I don't own Naruto or make any money from it or any series that comes into play in this story, if I did, I would be rich as bill gates and twice as crazy.

This story starts out a few months before Naruto's graduation.

Chapter one- Cats and Pixies

Naruto Uzumaki was running through the woods outside of his village, once again, he had a group of angry villagers on his tail, with various bludgeoning objects, knives, dangerous gardening implements, and angry shouts of 'get the demon' and 'die fox-bastard'. Normally, he would be able to evade groups like these long enough to get to safety, but today he was tired from lack of sleep, and lack of anything to eat that day, but he did manage to keep from being caught, which was better than some of the times in the past. But one other thing was different about this time. During the chase, from the moment he entered the forest, Naruto was watched, by a pair of eyes.

He was watched by pair of eyes and a smile.

He was watched by pair of eyes and a smile, which floated in midair, before all three closed and disappeared from sight.

Naruto was finally able to duck away from his pursuers, hiding in a large, hollow tree stump, curled into a ball as he waited for the sounds of the searchers to disappear.

"Well, well, well, that was close, wasn't it little one?" Naruto jumped at the new voice. He looked up to a nearby branch to a strange sight, it was a cat, a little bigger than the large cat Naruto always saw genin teams chasing after, but what was strange was that it was purple with pink stripes, it had a very human-like grin on its face, and it was talking, "Although you don't look as though you could have kept going anyway, little one."

The boy was scared, his education may have been a little lacking, but he was pretty sure cats weren't pink or purple, and they probably shouldn't talk, "W-what are you?"

The cat stood on its hind legs, stretching its forelegs like a person just out of bed, "I am what I am, just as you are what you are, but little one I really must know, what could you be or do that would anger them so?"

Naruto's surprise was briefly overridden by sadness, "I…I really don't know, they just hate me. They chase me and beat me, they call me names and… and they," the boy began to cry as he curled up, bringing his knees to his chin.

For one of the few times in his long life, the cat frowned a little, the pain carried in this boy's voice would rival almost any aged warrior, it held sadness beyond a parent who outlived their child, and deeper sorrow than a child should know. The feline put his smile back on after a moment, "Tell me, little one, do you want to be a ninja?" Naruto looked up and nodded slowly, and the cats body began to fade, with the exception of his smile, "then I think I will give you a gift." And then, even his smile was gone from sight.

Before Naruto could wonder where the cat had gone, he heard another voice, "I found the bastard!" Naruto turned to see a group of villagers coming towards him, some with knives, some with torches, and a couple even had actual swords.

"Please, just leave me alone!" Naruto pleaded, "I didn't do anything!"

"Don't try to lie, you little beast, we're gonna finish what Yondaime-sama started."

Naruto just curled into the fetal position and screamed, "SOMEONE HELP!"

As if to answer his cry, a loud roar came from above them, and a very large tiger jumped from the branches, pinning the villager closest to the blonde. The tiger growled at its prey, then looked up to the rest of the group, and gave a fang filled grin as the moon came out from behind a cloud, showing the strange coloring of the beast, purple with pink stripes on its back. But what really caught them of guard, was when it spoke, "I think this might not be the best place for your tea party, little people, and it is quite clear, my little friend here doesn't want to go, so run along, NOW!" it stayed calm for the most of this, as if commenting on the weather, but almost roared the last word, which scared off the villagers as they left to try and find a shinobi to warn about the pink and purple tiger, surely they would believe them. The great feline then looked down to its prey, who was struggling in vain to escape, "Now, now, now, what to do with you, who sought to…oh what was it you said? 'finish' my little friend." It looked to the boy, who was still shaking, "What would you like me to do with him, little one?"

If the man was scared before, he was horrified now, with his fate now in the hands of the 'demon'.

Naruto looked at the struggling man, fear clearly etched into the man's face. "Let him go."

The man was clearly surprised, but the feline kept smiling, "are you sure about that little one?"

Naruto nodded, "If I let you hurt him, I… I would be no better than him or the others," the tiger just stepped off the trapped man as his grin widened, Naruto looked to the older man, "Do you have kids?"

The man nodded, too scared and surprised to lie, "Yes, a daughter."

Naruto frowned, "Then you shouldn't be chasing me, baka. You should be with her, kids need their dads, now get going!" the man took off running full speed.

Naruto looked back to the tiger, only to find the cat from before smiling at him, "I am rather proud of you for that, little one. You are just the type of person I want to give this to."

"Give what to?"

The cat just smiled more as it stood on his hind legs and reached its forelegs up and, in one deft tug, pulled his head off at the neck. Naruto looked on in morbid fascination as the still moving body started shaking the head as if trying to lose something stuck in a jar, not a drop of blood falling from either the neck or head. After a minute, a large book, too large to have believably fit in the cats head, let alone through its neck, fell to the ground. It was a pure white book with gold inlay on the cover and spine in words the boy didn't know, and it was thick, maybe one or two thousand pages. Naruto just stared at the book as the cat replaced its head, placing it on the neck and screwing it in like a light bulb.

"You're giving me a book?"

The cat chuckled, "No, no little one, you said you wish to be a ninja, right?" Naruto nodded vigorously, "Well, this will help you. Do you know what a summoning contract is?" this time Naruto shook his head, "Well, among you shinobi, signing a summoning contract lets you use a jutsu to call a specific type of animal from its world to help you out, some to heal, some to track, some to spy, and some to fight."

"So if I sign this, I can summon more cats like you?" the boy asked hopefully, the tiger trick was cool, and the disappearing trick was too.

"Oh no, dear little one, I am one of a kind," it saw his expression fall, "worry not, my new friend, this contract is special. There are all manner of things you can summon by signing it. This contract is multi-purpose because, instead of a specific type of animal from one world, like snakes or toads, it spans quite a few worlds and many…unique individuals, but why don't we leave the who's and what's as a surprise, so do you want to sign?"

