Bella can't sleep after coming home from Italy. Who better to help than Jasper? But he finds that she's incredibly receptive to him. And he likes it. How far will he go?

Picks up after New Moon-will not be Eclipse compliant. Starts off with canon couples.

I heard the door downstairs open-great. Bella was here again. Not that I had anything against the girl, but she just smelled so good. I heard Edward hiss at me from downstairs, berating me for my negative thoughts. Yeah, yeah… I started towards the door, but Alice rushed past me and practically knocked me out of the way. "What's the rush?" I asked.

"Edward wants to take a quick hunt. Esme is outside, but I just wanted to let you know. Bella will be staying here." She was looking a little sad. And here lately, it's she's been trying to hide some emotion from me-and I can feel it. But it's so snarled up with everything that I can't get a read on it. Ever since she came home from Italy, it's been there.

"Thanks for telling me. I'll try to stay up here." I figured she was warning me against going downstairs, lest I harm the girl. She quirked her head at me and sat down on the bed. I followed, and I couldn't help but feel anxious.

"That's not why I told you. Bella is going to ask you for something while we're gone. I just wanted you to be prepared." Whatever emotion she was hiding from me surged for a moment and then vanished. What could Bella possibly want from me?

"Can you tell me what she wants, so I can be better prepared?"

"I don't think so. It's best if it comes straight from her. Sorry." And she tore out of the room like a tiny little tornado. I heard the front door open and close as Edward and Alice took off into the woods. I waited, not sure what I wanted to do, when I heard Bella's quiet footsteps creeping up the stairs. I could smell her from the hall-I walked over to the window and opened it. Maybe if I had some air circulating it wouldn't be so unbearable in here when she entered. Bella knocked.

"Come in, Bella," I said, bracing myself. When she entered, it was like...a train hit me. Hard. Her blood was like honey-sticky and sweet and clinging to every surface in the room. Clinging to me. I focused on holding my breath.

"I was wondering if I could talk to you for a minute." She whispered. I motioned for her to sit in the chair near the window. Not like it would help, but at least I put forth the effort. I nodded for her to continue.

She took a deep breath. "Here's the thing. I've been having...nightmares. Since we came back from Italy. All I can see is...them...every time I close my eyes. So I'm pretty much not sleeping." And I'm supposed to do what about this?

"And you think that I can help you?" I was trying to stay polite. And then she blushed. The blood rushed to her cheeks in an unbearable way, and I had to lock my jaw closed to keep from leaping across the space between us...enough, Jasper!

"Yes, actually. I think so, anyway. You can control emotions and such. And I remember when we were down in Phoenix-you almost put me to sleep once. So I thought...if could do that again?" She let out a breath. I really couldn't understand this girl-not for a moment. She had to know how dangerous I was for her, didn't she remember?

"Bella, do you really think that's a good idea? And what about Edward-didn't you talk to him about this?" I was frowning at her. She stuck out her bottom lip, looking worried.

"I think it's a good idea! The dreams come as soon as I close my eyes. So...maybe if you just put me to sleep, I could stay asleep on my own. Easy. And no-I didn't ask Edward. But he knows I've been having trouble, and I'm sure he'd be okay with it." She looked down at the floor as she spoke the last line.

"Forgive me, but if he was okay with it why did you wait until he left to approach me?" I gave her a knowing look.

"Okay, you got me there. But he's gone right now, so could we just...try?" I rolled my eyes.

"As soon as he enters the house he's going to know. He may not be able to read your mind, but he certainly can read mine."

"Oh-right. Well, if he has a problem with it he can come to me. It's not like I'm risking my life-I just want to get some sleep!" She sounded exasperated, and she really did look tired. There were bags under her eyes, her hair fell limply to her shoulders, and she was paler than normal. I think I could try, at least. If I kept myself in the doorway, I could influence her across the room, and as soon as she was asleep I could leave. Edward would be mad at first, but he'd get over it quickly once he saw that it was actually helping Bella. I sighed.

"Fine. I'll help. Let's get you into Edward's room. I'll stay near the door, and as soon as you go to sleep I'm leaving." I didn't want to sound bitter, but she just smelled so good...she danced away, smiling, all the way to Edward's room. She curled up under the covers in record time, not even bothering to change clothes. I kept my distance, and it wasn't so bad here. "Close your eyes," I commanded. I sent her an extremely powerful wave of lethergy. It worked almost instantaneously. Her body releaxed, and within minutes she was snoring. I made sure she was in a deep sleep and then turned to leave the room.

Not 15 minutes later, Edward and Alice returned. When they noticed that Bella was no longer downstairs, they both came into my room.

"Where's Bella?" Edward asked. I could feel his worry. Yes, Edward, your greatest fears have come to life. I ate her while you were gone. Fool. He looked at me and growled lowly.

"She's asleep, in your room." Thanks to me. I thought. Oops.

"What do you mean by that?" Apparently I'm no good at keeping secrets.

"Bella asked me to help her sleep. She told me that she had been having nightmares about Italy, and asked if I could use my powers to put her to sleep. I did, and now she's asleep." I felt his anger rise. "Don't be like that! I helped her. What's the problem?" I saw him trying to come up with something to say.

"Nothing, I guess. I just wish she would have waited for me to come home first." She was probably afraid you'd freak out I thought. Just then, we heard Bella emit just a small moan-I could feel the fear, mingled with sleep, seeping into my room.

"She must be having a nightmare. I'll go and fix it." I said, walking out of the room and down the hall. Alice and Edward were on my heels. Naturally. I barely pushed the door open, again hitting Bella with a strong wave of lethargy. She was still in no time. I turned to them. "I'm going to take a walk. I'll be back soon." Alice looked at me worriedly, but she didn't say anything. On my way past them, I saw Edward look at Alice with a question on his face. When I reached the door, I heard him ask her, "What are you trying to hide from me?" I kept walking. When I felt like I was a safe distance away, I sat down and faced the stars.

I have used my powers on humans before. Hell, I've used them on Bella before. I knew that her mind was protected and strong. But her body was weak to my powers. I never thought of it like that. And I couldn't help the small surge of joy that I had, even though I regretted having it. It was...the fact that I had such utter control of her. I could make her feel anything. I sat up and shook my head. What was I thinking? Where did that even come from? Bella was family, after all.

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