Haruhi stood alone in Music Room 3, gathering up files for Kyoya. He has been taking notes about their customers and asked her to put them away for him. She had to obey him, unless she wanted her debt to be increased.

"He can be such a dark lord sometimes. Scratch that. Make it all the time," thought Haruhi, picking up the last pieces of paper.

She placed them inside a cabinet and closed the door. She turned to leave and jumped about a foot and a half. Tamaki was standing at the doorway.

Haruhi backed into the cabinet with a hand over her accelerating heart. A few days ago, she made a shocking discovery that she was in love with Tamaki. And now, he was standing in front of her.

"T-Tamaki! I didn't hear you come in…" trailed off Haruhi.

What else was she suppose to say? Ever since she discovered that she's in love with him, she's been kind of avoiding him.

"Haruhi. Did Daddy do something to offend you?" asked Tamaki, looking at the ground.

Of course, this fact didn't go unnoticed by Tamaki.

Haruhi sighed. He still called her his daughter. When will this nonsense end?

"Um, no, of course not, Senpai. I'm not mad at you," answered Haruhi.

"Really?" asked Tamaki, cheering up.

"Really. Now if you excuse-me, I need to go now. There's a sale at the supermarket," replied Haruhi, exiting the room.

"Goodbye, Haruhi," said Tamaki, standing aside.

"Goodbye, Senpai," said Haruhi.

As she passed by, her arm brushed against Tamaki's. Haruhi shivered. But it wasn't an unpleasant shiver…


On Monday, Haruhi sat in class. Everyone was chatting away as usual. Suddenly, the twins appeared.

"Hi, Haruhi!" they exclaimed together.

"Hello, Hikaru. Hello, Kaoru," replied Haruhi, unconcerned.

"The Host Club is having a meeting after school," said Hikaru.

"Yeah, Milord's the one who called it," added Kaoru.

"Probably to discuss the next cosplay theme," said Haruhi, trying not to sound too interested.

"Probably. He seems to have gained his energy back. Wonder what happened?" asked Kaoru casually.

Haruhi turned pink but brushed it off. The bell rang.

"Well, it's time to head to the club room," said Haruhi, getting up.

The twins looked at each other as Haruhi left the room. She left the room rather quickly. Usually, she takes her time going to the club room. This strikes as suspicious to the twins. They followed her.


They arrived in the club room and found Honey and Mori. Honey was, of course, eating cake.

"Haru-chan! Hikaru! Kaoru!" exclaimed Honey between bites.

Mori nodded.

"Honey-senpai. Mori-senpai. Where are Tamaki and Kyoya?" asked Haruhi, taking a seat.

"Still in class probably," answered Honey cheerfully.

Just then, Tamaki and Kyoya were outside the door.

"No, I'm not!" exclaimed Tamaki in a whisper.

"Yes, you are! You're in love with Haruhi!" declared Kyoya loudly.

"Sssh! I don't want my daughter to think that her father's in love with her!" hushed Tamaki urgently.

"Idiot. You're so dense about your own feelings! Everyone knows Tamaki! I'd be surprised if Haruhi herself didn't know," said Kyoya calmly.

"WHAT?! You told Haruhi that?! No wonder she's been avoiding me! I have to tell her that it's all a lie!" exclaimed Tamaki, aiming for the door.

Kyoya stopped him.

"You're not listening. As far as I'm concerned, she doesn't believe in such things. So calm down before a bigger fool of yourself than you already are," said Kyoya.

Tamaki nodded and took a deep breath. Thank goodness for Kyoya. They entered the club room. All eyes were on them.

"What were you two doing out there? You were talking but we couldn't understand the words," said the twins.

Tamaki blushed, not knowing how to answer. Kyoya stepped in.

"We were arguing about the next cosplay theme. Tamaki wants a Japanese feudal era theme while I think a Chinese theme will boost profits," answered Kyoya in a business-like manner.

"Good enough but why is Tama-chan blushing?" asked Honey.

"Uh, I'm not blushing. I'm just really hot right now," lied Tamaki, fanning himself with a file.

"Same difference," said Hikaru and Kaoru.

Tamaki glared at them.

Haruhi watched Tamaki. She was glad that he was energetic again. She watched him yell at the twins for messing with the website. He seems to be yelling something about the front page. Knowing Hikaru and Kaoru, it was something to do with herself.

"He's probably trying to cover up his latest embarrassment at the same time," thought Haruhi plainly.

Then she remembered something.

"Senpai…" started Haruhi.

"Which one?" asked Hikaru.

"Tamaki," answered Haruhi.

"Milord! Haruhi has something to say!" exclaimed Kaoru as Tamaki continued to yell.

Tamaki stopped and turned toward her.

"Haruhi?" asked Tamaki, surprised.

"Aren't you the one who called the meeting?" asked Haruhi.

"Ah, yes. Thank you Haruhi. I called you all here to say that we won't be hosting this week because we'll be preparing for the Valentine's Day party we'll be throwing this Saturday," announced Tamaki, opening the file.

"Yay! More sweets!" exclaimed Honey cheerfully.

Mori nodded.

"Remember, we must please our customers with as much romance we could possibly muster!" exclaimed Tamaki, getting caught in the moment.

"And we could put a dress on Haruhi! Our mother created a new design just for Valentine's Day!" exclaimed the twins together.

"I'm supposed to be a boy, remember?"

"So? We'll just put a wig on you. Nobody will recognize you."

Haruhi ran a hand through her very short hair. Sure, with this haircut and some boy clothes, she was immediately mistaken for a boy. But put on a dress and you discover her true gender.

"But what will we say? That I'm out of town and cousin Natsumi's in town?" asked Haruhi.

They all stared at her.

"Good idea!" they exclaimed, giving her the thumbs up.

"Eep!" thought Haruhi.

"All right! The preparations are starting tomorrow, so everyday after school this week we'll meet in the central salon, where the party will be held!" declared Tamaki, eagerness shining in his voice.

Author's note: I've decided to go with Valentine's Day because it just seemed to make it more romantic.

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