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She laid down on the rooftop, finding it comfortable enough, and soon fell asleep, little did she know, a certain perverted cat was watching…

Chapter 3: Stubbornness Gets Us Nowhere!

Normal P.O.V.

Our favorite neko-mimi hentai cosplayer stalked quietly toward Amu, as quiet as a mouse. He blew into her ear and smirked widely as she sat up with a scream.

Her hair was sticking out in some places and he smirked even wider, if possible, when she slowly turned her head to look at him, the faintest tint of red on her cheeks.

"Ikuto…." She started off calmly, giving him a sweet and innocent air as she batted her eyelashes and smiled sweetly to him, "WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!!?"

She practically exploded like a ticking time bomb, leaving Ikuto to blink a few times, processing how in the world her auras changed in less than a mili-second.

Amu on the other hand, gave him no time as she jumped up and marched over, making the growling noise a feral cat would.

"Amu, dear," Said girl felt a shiver go down her spine when he said that… and not in good way, "You're the one who has explaining to do."

The pinkette growled a little and crossed her arms stubbornly before packing her stuff in her backpack and picking up her skateboard, still growling.

"No. I'll tell you when I want, so no. No, no no no." She pronounced each 'no' with a stomp of her foot, looking extremely childish.

Ikuto covered his mouth with his hand in attempt to stop from laughing, but that attempt failed when a chuckle got through his fingers to the ears of Amu, who by now practically had steam pouring out of her ears from anger.

"Goodbye Ikuto!" She said angrily as she called out "Ran!!" and a heart clip appeared in her hair. Said Chara appeared from her backpack, along with three others.

Amu hopped on her skateboard and jumped with it over the railing and flew down three stories, her feet still planted on the skateboard.

She landed perfectly and flawlessly, ignoring the people that were leaning out their classroom windows to stare at the girl who jumped down the roof, three stories, and didn't even get a scratch.

Sadly, she soon noticed Ikuto jumping from rooftop to rooftop of the building that scaled above from the sidewalk she rode along.

"If it's a race he wants, it's a race he gets…" she murmured as she sped up a considerable amount, leaving Ikuto behind.

He smirked to himself as he noticed her challenge and called out to his chara for a character change.

He soon had a pair of cat ears and a long tail, and was jumping faster and with more grace.

The race continued, Ikuto following Amu until she reached her house.

She stopped dead in her traps and undid the character change when she saw over three police cars and a big van that had a large, concrete empty space where the trunk was supposed to be.

Just as she was about to ask what was happening, her mouth fell open when she saw her father being dragged out by five policemen and thrown in the back of the van, before it being locked shut.

"Are you Amu Hinamori?" asked a middle-aged cop that had an obviously fake moustache. Amu meekly nodded as she stared at the two windows in the back of the van that showed her father trying to beat down the doors.

"Well, your father, Kino Hinamori, has been arrested for repeated child abuse, and other laws he has broken for the past 20 years. We are wondering who let him off all those times, but that is beside the point.

"A close family friend, Nadeshiko Fujisaki, will now be living with you because you have no relatives alive and you are not of age to take full care of your sister Ami Hinamori for two more years. Any objections to that?"

Amu's face lit up with a bright smile when he said Nadeshiko would move in, the Fusjisaki's, especially Nadeshiko and her twin Nagihiko, always had played with her when she was younger and life was normal.

"None at all!! When will she move in?"

"Tomorrow night. She will be staying in the master, is that alright?" Amu nodded her head and smiled again, when she was suddenly tackled to the ground by a flash of brown and pink. The sixteen year old looked up to see her eight-year-old sister, Ami, clinging to her tightly.

"Onee-chan! Nadeshiko-nee-san is coming!! Isn't that great!"

Amu smiled softly and picked herself up, patting her sister's head. Amu gave her a questioning glance when her sister clung to her right leg and stared behind her back.

The pinkette looked behind her to see Ikuto leaning on a tree with his eyes closed, seemingly forgotten by the pinkette.

"Oi! Ikuto! Whatcha still doing here?" The boy lifted his head up to look at her and smirked, calmly walking over.

"Just watching a touchy and mushy reunion come together. I'm going now though, Ja ne." He turned and started to walk off, a cat chara floating behind him and talking enthusiastically about... fish?

Amu tilted her head and shrugged, "Whatever! See you at school Monday."

With that, Amu limped –Ami was still hugging her leg and was insisting she wasn't going to move- back to the house.

As she stepped in, she let out an excited shriek and practically tackled the girl who stood in the kitchen, smiling.

"Nadeshiko!! What are you doing here? I thought you were moving in tomorrow!" The violet haired girl smiled again and laughed,

"Why Amu-chan, I just couldn't wait to move in, so I forced Nagi to carry my bags."

"Nagi's here too?! Where is he!!!" Ami had long let go of Amu and had trudged upstairs, saying she was tired. As a certain violet haired twin came in, dragging two heavy bags,

Amu shrieked again and tackled him to the ground, hugging him to death, showing the side of herself she would never show at school.

"Amu- Cant. Breaathe!!!" Nagihiko coughed out as the pink-haired teenager smiled sheepishly and stood up, offering her hand to the poor 18 year old.

"Where have you BEEN the past eight years? I thought you guys moved to Tokyo!" She looked from Nadeshiko to Nagihiko and sighed.

