Author's note: I do not own Bleach or its characters. This is contains a little citrus. Please don't read if this offends you. This is for the 30 Kisses challenge. Theme 8: Our Own World. Thank you to everyone who has reviewed this story. I really appreciate your support.

Come Away With Me

Rangiku reached for another piece of paperwork with a sigh. She hated her job sometimes. Paperwork was her least favorite duty of them all. She liked being a lieutenant, but the fact that it meant she had more paperwork to fill out irked Rangiku. Especially since it was such a beautiful day outside. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and she was stuck in the office.

Gin's head popped into the office. He grinned at her. "There you are, Ran-chan. I've been looking for you."

He came over and pulled her out of her chair. "Come on, Ran-chan. No more paperwork today."

"Gin? What--"

He cut her off with a kiss. "I have plans for us."

He led her back to her own quarters. "Out of the uniform, Ran-chan. You're not a Shinigami today. You've got five minutes before I come in after you."

Rangiku laughed. "I'll be done in three minutes."

It didn't even take her two minutes to change into a dark blue yukata patterned with bright fireworks. Gin took her by the hand when she came out and led her out of the Seireitei. Their first stop was one of the Rukongai's markets. Hand in hand, they wandered together, sometimes breaking apart to investigate one thing or another. By the time the two of them were ready to leave, Gin had collected an assortment of food.

From the market, they headed out of the city. Gin seemed to know where they were going even if Rangiku didn't. They were well aware from the town and any other people when Gin finally stopped on a grassy hill. It didn't take him long to spread out a blanket and set down their basket of food. Then he captured her hands, pulling her into his arms, kissing her breathless. Then Gin started trailing kisses down her neck. Rangiku slid her fingers into his hair and moaned.

It wasn't long before they had one another out of their clothes. Rangiku found herself stretched out on her back while Gin reacquainted himself with her skin. She wasn't passive herself. Rangiku's fingers danced across his skin, refamiliarizing herself with his body. They hadn't had much time alone together lately. Neither of them were going to waste the opportunity they had now.

Gin cupped her breasts with his long fingers, rolling and kneading them into stiff peaks. His mouth closed over one of them, and he slid two fingers into her. Rangiku lost herself in the waves of pleasure he was causing. There was nothing in the world except for the two of them. When she finally came down from that high, Gin smiled at her with open eyes and slid into her with a single thrust. Then he proceeded to drive up again and took them both over edge once again.

Later they curled up together on the blanket, covered with Rangiku's yukata. The afternoon was warm enough that they didn't really need anything more. Rangiku rest her head against Gin's chest while he idly played with her hair. She was perfectly content to just lay here with him. At some point they would have to return to the Seireitei and their duties, but for now she was happy just to be with the man she loved in their own little world.