Jurassic Park: Survival

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Summary: Two girls, both sisters. After their boat is wreaked in the storm around Isla Sorna. Both sisters found themselves washed ashore on a strange island. It didn't take long for them to know where they were. And what's even more shocking…is that they end up becoming part of a Velociraptor pack!!


Two years!! That's how long my sister; Kelly and I have been on this island. Two very long, stressful, fighting for your life years. But we somehow managed to stay alive in this dangerous place.

When our boat got destroyed in the hurricane, both of us thought we were dead. Before heading deep into the forest to find some sort of shelter, we salvaged what we could from the remains of the ship.

Amazingly, I found our uncles rifles, guns, knifes, ammo, and medical supplies in a chest further down on the beach from where Kelly and I washed up on. I couldn't understand why they weren't on the bottom of the sea, but at that current point in time, I just didn't really give a damn. We had means to protect ourselves and that's all that mattered.

We had to thank God that our dear uncles taught us how to use them when were little. At twenty-four I was a hell of a marksmen and Kelly was a great one as well.

Packing as much as we could of what we found, the two of us hurried into the forest. Totally unaware of how our futures would greatly changed…forever.


"How much freakin' longer?" my sister Kelly muttered into the mic as she stood in the safety and seclusion of her tree.

"Stop whining will ya," I said to her through my ear mic.

Believe it or not, the two of us were hunting. After being on the island for over two years, we quickly learned that hunting on the ground wasn't always the best plan. So we took to the trees. Hell, even hunting in the trees wasn't always safe.

I felt myself wanting to laugh at that small attempt of a joke.

We had been standing in our respective trees for a little over three hours and not one damn herbivore had come past. This was really beginning to irritate the hell out of me.

I still heard Kelly whining about being hungry, when I heard rustling beneath my branch.

Instantly I froze, whatever it was, I didn't want to scare it away or let it know that I was above it.

Carefully looking down, I noticed that it was an Iguanodon, an herbivore. Three tons of meat. Oh how pleased I was with this sight. Looks like the Lorena sisters were gonna eat today…or rather tonight I should say. I just hoped that it wouldn't smell me or whatever.

See an Iguanodon walked on four legs, but it was able to run on just two. My fear was it would spot me and bolt without giving me the chance to fire my rifle. I really couldn't let that happen here.

Raising my rifle, I tried to get myself into a position that wouldn't make much noise and allow me to aim at the animal.

Reaching up to my ear, I turned down the vocal volume so that Kelly wouldn't sound so damn loud if she decided to speak. Last thing I needed was this animal hearing voices. Great another joke that I couldn't laugh at.

Carefully taking aim, I forced my feet to stay in the balancing position. Knowing that if my feet moved just an inch, I'd end up possibly falling to my death. Not how I wanted to go.

My breath caught in my throat as the creature glanced up in my direction. I had to thank the gods that there were leaves and a few little branches disguising the rifle and me.

My blue eyes locked onto the golden ones of the Iguanodon. I aimed right between the eyes, hoping that it wouldn't look back down. I had the perfect shot and almost anything would ruin it.

The Iguanodon looked like it was in some sort of trance, for it didn't look away.

A smile spread across my face as I squeezed the trigger and fired a single shot between its eyes.

The animal didn't have time to cry out and fell to its side, in a bloody dead heap to the ground.

"Darla? Darla! Are you all right?" I heard Kelly call into the ear set.

"Yeah," I replied. "I'm fine, plus, I just got us dinner. You can come out of your perch now."

"Yes! I'm starving!" she answered.

I laughed; Kelly could act like such a child sometimes. Though in the past, it may have been annoying. Right now, I actually enjoyed it. Mainly because the both of us acted childish on occasion.

I guess being on an island really brought out our inner child.

"Just hurry it up. I'm not all too sure if anything else heard it, and I'm not taking the chance of having you getting eaten."

Any other time at any other place, that would have been a hilarious joke, but here on this island there was nothing funny about that statement. For it was nightmarishly true.


I jumped from my branch, landing on the ground with a grunt. After having lived here for two years and hunting in the trees, I learned rather quickly how to land on my feet without falling flat on my ass.