Naruto thought for a moment, "Will it help be become a great ninja?"

"I'll let you in on a little secret, I, myself, am not the most powerful thing you could summon."

Naruto mirrored the cat's grin, "What do I have to do?"

The cat flipped past a few pages, opening the book to a blank page, "Just cut a finger and sign your name in blood, then choose a hand and place a blood palm print there too." Naruto followed the directions, when he finished, the page he signed began to glow a faint gold and red, although the cat was perplexed by this, it didn't mention it and Naruto didn't know better.

"Is that it?"

"Yes, now you are a summoner. Remember the hand signs well, Boar, Dog, Bird, Monkey, and Ram, in that order, and finish by placing the palm you left a print of in the book on the ground, with a little blood on it. The amount of chakra you use determines who and what you summon, the more you use the stronger the summoned creature. When you get to know the others better, you will learn to summon specific creatures." The feline touched the book, causing it to fade as he had earlier, "Why don't you give it a try?"

Naruto grinned and stepped back, he swiped a little blood across his hand, and went through the hand signs, focusing as much chakra as he could, before slamming his hand to the ground, there was a plume of smoke and some coughing, when the smoke cleared, he saw a pretty girl who looked to be a couple years older than him, with blonde hair tied in a bun, in a green dress with a short skirt. The only real difference was the pair of insect-like wings on her back.

And the fact that she was about five inches tall.

The girl in question was confused too, one moment she left her lantern to get a drink, the next she was in an unknown forest, in front of a human kid. She fluttered up to eye level with the boy, "Hey, kid, who are you and where am I?"

Naruto shook the cobwebs from his head, "Um, you're in the forest outside of my village, and I'm Uzumaki Naruto, the one who summoned you."

"And how did you get the dang contract?" she asked, angry from lack of sleep.

"Well he," Naruto turned to where the cat had been a few minutes ago, only to find it had disappeared again, "Wait, really, there was this cat and…" he was cut off by the pixie's hand on his mouth.

"Let me guess, a purple and pink talking cat," she asked in an annoyed tone, getting a nod, "and it did that weird thing where it tore off its own head?" Another nod and she sighed and turned away from the boy, "What are you up to Cheshire?" she asked to no one, before turning back to the other blonde, "Well, if you are the new summoner, then hello, I'm Tinkerbelle, the pixie, for what did you summon me, Naruto Uzumaki?"

"Well, the cat said to try summoning, so I did."

"So, you called me in the middle of the night for nothing?" She asked, a small tick mark appearing on her forehead.

Naruto was a little scared by the little woman, since he had no idea what she might be able to do, "Well the cat said to try, and I thought it might be cool, I didn't mean to disturb you."

"Why are you out here this late anyway, won't your parents wonder where you are."

She regretted asking the moment she saw his expression fall, "I don't… I don't have parents; I've been an orphan since I was born. I'm out here cause the villagers, they chased me out here again, the cat saved me, they were about to…"His voice trailed off, but Tinkerbelle got the basic idea.

And it pissed her off, children where important to pixies, no matter the species, "Why? Why are they trying to, ya know."

Naruto lowered his head, trying to hide his tears, "I don't know, they just do, always have."

Tinkerbelle was past pissed, she was almost beyond anger altogether, it would be bad enough for him to be an orphan, but he also has had people trying to kill him, and he doesn't even know why! Was it without a reason? "C'mon kid, let's get you home."

"No, its okay Belle-chan, I can stay out here, it wouldn't be the first time."

The pixie fluttered up and flicked him on the nose, "No way, you stay out here for the night without supplies and you'll get sick, and I wouldn't be a good summon if I let you get sick, would I?"

The boy scratched the back of his head, "I guess, but…if they see me on the streets again, they might chase me again, and they might hurt you."

Tink smiled, "Oh, don't worry about that, we won't be using the streets," she giggled at his confused expression, "Tell me, how would you like to learn to fly?"

Naruto was awed, "You can teach me to fly?"

Tinkerbelle just widened her grin, before her face furrowed in concentration. Her wings began the flap faster and faster, starting a low hum, and she started to fly around her summoner, scattering a gold dust on Naruto, who noticed the dust disappeared on contact with his skin. When she stopped, Tinkerbelle landed on the ground to catch her breath.

"Are you okay, Belle-chan?"

The pixie just raised her hand for a moment, panting, before she answered, "Yeah, I'm fine," before a question occurred to her, "Why are you calling me 'Belle-chan'?"

Naruto turned a bit red, "Well, I thought since I can summon you, you would be my friend, I'll stop if you want."

"No, no I will be your friend, it's just your language is a bit different, so I didn't know what '-chan' meant."

The boy looked a bit surprised, "you…you'll really be my friend?" When the small woman nodded, he scooped her off the ground and into an almost crushing hug, tears in his eyes and muttering, "My friend, I have a friend."

After something like that, all Tink could do was return the hug as best she could, her own tears falling at the fact that, if he had this much of a reaction from getting one new friend, it probably meant he didn't have many to spare. When she cleared her eyes, she noticed something Naruto hadn't yet.

The blonde boy was too busy embracing his new friend to notice, he was hovering about a foot off the ground.

Tinkerbelle wriggled free of the boys grip and fluttered up to eye level, grabbing his cheeks in her small hand and looked into his eyes, "Naruto, look down."

The young Uzumaki looked down and, after noticing he wasn't on the ground, fell in surprise. After rubbing the pain out of his keister, he looked to the still airborne fairy, "What was THAT Belle-chan?"

Tinkerbelle just giggled in her bell-like way, "Tell me, Naruto, what were you thinking of just then?"

The blonde human cocked his head to the side in confusion, "I…I don't really know, I wasn't thinking, I was just happy to have a friend."

