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Chapter One--Unborn Fish Spawn

"This sucks," Rose said as she flopped on a stool.

I looked up at her and blew my bangs out of my face. "No really?" I asked sarcastically, continuing to place caviar artfully on the surrounding trays.

"I mean, these are some of the snobbiest people I have ever met!" Rose exclaimed. "I bet if a shrimp puff accidentally rolled off my tray they would demand I pick it up before mopping the entire ballroom," she said, sneering the word like it was the devil's curse. And in the catering business-it is. The rooms are big and huge and you know whoever is hosting the party/reception/anniversary/sparkling, twisted thing is loaded. That just means more work and ground to cover for all of us.

"Where's Alice?" I asked, realizing my spiky haired friend was nowhere in sight. Which was weird.

"I…don't know," she said with a confused look on her face. "Should we be afraid?" she asked.

"Come on girls; grab a tray! We have a room full of hungry people out there," Kate said, walking briskly passed us and into the other section of this place's kitchen.

Rose and I groaned simultaneously before grabbing a tray and pushing passed the doors. "Beware; they're reachers," Rose muttered.

"Awesome," I muttered sarcastically before we parted ways. I weaved carefully through the crowd, expertly balancing the circular tray on my hand as people reached over-endangering their and my balance-as they snatched a cracker with fish eggs off the sterling silver. Wonderful.

"Excuse me," a high, feminine voice called to my left. I looked over to find a girl with long, platinum blonde hair waving me over at a table filled with people. Whoo-hoo.

"Can I help you with something?" I asked, putting a polite smile on my face. You want to find a good actor-go to the nearest restaurant. Waiters and waitresses are practically trained in the business.

"Yes, what are those?" she asked, taking on off my tray and sniffing daintily before wrinkling her nose. I don't know how you can sniff something daintily but she did.

"It's caviar," I told her easily. A-dur.

"I know that, but what is it?" she snapped. Well Miss Priss, I don't really like your attitude.

"Unborn fish spawn," I told her just as she took a bite into it. She coughed and practically regurgitated it into her napkin as everyone at her table spluttered. "Need anything else?" I asked, smiling again like she hadn't just basically blew chunks on the table.

She just scowled at me before I threw her another grin and walked around the table. "My God, I swear everybody hates me," the blonde muttered to her table who instantly began to fervently deny her claim-but I could see the looks on some of their faces. So it's not just me? Huh. I should start a club.

There was a light tap on my shoulder and I turned around, preparing to wave off the same old man who had been basically stalking my tray since I came in here. I think fifteen is enough, jeez. But instead, I turned to a see a guy who looked about my age-maybe even a year older-who had honey blonde hair and bright blue eyes. "Do you need something?" I asked.

"Did my brother pay you to do that?" he asked.

I blinked. Huh? "Do what?" I asked, thoroughly confused.

"Say that to Tanya-the blonde girl over there," he said, pointing to that rude girl I just talked to.

"Uh…no," I answered, still confused.

A slow smile spread across his face. "Well then, keep up the good work," he said, giving me a thumbs up before walking away as I looked after him in confusion. Okay then…

"How're your rounds going?" Alice said, suddenly at my side with a tray of her own.

"Where have you been?" I asked quietly. I haven't seen in a half hour-and that's weird. Alice loves taking impromptu breaks.

"I was in the bathroom reading the Classified Ads I found," she told me. "I found us two more apartments to look at," she said with a smile.

I sighed in relief. Apartment hunting hasn't been going too well. I mean, I guess it's not good for anybody but when you can barely afford a pair of socks between the three of you…Well let's just say, we're having financial issues, hm?

"Well, to answer your question; if that blonde over there is related to the host we probably won't be catering any more of their parties," I said, pointing to the girl was now texting on her cell phone.

"What did you do?" Alice asked, clearly amused.

"I told her what caviar was," I said easily with a shrug before walking away.

"That's not a very descriptive answer Bella!" Alice called after me, getting a few stares from guests to whom she promptly glared at.

I almost sighed with relief when the last cracker covering in nasty little black eggs was plucked off my tray, granting me my wish of being able to go back into the kitchen. I walked briskly through the door, setting down my tray with a nod to Stella and walking swiftly out the door and into the alley for my break.

I let out a groan as I sat down on a crate next to Rosalie and Alice who were eating food off a tray that one of them had brought with. Genius. "Guys, this sucks," I told them.

