moving through her papers at a much quicker pace, she'd totally forgotten about her appointment with the Malfoy's was in the next few minutes. "I can't exactly find my wand to fix my problem." She explained. Narcissa smiled and waved her hand as if to brush off the apology. "Don't worry my dear, all is well. Draco be kind and fix Ms Granger's shirt." She directed her son before she walked over to the couch designed for patients and took a seat. Hermione turned to Draco, beyond embarrassed and annoyed with the butterflies fluttering around in her stomach.

Draco pulled his wand out of his robed, his expression taught and somewhat regretful as he muttered the incantation that would reverse the damage done to her blouse.

With a sigh of relief, and a curious look towards Draco, Hermione gathered her notepad and pen and took her usual seat in front of Narcissa. Draco stood stock still where he was until Narcissa called his name. He cleared his throat, shook his head as if in a daze and then conjured a chair for himself to sit in.

The time passed quickly, Narcissa quickly forgetting the scene she'd walked in on as she informed Hermione with delight that she had taken the chance of not taking the medication Hermione had prescribed for her to sleep well at night. The result was a normal, well-rested night without the usual nightmares again.

Hermione had smiled, please with the progress but had cautioned Narcissa about doing it many nights in a row, however if she wanted to go without the prescribed draught at night, she could, but she had to be prepared for the nightmares.

As Narcissa talked more about her life, Hermione kept shifting uneasily in her seat aware of the burning gaze Draco kept trained on her during the meeting. She had no idea what he thought he was doing but wished to Merlin he would stop. The churning, low ebb of heat in her gut was growing and putting her concentration on the case off. All she could think of was Draco and his stare and what would happen if he just crashed his lips to hers and…No! Hermione shook her head and tuned into what Narcissa was describing as her favourite holiday.

When the appointment drew to a close and Hermione walked Narcissa to the door and said her goodbyes, Hermione turned to Draco who remained in the room even after his mother had walked off down the hallway towards the front entrance. They stared at each other, the silence in the room thick with newly noticeable tension.

"Thankyou for fixing my shirt." Hermione said, breaking the silence, nervously rubbing the inside of her arm. Draco's intense gaze had remained fixed on her, slowly raking over her body form head to toe and back again, lingering on her chest and lips. She licked her dry lips and attempted to say something more only to have nothing come out. Instead she watched as Draco moved towards her, his steps sure and slow, like that of a predator. His gaze was dark and hooded, firmly locked on her newly moist lips.

Hermione had gasped when he trapped her against the wall, his arms either side of her head. His body had pushed against hers, his hard body, hard lines against her soft curves. Her gazed lifted to his, wide with uncertainty yet filled with a reciprocating heat. Again Hermione wetted her lips with her tongue, Draco's eyes tracking the progress of the tongue as it followed the curve of her lips and disappeared into her mouth within.

"Draco-" she whispered shortly before his mouth lowered to hers. Her breath caught as his lips brushed over hers, once, twice, three times before sinking down and digging in. His hands came cradle her head, holding it in place as his tongue sneaked out and probed her lips, non-verbally asking for entrance into the wondrous cave of her mouth. Hermione opened her lips allowing his tongue to charge through and explore and caress every inch of her mouth.

A long moan tore from the back of her throat, Draco grunted and shifted his pelvis into the cradle of her hips, grinding in a sensual rhythm against her. He shifted his mouth, drawing the kiss out before sinking back in and taking her under.

It was glorious, wonderful. All thoughts were lost, her wills and the common sense she possessed that would have had her pushing Draco away from her and ordering him out of the room had disappeared in a puff of smoke the instant his lips had touched hers. The ebbing heat in her belly burst into life and a crescendo of need and lust that she hadn't felt since…forever.

And then he was changing the kiss, slowly slowing it down, drawing back as he brought the heated kiss to a close. Her eyes flicked open, she'd been unaware that they had closed but when she opened them she found Draco staring back at her, a small amount of surprise that she hadn't called a stop to the kiss immediately lingering in the recesses of his eyes, overshadowed by the hunger should could only assume was for her.

With his hands still cradling her head, her eyes locked onto his, Draco had asked:

"Have dinner with me tonight."

After she'd double checked that Chase was alright to be on his own for a short while, Hermione took a shower. The vivid memories that plagued her whenever she looked at Chase, the product of herself and her lover and the experiences she shared with him, were starting to hurt. They were precious, yet they made her vulnerable.

