Wolfy: I don't really know what I was doin' when I wrote this… I have a rep at school for havin' weirdo bets about tricking my class to think I'm emo and gothic, so I guess the style grew on me.

I love the way they dress now, and my friends say they can't believe that I'm goth now, even though I'm a really talkative and bubbly person. I guess my school hasn't had major emos/goths until I came along, 'cuz my school only believes in the stereotype kinds, you know, they way only some are: Always mad, quiet, violent tendencies.

Anyway, I got bored and wondered randomly about this story idea at 1 AM, so here I am! I have till 2 and my computer goes off, then I'll wake up in the morning, re-read this crap, and see how much I hate myself that I posted it! Enjoy the story; I made it up as I went along, so I have no idea what-so-ever on what I'm doing! It may be one-shot, it may not be, and I'll tell you when I finish writing this weird crap! x3 *giggles like an idiot who's sugar high* Let the Amuto begin!


.: Chapter 1 :.


A loud, annoying ringing sound woke a cranky pink haired girl, who smashed her fist into the alarm clock, instantly breaking it. She threw it out the window and let out a sound that sounded similar to a cat growling. The sixteen year old walked to the shower and hopped in, taking a very quick and cold shower to wake her up.

Amu Hinamori, the pink-headed girl whose hair reached almost to her knees, stretched both arms above her head as she walked into her walk-in closet, looking around. Almost everything had black on it, no matter what it was. She threw on a tight hot-pink long-sleeved shirt with an equally tight black tee shirt over that, along with a pair of black skinny jeans, black skater shoes with hot-pink laces, and an armband that had a skull on it.

Amu walked back in the bathroom and brushed out her long hair before parting it so her hair covers her right eye, and carefully placed a black headband on, making sure doesn't actually make it pull her hair back. Amu expertly put on eyeliner, mascara, and black eye shadow. She took one more glance in the mirror before she was off; skateboard in hand and her black backpack slung over one shoulder. She grabbed a granola bar and ran out of the house, avoiding her parents at all costs. If they found out she was dressed like this, she was in for some deep shit.

She plopped her black skateboard with a red skull on the bottom on the ground and jumped on it, skating away from her house and toward Seiyo High, known to her as Hell High. Amu skated along the sidewalk, glaring at people who even took once glance at her. That didn't stop most boys from wolf whistling and girls from glaring enviously though. Amu muttered curses under her breathe, saying things like, "Damn them bitches and bastards…"

As she kicked her skateboard up into her hand and walked the stairs of Seiyo High, she could feel their stares boring into her back.. Amu simply pushed the heavy twin doors open and calmly walked to her locker, a dangerous aura surrounding her. It was her first day, and for some people who bothered her, their last. Teachers stiffened as she passed, sensing they had a rebel in store for them. She twisted her locker open; throwing her skateboard in and only bothering it take out her white skull notebook, which said "Sketchbook" in bold but neat handwriting.

Amu walked to her classroom where an old, strict looking woman with glasses on the bridge of her nose stood. The woman mentally sighed, realizing she hadanother rebellious student.

"Please come in when I call you, Miss. Hinamori. I am Miss. Sanjou, your homeroom teacher," the woman explained in a monotone voice.

"Whatever," was all the pinkette said as she rolled her eyes.

Miss. Sanjou walked into her hellish class and shouted to make the brats stop talking. "We'll be having a new student. Please… welcome her," at that, the door slammed open, which made the class jolt up. In walked the pink haired goddess, making the boys wolf whistle and girls glare daggers at her, which to Amu, seemed like the umpteenth time today.

"I'm Amu Hinamori, you piss me off, you die," she stated in a bored voice. The class up roared in whispering, saying 'Cool and spicy!' or 'Man, she's badass…' Amu simply ignored it all and turned to look at the teacher with dangerous, honey colored eyes. "Where do I sit, hag?" the class burst out laughing at this, and Miss. Sanjou's face turned red from anger.

"MISS HINAMORI! DETENTION!" The redheaded woman screamed at the pinkette, who merely shrugged and looked around the class for an empty seat. She spotted one next to a blue-haired boy, who seemed to be sleeping with his head back. Amu smirked and hopped on the first desk in the row, swiftly jumping from desk to desk, still clutching her pencil and notebook, getting closer and closer to the boy.