"That's the way to fly, Naruto, happy thoughts. Happy thoughts let your heart soar, and the pixie dust I used on you lets your body fly with your heart. You'll need happy thoughts to give yourself the feeling, and eventually you'll be able to fly on instinct. Go ahead and try again."

Naruto closed his eyes and brought as many happy memories to his mind as he could, the free ramen he got on his birthdays from the Ichiraku's, the day old man Hokage let him move out of the orphanage, the time some bully stole his lunch and the nice pale eyed girl shared hers with him, the cat letting him sign a summoning contract and meeting his new friend Tinkerbelle, he was so focused on remembering, he didn't realize he had started floating again.

"Good, Naruto, now remember that feeling, imprint it on your heart, on your soul, and always keep that good feeling present somewhere in your mind." She moved above and ahead of him, "Now try and come towards me."

Naruto opened his eyes and immediately fell a little, but tried to focus again, he stayed in the air, but stationary. He looked up questioningly to the pixie.

"You're thinking about it too much, Naruto. For us, flying isn't something you think about, it's something you feel. Use your heart; most humans don't realize that their heart can be smarter than the brain is at times. Feel the movement, don't think, you just …let it happen."

Naruto nodded and took a couple deep breaths as he tried to stop thinking while keeping his happy thoughts on his mind. Slowly, he started to float towards the fairy girl. "I did it, Belle-chan!"

Tink gave the boy a big smile, "That's a good start, Naruto, but you're still a bit slow," she held out her little hand, "But, you have the basics, so I can just lead you home if you tell me where it is."

Naruto returned the smile as he took her hand, and was surprised that she was able to pull him home with relatively little effort. They landed in front of his door, he led the pixie in. Tinkerbelle was too distracted by the absolute mess of an apartment to see him rush to a closet and comeback with a pillow and a small blanket, which he arranged into a small bed. She looked to the makeshift bed, seeing Naruto intended her to stay, and she had no real problem with that, just because most summon creatures returned when they were not immediately needed, didn't mean she had to, right? She climbed into the little bed and watched her new summoner climb into bed.

After a while Tinkerbelle sat up, I just can't sleep in a strange bed, she looked over to her new friend, and flew to his side, and saw his face scrunched up a bit, looking like he was having a bad dream. She reached a small hand out and rubbed his temple, making soft shushing sounds and singing a short lullaby as he seemed to relax, she smiled serenely at the now peaceful adolescent, before a new voice shook her from her thoughts.

"It's strange to see such a peaceful look on a little one who has suffered so much, eh, little pixie?"

Tinkerbelle jumped a little and turned to come face-to-face with a large feline face, "Damn it, Cheshire, be quiet, he's sleeping, and I hate it when you do that." She whispered. The large cat just kept smiling as it gently leapt onto the bed. "So what do you want?"

"Oh, I just wanted to check in on the little one. So how do you like the new little summoner?"

"Well, he seems like a nice enough kid," Tink said as she sat herself next to the other blonds head, her eyes focused on the shinobi wanna-be, "Is it true that…that you saved his life?"

"Oh, I don't know, I get the feeling this boy isn't so easy to kill as some would believe," the cat said as it sat next to the sleeping boy, looking him over.

"Well, do you know why those…monsters would even try to kill a kid?" She asked, still watching the human as she lightly traced the whisker marks.

"I have an idea, but I can't even be sure of that yet, when he doesn't know himself. But the pain when he spoke…was just hard for me to believe, Tinkerbelle." The pixies head shot up when the cat used her actual name, and saw the supposed eternal smile of the Cheshire cat was gone, "I have seen stronger people driven mad by less."

"What's your idea?"

"Even if I am right, which I will check in a moment, it is not my place to say," the cat placed a paw on Naruto's stomach as the paw began to glow a venomous purple, and the room slipped from its view.


The Kyuubi no Kitsune was half asleep in its cage. It had awoken a little while ago when the walls of the room outside the cage gained an almost blinding golden glow. Once the light faded, Kyuubi was amazed to see the change. The outside room was still a sewer, just like beyond the doorway on the other side of the room, but the walls seemed cleaner, an opaque white color, and the pipes where silver with gold lines along them, and the walls had a few fox paintings on the walls as well.

After spending a while trying to figure out what had happened, and finding out the seal was as strong as ever, if not somehow a little stronger, the great fox began to fall asleep again when it was jarred awake by a voice.

"So my suspicions were correct." The fox opened its eyes to find the source of the voice, and saw something strange. Several feet from the cage stood a human-like creature, it was wearing oversized purple pants and a baggy hooded jacket with alternating pink and purple stripes, the sleeves long enough to cover the hands, and what looked like fake purple cats ears on the top of the hood. The shadow of the hood blacked out the face, all except the almost glowing golden slit-pupil eyes and the near glaringly white smile, both seemed almost like they were just floating under the hood.

"Who…or what are you?" the fox growled out at this new intruder.

Seeming to ignore the Bijuu, the creature looked around the remodeled room, paying special attention to the wall paintings, "Rather well decorated for a prison."

Although miffed at being ignored, Kyuubi looked to the wall as well, "Those just appeared a few hours ago, before that this room was a lot less desirable."

The hooded being chuckled through its teeth, "I see, that would explain the red glow." It looked to the cage, as if it hadn't noticed it before, "Well well, little fox, it would seem you have become a rather strenuous burden for the little one."

"Who are you calling little!" The beast growled, "And I assume by 'little one' you would be talking about my jailor. It's not as if I chose to be imprisoned in the whelp, had I had my way, I would still be enjoying my nap in my cave."

"So I guess you regret doing whatever got you stuck in here, they do say hindsight is always 20/20."

Kyuubi let out a sighing growl, "Regret it? I barely remember it. All I know is something woke me from my nap about thirty years earlier than I would have liked, than some blurry memories, then I'm in here."

