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Little Miss Flames and Flowers


"I hate this place," Meg said with a shudder, narrowing her eyes and staring in disgust at the walls around her.

Hercules made a face, "It's so dark in here," he agreed, "and it smells."

"Yeah, they could easily fix that with a few scented candles," Meg rolled her eyes, "I mean, seriously."

The two were in the Underworld. And the reason didn't involve visiting a certain King and Queen of the place. Both had nasty tempers, and neither Hercules nor Meg was willing to face them.

No, the two were in the Underworld for a different reason.

"So do you think Macaria'll oblige?" Hercules asked as he and Meg trekked through a tunnel which was scattered with bones.

"I dunno," replied Meg, "She did tell us all about her parent's past. But I don't know whether or not she'll want to tell us about her past. Probably not."

"I guess," said Hercules, "But it's worth a shot, right?"


Hercules and Meg turned in surprise.

"She won't say anything," Persephone continued, "And not just because she hates talking about herself—and she does—but because she doesn't know it all." The goddess paused. "She doesn't know what happened before she was born, she doesn't know what happened because of her birth…she doesn't know that you—" She looked at Hercules, "— and her were born on the same day."

"We were?" Hercules gasped, "I didn't know that!"

"And I'll bet you didn't know that not only were you born on the same day, but in the same year, in the same month, same hour, same minute, same second."

Hercules was stunned into silence.

"So…they're like twins, almost," said Meg.

"Mm," said Persephone.

"Why didn't I know about this?" Hercules wondered aloud, "And…and do my parents know?"

"Of course they know," Persephone sneered, and her face transformed into a nasty scowl, "They just don't care."

"My parents are very caring people," said Hercules defensively.

"Please!" Persephone laughed bitterly. "They're selfish, stupid, and cruel. If they are 'caring people,' then they must only be caring to the 'in-crowd.'"

"They're only like that because you keep trying to overthrow Olympus," argued the demi-god.

"You idiot," she snarled, "You don't know anything. Your precious parents are the nastiest pair of gods I know. You wouldn't know it, you're their son. You don't know how cruel they are…" She stared at the floor briefly, a scowl forming on her face again.

"So…are you planning on, I dunno, telling us?" Meg said finally.

Persephone laughed again. "Yeah, right. Get your own storyteller, I'm busy." The Queen of the Underworld turned and started to walk away.

And then she stopped in her tracks.

But only because she couldn't go any further.

"Let go of me," Persephone hissed, trying to break free of Hercules' tight grip on her arm.

"But…I wanna know the story," Hercules pleaded, not loosening his grip at all.

"LET GO OF ME!" Persephone screamed, and he reluctantly obeyed. She stumbled backwards, glaring furiously at Hercules.

"Alright, fine, Jerkules," she snapped. A wave of her hand, and two chairs appeared. She herself leaned against a black, smoky pillar. Her pose was almost identical to the one that Hades himself was usually in at Olympus gatherings.

"Do me a favor," she said, "Make sure this—the things I tell you, the story—never leaves the Underworld."

"But what about Bob?" said Hercules.

"Screw Bob," said Persephone, "Do you want me to tell you, or not?"

"Yes," said Hercules, "But—"

"But nothing. Shut up and listen." She scowled at him.

"No need to be hurtful," Hercules mumbled.

Persephone gave him a look (Meg rolled her eyes at the goddess) and said, "Okay. Okay, you want to hear the story of my daughter….you're getting it. Little Miss Flames-and-Flowers…"


If any of you reading this haven't read the first story, I recomend that you do...because otherwise, this story might get a little confusing. There will be references to TRCC.

If any of you reading this have already read the first story....welcome back! ^^ Enjoy this story.

EDIT 1/18/10: Since I've gotten two reviews mentioning this, I want to point out that even though the Persephone in TRCC, LMFAF, and the rest of the fics featuring her is the same colors as the Persephone shown in Disney's Hercules, THEY ARE NOT THE SAME PERSON!! I have my own design for her, and in no way are they related to one another other then them having the same name. I refuse to acknowledge her, because in my opinion, her design is too...fluffy to fit Disney Hades. Capisce? Good. ^^ :) I luffles you all anyway. ^^