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Hello! Well, this story came out of nowhere. I was working on the fifth chapter of another story when this plot bunny bounced into my head and I just couldn't resist. I've come to love the first person perspective, too. It's such fun and gives you flexibility with your characters. Anyway, this is a story of two perspectives. The first part will be told by Hikaru, and the second will be told by Haruhi. So you'll be able to see how the story goes from each POV. Of course, the dialogue will be repeated in both parts, but...I'm afraid I can't do anything about that.

Let's start with Hikaru, shall we?

Three Syllables




Three syllables. I always found it amusing how these three syllables were so alike. The I's and A's and U's. Of course, you thought it was silly – they're just names, you used to say, my name could be Ryoko or Ayumi or Hagu or something else; it doesn't change anything. Well, you were never one to believe in fairy tales and destiny and whatnot, and I wasn't either, but I still thought it was rather cute.

I mean, come on, Haruhi, it's not like we met under normal conditions. Statistics have shown that speed dating has a success rate of one in a million. Did you ever imagine that you could be that one? I certainly didn't see that coming. I had just gone there out of boredom, and when I sat in the chair across from you, I could tell that it was the same case with you. How do I know that? Haha, Haruhi, did you look at yourself before coming to the place where the speed dating was to be held? Your hair was messy, your had not a single smear of make-up on, and when I looked closely, I was able to see the coffee stain on your plain white shirt. I would hardly call that effort. Surely you know that what most people hope to get out of speed dating is a sleepover, don't you?

It was the reason I was there, after all. My twin brother always commented that I was pretty aimless and empty. Don't you have anything better to do than waste your time screwing girls all the time? Just because you're rich doesn't mean you're allowed to be idle, Kaoru used to say. Well, yeah…I had the money, I had everything; what else is left? I guess I was just as bad as the rest, eh, Haruhi?

I'll be honest, when I first saw you, I thought, "What the hell? A druggie?" I'm sorry, darling, but you really looked like one. I'm just glad you gave me the proper courtesy of telling me your name. I'd already seen that the guy before me didn't get so much as a "Hello".

You didn't say anything else. You simply dropped your head onto the arms you had folded on the table, and…I still can't get over this…you pretended to snore. Do you have any idea how embarrassing that was? Not only did you choose to ignore me, but you also opted to embarrass me in front of everyone else in the room. I could already feel my cheeks flush in anger. That's when I bonked you on the head.

Do you know that you look cute even when you're angry? You looked soooo angry. But then again, I was angry as well.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" we both said at the same time, and we paused.

"I'm ignoring you," you said.

"And I'm bonking you for ignoring me," I replied.

We glared at each other, and we continued to glare at each other even after the buzzer sounded and I had to switch places with someone else. Throughout the speed dating session, I continued to catch you glaring at me. I didn't pay attention to any of the thirty girls I was supposed to be "dating"; all I could do was stare at you. I hated you, and at the same time I found you extremely irresistible. I made a mental note to corner you after everyone left.

And I did. You looked like you were ready to knee me in the groin at that time.

"Hey, think I can buy you a drink?" I had asked.

"Drink as in alcoholic drink?" you demanded, and I nodded. "No, thanks. I don't drink."

"Well, then, coffee?" I persisted.

You looked pointedly at the coffee stain on your shirt. "I've had enough coffee for one day," you deadpanned.

"Pie? Cake?" I said helplessly, running out of options.

"I'm not fond of sweets," you replied, and ironically enough, you said it with a sickly sweet smile.

I gritted my teeth then; you were really giving me a difficult time. "Dinner, then? You can't not dine, and you couldn't have possibly had dinner yet, and…let's face it, no-one hates food," I said hurriedly. "We could just grab a quick burger or something. Do you like burgers?"

You studied me for a moment, and then you nodded, resigned. "Burgers sound okay," you agreed.

And then, when I took you to my red sports car, you regarded it as if it were a gnat resting on your pastrami sandwich. Seriously, you looked completely disgusted, and when I asked you why, you simply said, "You're a rich boy."

"You say it like it's a bad thing," I pointed out.

"It is a bad thing."

We looked like we were off to a rocky start. It was clear that we both disliked each other greatly, just as it was clear that neither of us knew what we were doing. To this day, I don't know what made me ask you out, and I bet you still don't a plausible reason for why you agreed to go out with me. I mean, yyseou hated rich boys and I…well, you know the sort of girls I used to go out with, don't you? Long, silky hair, flawless skin, white teeth, immaculate clothes…I'm not saying this to spite you, love; I wouldn't trade you for any of these girls and you know it.

I already knew you were a sour one, but I didn't know you were a gluttonous one! You gave me a run for my money that night. Five burgers? Five burgers, Haruhi? I was never able to eat two burgers in one sitting, but you ate FIVE. Along with three coleslaw salad helpings, three soda refills and five pockets of French Fries. I was stunned.

But then…you threw it all up. And inside my car, no less. You're such a dope, kiddo, but I love you for it. You ate so much and made yourself sick. I couldn't take you home in such a state, so I drove you to the nearest hospital. They patched you up nicely, but you had to stay the night. I started to bid you farewell, and to be honest, I never thought I'd see you after that night. However, you surprised me when you asked me to stay with you.


