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What does organization 13 do for fun?

Demyx walked up and down the empty corridor alone, mumbling to himself as usual. "Ugh its so damn boring here. Why can't the organization ever have any fun?" He sighed.

"Maybe I should arrange something… Everyone is always freaking out about 'Ohh SORAA!' 'Oh Kingdom Hearts!' 'Oh nobodies!' Blah, blah, blah. We just need a day of fun."

"Talking to yourself again, Demyx?" Said a voice from behind that made Demyx jump with a shrill squeal. Demyx turned to face a shorter man with blue hair covering one of his eyes.

"Oh, hey Zexy. Hehe, yeah I was just thinkin' out loud again." Demyx blushed, smiling ear to ear. Zexion rolled his eyes and smiled.

"Are you bored, Demyx?" He asked, in his quiet voice.

"Yeah Zex, don't you think it'd be sick if we got some people together and we all went to the beach or a picnic or laser tagging or something?" Said Demyx, his voice growing louder with excitement with every word he spoke.

"Laser tag?" repeated Zexion, scratching his head.

"Fuck yeah, man! It'd be awesome!" Said Demyx, eyes sparkling.

Zexion chuckled. "Well how about you get some people together and we'll do something?" suggested Zexion.

"Do you think Marluxia and Xemnas will allow it?"

"They probably won't even notice. They've been so wrapped up in Sora lately." Muttered Zexion, flippinf his blue hair out of his face.

"You're right Zexion. Come on! Come find playmates with me!" laughed Demyx, and pulled Zexion by the hand after him.

"Demyx stop pulling me, it hurts!" complained Zexion as they entered a room on a higher floor of the castle.

"Stop being a girl, Zexion." said Axel from the chair he was sitting in, Roxas right next to him. Axel was reading some random newspaper.

"Hey pyro, whatcha readin'?" asked Demyx after yanking Zexion all the way across the room.

"Comics, from another world. I some how managed to get them, and they are so funny." chuckled Axel, his red spiky hair glowing against the blank walls of the room. Roxas smiled fondly at Axel, then turned and faced Demyx and Zexion.

"What's up, guys?" asked Roxas.

"I'm as bored as hell. Lets do something! Sneak out and have fun!" Cheered Demyx, throwing his hands in the air.

"Are you high?" muttered Axel, scrunching his red eyebrows together. "You know Xemnas would be pissed. Probably Marluxia too. We would never be able to pull it off."

"Come on Axel! You're always saying you wanna get out there and have some fun! Lets do it! I'm in, guys." said Roxas, nodding his blonde head to Demyx and Zexion.

"That-a-boy!" Grinned Demyx and tussled Roxas's hair. Axel sighed.

"Fine. But I swear if we get in trouble, its your fault, got it memorized?"

The four boys proceeded to the dining hall, discussing the possibilities of what they should do.

"We could go to another world and go to a theme park! I've always wanted to do that!" suggested Roxas.

"Nah, roller coasters make me sick." said Axel.

"You've been on one?!" exclaimed Roxas, his eyes widening.

"Yeah, me and Dem went years ago, but only because it was part of an assignment. Remember, Demyx?"

"Yeah that was so cool." Demyx reminisced.

"What are you guys talking about?" said a female voice from behind that made four boys stop in their tracks.

"Nothing Larxene, its nothing!" said Zexion, holding his hands up. Larxene raised an eyebrow.

"Oh come on, you're obviously plotting something, and whatever it is I want in. I'm so bored my eyes are going to fall out." said Larxene.

"Fine. We're having a secret fun day and we're all gonna sneak out." whispered Demyx.

"Ahh, very interesting. I always thought you were a little scaredy cat and would never defy the Organization, Demyx. Sorry I ever judged you." The blonde smiled her impish grin, cocking her head to the side.

"Gee, thanks." Said Demyx sarcastically.

"You're not gonna blab to Marluxia or Xemnas are you?" Axel muttered, his emerald eyes narrowing.

"Of course not, partner, why would you say such a thing?" Mused Larxene.

"Because you would." Said Axel, smirking.

"Oh shut up, Axel."

"Come on guys, we're wasting time!" Said Roxas, and beckoned the others to follow as he proceeded toward the stairs.

