A/N: I couldn't sleep one night, and so I ended up playing something in my mind, thought I could try it out as a fan fiction:) and once again, big thanks to Chrysalis Escapist for beta'ing for me:)

Summary: The team are working on a case, but what happends when the guy starts to threaten someone on the team? And what happends when one of the team members have to make a choice that might save another persons life? And a year later something else happends with one of the team member, a good thing or a bad thing?

(Mac's P.O.V)

*-Nightmares and Leaving Town-*

Stella and I are on the way home after a day of work, both still wanting to have one another's company, I ask her if she wants to come with me back to my apartment, to watch a movie or talk, she says yes. When we reach my apartment, we sit down and watch a movie of Stella's choice, we have been watching the movie a little while. But my eyes keep traveling over to Stella, admiring her beauty, she notices that I'm looking at her, ''What, isn't the movie interesting for you?'' she asks me with a grin, I can feel my cheeks heat up at the fact that I got caught looking at her, ''I've seen it before.'' I tell her simply, but end up with a grin on my face.
''You want to talk a little?'' she asks me, and so we end up talking. As we talk we come to the topic 'love', ''Mac, do you believe you could love someone else, after Claire?'' she asks me, yeah I think I can love someone else, I love you.. I say inside my head, but I can't tell her that, can I?? ''I'm not sure.'' I say, I see her give me a small nod. ''What about you, Stella?'' she looks at me with a small smile, ''I'm already in love with this guy.'' she says with a bright smile, I get a tad jealous, ''Oh, you are?'' trying to let it sink in that she's in love with a guy, but who??
''Yep, he's a really great guy, and I love being around him, he's not like any other guy I've dated.'' she says, making me curious and sad, sad because I hardly believe it's me she's in love with.. ''Have you been on a date with this guy??'' I ask her, trying to find out who this guy is. She shakes her head, ''No, actually this guy doesn't know that I'm in love with him.'' she confesses, ''Why haven't you told this guy that you're in love with him??'' I question, she shrugs, ''Maybe because he might not be ready for a new relationship, and the fact that he's my boss.'' she says, looking at me with an intense look. Is she in love with Sinclair?? No I don't think so, but? My mind starts racking through the thoughts that come streaming into my head, I look at her, and it's something about her look, and then it only takes a few minutes before I realize that it's me she's talking about, my eyes go a bit wider in surprise and shock. I see Stella getting a facial expression that I can't read, and the next thing I know, she's standing up from the couch, and saying ''I know I shouldn't have said that, I'm sorry Mac..'' she's rushing over to her jacket, and before I know the word of it, I'm up from the couch walking over to her quickly and taking her in my arms kissing her. I feel a rush of relief running through my body when I feel her kiss back and her arms travel up and around my neck. I break the kiss and look into her eyes, and at this point I don't know what to say to her, ''Why did you do that?'' she asks me, still in my arms, I swallow, ''Because I'm in love with you.'' I confess to her. She looks at me surprised, ''You're in love with me?'' she asks with a quiet voice, I look into her eyes, ''Yes. And before you ask why I didn't say anything earlier, it's because why would you be..'' is all I get to say before she stops me with a kiss. When we break the kiss, I look at her with a puzzled look, she smiles at me ''I knew what you were going to say, and I decided to stop you before you started to ramble.'' she tells me, a grin forming on her face, and a grin grows on my face, ''You do know there's other ways to stop someone from talking, right?'' I ask her with an eyebrow up, the grin now plastered on my face. She gives me a smart smile, ''Yes, in fact I do know that, but I chose to pick the first thing that came to my mind.'' she says.
Before I get the chance to respond, she pulls me into a new long kiss, leaving both of us breathless and with the need for one another growing as the kiss gets more passionate. I'm not sure how, but we end up in the bedroom a short time later, both desperately trying to get our clothes removed, hands touching the newly discovered skin as the clothes come away. It doesn't take long before all the clothes are removed from our bodies, skin touching skin, moans coming from both of us as things start to get more and more heated. Stella whispering my name and moaning when I do something right. She comes, making me come just a few seconds after her, both lying there panting. I pull her into my arms and keep her there, after our breathing and pulses have calmed down, I feel Stella slowly falling asleep but trying not to fall asleep, ''Sleep.'' I whisper to her, she plants a kiss on my chest and I can feel her slowly falling asleep, only this time, she does fall asleep. I feel my eyes starting to get heavy and soon I'm drifting off to sleep too.
In the middle of the night, something makes me wake up, feeling Stella in my arms, I get a smile on my face as I remember what happened. But I feel something's not right, looking around in the room, my eyes travel over to the window to see the moonlight illuminating a little bit of the room, my eyes then travel a little to the right, and when I see a shadow in the moonlight, trying to make it out, it's only to make out that it's a human shaped shadow. I try to move, but stop as I feel something, a warm fluid on my left side, moving my hand to feel what the warm fluid is, my fingers get covered in the warm, a bit sticky substance, in the moonlight shining through the window the sticky substance looks to be ... my eyes widen, my hand quickly goes up to the small lamp I got on the wall, turning it on. I feel confused as I see blood on my hand, I look once again around the room, then I see a guy standing over by the window with a smirk on his face. I try to wake Stella up, but I get no response from her, turning my head towards her, only to see the sheets clinging to her naked body, I don't know how to react when I see that it's the blood that makes the sheets cling to her body. I pull the sheets away from her body to see two stab wounds in her side, one more time I try to get a response from her, still not getting an answer from her. I hear a voice from the window, ''She's dead, Detective.'' he says with a laugh.

