Twisted Faerie Tales

Summary: A collection of Drarry fairytales in the twisted tongue of Digitallace. Warnings for Slash and explicit content and adult language and situations.

Once upon a time there was an authoress named Alexis, though she was sometimes known throughout the land as Digitallace. She had two great loves in her life, Harry and Draco, and a good fairytale. One day she thought to herself, why not merge the two together and create reinvented fairytales of her own, using her two favorite boys. Her dear friend Gareth suggested an idea that Alexis decided would be the first installment of her collection, but she knew that in time, she would continue to add chapters, each one being a new completed oneshot story of a re-imagined fairytale.

Borrowing a little from everything from Grimm to Disney, she thought that no stone should be left unturned when it came to these tales, and though she had several ideas to start her collection, she posted the following proclamation.

Attention Drarry Readers,

Should any of you have a tale in mind, be it short or long, which you would like told in my wicked tongue, please submit your request. All contact information can be located on my profile, and I'm always up for a challenge.

Alexis Kemp


And now onto the tales…

Current list of tales include:

Little Red Riding Hood


The Little Mermaid

Sleeping Beauty

Snow White

Next in line:



Princess and the Pea

Beauty and the Beast

The Frog Prince