"I see," Cheshire said with a playful disbelief in its voice, "Well, willing or not, you have caused the child more pain than one twice his age usually knows, but I suspect you are also the reason he is even alive to this day."

The fox huffed, and turned its head, "If I don't keep him alive, I die as well, and that is not a very appealing idea."

"But I am guessing that is not the only reason, is it?" The mental feline asked, raising a gloved hand from its sleeve, swaying a finger like a parent lightly threatening a child, "Just to let you know, I may know a way for your little warden to let you out for a little fresh air, but only if you are a good vixen." The fox stared at the cat for a moment, "Ohoho, you may have fooled the villagers, and maybe even your fellow demons, but not me."

"Never tried to fool the bastards, they just assumed," the apparent vixen grumbled before the cat's other statement came to mind, "What did you mean 'fresh air'?"

Cheshire chuckled a bit, "Well, you see, I am part of a special summoning contract that your little warden just signed this evening. When he signed it though, something strange happened, it glowed red and gold. The gold is normal, because it means the contract has accepted the boy and it granted him the ability to speak with some who don't or can't speak his language. But the red glow was quite perplexing, but now that I know you're here, it makes sense, because you are stuck inside of him, and he signed the contract, the book may have taken it as you signing it as well, but since you are not human, your name would have been moved to the summonable part of the contract, and that, I believe, is what changed your humble abode. I also suspect the child will eventually be able to summon you out of the seal temporarily, but not for a while, I don't think." The smile under the hood disappeared, giving the figure a serious look, "I won't tell him about you, I suspect he will find out on his own, but I require something from you, or I will remove your name from the contract along with any hope you have of freedom."


The smile returned, "I want your word that while you are free, you will do as the boy says."


Cheshire shrugged, "Better a long leash than a small cage."

Kyuubi was silent for a while before answering, "Very well," she said grudgingly, "I swear upon my pride as a Kitsune and a vixen, should I be summoned from this seal, I shall follow the commands of my current Jinchuuriki." She then watched as the figure faded in front of her, save for the eyes and smile.

"Very good, now you will just have to wait until the little one is able to summon you," and the rest of it faded from view, leaving the vixen to contemplate the possible repercussions of what she had just done.


Tinkerbelle watched as Cheshire stood motionless with a glowing paw on Naruto's stomach. She knew that if the feline let the boy sign the contract, it wouldn't hurt him and, although it seemed chaotic in its actions, the cat usually had reasons for what it does, even if the reasons only make sense to it, so it would be a good idea not to disturb them. Taking a good look around the apartment, Tink was surprised at the way the boy lived, a lot of the things he owned seemed either second hand or salvaged. Tink flew into the other two rooms of the apartment before settling in the kitchen. Well, she thought, while I'm here, I may as well help the kid out some, and maybe some work will help me sleep. Moving to the dented and worn collection of pots, pans and other assorted metal cookware, she set to work. At each piece of metal she would rub her hands across the surface and focus, and when she was finished, she would move to the next, leaving her latest work in pristine, almost new condition. By the time she had finished most of the silverware and a couple sauce pans, she was beginning to get sleepy. She returned to the main room to find the cat standing over her bed, grin twinkling in the shadows.

"That is a very nice gesture, little pixie, but you should have gotten some rest, everyone needs a good night's sleep."

"And I would be getting one if I hadn't been summoned," she said tiredly, before looking at the boy, "Hey, Cheshire, would you be able to bring me my lantern?"

"Oh, why don't you just return home, you are well within your power to just return the way you came?" The feline said, feigning ignorance.

"Because I really would rather not leave the kid alone for a while, and I just can't sleep well outside of the lantern. The kid is lonely, real lonely, like, stranded on a deserted island lonely."

Cheshire stood and stretched, standing on its hind legs again, placing its forepaws on its hips, "For knowing him such a short time, you have become quite attached to the little one."

Tink flew in its furry face, furious, "He actually cried when I said I would be his friend, he cried, Cheshire, just because someone wanted to be his friend!" She took a deep breath, "I don't have anything to do back home anyways, and I can help him, teach him to fly better, help him learn more about some of the folks he can summon, I'm sure he'd love to meet Charlotte, and the kid could probably use the company. Plus, I only know some of the basics of this world anyway, and if he needs my help, it would be a good idea to get to know it better."

Cheshire gently pushed the fairy girl away, "Now, now, little pixie, I said nothing against it," the cats body began to fade, "and I suppose it would be good to have someone to help make sure he doesn't summon any of the rather nasty ones until he is ready. I shall bring you your little home tomorrow evening, so you can make sure you wish to do this." Just as the grin disappeared, it added, "You should be careful, the humans may cause you troubles."

Tink floated there for a moment after Cheshire left before crawling into bed. Her last thought before sleep? That dang cat never did tell me why he thought they hate the kid.


Naruto got up to see his summoned friend still asleep. It was early, the glow of the sun just appearing on the horizon. He got up and moved to the kitchen, careful not to wake his new friend. When he got into his kitchen, he was surprised to find a large amount of what seemed to be brand new silverware and pans.

"Like it?" He nearly jumped out of his skin at the voice before turning around to see Tinkerbelle stretching in midair while yawning, "I had trouble sleeping and needed something to do."

The boy looked at the pixie, then the kitchenware, "You did this? How?"

Tinkerbelle floated over and sat on his shoulder, "It's one of my skills, I am pretty good with metalworking, especially repair work. Why are you up so early anyway?"

"I was gonna eat then exorcize a bit before I head to the academy."

The fairy cocked her head questioningly, "Academy?"

Naruto nodded, "I'm training to be a ninja, and one day I'm gonna be the hokage." She gave him another curious look, "The hokage is the most powerful and respected ninja in the entire village, and when I become hokage, then the villagers will have to respect me." He explained with a grin.

He really just wants the respect of people who want him dead? She thought for a moment before a question came to mind, "Wait, if you want to be a ninja, why were you wearing such bright colors last night? Wouldn't that make it harder to hide?"