Hermione only ever brought them back when she was feeling lonely, feeling like she had no one to talk to. Having Chase and him being only 14 months old had kept her from working and so she found no friends in the workforce.

Her neighbours while nice, were all in their 60's, retired and spending their time watching cooking shows, knitting or enjoying the comfort and companionship that their 40 year marriage allowed them.

Everywhere she looked were couples, young and…old. Looking at her neighbours, especially the Crumples that lived at the bottom of the stairs when she went out to the park with Chase most mornings burned in her gut. She'd been naive enough to dream she would have a future with Draco. Foolish.

Then when she looked upon the younger couples when she went to the shops, sitting together sharing their food and drink or choosing a product or some sort of material item together almost made her weep.

Then there were the times when she spotted couples locked in a passionate embrace. Her face burned when her mind unwittingly brought up memories of her times spent with Draco, most importantly the time she was sure they'd conceived Chase, and then the last time they'd been together, all the while she knew, secretly it would be the very last time that he touched her, told her he loved her, playfully bantered or argued with her.

Hermione sighed scrubbing away at her messy, wind tangled hair with the conditioner before rinsing and turning off the water. When she stepped out, she viewed herself in the mirror.

She'd never quite understood what made Draco so interested in her. She never thought her body would appeal to the likes of billionaire playboy bachelors.

Sure over the last two years her body had changed some, pregnancy being the natural cause, but she never understood the appeal. She remembered the first time she'd noted the hungry look in Draco's eyes as he stared at her body, her cheeks flaming at the memory.

It had been the catalyst for their first time. Another perfect, passionate memory.

Two…Hermione had agreed to the dinner, why she had no idea why and had preferred not to question herself on her decision and instead ride on the anticipation that formed in her gut as she prepared for the date. When he arrived at her house and picked her up, she was pleased to note that he was on time.

He took her to a nice comfortable restaurant on the other side of London, not too fancy or flashy and not something she would comfortably afford should she be dining with three others.

Draco had dressed in a semi formal way, dress pants and smart shirt sans tie. His sleeves he'd rolled up to just below the elbow, hinting that he'd directly come from work before he'd picked her up for dinner.

"Working late?" she asked, looking pointedly at his sleeves.

Draco smiled and nodded, taking the menu the waitress offered him and placing it in front of him. "A business merger got a bit tricky. The CEO had tried to rob his own company of hundreds of thousands of dollars right as we were about to buy it. A couple of hours later and the skills of a computer hacker, I got the money back and landed him in lock up."

Hermione smiled and then looked over her choice of drink, giving it to the waitress and then turning back to Draco. "Let me get this out of the way then, quickly. Do you sleep, live and breathe your business Draco?" she asked, clasping her hands together and resting her chin upon them, a calm, small smile across her lips.

Draco shook his head, giving his drink order to the waitress and turning his full attention upon Hermione. "No. Because if I did I would not have time to worry about my mother…nor take a beautiful woman out to dinner." He smiled and then proceeded to question her about her interests.

They chatted, they laughed and they both got along surprisingly well so much that when the evening drew to a close, Hermione wished it to continue on for forever. She'd learnt so much about the man who'd been the irritant of her schooling days, the one who was on par to her level of intelligence, who could defend himself and throw back a quick rebuttal when need be. She was surprised with his deeper knowledge on certain subjects such as psychiatry, but after confessing that he'd brushed up on the subject after he'd taken his mother to get help, she saw a newer, nicer side to Draco Malfoy.

And she concluded that those he respected and loved, which were few and far between, he would go to the ends of the world to help and support.

When he took her home, she purposely continued the heated conversation they were having on her idea for rights for house elves, right up until she'd unlocked her door, and still wanting the last word, Draco had pushed on through after Hermione had left him with what was supposed to be her last word and walked further into the darkness of her home.

Hermione had known having the last word on a subject that got Draco passionate, angry or annoyed was something of a must for him and so with what one could interpret as the final word turned and closed the door behind her, leaving her to be encompassed in the darkness of the night within her own home. Leaving Draco outside.

Outside she could tell that Draco had not moved from her doorstep, a sixth sense that she'd developed around him was telling her he was still outside, the fact that he hadn't left after she'd gotten the final word nicely affirming her beliefs on him.

With that she'd moved confidently into her kitchen, determined to start coffee so it would be ready by the time Draco had pushed forth into her house to get the final say and they'd finished their conversation. But something made her pause, thinking about opportunities that could be taken a hold of while in her home.

