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Today is the last first day of the rest of my life. I was moving from my home, my life, from my beautiful Phoenix. My mum Renee has gotten remarried to Phil. He's a minor league baseball player and traveled around a lot. Renee stayed with me when he was gone but it made her sad so I was sacrificing myself. I was moving from hot, sunny Phoenix to wet, cloudy Forks. That's were my dad, Charlie lives.

"Oh honey I'm going to miss you." Renee sobbed.

"Mum don't worry, I'm looking forward to some quality Father/daughter time." I lied.

"Okay well call me when you get their."

"Sure. Love you buy." I said before I walked towards the plane.

When I got off the plane I started to look for Charlie. The blue uniform tipped me off before I stumbled over with my bays in toe. Charlie was Fork's chief of police, not that they needed one I mean how much trouble could they get?

"Bella how are you?"

"Good Char-dad. You?"

"Great, that's go get you settled."

"Yes lets ."

As we were driving to my new home I couldn't help but notice how green everything was. I swear I could see at least twelve different shades of green. How did anyone live here?

When we reached the house the drive-way was blocked by a big, red, Chevy truck.

"Who's truck is that?"


"Who's?" My eyes widened.

"I bought it for you off an old friend Billy Black, his son Jacob is about a your age, nice boy that one and handsome. But if you don't like it I can give it back."

When he was done babbling I squealed.

"I love it! Thank you!" I tried to hug him but it was hard while still in the cruiser.

"You like it?"

"Yes! It's totally steller! Thanks dad."

"Good now go unpack."

After I piled my bags in my small but quaint bedroom I walked down the stairs into the kitchen where Charlie was sitting at the table with a serious look on his face.

"Now that you're here living with me I would like to lay down some rules."

"Okay shoot."

"First no boys." I rolled my eyes but let him continue. "Second no drinking, drugs, curfew is midnight and third stay away form Emmett McCarthy, Jasper Whitlock, Rosalie Hale, Alice Brandon and Edward Cullen. I don't want to find you anywhere near them or anyone like them."

"Why? What's wrong with them?"

"There trouble, remember stay away from them."

"Okay." My stomach growled.

"I'm hungry."

"Me too. Lets go out tonight. Celebrate your arrival."

"Let me change first."

I ran upstairs and changed into a pair of red skinny jeans, black converse and a plain, black tank top. I let my hair out, my soft, brown curls falling around my face. Adding some eyeliner, mascara and a tiny bit of blush (lets face it I blush at least five times a day) I walked out to the cruiser.

"What would you like Bella?" The waitress asked me. Apparently I know her but my mind was blank.

"Umm…chicken ravioli please."

"And what would you like Charlie?" She said to him.

"I'll have my usual."

After she had walked away we lapsed into an uncomfortable silence so I tempted to break it.

"You come here a lot?"

"Yes I can't cook."

"Oh well I can cook for you from now on."

"You don't have to Bells."

"No I want to."


I reached into my pocket and realized I had left my mobile in the cruiser. I had been expecting a call.

"Hey dad I left my mobile in the car, mind if I run out and get it?"

"No go ahead."

I got up and walked out the door and through the parking lot un till I reached the cruiser. After I felt around for it un till I finally grabbed hold of it and pulled it out.

3 MISSED CALLS FROM D 0426785243

I turned around and walked back, I was about to call D back when my got caught on a rock and I fell. I closed my eyes waiting for the impact when two strong arms rapped around my waist and pulled me up.

He turned me around so I was facing him. He still had his arms around me. He pulled me to his chest so that our bodies were mashed together. I was about to pull away but his grip tightened and that's when I looked into his piercing green eyes. They seemed to look straight into my sole.

I took In the rest of his features. He had sexy, messy bronze hair, high cheek bones and his face was one of a god, a really hot, sexy god, I could feel his muscles under his shirt. My heart quickened and suddenly I couldn't breath.

When he spoke his voice was like velvet, musical even. He smirked then said-

"Your Isabella Swan right?"

I couldn't but a sentence together so settled on "Umm…ahh, I mean well yerr but ahh it's umm Bella."

I blushed and he chuckled.

"Well okay Bella."

We stood there like that for about five minutes and already I was attracted to him, I didn't know him yet but I had the urge to jump him.

I finally got my voice back.

"Who are you?" I said in a small, weak voice.

"Edward Cullen" he said.

Oh. My. God. Damn.

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