Amu jumped off the last desk to his, and right onto his head. She gracefully jumped to the side, where her desk was, and yelled, "Wake up sleepy ass!!!" the whole class gasped as the boy's eyes opened and sent a murdering glare to the girl next to him. If they hadn't met like this, the school-known playboy, Ikuto Tsukiyomi, would have been hitting on her already.

"Miss Hinamori…." Miss. Sanjou started while putted her fingers on her foreheads and sighing out of exhaustion, "Two weeks detention. Go. NOW!" Amu smirked and jumped onto the desks again, to the teacher's dismay, and hoped to the front. She turned to the class and bowed, smirking, "It has been a pleasure meeting all you," before she walked away and turned her head back to Ikuto and narrowed her eyes, "'Cept you," the whole class went in an uproar once again as Amu walked out.


Lunch Time

Amu sat underneath a Sakura tree, her knees rested under her chin and her arms holding her knees tight as she stared at her latest piece of artwork in her sketchbook. Her sketchbook was placed about a foot away from her as she continued to examine it to see if it's worthy enough to keep. Suddenly, a shadow cast over Amu, and there stood Ikuto, looking boredly at her. She just ignored him and continued to stare, but when he grabbed her sketchbook to see what it was, she gave a cattish growl.

"GIVE ME IT BACK YOU FREAK!!!!!" She literally screamed as she chased Ikuto around. Abruptly, Amu was jerked away from him when someone grabbed her long hair and pulled her back. She clutched her head because of the headache and looked up at the soon-to-be-dead girl who was smirking at her.

"I am Ikuto's fanclub leader, Azumai. You better stay away, FR- WHAT THE HELL," Amu had grabbed a hold of the annoying girl's hair and was dragging her to a tree. Soon, she dropped her, but swiftly slapped her across the face while growling,

"I don't like him, no way in hell, I JUST WANT MY SKETCHBOOK BACK!!!!" She turned and looked around for Ikuto who was standing with a very shocked look on his face as he stared at the book, turning the pages every so often.

Amu came up and tried to snatch it away, but Ikuto held it high above her head. She tried to jump and swipe her head for it, but Ikuto kept moving it away while having a smug look on his face, "Say please." He simply stated while a crowd gathered.

"I have different plans," a loud smash echoed through the clearing as Amu kicked him in the stomach, so he landed hard into the tree behind him. She smirked and caught her sketchbook in one hand, the other hand on her hip. "You should have given it to me in the first place, Tsukiyomi," at that, Amu walked away while flipping through her book.


Last Period

Amu got up and went to the locker rooms for her last period class, P.E. She changed into her uniform, black shorts with a white T-shirt that said 'Seiyo High' in bold black letters. As she finished, she lazily pulled out her headband and threw it in her gym locker, before taking out a thick black hair tie. She walked out to the field that was encircled by the red track, while Amu pulled her hair up to a half ponytail, but kept her long bangs framing her face and hanging over her eye.

The coach was continually barking at them, and when he saw Amu coming almost ten minutes late, he blew out curses. Amu stood there, unfazed with a bored yet stoic face as she narrowed her eyes at the coach "Ten laps around the track Miss. Hinamori!!!" he finally barked out. The class gasped, making a student run 2 miles for being late?! Amu simply sighed and started to jog around the track lazily. Soon, Ikuto came out and only had to run 5 laps, which was a mile on their track. Amu was on her last mile when Ikuto caught up, and smirked.

The students watched as Amu picked up the pace, sprinting in front of the blue-haired boy. She easily outran him by a lap and the students, along with Ikuto and the coach, who was also the Track & Field coach, stared at her. She wasn't even breaking a sweat! "Hinamori, your on the Track team. Come after school here for practice," he said without even asking. Amu growled angrily and walked out of class, obviously not wanting to join any after school sports.


The Next Day

Amu ended up ditching track practice, which shocked the students. She was probably the best runner in the state, yet she wasn't doing it?! What shocked them most was when she walked in school with a long, red cut along her cheekbone, her upper arms, and stab marks in various places. She silently walked to class, her aura now wasn't dangerous, it almost looked hurt. Amu walked to her seat while everyone stared and started to whisper various things.

Her eyeliner had dried in streak marks along her face, and she looked like she was a depressed mess. Ikuto opened his eyes from his sleep to see what everyone was talking about, almost to fall off his chair to see Amu's hand clamped to her arm and her face twisted in pain as blood dripped down. It seemed she was moving to much, and the wound had reopened.

A loud thud echoed through the room as Amu fainted and fell out of her chair, bleeding profusely.

To be continued….


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