"We did, but once we heard what your dad was doing to you, we couldn't take it and so we moved back. I'm staying here with you, and Nagi here has an apartment. He should visit every so often."

Nadeshiko explained as she picked up her bags and headed upstairs. After a few minutes, she came back down and Nagi checked his watch. He paled, "Oh shoot! I got to go, if I keep Rima waiting, she WILL flip out!"

"Rima…Who's Rima…?" Amu asked slowly as she gave Nagi a suspicious glance.

"My girlfriend." He answered bluntly and rushed out of the house. As he walked to his Mercedes Benz he heard a squeal loud enough for the neighborhood to hear. Chuckling a little, he smiled and thought "Same old, easily excited Amu…" With that the car drove out of sight.

Inside the Hinamori residence, Amu giggled and rolled her eyes playfully, thinking, "Yeah, that's right Nagi, run away…" Sighing a little, she walked to the base of the steps and put her hands around her mouth….

"Ami!!! What do you want for dinner!" her voice rang through the house easily, making Amu frown at the seemingly emptiness of the house. "I'll have to put music on soon…"

"Let's have pizza nee-chan!" her little sister cried from the confines of her room.

Without another word Amu walked into the kitchen and put in a pizza while setting the timer on the oven to 20 minutes. After cleaning up the beer bottles that littered the floor from her father, she walked over to their stereo and put in a CD of mixed artists she had burned out iTunes. After a few seconds of fiddling with the machine, music started to play. 'Moan' by Cute is What We Aim For started to play and Amu let a small smile paint across her face. She idly walked over into the kitchen, humming along with the song.

Swoon this is the same old blood rush with a new touch
I am safe, quaint and eloquent
But my bottom lip along with the top one too
Is chapped and it's all thanks to you

We all wet our lips to prepare for the kiss
But it never came
And we all wet our lips to prepare for the kiss
It was but a game

You have a moan all of your own
And I can feel it down to the bone
You have a moan all of your own
And I can feel it down to the bone
(The bone, the bone)

You trained these lips when they were champs
And now they're itchin' for a comeback
So come back
It's a shame that your claim to fame
Hangs on someone else's name
So come back
Such a task and this is such a blast
And such a task
And such a task and this is such a blast
And all that jazz

You have a moan all of your own
And I can feel it down to the bone
You have a moan all of your-

Amu let out a loud scream as everything went out. The lights, the music, the sound of Ami's TV upstairs, everything. The only sounds were of the rain and wind against the house outside, along with her own rapid breathing. She quickly took out of her pocket her Samsung Intensity phone and used the backlight as a flashlight. She shined it around the room, she stopped at the window… she could have sworn she had seen beady eyes staring into hers, but she brushed the thought aside.

Ami ran downstairs, carrying the huge back-up flashlight she kept in her drawer and calling for Amu. Nadeshiko had left for the store a little while ago before the storm had hit, she was probably rushing to her car to head back now. Ami ran and clamped onto Amu's leg, trembling in fear. The sisters had always been afraid when the storm knocked out the lights. Usually their mother would comfort them, or Nade-chan would stroke their hair and whisper words of courage, but neither Nadeshiko nor her mother were here. Only the foreboding flash of lighting and clasp of thunder were in their senses.

The pinkette panicked inside, wondering fervently what to do. She then remembered what Ikuto had said before he had left.


Before Ikuto left, she got out a pen and tapped on his shoulder. He directed his eyes onto her, obviously tired. She grabbed his hand and started to scribble down numbers on his hand. She finished and smiled faintly, proud of her work. The blue-haired teen looked down at his hand questioningly with a raised eyebrow.

"Your phone number? Aren't you going a bit too fast for our relationship here, Amu?" He smirked and commented smugly, but inside he was practically jumping up and down that she finally had some trust in him.

"Shut up and give me yours," Amu snapped back, a light blush painting her cheeks. It took courage to do that, and all he did was tease her? 'What nerve' she thought angrily. She was about to turn away when Ikuto grabbed her hand and started to write his phone number, along with a note at the bottom. She looked and she was the one to raise her eyebrow this time.

"Your address too? Jeez, do you expect me to suddenly have a dying need for you, or some smutty shit like that?" She spoke out sarcastically but was not expecting him to smirk before swooping down and pecking her gently on her forehead. Her cheeks had a brilliant blush over them and her eyes slightly widened. Now, that was unexpected.

"Well, I already have one for you, who knows?" he gave a small smile, a real smile. Amu blinked twice before her cheeks got aflame again. She stubbornly turned around and pouted, closing her eyes and pointing her nose in the air.

"Yeah, yeah, lover boy. C-calm the hell down with your love shit and get your ass out the door." She said shakily while quickly glancing at him from the side.

X. Flashback.x.X.

Amu shakily pulled out her phone from her pocket and pressed and held down the 2 button, immediately going to speed dial. The dial tone met her for about 30 seconds before a voice picked up the phone and groggily answered.

"Who the hell is it and what the hell do you want? It's almost midnight, you know that right?!" Ikuto snapped, obviously pissed off from being woken up.

"I-ikuto… Can you come over here? Please? Don't ask why, and don't you dare tease me or something. Just get your fat ass over here, now!" She screamed, on the verge of tears. She pressed the end button and lowered her arm, a few tears now streaming down her cheeks.

Oh, how she hated the rain and the dark combined.

To be contined…

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