Chapter 2

Lunch was a nice time for Naruto. Tinkerbelle pulled Hinata from her spot alone to eat with them and, to the heiress' enjoyment she was getting to speak with her crush and, through him, with the fairy. Charlotte stayed, and while Naruto and Tinkerbelle ate their lunches she pulled a silk cocooned package of her own and, in a slightly sickening act, sank her fangs into it and started making slight slurping noises.

Naruto was the first to say anything, "Charlotte, what are you doing?"

The spider woman looked up for a moment, "What do you mean? I'm eating."

Hinata cleared her throat, "Pardon, Naruto-kun, b-b-but if Charlotte-san is like a n-n-normal spider," she looked to the red eyed woman, who nodded, "then she wouldn't eat like us, spider's s-s-s-suck the fluids from their p-prey."

Charlotte smiled, "Very good, miss Hinata, you see Naruto, I catch my prey and inject them with a venom I can release from my fangs then wrap them like this," she held up her lunch, "I leave it set for a bit, the venom puts the prey into a painless sleep and numbs it as the venom breaks the rest of their body down, liquefying some parts like fat cells and brain matter, as well as some softer organs, then I just suck the juices out."

Naruto gulped and turned a little green, but before he said anything he saw Choji approaching with Shikamaru and Ino.

"Um, hey Naruto, I wanted to thank you for pulling my butt from the fire."

Naruto turned and smiled, "No problem, Choji. The jerk shouldn't have tried something like that anyways. Besides, I wouldn't have been able to without Belle-chan teaching me to fly."

Ino piped in at this, "I have a question, Naruto." She went into puppy eyes mode, "Could you teach me to fly?"

Naruto turned to Tinkerbelle, who jingled something for him to translate, "Sorry, Ino, but I can only fly because of something Belle-chan did for me, she says she could for you too, but since you didn't sign the contract that I did it would only last a couple hours," he saw a dejected look on her face, "but maybe the five of us could try after school someday, if you guys want to too." He said, looking around at Shikamaru, Choji and Hinata.

Ino smiled as Hinata nodded, "I w-would like that N-Naruto-kun."

Choji looked a bit wary of it, "I don't know, it does sound like fun, but I like my feet on the ground. What do you think, Shikamaru?"

The young Nara was staring up into the sky, to float along like the clouds, he came back to earth, "I think it sounds like a good idea, it sounds like fun and if any of us end up on a genin tem with Naruto it could help with an emergency escape, so it would be a good idea to know how ahead of time."

Naruto grinned ear to ear, "How about this weekend? I think we could try in the forest, people might freak if we try in the park, and we can maybe have Charlotte set up nets or webs in case you fall." The spider woman nodded and smiled.

Choji shrugged and opened a bag of chips as the other two sat next to the blond, "I guess it won't be so bad. Hey Naruto, you want to come to my place for supper tonight? I'm sure mom would want you to once she hears all that happened."

The blond thought for a moment, "Sure, that sounds like fun Choji."

"Um, Naruto," he turned to Ino, "I've been meaning to ask, but where did you get your new clothes?" She felt the strange green clothes, bringing a bit of anger to a certain Hyuga, "I don't think I've seen anything like them at any of the stores I've been to."

Shikamaru mumbled, "Which is just about every store in the village," and was promptly whacked in the head by the female blond.

Instead of Naruto answering, Charlotte lifted her head from her meal, "Do you like them? I had to rush a bit to make them, so they aren't exactly my best."

Ino looked at the Arachne for a moment, "You made these?"

Charlotte nodded, "I made all of Naruto's new clothes. I'm pretty good at weaving and sewing and such. Tinkerbelle said he needed new clothes that would be better for stealth than his orange ones."

"But what sort of material is this? It barely looks scuffed after Naruto took on Kiba."

"It's silk," she replied, getting a strange look from the girl, Charlotte went on, "It's MY silk, Arachne silk, it's pretty resilient, since our webs have to be tough enough to not only hold us, but to hold prey big enough for our appetite as well."

Ino's eyes seemed to gleam, "Do you have any idea how many kunoichi would LOVE something like this? You could make a fortune, clothes that are soft and attractive, but can still take a beating like that would be incredible."

Charlottes face saddened a bit, "But I don't like making things like that miss Ino," she looked to her summoner, "I only like to make clothes for those I know and care about, my every feeling for that person goes into my work. Even though I had just met him, there was something about Naruto, like I could tell right away he was a nice person, a kind soul who needed a mother," She lifted her summoner in a hug, "For whatever reason, when I first saw him I just wanted to cocoon him up and take him home and just spoil him and protect him like a mother. And those feelings and desires to protect went into every weave, every stitch of clothing I made for him. It just wouldn't be the same for me if I was making a bunch of clothes for people I don't know or don't feel for."

