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"This was my dream. To share my life with someone who would always be there. My dream…My life… My Ororon." I choked out his name as tears began to flow out of my eyes once more.

Othello's blurred figure came in to view as he kneeled beside his little brother, and he smirked. Between my loud sobs I could hear him chuckle a dark sinister laugh. Almost as if he wanted my love to die. Prying his eyes away from him, he turned towards me. As he stared at me…this broken Savior, his smile faltered for a moment, but was quickly repaired back to its care-free state.

Othello sneered, "We'll at least I got one thing out of this." I looked up at him but said nothing. Seeing this was his queue to continue his smile widened, "I got laid!" At that, laughter penetrated his grin and echoed through the dead, disserted city that surrounded us. Although I was not paying much attention to Ororon's asshole brother, more to Ororon himself, I think Othello could have died all on his own the way he was laughing at his inside joke.

Shakily, I lifted my blood-stained hand, soaked in the liquid that poured out my leg, and reached towards him, my Ororon. All I wanted to do was touch him one last time. To feel his skin against mine, weather it was icy cold or not. But I didn't get that chance. Othello had gotten over his "little joke" and had scooped him up, preparing to leave. As he walked away into the darkness, I began to realize this was the last moment I'd ever see Ororon again.

"Wait…Ororon wait! You promised remember? To stay by my side forever?! Isn't that what you said?! You promised Ororon, you promised me!...ORORON!" Othello's figure began to darken and fade as he made his way back to hell. If I could see his face, I'm sure he would be grinning from ear to ear at my misery. But I had to see my love; all I wanted was for him to stay with me…to keep his promise.

I tried to stand, to stop him, but when I put weight on my leg, I collapsed. My damn leg was practically falling off of my body where Oscar had attacked it with his axe. But the pain of my leg was nothing compared to that in my heart. I was alone. Everyone was dead. Lucy and Kuro had most likely gone back to hell, all the bodies had been taken…even Lika's. Probably to be devoured by the demons down below. The rooftop was deserted.

As i sat there and tears washed over my face, my thoughts were only of Ororon. How he had always thought that he were the reason I always cried. My Ororon, some lonely devil… who had beautiful dark grey eyes… and smelled like blood.

Rain began to fall from the darkened clouds that surrounded the building, mixing with my own salty tears. Thunder covered my sobs, as the lightning made the illusion that it was the one that was shattering my heart, not the loss of all my loved ones. As my vision blackened from blood loss, I curled into myself, trying to fight the cold that pierced every part of me. Closing my eyes he appeared in my mind. The rain pounded on me like it did the day I met him. Just some broken guy I picked up on a rainy day.

He promised he'd stay with me forever…But I guess forever never came around…

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