"Well, yeah, but I like orange, and I can't afford much else."

Perfect, she thought, since this would be a good way to introduce him to a friend of hers, "Well, what if I could get you some clothes for free?"

Naruto looked wary, "I'm not gonna steal," he said flatly.

"No, no, I have a friend who I'm sure would be happy to make some for you, you just have to summon her, come here a moment," she lead him into the main room and asked him to clear a space. Once he did, she stood on his shoulders, "Now, to make sure you call the right person, I'm gonna help you with this, you just focus on the jutsu, put as much as you can into it, and I will make sure it's the right one. And one last thing, she might look a little scary to you, but she's really nice and friendly, so don't freak out and be sure to be nice."

Naruto nodded and went through the hand signs as Tinkerbelle stood on his shoulder with her own hands together like she was praying, a soft golden glow emanating from her. Once it was finished, a plume of smoke filled the room, and when it cleared Naruto staggered back at the creature he had summoned. From the waist down it seemed to be a gigantic black spider, but above that, where the spider head should be, it seemed to be mostly human, the human half seemed to be female, she had pale skin, very large bright red eyes, and silver, red-tipped hair, she wore a slightly over-sized long-sleeved grey shirt and a pouch on her waist. The strange spider woman looked around for a moment before her eyes settled on the young Uzumaki.

"Hi," she said with a friendly wave, "Nice to meet you, my name is Charlotte, was it you who summoned me?" he nodded, "Well, I must say that is quite an accomplishment for one so young." She scooped the speechless young boy into a hug, "I am very happy to meet you, my new little summoner, I hope to be of great help to you in the future."

"You could be of help to him today."

Charlotte looked to see the floating pixie, "Oh, Tink, I haven't seen you in a while," she put on a slightly dejected look, "I thought you said you would visit me."

"I've been busy, and you may want to loosen your hug, or we may lose our new summoner."

Charlotte looked down to see Naruto begin to turn an interesting shade of blue, and promptly released him, plopping him on the ground, "Oh, I'm so sorry, young one, I was just a little excited to be summoned," she helped the boy back to his feet before backing up a couple steps, the clawed tips of her spider legs clicking on the hardwood floor, "I am Charlotte A. Cavatica, at your service." She said with a deep bow.

Naruto was still speechless until he felt a nudge on the side of his head from Tinkerbelle, "Don't worry, she won't eat you, now say hello."

"Um, hello, Charlotte, my name is Naruto Uzumaki; I guess I am your new summoner." He said nervously, "I'm sorry if I bothered you, Belle-chan said she would help me summon someone…"

He was cut off when the Arachne leaned down and lightly pinched his cheek, "Oh, aren't you just so cute when you're nervous. Don't worry, I wasn't busy and I won't hurt you." She said with a cutesy voice, "Now, sweetie, what do you need?"

"He needs some new clothes, Charlotte," Tinkerbelle said, sitting down on the woman's shoulder, "He wants to be a ninja, but he is only able to get clothes in bright colors, and that could be bad for someone who needs stealth."

The spider woman took on a calculating look, a glint in her red eyes as she looked the boy over, "So I guess he'll need darker clothes, browns, greens, maybe some blacks, multiple sets, a jacket or two for cold weather, maybe a hooded one for rain, would you like gloves, dear?" Naruto took a moment before nodding, "With or without fingers, I know some like the fingerless ones so it doesn't mess with the dexterity of the fingers themselves, but the others can be good in cold weather, so I may as well make a pair of each." She reached into her pouch and pulled out measuring tape and began moving the boys limbs about like a mannequin, and muttering measurements to herself. When she finished she put the tape away and pulled out a notepad, scrawling things on it that Naruto couldn't see.

Tink flew up to the boy, ushering him towards the bathroom, "She gets like this when it comes to clothes. Go wash up, we'll be waiting." She said, not giving the boy any room to argue.

The Jinchuuriki washed up, cleaning the dirt from the night before, and walked back into the room containing the non-human women. When he entered, he saw Tinkerbelle sitting on Charlotte's shoulder, and she had her hands behind her back.

"Well," the arachnid woman said, "I had to rush on this set, so it's not my best work, but here you go, Naruto dear." And she held out a set of clothes. It was a dark green pair of pants like he had seen most of the chunin instructors wear, a jade green t-shirt, a thin grey vest with a number of pockets and a pair of black fingerless gloves, and the whole set seemed to be made of a soft material. As Naruto put the clothes on, she added, "I hope you don't mind, but I used some of the zippers and buttons from some old clothes that didn't seem like they would fit you."

"Um, yeah, that's fine, thanks. What are these made of?"


"Thanks, but we have sparring today and I don't want to get them ruined."

Tinkerbelle giggled, "Naruto, that isn't normal silk, it's Charlottes spider silk, and it's very tough."

Charlotte nodded, "Like I said, I sorta rushed it, so the thread count is not what I would like it to be, but it is still a bit more durable than what you had before, it is somewhat flame resistant, but not very much, and it is more flexible."

"Cool," the boy said, a little in awe.

Tinkerbelle flew over to Naruto, "We should get going, once we get to this academy, we can practice your flying." Naruto zipped his vest, but not completely before the pixie climbed in.

"Belle-chan, what are you doing?"

"I thought it might be a good idea for me to stay hidden a little longer, and this way you can show me around a little."

"Um, Naruto, dear," Charlotte spoke up, "Would you mind if I stay here, I can work on your new clothes, if that is okay with you."

"Sure, if you want to Charlotte. Let's go Belle-chan." and he left the spider woman alone in the apartment.

He seems like a nice boy, she thought as she set to work, maybe I should clean up a little too.