Naruto smiled and began tear up a bit as he felt a sudden warm feeling from his new clothes, the same warm feeling he was getting from Charlottes hug. But that feeling was cut short when he looked up and saw Charlotte glaring at someone, he was about to break out of the hug when he heard all he needed to tell who it was.

"Dobe, give me the contract."

Naruto turned and saw, of course, Sasuke. "Hey, you can't just boss me around!"

The Uchiha sneered, "Just listen to your better and give me the contract." He stepped forward and tripped, falling to the ground. He looked, as the other did, and found a weed had wrapped around his leg and grown up his pants.

Tinkerbelle landed on Naruto's shoulder laughing and griping the side of his head for support, jingling in his ear, "You did that Belle-chan?" He listened a bit and laughed himself as Charlotte joined in. As Sasuke pulled himself free of the plant, Naruto finally slowed his laughter to a point where he could speak, "Sasuke, Belle-chan says you should remember," he pointed to the plant, "Leaves of three, leave them be."

Ino's eyes widened and Choji and Shikamaru laughed as Sasuke began to scratch at his leg, crotch and ass. The Uchiha cursed as he ran off to find some help.

Ino turned to Naruto, who was calming down a bit, "Naruto, what just happened?"

"Apparently, Belle-chan can control plants a bit," Tinkerbelle said something to him, "She says that almost all pixies can, but she's not especially good at it, she has to really focus and it tires her out."

Shikamaru looked at Ino, "I'm surprised you aren't yelling his head off for hurting your 'Sasuke-kun'."

The platinum blond crossed her arms, "Well, even I can see he was in the wrong, both trying to fry Choji and trying to demand Naruto's contract." And she turned to Naruto, "But I don't suppose I might be able to sign it someday, like maybe if I'm on your team?"

Naruto scratched the back of his head, "Sorry Ino, I don't have it, the cat took it," he saw a confused look on everyone's faces, "The talking cat that let me sign, it stores it in its head and tears the head off and takes it out."

Charlotte saw the disbelief in the other children, "He's telling the truth, it's called the Cheshire cat, and it can talk as well as separate its head and other parts from its body. It acts a bit strange and sometimes just pops up out of nowhere, but it usually has some reason for whatever it does. It holds the contract because it has the ability to move freely between the worlds that those of the contract live in."

Naruto nodded, "I saw it do something like that, its body just sorta faded until it was just eyes and a mouth, then it blinked and was gone."

Shikamaru thought for a moment, "So, the creatures of your contract don't share a world?"

The spider woman nodded, "Tinkerbelle and I are from the same world, a world called Neverland, just different islands, but from what I know Cheshire is from somewhere called Wonderland."

Naruto blinked, "What about Zeke? Is he from Neverland?"

Tinkerbelle said something to her arachnid friend before Charlotte continued, "No, you see some worlds have a connection, so in some worlds it's easier to travel to certain other worlds by certain means, depending on what sort of powers you have. Tinkerbelle can reach a couple other worlds from Neverland."

Ino and her friends looked awed, "So you guys don't even know all the things Naruto can summon?"

Charlotte shook her head, "I think the only one who knows of all those that are on the contract is Cheshire, and it usually delights in riddles and answering questions without really answering them."

The rest of lunch was pleasant enough, as was the rest of the class day. After lunch they finished sparring matches, with Ino winning against her opponent, Shikamaru forfeiting as soon as the fight began, and Hinata, knowing her crush's eyes were on her now, managing to disable her opponent. Naruto, on Tinkerbelle's advice, paid close attention to get some inspiration to help with his own airborne style as he sat on Charlotte's spider abdomen, who wanted to stay and see what her charge's school was like. Sasuke didn't show back up for the entire day.

After the spars were over, the class moved back to their room, Charlotte, with Iruka's permission, stayed with Naruto, who sat at the back of the room as the spider woman made herself comfortable on the ceiling above him and Tinkerbelle sat on a makeshift chair, which she had fashioned from a stray soda can, that Naruto kept on his desk. The presence of the two non-humans gave a few students pause, especially seeing how they cared for the blond and that the larger one seemed to scare even their sensei.

Keeping the subject of the class on Ninjutsu, Iruka spent the rest of the class day teaching about the differences and the weaknesses of the base five elements. Tinkerbelle made sure that her summoner paid attention; she even had him ask a few questions in her stead as both she and Charlotte made sure to learn what they could about this world. The two non-humans learned a fair bit about how their new friends abilities where supposed to work, as well as a few ideas for new tricks of their own.

