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My footsteps echoed along the quiet avenues, boulevards, streets, you name it. Every few seconds I'd look around, half expecting to see her standing there looking back at me.

But every time I look over at a crumbling wall or half destroyed bench and imagine her there, her face is blank. Not like blank emotionless blank, blank like she has no face blank. Pretty damn weird, no? I've been able to memorize every little detail about Chiaki that's even possible, all because I knew I wouldn't be able to see her again. And then as soon as I find out she's in the same city as me, I can no longer see her face. Maybe she doesn't even have one anymore. Maybe having to be in this place for so long has wiped away any of that beautiful girl I remember.

It almost makes me want to stop looking for her.

Because truth be told, I'm scared. Terrified actually. It's strange thinking about how an ex-king of the devils is scared of facing the one thing they ever loved...But I have these fears that are building up inside. One fear for every step I take.

My foot crunched against a piece of broken glass. What if I finally find her, and she doesn't who I am...? Another step. What if she cries when I see her again? Crunch. Or she runs away? This time I take a long stride, a futile attempt in stopping as many as these damn things as I can from popping into my head. ...What if I never find her?

This thought makes me stop dead in my tracks.

At first, I was okay with walking around this condemned city for the rest of eternity, because I knew, or thought I knew, Chiaki was fine and fucking dandy somewhere. So really, this all leads back to Chiaki, not me.

I wonder what she thought of me for all that time we were together. I know at first we were- or at least she was- happy. Dare I say it? Well I guess so seeing how I already did... But yeah, she was happy, and I was content with seeing that. Truth be told I don't think a king of devils is capable of withstanding happiness, but maybe it's just me. Othello managed to pull it off with his wife, but that was before she was killed and eh, he hasn't been truly happy since.

It makes me wonder if Chiaki hasn't been truly happy ever since I got killed, murdered, brutally ripped to shreds... whatever word suites you're fancy. But really –yes there is always a but to these kinds of things...

She really hasn't been truly happy ever since all those all those bounty hunters started showing up. Probably because she got a real nice look at what I really was, which was a ruthless killer.

A few quiet minutes tick by, and you couldn't even hear my footsteps anymore. Of course that silence always has to break at some point, which happens when a horrid screech suddenly pierces the air, and I lose my footing. Stumbling, I look up just in time to see a massive black bird take flight, the three blood red eyes in the middle of its head symbolizing one thing...a demon. With a growl I regain me footing and glare up at the monster.

It only takes a moment for the bird's wing to catch on fire, the black flames licking at its feathers. As always my flames are hungry for more, eager to consume its own kind faster than it is an angel. I scowl at this, not even noticing the flaming monster diving towards me with a wild cry.

That is of course, until the stupid demon hits me head on.

I could feel my body snap as the giant thing rammed its head against my stomach, blood sputtering out of my mouth almost on impact.

Just like old times.

Except this time, I didn't have my intestines hanging out of me like ribbons. Or at least not yet anyway. Not to mention I was already dead. Or at least I was. What was I now?

My odd thoughts were broken as I slammed into one of the nearby walls, the decaying material crumbling on impact.

Shakily I stood back up, the demon giving a roar in anger. Maybe it was part cat? This made me frown. ____ and ____ were cat demons too, but this thing was also a bird. Not to mention the fact that Chiaki wasn't around to stop me from ripping this thing to shreds.

A sadistic smile crept on my face at the thought of this. Wiping the blood from my mouth I sneered at the demon.

"See, look what you've done now! You've pissed me off. And you know what happens when I get pissed off right?"

I began walking towards it, and in turn the demon's scale like feathers bristled and it gave another screech at me. Okay, that noise was really starting to tick me off. With a scowl, I grabbed the damn bird by the wing and snapped it between my fingers.

Let me just say now, breaking a huge birds wing that's already angry is a really stupid move. A really, really stupid move. But then again, I've never been the smartest guy in the bunch. Like killing that stupid kid in the park, who had his whole tribe backing him up... Yeah, that was stupid too.