True to her beliefs, a minute later the sound of her front door being pushed open resonated through the silent house. Draco's footsteps as he came towards the kitchen, the only light source in the house were quick and determined.

When he'd entered the kitchen and seen the fact that Hermione had pulled out two cups for coffee – yet noting her muggle jug had not been turned on, nor the cups been filled with coffee - he'd instantly realised her plans on continuing this evening in the privacy of her home.

He strode across the kitchen and whirled her around in quick succession. He planted himself in front of her, barely a few centimetres gap between them.

And smirked.

"You could have just invited me in." His voice was a lilt of music, the undertones of huskiness starting to come heavily through. His hands planted themselves on her hips, dragging her against him. She grinned, her eyes confidently landing on his. "And where would the fun be in that?"

Draco growled and attacked her, his mouth closing over hers with a fastness and hunger that shocked even her. But she did not yield instead she fought back, her mouth opening, her tongue moving to tangle in war against his.

Draco growled, the sound erupting from the depths of his throat and renewed his attack, his hands moving up her spine, pressing her body forward, closing any and all gaps between them. When his hands reached her shoulders, one went to gingerly clasp the back of her neck while the other cupped her head. Within those hands was the gentleness that Hermione had no idea existed. But it was within his lips and his hungry kisses did Hermione see the side she knew always existed. After all, Hogwarts was always filled with the rumours of the Slytherin King.

They drew apart when air was needed, Hermione gasping, Draco panting.

They stared at each other until Draco leaned forward once more to continue when Hermione lifted a hand and stopped his lips.

His eyes questioned her. Didn't she want this?

Hermione smiled and pointed towards the right. "Bedroom's in that direction." She informed him. She grinned with the implications, noting that Draco probably wasn't expecting this from her. But her abdomen was swimming in heat. Molten lava was churning within the depths of her body, long ago forgotten parts were coming alive with need as his hands and mouth started warming her up.

Draco smiled and gripped her hips, dragging her with him as he moved backwards out the kitchen door. His mouth again attached itself to hers, nibbling and sucking at her lips, then drawing her bottom lip between his teeth to bite down gently. Hermione moaned and then suddenly it was all need and hunger from this place forth. She attacked him, leaving behind the tentative hands and less than vicious kisses.

They fell backwards, landing on the ground somewhere between the kitchen and the bedroom. She laughed, Draco smiled somewhere between losing his attachment to her lips and taking on the delicate skin on her neck. His mouth sucked and nipped at her neck, chasing a path down her neck towards her collarbone until he reached the top of her dress where his hands played their tune against her body, reaching behind her, her back arching with the chills that tingled down her spine as he manoeuvred her zipper down her back. Her shoulder straps came loose and Draco took the opportunity to kiss away the straps, tugging them away with his hands roughly. Hermione's hands came up to grip his arms, her body writhing as Draco kissed down further, shedding her dress to bare her bra-less breasts to him. Her stomach burned a million degrees hotter as his wet mouth ravished her, his hands coming up to strip away the rest of her dress as her own shifted to ridding him of his clothes.

Their limbs tangled as they rolled across the floor, bumping into pieces of furniture scattered across the room. Their mouths yearned, the sounds of their hunger and need for each other shattering the silence of the house. His hands travelled the contours of her body, memorising her every inch, every bump or curve that she possessed.

He made her feel the ultimate woman.

And then, when they finally came together, 7 years, the 7 years they'd known and been in contact with each other worth of tension – sexual tension – erupted in the most euphoric feelings and emotions she'd ever felt. The being fore filled to the brim sensation alone was more than she could comprehend. Never before had anyone filled her, tested her patience and brought her needs to fulfilment before their own. The rhythm that shook her, the sensations his mouth wrought upon her hapless body moved her beyond recognition, broke through her body and brought upon a cataclysmic climax that had her arms falling weakly to the ground, his name tearing from her lips in one shocking scream as Draco reached his own release seconds after, following her into the eternal abyss.

Hermione quietly watched the DVD she'd put in. Chase was snuggled up beside her, his head on her lap, his eyes taking in the visions the television before him. She had no idea if he understood of not, but in the case that he did understand what was going on, she'd introduced him to Disney and at the moment she was watching her favourite Disney movie ever, The Incredibles.

A family with gifts, superpowers.

Hermione knew that in the real world, none of that was without potions and spells. Wands came in handy most of the time. And she figured she'd be giving Syndrome a piece of her mind and a nice hex for killing off all the past superheroes.