The rest of class was mostly without incident, although a few were giving nervous glances to Charlotte and a couple of girls shot some angry glares, neither of which the spider woman seemed to notice.

Naruto, Hinata, Ino, Choji and Shikamaru left the academy together, with Tinkerbelle sitting Indian-style on Naruto's head and charlotte playing den mother close behind. The group planned on heading to Choji's for a while, since Shikamaru and Ino's fathers where friends of Choji's dad, Naruto was invited and he asked if he could bring Hinata, an action that caused the girl to sputter incoherently as she did her impression of a tomato, but Before they could get out of the gate, the where met by an ANBU.

It was a female ANBU with long purple hair and a cat mask. As she appeared out of nowhere in front of the teens, Naruto had an odd sense of déjà vu, and missed Charlotte tense slightly.

"Pardon me, Uzumaki-san," the masked kunoichi said in an authoritative voice, "The Hokage requests your presence in his office."

"Huh?" He cocked his head to the side, Tinkerbelle gripping his hair to stay in place, "What did I do?"

The ANBU shook her head, "I believe he just wishes to speak with you about something."

"Excuse me miss," Charlotte interjected, "But would it be alright for the other little ones to come with? Naruto has been invited to dinner and we will need young Choji to show us the way to his home."

Neko thought for a moment, "I was not told Uzumaki-san could not have people with him, but they may not be allowed in the office."

Charlotte nodded, "Thank you, miss. Choji, Shikamaru, Ino, would you hop on my back, and Naruto, dear, do you think you can carry Miss Hinata?"

"Why, we could just walk."

"Now, now, Naruto, it isn't polite to keep people waiting, and we will be much faster if I leap and you fly, and I can't carry all four of them, besides," she added with a slight mischievous grin, "I'm sure Miss Hinata would like to give flight a try, even if you're carrying her." Especially if you're carrying her, she thought to herself, since Tinkerbelle had pointed out the girls shy ways around the young summoner, the spider woman knew that young boys could be a bit dim in those matters, and decided to give the girl a little help.

Ino was about to get upset about not being able to fly, but saw the look on Charlottes face and decided against it, knowing, as well as any other girl in their class, her fellow kunoichi in training's thoughts about the blond boy.

Hinata took a moment to blush before Tinkerbelle fluttered above her and let loose a small burst of dust from her wings before saying something to Naruto.

"Belle-chan said that isn't enough to fly on your own, but as long as you touch me, I can bring you along," He held out a hand, "Just don't let go."

Yuugao watched this exchange with a bit of interest and confusion, she had been told just before coming to expect something strange like the spider lady summon, but she was floored and speechless when the Hyuga heiress and the village pariah took hands and lifted into the air, and apparently so was Hinata as she let out and 'eep' as her feet left the ground. Yuugao stared from behind her mask for a few seconds until she heard someone clear their throat, and looked to see the other three children on the spiders back.

"Please lead the way, Miss Kitty." Charlotte said with a pleasant smile. Yuugao grumbled a bit about the name before leaping to a rooftop, "Hang on, children," Charlotte called as she followed suit, Naruto and Hinata flying behind the others as Charlotte scuttled and leapt behind the running ANBU.

When they landed on the roof of the hokage tower, a number of other ANBU surrounded them, thinking the frightening creature was after Uzuki, but where quickly told different by the cat ANBU.

As Ino and her friends got off charlottes back, Ino saw she was panting, "Charlotte, are you okay?"

Charlotte took a few breaths before answering, "Yes, Ino, I'm fine, just a little out of shape, I'm not used to carrying more than my own food, although you seemed rather light."

"Well, I've been on this diet and..." she was cut off.

"Oh, Miss Ino, that's not healthy for a girl you age," The spider woman said, worry in her voice, "A growing girl like you needs food to keep healthy."

"Charlotte-san is correct, Yamanaka-san," the girl turned to Yuugao as the other ANBU dispersed, "It is unhealthy for a kunoichi to be on any diet meant for just weight loss, your body needs its strength, and if you keep up you training and exorcise, you can work it off." Ino nodded slowly, "Now please follow me to Hokage-sama's office."

The group followed Neko as she led them through the halls of the tower. The four other children seemed to notice the glares that some of the workers gave Naruto, and the frightened looks directed at Charlotte. Naruto and Charlotte just kept walking, facing forward, but at one point Tinkerbelle gave a tiny inappropriate hand sign, getting her arm flicked and a disapproving look from Charlotte.

