Lee skimmed his way back to the Earth slowly, arms locked around Kara, the curve of her body delicious against his. This felt awfully familiar. Mentally, he reviewed the situation. Amazing sex. Declarations of love. This time, though – no battlestar. No Anders – he was a cylon, currently on a collision course with the sun. No Dee – he felt a brief pang – she had committed suicide on Galactica after they had found the first Earth. No CAP. No CAG. No rank, no military, no quorum – nothing, in fact, to keep them apart. Except Kara herself.

Kara leaned back in Lee's arms, content just for a moment to let the time lie, to enjoy what she had. Lee's hand brushed her shoulder, though, and he pulled her backwards into the hard heat of his body, his eyes flitting dazed over her face. He stroked the hot curve of her cheek, slowly noting the great circle of flattened grass, rich with the musky scents of their love, and the sun dropping over the edge of the earth like fire. He sighed for a moment, then spoke reluctantly. 'So what are you, Kara? Your Raptor exploded. You died. But here you are. Do you know why?' He stopped, then spoke again. 'Is that why you have to leave?'

Starbuck leaned back in his sheltering arm, regarding him seriously, nodding. 'I do know. Leoben said I had a destiny. That I was to lead mankind to their end – this planet. I think that I was resurrected to fulfil my destiny.'

'So – you're real? You're a real person?' Lee was only a little surprised. 'But – you've fulfilled your destiny now. The humans are safe. We've come to our final place, I know it. So,' he paused, not wanting to say it. Then sighed again. 'So – why are you still here?'

Starbuck smiled slowly, that same wide, welcoming smile that he had fallen in love with so many years ago, on the front steps of his brother's house, completely caught unawares. The same smile that he had been unable to ignore since that day. Then she spoke. 'I think that that wasn't all of my destiny. Yes, I was supposed to lead mankind to their end. I was a harbinger of death. But the scripture isn't everything. Leoben doesn't know everything. You know what I think, Lee?'

Lee swallowed. 'What do you think, Kara?'

'I think that you are my destiny. I think that I'm supposed to love you, and stay with you, and spend the rest of my days here on Earth with you, until you come to your end and I come to mine. That's when my destiny will truly be complete.' She grinned and punched him in the shoulder. 'What do you think?'

Lee shook his head, all of the weight, the burden of wondering and hoping suddenly lifted from his shoulders, as though it had never been. He wrapped his arms tighter around Starbuck, breathing in deep, all of the rich, mysterious scents of her. She was truly a mystery. 'I think that sounds great, Kara. I think for once, you're actually right.' He grinned, and she punched him again, gently this time. 'I love you, Kara Thrace.'

Lee waited, not really worried now, just anticipating. Waiting for his life here on the new Earth to start. Starbuck didn't let him down, dropping her head back on his shoulder with a martyred sigh.

'I love you too, Lee Adama.'

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