"Hospitals scare me."

I should've left; it would've been the sensible thing to do. But I stayed. And every time I had to rush forward with the sterilized bowl when you started to retch, I wished I had gone back home. It wasn't just the odor of your vomit. It was the fact that you were looking less and less appealing by the minute. You were pale and your cheeks were drawn and you were sweating like anything! I can honestly say that you were the first girl that ever repelled me this much.

I didn't even have a proper bed! I had to fall asleep on the couch next to you. Do you have any idea how uncomfortable that was?

All that seemed bearable in face of waking up to find you…gone. For a moment, I thought you may be in the loo, but the nurse told me you'd left early in the morning. I was even more stunned now. I couldn't believe someone would do that. You didn't even thank me for dinner or medical care! What sort of person does that? I left the hospital in a trance. My car reeked of your sick, but I barely noticed it.

I just arrived home and crashed to bed.

…only to be woken up a few hours later by a rough knocking on the door. I opened the door and who should I find but you?

But…you looked different. You looked gorgeous. Your short hair had been brushed and now gleamed in the light. Your beautiful brown eyes were wide and alert. Your small mouth was painted with a faint pink color. You were wearing a light blue dress that reached a little above your knees, and you smelled of lavender. For a moment, I didn't recognize you. You have to excuse me for that, but you looked nothing like the girl who was throwing up her dinner last night.

"Hello," you said cheerily. I was too stunned to say anything, so I just nodded. "I've come to invite you to brunch."

"Brunch?" I repeated.

"We need to freshen you up, though," you remarked. "You're in no state to leave the house."

You made yourself at home alright. You walked into the apartment and led me by the hand to the bathroom, where you place my head under the showerhead and lathered my hair with shampoo. You rinsed out the foam, and rubbed my hair with a towel. Then you brushed my teeth and washed my face. I felt dazed. I couldn't even react to these weird actions of yours. Of course, I did put my foot down when you tried to dress me.

"I think I can get dressed myself," I said pointedly.

"Of course you can," you said patronizingly.

But I was so flustered and couldn't even begin to button my shirt. So you helped me into my jeans, zipped my fly, buckled my belt, buttoned my shirt, straightened my collar, brushed my hair and even sprayed me with perfume. And then you finally pulled socks over my feet and made me slip them into a pair of shoes. There was no other word to describe this situation: bizarre. I couldn't understand why you felt completely comfortable cleaning up and dressing a complete stranger, while I on the other hand was feeling utterly humiliated.

"Haruhi, what on Earth…?" I demanded.

You blinked, as if what you were doing was the most common thing in the world. "What's wrong?" you asked.

"What are you doing?" I said, aghast.

"I'm just getting you ready for our brunch," you answered.

"Haruhi, we've known each other for less than…twelve hours and you've already given me a shower and…" I said.

"To be fair, I only washed your hair," you interrupted me.

"You still saw me half-naked, dammit!" I exploded. "You stripped me right to my boxers and dressed me again! Doesn't that strike you as strange? Do you do that to people all the time? Do you barge in on them and give them showers and dress them up? And how did you find out my address, for God's sake?"

"I asked around," you replied with a smile. Then you titled your head. "Is it so wrong?"

"It's not normal!"

"Just because it's not normal doesn't mean it's wrong, baka," you teased me. "You only think it's strange because no-one's ever done that to you before. Our mind always classifies unusual situations as strange."

"And rightly so," I snapped.

"You're being silly," you chided me, before leaning in and giving me a light kiss on the lips.

Huh. What the hell? What was that all about? I felt incredibly confused. I ask you now, Haruhi: what were you thinking? This was beyond unusual; this was completely outlandish. I have never met anyone so eccentric my whole life. Nothing was adding up: how did we even get to the point where we could be so casual with each other? Did I miss something last night? Did I somehow sleep with you and forget all about it? That's impossible – no sex is that forgettable. So what happened? I still don't understand why you left the hospital room without saying good-bye…not that you ever gave me an explanation. You treated the entire incident as if it had never happened.

Speaking of sex, you never gave that to me. Even though you moved in with me, and shared the same bed, you refused to have sex with me. You were such a hypocritical prude, Haruhi. You kissed with such heated passion, you made out with me for hours, you spooned and you snuggled, but you never allowed me to even pull your top off. It bugged me at times…but made me respect you most of the time. You can never find a girl who refuses to have sex outside of wedlock anymore, so that made you extra special.

Life with you was a series of ups and downs. I could never predict your next move. You painted the walls of my apartment red and green and blue. You changed your dress style every few weeks and gave away all the clothes of the former style to the poor…of course, you borrowed some of my clothes until you went and bought some to match your new style. You signed us up for night school without my consent. You got us a water bed!

You were beyond ordinary. You made me feel as if I had been with you my whole life, and it would be quite unnatural not to be with you. I couldn't even remember what my life was like before I met you. That's how comfortable I was being with you. That's how attached I became to you. You've slinked in and filled my empty life, and I will always cherish you for that.

And one night, when we were sitting side by side on the couch watching TV, digging into the same popcorn bowl, you said something. It was completely out of the blue, but I didn't mind. You only uttered three syllables.

Three syllables which I love even more than our names.

"I love you."


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