So as I snapped this things wing with great ease it started screaming, especially when it's whole body burst into flames. Let me also mention the fact that a giant demon bird like that can't be taken down by simple flames, or at least not quickly anyway. It's going to fight back like there's no tomorrow, and by the end of it, one of us is going to end up in hell.

I don't even know if I even can go back to hell, but with Othello as King I don't think my return would be very welcome. Besides, as God said before, I'm in this city for a reason, and that's because of chiaki.

Always Chiaki.

Just as swift as before the demon swung its head, and if possible hit me harder than before. As I was thrown through the air like a ragdoll, I smiled to myself. Yup, here I am on the brink of being ripped apart by a giant bird demon, and all I can do is smile.

Because as my mind drifts back to chiaki, which it seems to be doing a lot lately, it makes me think of how chiaki would react of she was here right now, and we were living the moment of the few hours before I died. She was there for every piece of it. Every injury, scream, blood splatter, and tears that were shed. I'm sure she'd cry at the sight.

My body finally hit the ground and I barrel-rolled, right into a jagged metal gate. Just as suddenly I screamed fucking bloody murder, because like all the good luck I have, the sharp spear-like bars went right through me, and I could feel the rusted metal go straight through some very important organs.

Damn... and I had just gotten those back too.

As one of the spikes punctured my lungs, I practically vomited out blood.

Did I mention before that this was a bad idea?

Coughing, I tried to find my breath, but with a punctured lung it's pretty damn hard.

With an impossible effort I pushed myself off of the fence. Somehow mustering enough strength to stand, I stood and faced the monster.

I can't die yet!

A smug smile spread across my face as the last of the blood in my mouth was spit out.

It's too late.

The nostalgic words rang in my ears, the last time I said that was when I was on my deathbed.

How ironic.

My fist tightened as I took a shaky step forward.

Chiaki, I need to see her just one last time!

The beast gave another shriek, its charred face almost too ugly to look at, almost. "Ready to die, asshole?"

It's too late.

Its wings spread wide, its cry shaking the ground beneath me.

I just need to know if she was okay without me, if she'll be okay without me...

A cocky smile spread across my face. Almost immediately the thing began charging at me, and I got myself ready for the impact.

It's too late.

...Because frankly I don't think I'm going to live to see her smile again. The thought makes me want to scream and sob at the same time. I'd come so far, escaped death itself. All to have that damn cold grave thrown in my face all over again.

And this time Chiaki won't be there to spend my last moments with me.

Has it gotten that late already?

I could feel my body convulse, the lack of air in my lungs causing my vision to become murky, shadowed.

It's too late.

Those three words rang in my ears with every ragged breath I took, and I had to agree with them.

My stomach suddenly lurched and I vomited, chunks of who-knows what coming up with it.

All I knew was that it was really, really red.

My world spun around me, and my hand instinctively tightened on my abdomen, memories of my organs dragging along the floor flashing through my mind.

Feet unstable, I stumbled on the rubble as the ground beneath me gave another huge lurch. As I lost my balance I leaned all my weight to the right, that whole side of my body slamming into a broken concrete wall, more blood coming up out of my mouth.

Pushing myself off the wall I continued forward, my eyesight getting darker and darker with every step.

This is it... My final performance...Shall I make a speech to commemorate it? Yeah, let's go out with a huge fucking bang....

...Hey Chiaki?

If you could see me right now would you run away, or would you just start crying? Would you think about every time we spent together, like our life flashing before your eyes, or would you think of nothing at all?



If I died right now would you know that I loved you? And that if I could, I'd do it all over again, if I could just have a chance to tell you that?

I couldn't see anymore. My whole body swayed, and the hand on my stomach tightened, because I finally realized that I did have organs hanging out of me like rags, it wasn't just my imagination. It was impossible to hold on anymore, I couldn't. As I felt myself begin to fall, a noise came from behind me and I turned and looked, even though I couldn't see anything anymore.


The voice was so quiet against my clogged ears I could hardly hear it, but I knew who it was.

So Chiaki, I just want to let you know that I love you... Oh and Chiaki? When I die, I don't think I'm going to be coming back again, I'm so sorry...

A real smile spread across my face, right before my mind slipped away.


It's too late.

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