Taking a dagger out from my belt, I made sure that the blade was sharp by carefully tracing my finger on the edge feeling the sharpness without piercing the skin.

"Perfect," I softly muttered, walking over to the dead Iguanodon and slicing a bite-sized piece of flesh. "If I had a fire, I could be having steak right now. Medium, not rare."

Kelly came running into the area a few moments later, looking rather flushed and pale.

"What's the matter?" I asked, concerned.

She came and collapsed right down next to me.

"You will not believe what I just saw."

"Try me."

My sister gave me a funny look.

"There's a raptor a mile away from here, looks hurt bad and there some Compys trying to eat it."

I didn't know what had come over me, but I quickly stood up rifle in had and began to walk towards the brush.

"Where…where are you going?"

I swiftly turned back, a look of determination on my face.

"I'm going to go help that animal."

Kelly stared at me like I had grown another head. Maybe I have, but I didn't give a damn. Compys were the worst sort of creatures on this Island and I wasn't about to have those little carnivorous bastards killing what I considered to be one of the most beautiful dinosaurs that have ever existed.

"Don't give me that look, Kel. I know exactly what I'm doing. Now are you going to come and show me where or do I have to drag you along?"

She quickly got out of her state of shock, grabbed the medical bag and ran over to my side.

I took that to mean that she was willing to come with me, even if she thought that I was crazy. Well, crazy people do tend to live longer than most.

"Are you sure…" Kelly shut up at the glare that I threw towards her.

A few moments later we crouched in the bushes, seeing a raptor, female by looks of it, laying on its stomach and snapping at the Compys that were trying to get close enough for a bite. From where I was, I could see that its right leg was badly hurt. Well, from all the blood that was pouring out it looked to be bad.

Squinting a bit, I could see something white sticking out of the female raptor's leg.

A bone, my mind whispered. So the raptor must have either gotten into a fight or it broke its leg some other way. I knew that I had to help the animal. Nuts as that sounded, I couldn't stand to see something as lovely as that just get eaten by a creature almost ten times smaller than it. And exaggeration probably, but it seemed to fit in with what I was thinking.

I took a step forward to leave from our hiding place.

"Darla!" Kelly hissed, grabbing my arm. "You're crazy!"

I rolled my eyes, yanking my arm out of her grasp and left the 'safety' of the bushes. I fired a single shot into the air, causing the Compys to scatter in fear.

The female raptor didn't make a sound, just stared at me. Watching my every movement almost as if she were trying to figure out what in the hell I was doing.

Taking a step in her direction, the raptor jerked its head towards me hissing menacingly.

I raised a brow at it and crossed my arms.

"Oh, yeah. Like you're all that intimidating with a broken leg," I pointed out. The raptor cocked its pale, scaly head to the side. I shivered inwardly; something within the amber colored eyes told me that this creature was able to understand everything that I had just said. Creepy, very creepy. Well maybe not all that creepy.

Taking a few steps more, I noticed that the raptor was no longer hissing at me and just staring, calculating, trying to figure out what I was and what I was trying to do.

Kelly gasped from where she was still hiding, not liking the fact that I was close to this creature. Tough luck, kiddo!

Kneeling down, I placed a hand gently on the female's leg. It didn't do anything but stare. That stare was really beginning to worry, but I was a great at acting like nothing bothered me. Taking my other hand, I placed it on the other side; make sure to not touch the bone just yet. I wanted this raptor to trust me. Why? I have no idea, but if I was going to place the bone back in, I needed this animal to know that I was here to help it.

Call me a fool, but I just couldn't help myself.

I looked back into the raptor's golden eyes. There was something primal and trusting about them. Interesting thing is, I wasn't frightened by it. In fact, I smiled gently at the creature, to which it cocked its head at me and cooed.

"This is gonna hurt," I said softly. "So I'm apologizing in advance."

Not long after I said this, I put my hands on either side of the exposed bone and all but slammed it back into place. The female roared with pain, legs kicking and one of its killer claws digging its way into my middle. GOD DAMN IT!!!!! THIS FUCKING HURTS!

I didn't scream. I couldn't, some strange force was preventing from doing so and I couldn't tell if it was from having a six-inch lethal claw digging into my stomach or from something else all together.