Although it was early in the morning, several people were out and saw the so called 'demon brat', and this morning they chose to stay away from him, not because of any mercy, but because he seemed to be talking to someone who wasn't there, and while that was creepy in a normal person, it is freakin scary when the person holds a demon. If the boy was close to cracking, it seemed like a good idea to keep their distance.

Of course, if some had paid attention, they would have also heard a bell-like sound.


Naruto got to his classroom before anyone else did, even Iruka, despite the fact he had taken his time getting there, both to tell Tinkerbelle were some important places were and to inwardly chuckle at the fearful looks he got from some of the villagers. When he closed the classroom door behind him, he opened his vest and let the pixie free as he started to float off the ground. The two spent the next half hour with flying lessons, and Naruto was getting pretty good at it, he wasn't as fast as Tinkerbelle was in the air, but he was getting close to his own top running speed. They started playing tag, Naruto chasing the fairy around in the air, claiming it was a training exercise. The two of them were having so much fun, they didn't even notice when the other students started arriving. The students themselves were speechless, seeing the current dead-last student literally flying around the room while chasing a small winged creature was amazing to say the least.

Eventually, though, a student, or rather two, showed up that weren't speechless. Ino and Sakura were trying to race to get the seat next to the one that was known to be Sasuke Uchiha's favorite, but they were stopped by the large gathering of their fellow classmates that had blocked up the door and part of the hallway. The two tried to get through, not getting any response from the dumbstruck students. Once they got into the room, however, they could see what was so amazing. Uzumaki Naruto, the dead-last prankster of the class, the boy who had seemed to have a crush on Sakura as long as they knew him, was flying.

Sakura was first to find her voice, "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!?"

Naruto, who had been close to the ceiling at the time, was distracted by the yell and began to fall. After some gasps, and what sounded like a frantically jingling bell, Naruto stopped falling mere inches from the floor. He floated up a little until he landed safely on his feet. He looked up to the amazed looks of his classmates, and simply said, "Hey everybody."

"'Hey everybody'? Is that all you have to say? Naruto, how the hell were you doing that!?" Sakura yelled as she stepped towards the blonde, only to stop when a small winged girl flew into her face. The little woman seemed like she was yelling something, but all that came out was a bell-like jingling before she turned to Naruto and said something.

"Wha…but you just told her yourself." The tiny blonde flew to the larger and jingled something else, "Really?" More jingling, "Do I have to?" he whined, getting a slightly angry jingle in return, and he crossed his arms and turned to face the pinkette, "Sakura-chan, this is Belle-chan, and don't get mad at me, these are her words. She said 'Hey, pinky, yell at Naruto like that again and I'll knock you on your flat ass.'"

"WHAT!?" Sakura screamed, covering the snickers of some of the other students, she stepped towards Naruto with her fist raised, only to be knocked on her behind by a flying pixie kick to her forehead.

The little Belle said something else for Naruto to translate, and he seemed reluctant, but complied, "Sorry Sakura-chan, Belle-chan says 'I aimed for the largest target, if you try to hurt Naruto like that again, I will show you what I can really do.'" Naruto saw Sakura bolt up and Tinkerbelle get ready for more, so he took the path of least resistance. He grabbed Tink out of the air and flew up, staying near the ceiling with a struggling pixie in his hands and a furious fan girl below him, "Now I'm gonna stay here until the two of you calm down."

Ino stepped forward, her eyes still on the mid-air ninja and his strange little friend, she turned to her rival for a minute, "Calm down, forehead, it's pretty bad when Uzumaki Naruto, of all people, has to be the mature one," she turned back to her fellow blondes, "Naruto, how are you doing that?"

Naruto turned his attention from the pixie, which seemed to be calming down, "Belle-chan taught me last night." He looked back to his captive, "Can I let you go now?" She jingled something, "Promise you won't start another fight." The captured pixie crossed her arms and nodded indignantly.

The other students watched as the small creature flew from Naruto's grasp and the two of them stayed in the air, out of reach of the still angry Sakura. Tinkerbelle said something and Naruto nodded, he turned to his classmates with the pixie at his side, "Everyone, this is Tinkerbelle, she is a pixie and my first summon, she said only I can understand her because I signed the contract, but that she is happy to meet you," Tinkerbelle said something, "Okay, she's happy to meet you all except Sakura-chan."

Sakura growled, but before she could say anything, a voice came from the hallway, "Why is everyone blocking the door?" Iruka made his way through the throng of students, not seeing Naruto in the air, he turned to the rest of the students, his back to the airborne blonds, "Well, why aren't you in your seats?" none of the students answered, but one managed to raise a finger to point in the air, Iruka turned to see Sakura and Ino, the pinkette seemed to be angry at the ceiling but the Yaminaka pointed up. Iruka looked to the ceiling to see the flying blonds. Iruka was speechless and just stared for a minute before Naruto said something.

"Morning' Iruka-sensei," he said with a friendly wave.

The scarred teacher was silent for a few seconds before responding, "Naruto," he said in an almost silent voice, "What are you doing?"

"Well, Belle-chan and Sakura-chan were fighting, so I brought Belle-chan up here to separate them."

The chunin shook his head, "No, I mean how you are…floating in the air?" he knew ninja could walk on walls, ceilings and water, but never on air.

"Oh, Belle-chan taught me," he said with a smile.

Iruka's eye twitched a bit as his mind processed this information, before he turned to the rest of the class, "Everyone to your seats, Naruto, I want to talk to you in the hall, please."

The students followed directions as Naruto and Tinkerbelle followed Iruka out of the room, the door closing behind them. Over the next several minutes, the class could hear Naruto's muffled explanation and Iruka's quiet questions. After a while, the trio came back into the room, Naruto stood beside the desk with his pixie friend on his shoulder, and Iruka stood in front of the class.

"Now class, I was planning on telling you a bit about the different elemental jutsu types, but seeing as we now have a good example, I will instead be teaching you about…" he was interrupted when the door opened and Sasuke Uchiha walked in, "Sasuke, you're late."

