"He honestly thinks that we're going to get together."

"Well, you kind of went against your own rule about dating wrestlers," Shane pointed out. Stephanie scowled at him. "Don't look at me like that, it's true. You always said that you were never going to date a wrestler, so now the guys think that you're going to just date any guy."

"Well, I'm not. Chris is the exception."

"I get that, you get that, Mom and Dad get that, but the guys around here," he waved his index finger in a circle, "they don't know that. All they think is that the door's been opened, and some of them want through it. Kurt wanted through it…hey, does he still want you?"

"Probably," Stephanie took a bite of her macaroni and cheese while she shrugged, "he hasn't pushed, maybe because I know he's still married, and even if he wasn't, I think he's the scum of the earth, so he'd stand no shot."

"Good, because what he did is scummy."

"I know, which is why I publicly called him out for it, if only there was a way to publicly call out Hunter, but he hasn't really done anything as of yet then really kind of put himself out there for me, but I don't want him, and it's getting to the point where he follows me and Chris."

"Well, I suggest that maybe you go to Dad again and push for you and Chris. I mean, you guys are going to be kissing this Sunday at King of the Ring, so maybe after that Dad will see your side clearer."

"How do you think that?"

"With the reactions you two are getting from the crowd when you insult each other, I think everyone expects something to go down between you too soon, maybe not at the Pay-Per-View, but definitely soon. Dad will see the reaction you get when you guys kiss, and you can use that as leverage to be put with Chris instead of Hunter."

"That's a good idea. Wow, you are good for something around here, Shane," Stephanie said brightly as her brother tilted his head and looked at her. "I just wish I could go tell every person attending to cheer the hell out of Chris kissing me."

"I don't think you're going to have to do that. Dad has been so happy with the reactions to your segments, if he sees that you kissing each other will get an even bigger reaction, well, you know Dad is all about the money."

"I think Dad would have sold us when we were kids if he got paid for us."

"So you think that Dad would sell us into child labor or something?"

"It's just an expression," Stephanie stuck her tongue out at him. "I guess after that, Chris and I can convince him that we're better together, that even the crowds think so. It would also be really good for Chris if we can continue a high-profile feud for him. He's such championship material."

"He is good, and I think Dad is really warming up to the idea of him being the champion."

"Good, I'd hate for Dad to go back on what he told Chris that first day. Chris told me what he said about it."

"Oh yeah, well, Dad really does see the potential in him."

"He's been really good since the beginning, and he was so frustrated at first, but I just kept reminding him that he was going to move onto great things."

"Kept reminding him? But you guys haven't been together that long, what were you doing reminding him that he was going to do great things?" Shane asked, narrowing his eyes a little as he looked at his sister. Stephanie hadn't realized she let it slip that she and Chris knew each other well before they were together, but it was an easy fix.

"We became fast friends after that first meeting," Stephanie explained. "We talked for a while after Dad left, and then we ran into each other when he officially signed, and we became friends, duh, how do you think he asked me out, just out of the blue without knowing me?"

Stephanie gulped slightly, that sounded believable, and her brother nodded as if he accepted it, and she hoped he accepted it. "Yeah, I know people said you guys were friends, but I guess I just didn't see you hanging out very much."

"Well, you don't keep tabs on me all the time like Hunter apparently does," Stephanie said coolly, secretly happy that she didn't get totally caught up in an unbelievable lie. It wasn't anyone's business how she and Chris really got together, and she didn't think anyone needed to know anyways.

She and Chris loved each other now, and they were falling in love even then. So what if it came about because they had sex the day they met? It didn't matter. What mattered was the now. She was just lost in her thoughts when she felt a kiss to her cheek and she smiled. She looked to her right and saw her boyfriend smiling down at her. He took the seat next to her and grabbed her hand, nodding to her brother. Stephanie put some food on her fork and fed it to him.

"Thanks," he said, chewing slowly. "So what are the McMahon siblings plotting now? World domination?"

"Yup," Stephanie said, "we're thinking about naming Earth McMahondia. What do you think?"

"What'll be my official position under this new regime?" Chris wondered.

"The royal concubine to me," Stephanie told him.

"First, I think concubines, by definition are female—"

"Well then the male equivalent of that," Stephanie corrected herself.

"Secondly, okay, I can live with that situation," he winked at her as Shane pretended to gag. "Got a problem, Shane."

"Yes, I have a problem with my sister talking about her sex life, a very big problem with it," Shane shuddered. "Let's talk about how my sister wants out of the Hunter thing, and how Sunday might be the day to do it."

"How so?"