Letting out a strangled groan, I motioned with my head for Kelly to come and she did, bringing the bandages with her.

She didn't gasp or say anything as she saw the raptor's claw in my middle. Kelly just took some detoxifying ointment, gently rubbed into the poor animal's leg. It hissed out in pain, digging its claw a little deeper and moving to side a little as it tried to move its injured leg. I knew that I was going to have on hell of an interesting scar after this.

My eyes were squeezed tightly shut as I felt tears well up from behind my lids. A few seconds later, I felt the wrappings being secured around the female's leg and its claw instantly removing from my stomach.

I fell backwards onto the ground, holding onto my bleeding wound, gasping for breath. I still refused to scream.

"You are such an idiot," Kelly said, kneeling next to me, placing some of that ointment on my injury. I hissed at the stinging sensation that ripped through it. She just tsked at me, wrapping some other bandages around my middle and securing it tightly. I had half a mind to smack her upside the head, but then again, she had every right to treat me this way. But I just couldn't let the raptor die! Not my favorite carnivore of all time!!! "But, I'm glad that you're an idiot."

A smile graced my lips as she sat down next to me. We were both feeling rather good about ourselves, but that's when we heard a shuffling sound.

Puzzled, we looked to the side and saw the raptor trying to get up.

She raised her head into the air a little ways and began cawing, hooting and roaring. Kelly and I blinked a few times.

That's when it hit me: she was calling for the others of her pack. Peachy! Now we really some worrying to do!!!

"We're in a lot of trouble," we whispered as we heard rustling coming from the bushes nearby.

Didn't take long for the raptors to start coming. Three of the pack appeared five seconds after our injured friend began calling. Two males and one female.

They looked from each other to my sister and me. They growled dangerously, splitting up and surrounding us in a stalk-like fashion. I shivered inwardly. Pack hunters.

Four more raptors came into view. Two females and two males. They were sort of ignoring the injured female and keeping a close eye on Kelly and myself.

A small trickle of fear tore its way down my spine.

"We're in a whole lot of trouble," Kelly muttered quietly. The fear was rolling off of her in waves.

Glancing over to the sidelines, in our old hiding place, I knew that going for the rifle hidden there would have been nothing short of foolhardy. I was in no condition to be doing anything, not even fighting.

One of the males reared back, preparing to strike when something blocked its view of us. Blinking back puzzlement, I looked up to see the injured female had hopped its way over and was now protecting us from the others. She snarled and hooted at them. It hit me then that this injured female was the Alpha of the pack.

We just saved the Alpha! My mind uttered softly. This was just too freaking cool. Odd, but cool.

She looked back over her shoulder at me and it was like she telling me that everything was all right. The pain in my middle was temporarily forgotten as she limped over closer, leaned down a little and nuzzled my head.

The others of the pack just watched before coming over and pushing Kelly with their heads, demanding that she get up. The look on her face told me that she thought they were going to kill her, but somehow I greatly doubted that. I didn't understand why though.

"It's all right, Kel," I said, pushing myself up, groaning in mild pain.

"Are you nuts?"

I smiled down at her as I braced myself with my feet. "No, I'm not. Now get up before they get pushy."

Kelly blinked a few times, before nodding and getting up in slight hesitation. She was a little iffy about this. Hell, in a way, so was I.

This is just going to be a little too weird for my taste, I thought, clutching an arm to my side as the raptors all began to walk deeper into the trees. Well, the Alpha and one other female stayed back to guide us into the woods to follow.

Kelly and I weren't exactly doing cartwheels about this, but then again, having helped the Alpha female with her injury, maybe they weren't thinking of us as a meal. At least it was wishful thinking on my part. This was all happening just a little too freaking fast for my taste.


Well, that's chapter one. I know that's a little short and might not make too much sense, but hey, give me a break will ya. I've got like five or six other stories that I've been working on and still am. It's hard to just stay focused on one story when you've got so many other great ideas that you'd like to get down.

Let me know what y'all think of it. I think it's a pretty good start. I hope that all of you think so too. Chapter two will be up in the next few days probably. I might postpone putting up another chapter until I've done some chapters for my other unfinished stories. Well, catch ya later.