But she was just like the retired superheroes herself. Years ago she had been famous, apart of the Golden trio who helped rid the wizarding world of the most awful evil the world, muggle and witching alike, had ever experienced. Then she'd become pregnant and put herself and her child into hiding, closing herself off from the wizarding world forever. Hopefully.

She'd hidden her wand and was determined to do things the muggle way; and so far, she'd succeeded.

When she'd decided to give up the wizarding world for the safety of her unborn child, its father and herself, she'd transferred half her savings into muggle money, enough to buy herself a tiny house and get started with a new life. Hermione had moved most of her power as director for her medical facility over to her closest and most trusted employee, Daniel Gregor, who'd been working with her since the very first day the doors had opened. She still had controlling interest over most major changes to the facility, but most of the time, she was unavoidably out of town.

She could be contacted, but only Harry knew how. He'd sworn that he would take her whereabouts with him to the grave and with their past history, she knew she could trust him, after all it was her life she was placing in his hands.

Randomly every four or five months she'd send him a picture of herself and Chase, knowing he would want to know that they were doing ok.

Harry was one of two people who knew she had been pregnant, and whom too. The other…

Hermione shivered with the thought and cradled her son closer to her.

One…They'd continued their relationship but in secret. Hermione understood that Draco's father would not be impressed if he got wind that his pureblood son was dating the mudblood he'd so strove to put down and get rid of. So they met after dark and went to nice restaurants outside of London where nobody would know them. Afterwards they'd go back to either of their houses and talk more or play around.

As time went on, they grew closer, learning each others habits and tiny irritants, learning how to forgive and move on after a drawn out fight. They loved spending time together and pined for the other when they weren't in the other's presence. Hermione couldn't wait for their arranged dates and spent some parts of her appointments in her day dreams.

And then came the day when he told her how he really felt. It was morning actually, 4:29, they'd been laying quietly side by side in Hermione's bed, just enjoying each other's . Draco's arms were tightly around her, holding her against him, her head resting against his chest under his chin. She'd just checked the time when Draco had kissed her head and said "I know our past was pretty pathetic, but I hope our future is even better, thankyou for giving me a chance Hermione, there could never be any one else like you. I love you."

Hermione was sure at that moment that her heart had stopped beating. She lay frozen against him, not daring to move, uncertain on whether she'd heard right.

Draco shifted his arm from under her head and turned to face her, bending his arm to support his head as he watched her. "I love you Hermione Granger. I don't know when, I don't know how, but since I realised, there's nothing that I wouldn't do for you. There will be no one like you."

He'd brushed a stray lock of hair away from her face, tucking it behind her ear before leaning away to watch her reaction.

Hermione herself couldn't believe it. She'd known she'd loved him ages ago, but was afraid to say anything should he get scared and run off, ruining her happiness and serenity. She looked up at Draco and smiled, running her fingers down the centre of his face, stopping to trace and linger on his lips. She moved forward and kissed him deeply, his hand coming around to hold the back of her head where it was as he continued the kiss.

When they drew apart, Hermione had whispered her love.

It was two months later when Hermione started throwing up. She'd thought she'd caught a bug off one of her particularly sick nurse, whom she'd scolded for coming in instead of being at home, tucked up with plenty of liquids and rest.

After spending a few sick days in bed, though feeling completely useless and entirely bored she kept wondering why she wasn't getting a sore throat or blocked up nasal cavity to go with the bug.

After all, Tiffany had left the building with puffy eyes and an extremely red nose, tissues spurting out of her handbag, her wand having just cleaned up her last bout of mess across the lobby floor.

Being the brightest witch of her age, she took the safest route and got herself checked out by a friend in St Mungo's .

He came back with the news that she was pregnant, not sick.

She'd been somewhat ecstatic, somewhat uncertain at what Draco's reaction would be when she told him the next day when he came to visit her. What held her back from contacting him immediately was the fact that he was in a meeting in far off Australia and wouldn't be returning till early afternoon the next day.

Hermione couldn't keep the smile off her face regardless of what she thought Draco. She scolded herself on thinking he wouldn't want their child, scolded herself for not remembering how much he cared for her.

The entire day she'd been on a high imagining what would become of this news, imagining the future, the happy family they would make. She'd been so far off into outer space that she'd failed to note her door bell ringing, until a loud thumping brought her back down to earth.

Happily, and without thought to who would be visiting her at this late hour, she'd opened the door with a great smile on her face.

It disappeared in an instant, happiness replaced with fear.