I wake up abruptly and end up in a sitting position, breathing heavily, my eyes immediately scanning the room, no one else in here except me, ''Just a nightmare again.'' I say out loud to myself. I fall back against the mattress, letting out a sigh as I hit it. After this case that we're working on now, where a guy has threatened to kill me, and after the threats came I started to get this dream, starts out great but ends in a nightmare every time, I've had this feeling, like something bad has or is going to happen and the guy will take Stella's life to hurt me or get to me. I try to go back to sleep but I can't, rolling over to see the time, 3.45 A.M. I get up from the bed, and walk into the kitchen to get something to drink, about 15 minutes later I've changed and am on my way out of my apartment for a run. I arrive back at my apartment an hour later. And one of the first things I do when I get in is to walk to the kitchen to turn on the coffee machine, then I head to the bathroom for a shower. I start to feel refreshed as the water hits my back and my body, letting out a sigh, I finish the shower. I walk into my bedroom to get dressed, today I don't feel like wearing a whole suit, taking out the suit pants I put them on, and a sweater.
When I'm on my way to the kitchen again, as I step into the kitchen, I sense the smell from the freshly brewed coffee, walking over I get the coffee, and something to eat.

It's 5.30 A.M as I head out of my apartment again and am on my way to the lab. Not much traffic at this time, so it doesn't take long until I'm in the lab garage.

Standing in the empty elevator with just my thoughts. A few minutes pass by before a pling comes from the elevator, and then a hiss as the elevator doors open. I step out into the deserted lab, there's only a few persons here, looking up when they hear footsteps on the floor, seeing it's me they go back to their work. I make my way over to my office, as I step in I notice a brown package on my desk, I walk over to it while I wonder who has put it there? I lock my office doors every night. I pull the package towards me, careful as I open it, peering inside it as I get it open, nothing in it, raising an eyebrow, then I notice something hidden in the bottom, my hand travels to the thing, pulling it up. An envelope?? Looking at it puzzled and then I slowly open it, I look inside it to see a piece of paper, I take it out and see something on it, there's something written on it, as I read it I'm not sure what to think or feel, I read it one more time;

Hello Det. Taylor, how are you?? You feeling a bit better or are you looking over your shoulder wherever you go?
Well, I didn't send this letter to tease you, I sent it to make a deal with you, a deal you might want to say yes to.. You know your dear Det. Bonasera, I have some inside information about your feelings towards her, is it true that you love her? If so then this deal is something you would want to say yes to, or if you say no, you might regret it later on.. What if I said that I would kill Miss Bonasera? Maybe I'll torture her first, do things to her that would make you break down, so when you and your team find her, you won't be sure what to do next.. But I thought I could be kind and offer you a deal, yes or no, if no; I'll kill, maybe torture her.. or yes; she lives and so do you..

The deal is: you quit your job, move away from New York without telling anyone where you're going, or why, you just leave town. Just pack the things you will need... By 8 A.M, before anyone from your team comes into the lab, if you're still in the lab or in your apartment or even in New York, I'll know, like I said I have inside information and people watching you, these people will tell me if you have left or not.. So I would suggest you leave town by 8A.M, if you want Miss Bonasera to live.

Have a safe trip, Det. Taylor...

Signed, your secret admirer..

I still don't know if it's just a prank or a false threat, but if it's real? Do I want to jeopardize Stella's life? No, I don't want to jeopardize her life, maybe I should just go, or should I stay?? I stand there in my thoughts that I get pulled out of a while later. Turning around I see a messenger with something in his hands, ''Excuse me Sir, are you Detective Mac Taylor?'' he asks, I give a frown, ''Yes, I'm Detective Taylor.'' I say, wondering what's happening. He steps into my office and towards me, ''I got this package for you. If you could sign here.'' he say as he holds out the board where I can sign, after signing the board he hands me the package and walks out of my office and over to the elevator, my eyes following him, it's only when the elevator doors close that my eyes drift to the new package in my hands, holding it I walk over to my desk and sit down. I open the package, with a frown. As I open it there's a new but bigger envelope in the bottom, taking it in my hands I put the package behind me on my desk, as I open the envelope my eyes go wide with shock when I see what's in it. It's a picture of Stella with her face turned upwards, she's been beaten really badly, she's bleeding, and she's looking into the camera, her eyes missing the sparks they usually have. I turn the picture around and see something written on the backside, reading it;

I decided to send this to you, then you would see that this time I'm not joking around, I'm going to do this to Miss Bonasera if you don't leave, maybe I'll even do something worse to her? What do you think? This a bad enough picture or?? This is how she would be looking when I'm done with her.. Amazing what you can do with Photoshop, right?? Don't worry, I haven't hurt her yet! But I will hurt her if you don't leave this town... This will be a little test of love, do you love her enough to leave New York to save her life?? Or..?
Now let's see what your choice is.. Have fun, I'm sure I will if you don't leave!..

Signed, your secret admirer

I get sick to my stomach when I see Stella hurt, this picture makes me want to beat the crap out of this guy! I rub my face with my hands, then I get up and walk out of the lab, I've made my choice now..

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