Haruhi stood in the middle of the room, thinking about the dance she had just shared with Tamaki. She suddenly spotted a woman in a yukata and recognized Tamaki's grandmother. She realized that she was coming her way. Haruhi wasn't sure that she should stay or run away. She didn't have time to think. His grandmother had already reached her.

"Miss, I saw you dancing with my, ahem, grandson and I'm able to see by the way you were looking at him that you hold feelings for him," said Mrs. Suoh coolly.

Haruhi stared at her, unsure where she was going with this.

"But don't waste your time. He is the heir of an extremely important company. If he's smart, he would never fall for a commoner like yourself. I'm sure the only reason he danced with you because he felt sorry for you," said Mrs. Suoh, her voice becoming colder at every word.

Haruhi blinked back tears. This woman was crueler than she thought.

"He doesn't care about you. He just has a passion for the commoner lifestyle. So go back to your old life and stay as far as you can from him," said Mrs. Suoh before turning her back on Haruhi and walked away.

Right after, the Host Club appeared at Haruhi's side. Haruhi was looking at the floor.

"Haruhi! What did she say? What did she say to you?" asked Tamaki worriedly.

Haruhi didn't answer nor looked up.

"Haruhi?" asked Tamaki, raising a gentle hand toward her.

She slapped it away. Haruhi suddenly burst into tears and ran outside to a balcony. They stared after her.

"No…" moaned Tamaki.

"Milord, I think you'd better go talk to her," said Kaoru sadly.

Tamaki didn't need to be told twice. He immediately ran after her.


Tamaki stepped out onto the balcony and found Haruhi sitting on a bench, sobbing profusely. He sat down next to her.

"Haruhi, please tell me. What awful thing did my grandmother say to you?" asked Tamaki gently.

Haruhi tried her best to ignore him but she couldn't. She turned around and buried her face into Tamaki's chest and cried. Tamaki put his arms around her.

"Ssh ssh. Everything's all right now," said Tamaki in a soothing voice.

"Sh-She said to stay away from you so that you can be the h-heir of the Suoh franchise and…and…" sobbed Haruhi.

"And what Haruhi?" asked Tamaki.

"That you don't care about me and that you'll never love me!" cried Haruhi, burying her face deeper into his chest.

Tamaki froze upon hearing the cruel words.

"How. Could. She?" replied Tamaki, his voice breaking.

"T-The worst part is that she's p-probably right. W-Why would you fall in love with a commoner like m-me?" asked Haruhi tearfully. "When you could fall for a beautiful rich girl who could bring benefits for your family?"

Tamaki realized that Haruhi indirectly told him how she felt about him. He gave her a gentle squeeze.

"Because she's much more intelligent. Because she wants to make something of herself by working for it. Because she's not afraid to speak her mind even though she can be harsh. Because she's the most beautiful girl that I've ever laid eyes on," answered Tamaki, his voice filling with emotion.

Haruhi looked up.

"Tamaki?" she asked uncertainly.

"What my grandmother said was a complete and utter lie. I do care about you, more than you can ever imagine! And I do love you, very very much," said Tamaki intently.

"Tamaki…" sighed Haruhi, content.

"Please don't cry anymore Haruhi. I can't stand to see you so broken. I want to see your true smile, the one you had when we were dancing together. May I bring back with a Valentine's Day kiss?" asked Tamaki hopefully.

Haruhi smiled affectionately.


Tamaki leaned in and kissed her. Haruhi wrapped her arms around him and deepened the kiss.

"About time!"

Tamaki and Haruhi jumped apart. The rest of the Host Club was standing at the door.

"You finally realized your feelings Milord!" exclaimed Kaoru, leaning against the doorway.

"And you confessed your love to her," said Hikaru casually.

"Indeed," said Mori.

"Congratulation Haru-chan and Tama-chan!" exclaimed Honey cheerfully.

Tamaki and Haruhi blushed. Tamaki cleared his throat.

"Ahem, where is my grandmother? I need to confront her about what she said to Haruhi," demanded Tamaki.

"She left," answered Mori.

"As soon as she was finished talking to Haru-chan," added Honey.

"She knew that you would not forgive her and that you would confront her so she left," stated Kyoya, eyeing Tamaki over the rim of his glasses.

Tamaki sighed.

"It's all right Tamaki. It doesn't matter," said Haruhi, placing her hand on his arm.

"Yes it does! What she said to you was strictly unforgivable!" protested Tamaki.

"What did she say to her?" asked Hikaru curiously.

Tamaki squeezed his eyes shut, unable to answer. He reopened his eyes and they were sparkling with tears.

"What's wrong Milord?" asked Kaoru worriedly.

Tamaki buried his face in his hands and his shoulders shook with silent sobs. Haruhi put an arm around his shoulders.

"What's wrong with Tama-chan?" asked Honey sadly.

"I think the effect on his grandmother's words on me is finally starting to sink in," answered Haruhi.

"What exactly did she say?" asked Kyoya, letting go of his Dark Lord side for a moment.

"She said, no, demanded that I stay from Tamaki-senpai. She also said that he doesn't care one bit about me, that it's only a passion for the commoner lifestyle and that he'll never love me," answered Haruhi, shuddering at the memory.

They stared at her.

"Ouch. That hurts," said Hikaru.

"That's a nasty blow to the heart," added Kaoru.

Haruhi nodded.

"It must hurt for Tamaki to be told he can't be with Haruhi," said Mori.

"That woman just became more hateful," said Honey darkly.

"I don't care what my grandmother says. I love Haruhi and there's nothing she can do about it!" exclaimed Tamaki, getting up.

Haruhi stood next to him.

"That's the spirit!" cheered the twins.

"Way to go Tamaki," said Kyoya, placing a hand on his friend's shoulder.

"Follow your heart," added Honey cheerfully.

"Yes," said Mori.

Tamaki smiled and Haruhi breathed a sigh of relief. Everything was working out.

"C'mon! There's a party to attend to!" exclaimed Tamaki brightly.

"Bet you're glad you're cousin Natsumi tonight, eh Haruhi?" asked Hikaru cheerfully.


"Because Miss Renge was hoping to receive a kiss from Haruhi," answered Kaoru teasingly.

Everyone laughed as Haruhi's eyes grew wide with horror.

"Come on, let's go," said Kyoya.

They rejoined the party. They danced all night long. Haruhi and Tamaki didn't leave each other's side.

The next day, Ranka became aware of their relationship (no thanks to Kyoya). He approved but told Tamaki that he'll kill him if he ever makes Haruhi cry. Tamaki agreed to the condition even though he was slightly terrified. They were happy together and were careful to not display too much affection in school in order to keep Haruhi's gender a secret.

Eventually, Tamaki confronted his grandmother after she spent so much time hiding from him. He yelled at her and told her that he'll be with Haruhi and that she'll just have to accept it. Surprisingly, she did and she gained respect for her grandson. But not much. That will take time.

Tamaki's father was pleased about his son's relationship with the scholarship student and often teased him about it. The Host Club reopened their club room and everything returned to normal.

The end

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