The Uchiha grunted a response and went to his seat, barely noticing the blond at the head of the class, and completely missing the pixie on his shoulder, I guess he got in trouble again (sigh) idiot.

"Now, as I was saying, since Naruto is here to be able to demonstrate, you will learn about the Kuchiyose no Jutsu, the summoning technique. This is a C-rank space/time ninjutsu, one that is capable calling things to you, or summoning things stored within a seal, but those don't necessarily need hand seals. In this case we will be talking creature summoning. Unlike normal ninjutsu, the summoning requires more than just knowing the correct hand signs; you also have to have signed a contract with the animals you wish to summon. Once you have signed, you will be able summon the creatures from their world. These animals are just as intelligent as humans, sometimes more so, some can use jutsu or special abilities of their own, and depending on what type of animal it is, they can have different uses. There are many different summoning contracts in the world, some are passed down through a clan, like Sandaime-sama's monkey summoning, and some are only allowed to a select few, like the summons of the legendary Sannin. If you are ever able to sign a contract though, there are a few things you will have to remember. First, these animals are mostly as smart as humans, so they can be insulted and they have their own beliefs, and angering them can cost you the ability to summon them. Second, although the summons are from a different world than ours, some of them share their own, so some summons don't get along, a prime example of this is the snakes and the toads. And lastly, you should keep in mind where you are summoning something, if you call a reptile to a cold area, like the land of snow; it can cost you dearly and will upset the summons." The teacher looked to his whiskered student, who was whispering to his pixie, "There seem to be special contracts as well, like the one Naruto signed, and he is willing to demonstrate the jutsu."

Naruto raised his hand, "Um, Iruka-sensei, would it be alright if we go outside, Belle-chan and I want to summon something larger," he said with a mischievous grin.

Kiba spoke from the back, "You mean you need your fairies help to summon?"

Naruto scratched the back of his head, "I don't NEED it, but she likes to help so I don't summon something that will eat me, like one of the dragons." Several students shuddered at the idea of the bullying target being able to summon a dragon, or anything that could eat a person.

"I think that bring up a very good point for anyone who manages to get a summoning contract in the future, the summons have personalities that vary just as much as your own, and not all of them are friendly, now everyone out to the training area." And the students began filing out of the room.


Naruto whispered to his summon as they walked down the hallway, "Hey, Belle-chan, are you sure about this?"

"Trust me, Naruto, this will show bullies it's not a good idea to mess with you, this guy is a bit strange, but remember what to say and you'll be fine.".


The class moved out to the training ground, as well as a few other classes whose teachers had heard about a summoning demonstration, and were surprised to see the Kyuubi container was the one giving it.

Naruto let Tinkerbelle land on his shoulder and began to go through the hand signs after he bit his thumb hard enough to draw blood. After he focused his chakra and Tink took on a gold glow, he slammed his palm on the ground, and a large plume of smoke surrounded him.

When the smoke cleared, there in front of the blond was a very large dark grey wolf, about ten feet long, lying on the ground, with a large scar on its belly, and red shorts on its hindquarters. It appeared to be sleeping, but cracked open an eye after a few seconds and looked to Naruto.

"Who are you?"

Naruto, thinking back to what Tinkerbelle told him to say, "Hello, I'm Uzumaki Naruto, your summoner."

"And why did you summon me kid?" The large canine growled.

Naruto took a deep breath and spoke, "I was asked to show these guys a summoning jutsu, and Belle-chan and I thought we should show them one of the coolest I can muster." He said, Tinkerbelle having told him to appeal to the wolf's vanity.

And the wolf looked the blond over a bit before chuckling, "I like you kid," the large beast stood, "You can call me Zeke," he looked around, seeing the awed look on the students faces and some of the teachers slip into a defensive position, he bent low to his summoner and whispered, "you wanna show these punks something really cool?"

"Yeah," Naruto replied, "and maybe scary too, just to see the look on their faces."

The wolf let out a barking laughter, "I'm startin to really like you kid, cool and scary it is." And he closed his eyes to focus, and after a few seconds the sound of creaking bones was heard. The wolf's body began to shift and change under his skin, his paws lengthening, and his body mass shifting. Once he was finished, instead of a normal wolf, Zeke was in a more human like form, like a werewolf from a horror story, standing at about seven feet tall. After taking a quick bow, the wolf looked to a nearby training dummy and motioned for the students to move away, a request the kids were happy to obey. Once he had a clear path, he spoke to his summoner, "watch this," he took a deep breath and puffed out his chest, "Haus Zerstören Tier Heulen (House Destroying Beast Howl)." And he let loose a loud howl and a bust of wind shot forth, shredding and destroying the dummy, as well as several trees behind it. Surveying the destruction he caused, he turned to his summoner, "Will that be a good enough demonstration, kid?" He asked, also looking past the blond and seeing that several students and teachers were scared shitless.

Naruto smirked, "Yes, thanks a lot Zeke. I'll see you later."

"See you later Kid," And the bipedal wolf disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Naruto turned back to his class as well as the others who had shown up to watch. "Well, what next Iruka-sensei?"


After the rest of the classes went back to their rooms, Naruto's went on to sparring practices, although they weren't allowed to use jutsu, Naruto was allowed to fly in his match against Kiba, as Iruka said since it can be just as much a part of Naruto's fighting style as Kiba's family moves were his. When time was up, the two were still standing, but both had landed several hits on each other, Kiba's Tsuuga dealing serious damage, but Naruto's airborne abilities letting him dodge while moving in for a few hits of his own. Iruka had the class take a quick break so he could use a low level Doton to repair the sparring ring, or at least even out the gouges in the earth. While he waited to see the next match, Naruto was spending time talking with Tinkerbelle, trying to think of new ways he could use flight in battle, when he was approached by a pearl eyed girl his age.