When they entered the Hokage's office, they were met with the Sandaime, his old teammates, a couple of important looking civilians, and one Sasuke Uchiha, who seemed to still be itching.

Naruto was the first to speak, "Hey, old man, what's up?" he asked with a grin, not seeing the amazed faces of his classmates but appreciating the chuckles from the three elders of the room.

At least until Charlotte gave him a light swat on the shoulder, "Naruto, mind your manners."

Sarutobi waved it off, "It's quite alright, I think I would be more worried if he suddenly started calling me by my title. Now, shouldn't you introduce your new guests Naruto?"

The boy nodded, "Right, this is Tinkerbelle-chan," he said, pointing to the pixie on his head, then motioned to the spider woman, "and this is Charlotte, they are two of my new summons."

One of the civilians cleared his throat, "Yes, Uzumaki, that is why we called you here, we had heard that you recently signed a summoning contract, and Uchiha-san would like to sign your contract."

The shinobi in the room glared at the man, as well as the two non-humans.

Naruto frowned, "I already told the jerk he can't order me around, and neither can you."

The other civilian snapped, "Now listen you little brat…" before he was cut off by the Hokage.

"Naruto is right; none can force him to release the contract."

"Pardon, sirs," Charlotte interjected, "But Naruto doesn't hold the contract at the moment, the Cheshire Cat does." Her expression darkened as she glared at the Uchiha, "And anyways, we have no desire to have the little punk sign our contract."

Tinkerbelle yelled something herself, but put on a frustrated look and said something to Naruto. Naruto did as he was told and held out a hand and focused, a light blue aura surrounded his hand. Tinkerbelle placed her hand in his and there was a sudden golden flash and burst of gold dust. There stood Tinkerbelle, but different. Instead of the little pixie she was a moment ago, she seemed about average height for someone in their mid teens, she still had on her dress, but she had a dark green pair of biker shorts beneath the skirt, a brown woven belt around her waist with a pouch on the back and a long dagger at each side, she had dark green sandals and a pair of green elbow-length fingerless gloves that each had a metal plate with an eight point star on the back of each hand. Her wings were gone, and some of her hair was no longer in the bun, falling to her shoulders.

The blond woman cleared her throat a bit before speaking, "I completely agree with Charlotte, the last thing we need is the lord high duck's ass here calling us when he feels he's too good to wipe his own ass. I don't like him, Charlotte don't like him and I'd bet gold that, the way the brat acts, Zeke would kill him and eat him, and probably get ill after."

The last Uchiha glared at the not so small pixie as the first civilian spoke calmly, "Please reconsider, Charlotte-san, Tinkerbelle-san, it is a great honor to be connected with the great Uchiha clan."

"That sort of appeal will have no effect, little man," Everyone turned to see Cheshire sitting on the Hokage's desk, a serious smile on its face, "Madam Spider seems to be rather protective of the little one, and the little pixie can be rather fierce as well."

Sasuke glared at the feline and walked toward it, "You've got the contract?" the feline nodded, "You will let me sign it."

The cat tilted its head to the side and answered simply, "No."

Sasuke scowled, "Now listen here, I deserve that power and I need it to…"

"To what?" the cat interrupted in a serious tone that silenced all thought in the room, "To chase after your vengeance? I have been listening all over the village today, and you'd be surprised what I have learned, which reminds me," the cat held a small hand like paw towards the hokage as a scroll faded into existence in its grasp, "This is a list of businesses that have been mistreating our new little summoner, and the less savory dealings they have had in the past few years," and it placed the scroll on the desk, which Sarutobi grabbed and opened, his eyes widening at the detailed list before he faced the cat, who was still smiling.

"We of the contract must watch out for our little one, mustn't we?" the feline asked as Hiruzen nodded. Cheshire turned back to Sasuke, "Now, as I was saying, I have been surveying the village the little one calls home, and have heard a few things of you, spoiled one. I won't let you sign our contract because of the path you walk. I will not deny that you have suffered somewhat in your life, but the time of your suffering was relatively quick. You have, since then, had all the things you would need to heal yourself and be happy, you've had those around you who dote on your every whim, who hang on your every word, those who would grant any desire you had if it were in their power. But, none the less, you have walked down the path of darkness, one that leads to your own destruction and that of those around you more often than not."