"Shane thinks that the reaction we get to the kiss will help us talk to my dad about putting me with you and not with Hunter. I told Shane about how Hunter followed us the other day, and how he was eavesdropping."

"I want her away from him," Shane said, "and it's not that I think you can't handle yourself, Steph, I know you can, but I just don't like what that guy is trying to pull. I was telling her that because she started dating you, every guy here suddenly thinks he has a shot."

Chris scoffed, "Not if I can help it."

"Oh, you're so protective," Stephanie kissed him. "He's going to make sure that he's the only one I ever date here. I'm okay with that too. Hopefully after Sunday, we can leave Hunter in our dust."

Sunday couldn't come soon enough. Stephanie was anxious for it, and she knew that Chris was too. Tonight, they were going to kiss in front of everyone, and it gave her a giddy kind of thrill to think about it. Not many people knew she and Chris were actually together, so it was kind of a little secret they could share, kind of like how they started seeing each other in the first place.

She caught Chris warming up in a dark corner, jumping rope, trying to keep his muscles loose. When he spotted her, he stopped jumping and she came over, hugging him around the waist. He kissed her forehead in hello. "Are you ready for what's about to happen?"

"I've been ready," Stephanie looked up into his blue eyes. "I can't believe I get to kiss you in front of everyone tonight. Well, sort of kiss you since I'm sort of supposed to hate it, and only start kissing you back when it's almost over."

"How will you resist?" he teased.

"Oh, I think I can manage," she said, fiddling with the hem of his t-shirt. "How do you think the fans will react? Do you think they'll cheer for it or boo it?"

"I think they're going to cheer for it, especially since, for once, it'll look like I'm going to get one over on you. Of course, then I'm going to lose the match, so there's that."

"It's good though because my dad has you slated for bigger things than that. You're going to have another match with Hunter, and hopefully by then, I'll be with you and you'll go over him, and he can be a distant memory."

"If that's what you want, I will stop at nothing to make sure you get it," he told her, cupping her face and kissing her softly. "I had to get one of the good ones in before the one we have out there."

"Thank you," she said, "I love you."

"I love you too."

"I have to go meet with Hunter and my dad and brother over the match later," Stephanie said, rubbing her hands up and down his chest. "I hope Hunter doesn't try to pull anything like suck up to my father."

"Doesn't he do that naturally?" Chris said. "I don't think I've ever seen someone so far up someone else's ass before. What does he think is going to come of it?"

"Hunter thinks he can play games, but my father has always seen through that…of course, sometimes he just lets it slide because he likes to have someone suck up to him, but Hunter is a piece of work."

"So let's get that piece of work out of here, shall we?"

Stephanie nodded. "Okay, I'll see you later when your lips will be all over mine, no tongue though, even though I know you'll want to."

"Damn," he winked at her. She walked away, feeling better about later, but that feeling came to a crashing halt when she saw Hunter schmoozing with her father. She walked over and hugged her dad's arm in greeting. He smiled over at her before continuing his conversation with Hunter.

"No, we're not really sure where we're going to go afterwards, except to expect to have a match with Chris at Fully Loaded next month, but we'll see how that goes. Stephanie has been doing a great job with the storyline thus far."

"Thanks, Dad, I was just talking to Chris about our kiss tonight," she surreptitiously glanced at Hunter, and saw his jaw set tight. Served him right to react like that. "We're both really excited for it." No harm in rubbing it in, especially around Hunter. "We hope the crowd will be too."

"I think it's been building, how is Chris? Is he ready? You haven't brought him over for dinner, and you know we love to have him over."

"I know, Dad, but the last couple weekends, he's had to fly to Winnipeg. His mother's house is getting renovated, and he wants to be there to make sure that everything goes to specification. They're putting in a new ramp, and there's this new thing where you can use this platform to move her into the shower from her bed, which is going to be so convenient, plus there's a walk-in tub, and yeah, I'm rambling," Stephanie explained, looking at Hunter, "Chris's mother is disabled, so that's why he wants to be there."

"Oh," Hunter said, "I didn't know that."

"She came to visit when we were in Winnipeg, but I guess you didn't see her. She and I watched Chris together, she's really amazing," Stephanie told him, and that was true. Chris's mother was so nice, and she had a standing conversation with her every week.

"Tell him to come over when he's done, we love having him. We'll invite Shane and Marissa over too, have a barbeque." Stephanie could almost feel the waves of jealousy coming over Hunter, and she relished in it. It probably killed him that Chris had a standing invitation to come over to her parent's house whenever he wanted. She wasn't sure Hunter had ever even been to their house.

And if tonight worked out well, he would never see it.