"T-t-that was a g-good match against Kiba, N-Naruto-kun."

Naruto looked to the girl, "Um, thanks…Hinata, right?"

She nodded, "W-were you hurt?"

"Nah, I heal pretty fast, and it was nothing major." The small pixie next to him said something, "Oh, this is Belle-chan."

Hinata turned to the pixie and bowed, "I am p-pleased to make y-your acquaintance, Tinkerbelle-san."

Naruto looked at the girl for a moment before his eyes widened a bit, "I remember you, you're that nice girl who shared your lunch with me last month." Hinata nodded, turning a little red, which was unnoticed by Naruto, but not his pixie, who smirked a bit before Naruto continued, "That was really good."

"I-I'm glad you liked it N-Naruto-kun, I m-made it m-myself." She said, pressing her index fingers together as she turned her gaze to the ground.

"Really? That was really good Hinata, you're gonna be a good wife and mom someday." He said with a smile, not really noticing as the Hyuga girl reached new levels of red, doing all she could not to pass out.

She was saved when Iruka announced the next match between Sasuke and Choji. Once the fight started, the Uchiha started out at full speed, landing hit after hit on Choji, who took them very well with his heavy fame. After a couple minutes of not being able to push the Akimichi back, the Uchiha made a major mistake. He went in for a high kick and knocked the chips out of Choji's hand.

As the larger boy looked a bit downcast at his spilled snack, Sasuke said the worst thing he could have to the overweight boy, "You should worry more about the match than your food, fat ass."

Choji looked up with a fire in his eyes and charged the Uchiha, "I'M NOT FAT, I'M CHUBBY!" he yelled as he landed a solid punch to Sasuke's gut, knocking him out of the ring and into a tree.

Iruka called the match and turned to announce the next one, not seeing Sasuke's glare at Choji's back. Naruto was walking up to congratulate his larger friend when he saw the Uchiha going through some hand signs, Naruto didn't know what they were for, but it didn't seem good. As Sasuke stopped on a tiger seal and took a deep breath, Naruto took flight at Choji, managing to get the large boy away just before a large ball of fire hit the ground where he had been a few moments ago. Iruka caught sight of this just as Naruto got Choji away.

When Naruto got to his feet, he yelled at Sasuke, "WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM TEME, IT WAS JUST A SPAR! CHOJI LIKES FRIED FOOD, BUT HE DOESN'T WANT TO BECOME IT!" Naruto turned to help Choji to his feet, not seeing the Uchiha glare at him now.

Sasuke was furious, first the fat ass thinks he can just beat me, and now the dead last freak has the gall to yell at me!? He pulled a kunai from his pouch and charged the blond, but was stopped when he felt something wrap around his feet, tripping him to the ground as he heard something land above him and tie his arms behind his back, several girls in the background screaming. Once he was tied, Sasuke felt himself being lifted and turned to see his attacker. It was big, it was scary, and most of all, its red eyes seemed to focus an immense hate towards him.

Charlotte was not amused to say the least; she had snuck to the academy following Naruto's scent to give him something, and arrives to find this little brat about to stab her summoner in the back. Once she had tied the boy up, ignoring the screams of the other children, she lifted him to eye level, "Now you listen here you little punk," she said in a harsh, quiet voice that contrasted her normal soft polite tone, "That nice little boy you were about to stab is my summoner. Now I can understand him someday being a ninja will put his life at risk, but here in town he shouldn't have to worry about being stabbed in the back someone like you who is supposed to be his ally. If you attack him again, I will desiccate you, I will drain out every drop of fluid in your body and leave you a dried up husk for the crows, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!?" She yelled with fury in her eyes.

Her attention was diverted, though, by the voice of her summoner, "Hey, Charlotte, not that it isn't good to see you, but what are you doing here?"

Charlotte turned and smiled, her voice back to its normal, kindhearted tone, "Hello Naruto dear, just a moment," she looked to the only adult in the group and tossed her catch at his feet, "You should keep a closer eye on your students, it just wouldn't do for one to kill another before they even graduate, right?" Iruka just nodded, and she leapt to a tree and returned to Naruto with a package wrapped in a silk cloth, "Here you go, Naruto, I didn't know if you had anything to eat, so I snuck out to the forest and got you lunch. It's some cooked rabbit and steamed wild vegetables, make sure you eat it all and there is a smaller one for Tinkerbelle," she said with a soft smile, "The two of you are still growing, so eat up." She turned back to Iruka, "It is almost lunch time, isn't it? Or is there still some time before then?" she asked kindly.

Iruka nodded and called for lunch, almost everyone staying clear of Naruto and his summon creatures as they sat down to eat, and started a nice conversation, all the while the teacher thinking, only a day and they treat him like family, good for you Naruto.


And that's it, the first chapter. This idea just sorta came to me one day.

For those who didn't realize, most of the summons are from old fairy tales, stories and the like, and feel free to make suggestions on any additions to the contract, I'm just sorta coming with them as I go along.

So far as you have seen, I have Tinkerbelle, the feisty little pixie, and I plan on mentioning other Never Landers on, but have no real plans on including them. Charlotte A. Cavatica, if you didn't realize, is her full name from Charlotte's Web, and she is a bit more motherly, she doesn't live on a farm, but I do sorta have a faint back story Idea, but that is for later. Next, Zeke is the big bad wolf, be it from Red Riding Hood or the Three little pigs, but that last one is where I got the idea for his attack, and all his original attacks will be in German, if for no other reason than it seems right to me. Finally we have Cheshire, who we all know from Alice in Wonderland, although I would envision it with a fur pattern like an actual tiger striped cat, not like the jailhouse stripes from the Disney movie. As for Kyuubi, she won't be summoned until the wave arc.

I am open to some ideas, and have an idea of my own for a future one, he's not from an old story, but I'll give you a hint, his name's so nice, you say it thrice.

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