"Ms Granger I believe we need to have a talk." Lucius Malfoy said before pushing her aside and entering her house.

Outside the wind picked up, howling against the building. The rain started to come down heavier, and then with a flash of lightning, almost on top of that a loud clap of thunder, the clouds opened and released its fury.

Hermione held Chase closer to her as he whimpered slightly and buried deeper against her side and into the couch. The sound of rain got heavier and harder until it reached the tell tale sounds of hail raining down upon the earth. Lightning flashed twice, causing a short circuit where the lights and tv flickered three times before cutting out. Thunder cracked open the sky, causing a startled Hermione to jump and shiver slightly.

"Mumma…" Chase's cry was muffled by her shirt.

The storm had arrived with a vengeance.

Zero…Hermione was cold, the happiness and warmth she felt from the news she'd received today from her St Mungo's friend had disappeared into a heightened awareness and caution, dabbed with a hint of fear. The only reason for Lucius to be at her place was because a) he found out about her helping his wife and wanted to talk about it or b) he'd found out about her dating his son and was here to warn her off.

She dearly hoped it was the first.

Lucius stepped into her living room and looked over the room with disgust and contempt swarming his eyes. When they returned to the doorway, where Hermione stood, uncertain of the nature of his visit, his mouth twisted into a sneer. "Ms Granger I have heard from very good sources something – no something's - which deeply concern me."

Hermione stood still, uncertain on how to proceed.

Lucius stood with his legs firmly planted, hands on the staff he carried around with him. "My sources had brought to my attention the fact that you are treating my wife."

Hermione nodded slowly and moved cautiously into the room, leaving enough room between them for safety's sake.

"Your services will no longer be needed. I find it pathetic that my wife has to lower herself to see you, lowly Mudblood scum to fix nothing. She is perfectly fine and I see no reason for her to be attending expensive appointments for something my incapable son deems as problems."

Hermione frowned and shook her head. "Your wife, if you paid enough attention to her in the first place is suffering – no suffered from depression and nightmares plus a case of patriarchal dominance forced upon her by you and her father. She came to me almost a year ago for help, her son by her side every step of the way."

Lucius sneered and waved his hand brushing away the argument. "It doesn't matter any more. My wife has never had a problem in her life, I do not see reason for why it should start now. But that is not the main cause for my visit today."

Hermione froze, if his wife was not the problem then…

"I want you to stop seeing my son. Immediately. My son does not need to be hanging around you and your kind. He is going places in this life and should not be held back by needy low life's."

"Your son leads his own life and it should not be dictated by you. He is in charge not you."

"Oh is that what you think? Well your opinions do not matter. Draco is already set on his path to success thanks to the Malfoy name and our pureblood status. In fact I think it should be wise to mention that nothing could ever come from this frivolous affair you two are carrying out. Draco is and has been arranged to marry a girl from another prestigious family since birth and time for fulfilment of that pact is nigh."

Hermione shook her head and tightened her jaw, tilting up her chin ready to take Malfoy on. "Your son is aware of such a stupid arrangement and does not wish to follow out the plans that were made for him without his consent. He loves me and is happy with me, we are happy together regardless of what you say and nothing is going to stop me from seeing him."

Lucius sneered once more, his eyes glinting with malice. "I think you should reconsider your words Ms Granger. You are now thinking for the life of more than just yourself." His eyes narrowed on her stomach, sending a clear sign of what he was insinuating.

Hermione's hands went to wrap around her stomach protectively. "Don't you dare hurt my child."

"I wouldn't dream of it." Lucius snorted and then smiled dangerously at her. "But I will hurt Draco and the baby if you do not comply. Surely you wouldn't want to loose both your child and Draco in one go?" His voice was soft and mocking, yet the surety and the promise of his words lingered.

"You would not hurt your own son or grandchild." Hermione said and then stopped. This was the right hand man of Voldemort. The man who'd brought his son into the service of the Dark Lord without a thought, the man who'd murdered many without a single flicker of compassion or regret.

"Really? I dare say you yourself do not believe the words spewing from your mouth."

"You do not frighten me."

Lucius sighed like he was dealing with incompetent child who was wasting the air they breathed and did not deserve a minute of his time or day. In a flash his wand was whipped out from his cane and pointing at her stomach. "You will break up with my son Mudblood or you will lose your child and I will be forced to kill my own son, arranging it so that you are to blame."

