That night, I lay still after having woken up from one really weird dream and I had no idea what to make of it. Never before had I dreamed of running from other humans all because they wanted to kill us for being a part of a raptor pack. But as I said, it was within a dream…and also within it…Kel and I had to kill to keep the pack safe from harm. It was the first time I dreamed of killing other humans to protect something that not only could protect itself but was supposed to be extinct. Some part of me remembered hearing that since humans had brought these creatures back to life that they had no rights to freedom of their own. Funny since these guys could basically put an end to most of humanity. Yeah, I do realize that we humans have access to weapons of mass destruction and all that jazz…but in some ways, it just didn't matter. And I know I'm not making much sense, but I just woke up for crying out loud.

I stiffened when I felt movement against my thigh and realized that Selene was still there and she was now awake, looking at me curiously. I wasn't really sure just what I was supposed to do, but staring right back didn't really seem to be what it was as she nudged my leg a little.

I smiled gently, "I'm fine."

She looked at me again, but it wasn't a convinced look.

"Okay, I will be fine." Someone explain to me how I am able to read the expressions on a raptor? Uh, then again, do not even attempt to explain that because I really do not wish to hear any ideas at this current moment in time. I have quite enough on my plate thank you very much. I scratched her snout gently, smiling at the purring sound that burst forth from her chest. I'm still reeling from the fact that raptors purr. It really is the most relaxing sound to ever hear from such, deadly, and yet beautiful creatures. I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn't realize anyone else had been up watching.

"Can't sleep?"

I think I almost jumped ten feet in the air after hearing my sister's voice. I glanced at her, all cuddled up against the male raptor. Jesus! That was such a cute, yet dangerous, looking picture. Again, I wish I had a camera because this was getting too WTF to keep to myself. "Not really."

"Bad dreams," Kel stated.

I snorted. "In a manner of speaking."

Kelly sighed. "I wonder what we're gonna do tomorrow…"

I blinked. "If you're thinking of looking for possible survivors of that plane…" I winced, "incident, you can kindly forget it. We're not going to get involved."

"We're already involved, Dar," she pointed out to me. "Those humans…if they survived will be curious about ways to get off the island and if they run into us…well, they'll be expecting us to help them get off. Not to mention Brit. How do think they'll react once they learn a child is on the island as well?" I hate it when she makes a good point like that. I really had momentarily forgotten about the little girl. Kel was right, we did need to look for survivors and hopefully think of way to get them and Brit the hell off this island. I wasn't too keen on leaving right now as I felt perfectly fine being in a pack of raptors. They were certainly a lot more effective than the guard dogs we'd had at home.

"You're right, I'm sorry."

My sister smiled. "I know."

I may smack the hell out her for that later on.

"Let's get some more sleep," I stated, curling up into a ball and dozing off. There was still a few hours left to go before we revealed ourselves and I'd like to be fully rested. Tomorrow was going to be so much fun! Yeah right!


FINALLY! Yes, I got up off my lazy ass and got this story updated. Sure, it is a frighteningly short chapter, but I'm still having trouble with where I want this story to go. It will take time, but I am hoping that with the short chapters I will be providing that no one will get all bent out of shape. I do have other stories that need my attention as well (My fault entirely for having a damn muse that won't shut up!)