"Really? I hadn't noticed, I was too busy being groped at by an old hairy man who could probably be my grandfather!" Alice exclaimed, throwing her hands in the air and almost sending our tray of snacks toppling to the ground-but Rose caught it before any damage could be done.

"As traumatic as that experience is I don't think they have groups for that," I said as I popped on of those mini finger sandwiches in my mouth.

"So you were saying something about apartments?" Rose asked her hopefully. Oh right, back to the reality of living in our cars.

"Well, there's this one that sounded really nice and we could totally afford it-as long as we waited a little bit to buy furniture," she added with a grimace.

"I could sleep on the floor," I said easily-it has to be better than torn up seats in my Dodge.

"How long is a little bit exactly?" Rose asked nervously.

"Well, it's really just because the starting price and all that you know-the regular rent is completely affordable. Plus we would all get our own rooms and-"

"-Alice," Rose warned, narrowing her eyes.

Alice rolled her eyes. "Just a couple weeks-three tops. That's not so bad when you think about it in the long run," she bargained.

Rose sighed. "Let's look at it," she said. I silently thanked the good Lord above that Rose was starting to get desperate-my back is stiff and public restrooms are really starting to creep me out.


"I think I like it," Alice said.

I looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "We haven't even walked through the door yet," I pointed out, holding up the key that was given to us so we could look through the apartment. I was surprised the people who are in charge of this building are so trusting-not that we can't be trusted or anything but some people…

"Hey, first impressions are big and the first I see is the door-which, by the way, seems to be in great condition," she said, gesturing to the slightly cracked beige colored paint.

"Pristine," Rose muttered sarcastically as I pushed the door open. We all walked in and just kind of looked around, spinning in circles to take it all in. The walls were the same beige color as the door and the carpet was a light cream color with darker speckles in it. There was a small front hall that lead straight into the living room area-which was probably the biggest area in the place-and off to the side was a small kitchen with a counter separating the two rooms. Then down another hall were four doors. One was a small full bathroom that was perfectly clean and the other three were identical rooms with small closets. It was a nice place all and all-much better than any of the other places we've checked out.

"What's this door for?" Rose asked, looking at door that was opposite of the kitchen and in the living room.

"Hall closet?" Alice suggested.

"No, that's the hall closet," I said, pointing to the sliding doors near the front door. "And this door has a lock on it…two locks on it," I said, fingering the latch and bolt and then the one on the handle.

Rose gasped. "Oh my God, that door connects to the neighbor's room," Rose said. "It's like the ones in hotels or something," she said, staring at it with her nose slightly wrinkled.

"Creepy," Alice muttered.

"Wanna see if it's open?" Rose asked reaching for the door.

"Rose," I said, brushing her hand away from the knob. "What if they have kids and they see us coming in and call the cops or something? We would never waitress another reception again…You know what? Maybe we should-just to see," I said as a second thought, reaching over to unlatch the bolt.

"Bella," Alice hissed, slapping my hand away as Rose gasped.

I just gave her a look and shrugged my shoulders helplessly. "I'm curious," I said sheepishly.

Alice rolled her eyes and looked at both of us excitedly. "So what do you guys think?" she asked, bouncing on her heals slightly.

"I think I don't want to spend another week in my car," I told her as confirmation that I actually liked this place.

Rose nodded thoughtfully as she looked around. "I could get used to this place," she told us.

Alice squealed loudly and gathered us both in a hug. "This is it guys; our new apartment," she said as we all looked around.

"And Jeff," I added.

They both looked at me confused. "Who's Jeff?" Rose asked.

"My new pet spider," I said, pointing to the corner of the room. They both squealed and ran towards the kitchen.

"Kill it Bella!" Rose yelled at me.

"I can't kill him! I just named him!" I exclaimed.

Rose and Alice both groaned. Yep, this has happened before. Except it was a frog…and a beetle…and a mouse…

"Damn it Bella, why do you have to do that?" Alice muttered as she stood up from where she was hiding behind the counter. She walked over to the corner and looked up at the small spider curiously. "Now I can't kill him either," she said with a grimace.

"Looks like we have a new member of the family then," Rose said, looking up him too. Never thought I'd see the day where both Rose and Alice would except a spider into the family. "He's kind of cute actually," Rose said thoughtfully. I think this is a real Kodak Moment.

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