Hermione reached into her back pocket and tried to pick out her wand only to find air. She'd left it on her dressing table when she'd changed out of her clothes from her visit to St Mungos.

Lucius saw the movement and its intent and before she could move to defend herself he shouted "Crucio"

Hermione dropped to the floor with an agonising scream. The fire burned her body, alighting all her nerve endings with horrible pain and fire that had her writhing on the ground.

Lucius stopped his torment and stepped closer to her. "You will stop seeing my son or I will use another curse that you will not survive like your precious friend did on all three of you, making you watch as I kill Draco and your child first before killing you."

"No…no!" she gasped, her nerves still teetering with pain from the curse.

"Oh yes. You will leave Draco and not tell him about your child and you will never contact nor see him again. If I find out that he is still with you or knows about his child I will kill you regardless."

"Don't…no don't please!"

"I am beyond such pleads. You will do as I say and I will spare you or you go against me and I will make you wish for death anyway. Do you understand?" Lucius shouted over her, his wand still pointed down at her.

Hermione refused to reply and so, Lucius muttered Crucio once more.

Hermione screamed and continued to writhe in pain. "Ok! Ok! Please…I will."

"Good." Lucius replied, straightening to replace his wand and step back. "Well then, I'll hold you to that promise Ms Granger. Good day." He said it pleasantly so that anyone who had caught his final words would not think that only seconds before his voice had been so cold and his intent so dangerous he'd tortured her to doing his bidding. As he stepped around her and proceeded to leave her house, Hermione could only curl up into a ball and cry, her hands tightly closed over her body, protecting her unborn child from the coldness of his grandfather.

Someone pounded on her front door just as lightning flashed through the sky. Hermione flinched and then calmed herself enough to move out of Chase's tight hold and get up. But Chase held on and refused to let go forcing Hermione to pick him up and carry him with her to the door. The day after Lucius had visited her, Draco had greeted her with the biggest smile and kiss it took everything she had to not tell him about her pregnancy. And then when he'd proceeded to shower her in roses and the gems native to Australia, that he'd brought her or when he'd ravished her with to days worth of hunger, Hermione almost cried.

She couldn't tell him, she couldn't say they shouldn't see each other any more. She couldn't break his heart.

So, they'd made love one last time, Hermione forcing it to go slow and for herself to cherish these last moments with him, the last moments she would ever have.

And then, when morning came, she'd left the safety and warmth of his embrace as he'd slept and quickly took off to her home, picking up her already packed bags and closing the door on her witching life.

She'd had Chase 5 months later, a month early by standards but he'd arrived and unharmed from the curse she'd suffered from.

Hermione had never looked back.

The door banged again and with the crack of thunder, Chase had whimpered and tightened his grasp on her sweater, attempting to bury his face in her neck further. As she reached for the door knob, a cold chill rushed through her body making her pause and consider her wand.

Hermione backed back down the hall towards to closest she'd filled with linen. From the back of the top shelf she reached for her wand and shoved it into her back pocket. The door rattled again with knocking.

"Hang on!" she called, shifting Chase slightly and moving back towards the door. With her free hand, she pulled her wand out of her pocket and took hold of the door handle with the same hand. Peering through the peep hole, Hermione frowned when she saw what looked to be the same teen from the park standing patiently outside her door.

Turning the knob, she opened the door slightly and peered out.

"Can I help you?" she asked. Chase hesitantly pulled back from her neck to peek out at the stranger.

The teen looked relieved to see her, his eyes travelling up and down her body before stopping to stare at Chase. Chase grinned and relaxed some from the storm as he beamed at the teenager standing on their doorstep.

Hermione repeated the question, her hand tightening on her wand.

The teen looked at her, a smile on his face that rang a bell of familiarity within the depths of Hermione's mind. She frowned.

"Hermione…" he whispered.

"I'm sorry, but what do you want?" Completely missing the fact that he'd called out her name.

The boy smiled and then something seemed to shimmer across his body.

"I thought you would be able to see through my disguise Hermione."

Hermione looked closely at the man, noticing the steely grey of his eyes, so familiar as if she'd looked into them every day of her life.

"Mumma!" Chase cried happily, patting her cheek for attention. Hermione turned to her son and gasped, her eyes immediately turning back to the teenager's for confirmation.

"Draco?" she whispered hesitantly. The teen nodded causing Hermione to frown at his appearance. As she did, he turned his head to check if the hallway was clear and then his glamour started to shift and fade, leaving in his place the Draco she'd left over 2 years ago.

"Hello Hermione."

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