"Where are we even going?" asked Axel after 5 minutes of walking through the never ending castle.

"To find more playpals!" Grinned Demyx, doing an odd leap through the air.

"What the fuck…?" chuckled Zexion.

"Who else would really wanna go anyway?" Asked Roxas, playing with a string on his black coat. There was a pause of silence.

"You're kinda right. The rest of them are creepy hags." Said Larxene.

"What about Saix?" Asked Zexion. Everyone stared at Zexion.

"Saix is a boring creepy bastard." Said Axel with a blank face. He blinked twice. "Nuff said."

"Okay lets just go then!" exclaimed Demyx. Roxas nodded and held his hand to the side, opening a black portal that greatly contrasted with the white walls. Just as the five were about to pass through the portal, they heard someone clear their throat. They all froze, afraid of who was behind them. Larxene sniffed the air and mouthed 'Oh shit.'

"Where do you all think you're going?" Said a voice of authority. Demyx laughed nervously and slowly turned around, followed by the other four.

"Oh… uhh… Hey Marluxia!" Said Demyx with a fake smile.

"Cut the act, Demyx. What are you five up to?" Asked the pink haired man, his blue eyes drilling holes in the five.

"We…We wanted to.." Started Roxas.

"We wanted to sneak out for a day of fun!" squealed Demyx, not able to think under pressure. The others looked at him and sighed, Zexion hiding his face in his hands. Now they were going to get it. Marluxia took a few steps forward. Larxene flinched a little.

"I'd like to join you." Said Marluxia quietly. The five looked at Marluxia in amazement.

"For real?" Asked Demyx.

"Yeah. I haven't had a day of fun for god knows how long. Just don't tell Xemnas." Said Marluxia. Everyone exchanged looks with each other, and then nodded.

"Okay. Lets just get out of here." Said Axel, now proceeding through the portal.

"Roxas, hold my hand." Commanded Axel.

"What the fuck? Why?!" yelled Roxas.

"You're too young to go through portals by yourself." Said Axel.

"What the hell Axel I'm not a kid! I've been through portals hundreds of times!"

"Oh cry me a river. Back me up on this, guys." Said Axel. Roxas turned to them and they all nodded in agreement with Axel.

"The portal is nothing to fuck around with, Roxas. Its not a toy." Said Demyx.

"Oh my god you guys I never said it was! What the hell is wrong with you are you guys on drugs?" Argued Roxas as Axel's slender arm wrapped around Roxas's waist and pulled him through the portal.


"Roxas! Alright! Fight, fight, fight!" Was heard as the two disappeared. The other four chuckled and then proceeded.

The six were dumped into a night street, with many neon lights glowing.

"Where are we?" Asked Zexion.

"I'm not quite sure…." Said Axel.

"Then why did we come here?!" Zexion asked, a frustrated frown on his face.

"Who knows and who cares. I know what we're going to do." Said Larxene.

"And what would that be?" Asked Marluxia.

"We're going to go check out the club scene." Winked the blonde.

"But Roxas isn't old eno-"

"Axel. Shut the Fuck up. I can sneak in, its fine." Said Roxas.

"That's the spirit Roxy!" Cheered Demyx. "Come on guys, lets go!!!!" He said and pulled Zexion by the arm.

"OUCH! Not this again!" groaned Zexion as he was dragged across a street toward a club, almost getting hit by a car in the process.

"You know, you guys don't look old enough either… I believe you have to be 21…" Said Marluxia to Axel and Larxene.

"We're nobodies! We don't have ages. We don't age. We stay the same age as we were when our original selves became nobodies." Said Axel.

"Exactly. How old were you, Axel?" asked Marluxia.

"18 I think."



"And none of have any ID… Demyx and Zexion are no way older than 20 either. I think we should all just sneak in along with Roxas." Suggested Marluxia.

"COME ON GUYS!!!" Yelled Demyx from across the street, waving his and Zexion's hands in the air. The other four crossed the street and clued Demyx and Zexion in on the plan.

"We're gonna sneak in? Alright, now we're talkin fun." Said Zexion, smiling devilishly.

The 6 eyed the bouncer that stood in front of the entrance and turned to an alley that led to the back of the club.

"Lets do it." Said Roxas, and the six dashed into the alley.

To be continued….

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