Summary: These are songs that I thought of when I read the series. Each chapter will be about a different character. Some of the songs are pick for a certain part of the song and the main idea of the song while others are picked for all the lyrics. Also there are some repeated songs, this is because I did the songs by character and some songs apply to more than one characters. I won't be editing chapters but as I find more songs that apply to a character who has already had a chapter they will receive another chapter. Hope you like it. If you have songs that you think would match the characters let me know and I will be sure to add them too.


When You're Gone by Avril Lavigne ------ For when he breaks down after Astrid left.

Kokomo by The Beach Boys ------ For the simple fact the that he hates the cold

Hair Of The Dog by Nazareth ------ Because he listens to it the book and because it just is so similar to his personality in the books.

Sin With A Grin by Shinedown ------ Because Zarek loves his sins.

I'm Not Running Anymore by Jason McCoy ------ For the fact that in Astrid he found a reason not to run/hide from everyone.

I Would Die For You by Jan Arden ------ For the two times that Zarek faced Thantos ready to die for Astrid.

What A Shame by Shinedown ------ Because he had a softer side, I see parts of this song being told by Sharon

Trouble by Pink ------ Because Zarek is trouble, LOL!!!

Highway To Hell by ACDC

Better Than Me by Hinder ------ For when he lets Astrid go

Another One Bites The Dust by Queen ------ Because I think it's the theme song all dark-hunters

Missing An Angel by Johnny Ried ------ For when he compares Astrid to a fallen star

All Or Nothing by Theory of A Deadman ------ For his relationship with Astrid

Oh Star by Paramore ------ From Zarek to Astrid

Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne

Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis

You're Free by Yomanda ------ For when he realizes that he's free of Artemis.

Have A Nice Day by Bon Jovi

Ain't No Mountain High Enough by Michael McDonald ------ A song that applies to every dark hunter and were-hunter who've found their soulmate.

Something More by Ryan Malcolm ------ From Zarek to Astrid.

What Hurts The Most by Rascal Flatts

Fallen by Sarah McLachlan

Better Half by Keith Urban

Crawling Back by The Backstreet Boys

Devil Went Down To Georgia by Charles Daniels Band ------ For when he went down to New Orleans. And yes I do realize that New Orleans is not in Georgia.

A/N: As I find more songs for Zarek another chapter for him will be posted.