Cheshire then turned to Naruto as its smile softened, "The little one, on the other hand, has suffered far more than you, where your time of pain was short, his has extended over his whole life, where you had your family, your mother, to comfort you, at least for a time, he has been almost completely alone all this time. Where many of the village love you no matter what you do or how you act, they scorn him for reasons he does not even know." As the cat said all this it had begun to get noticeably larger, and by now was quickly approaching it's tiger size, the grin on its face hardening as it faced the Uchiha, "Where, to my knowledge, you have only had that one attempt on your life, on that night of your families death, I had to, this past night, save the little one from what I suspect is only the latest of a line of attempts on his life." By now the tiger sized feline had lost all semblance of its trademark smirk, its glare bearing down on the Uchiha, its intent freezing all humans in their spots except for Hinata, who, along with Charlotte, pulled Naruto into a hug as Charlotte and Tinkerbelle glared at the Uchiha as well.

The now tiger continued, "And yet despite his treatment, his pain, his heart wrenching sadness, he has not wondered anywhere close to the darkened path you walk so proudly, I doubt he has even glanced at it in passing. In that stead, he seeks to prove himself a good person worthy of respect, to show those fools who he truly is, what he truly is." One would almost swear there was a tear in the beast's eye, "He is a pure soul like few I have seen before, and the purest I have seen since her majesty Queen Alice of my world. Those of our contract will aid you not for, even though some are less than savory characters, they either know what would lie ahead on your path, or know not to cross others who would not like you, and there is nothing you can do to force us." The feline stood and walked toward Naruto, "All I can say is I advise you to rethink your so called 'vengeance,' spoiled one, or it will be the end of you."

As the tiger walked away, Sasuke made a major mistake by grabbing the tigers tail, "YOU WILL…" and that was all he said because, in the blink of an eye, he was pinned with a large clawed paw on his chest, sticky webs binding his hands and feet to the floor and a pair of daggers drawn against his neck as the three summons stared him down.

"Now listen to me, you little bastard," Tinkerbelle growled, a growl Cheshire echoed as Charlotte wiped a bit of web from her mouth, "You are in absolutely NO position to demand ANYTHING from us, we don't care who your daddy was, your mother, your brother or your great grand uncle, it's YOU who is a little self-righteous jerk, and it is YOU we won't let sign. And if these demands of yours keep up, it will be YOU I take back to my world and it will be YOU walking the plank above some hungry sharks."

The pixie and tiger pulled back from the prone Uchiha as the civilians managed to pry the boy's limbs from the floor, however the webs stuck firm as his hands were seemingly glued to the hands of the adults. As the hokage and his old teammates looked in awe of the movements of the summons, as well as holding in chuckles at the outcome, the Uchiha glared at Naruto, who was still wrapped in a hug from both the spider woman and pale eyed girl as Cheshire shrank to the size of a kitten, jumping to Naruto's shoulder and donning its usual grin, the young Ino-Shika-Cho trio amazed at the felines transformation, Choji wondering if it was possible for a cat to know his family jutsu.

Sasuke growled at the sight, I should have that contract, not some clan less idiot, "Uzumaki, I challenge you for your contract with these things."

The blond frowned, "I won't force my friends to do anything they don't want, but if you want a fight, then I'll kick your ass." He then got a swat on the head from Charlotte.

"Naruto, watch your language."

The miniature Cheshire on Naruto's shoulder chuckled, "Well, spoiled one, if the little one is willing to fight you, and you are so desperate to sign, then how about a wager?" It saw an interested look on Sasuke's face as it continued, "Your clan was known for thievery of these 'Jutsu' you ninja use, correct?" Sasuke scowled, "So I propose that if, by a slim chance, you beat the little one in battle," the cat took a moment to enjoy seeing Sasuke turn a delightful plum color in anger before continuing, "Then you can sign, but in the likely event our little summoner wins, you must hand into his possession instruction scrolls in equal value to our contract," it faced the elder ninja team, "Can I trust you three to honestly judge the value of our contract."

Sarutobi looked between his old friends, "I don't see why not if Sasuke is willing to agree."

Homura nodded, "We would have to take into account quality and quantity, and summoning contracts are quite valuable." The bespectacled ninja was trying to think of the possible value of a contract that was connected to such creatures, stealth, offence, and even the possibilities of FLYING shinobi.

Sasuke sneered at Naruto, "I accept."

Naruto nodded, "We'll do this tomorrow at the sparring ground at the academy, and we'll meet at eight in the morning."

Cheshire peered down from his seat to Hinata, "I'm sorry, little miss, but I think we need to take the little one to prepare."

Charlotte bent down and whispered something into Naruto's ear, as Tinkerbelle flashed back to her normal form, before he turned to Choji, "Choji, I hope you don't mind if I come for dinner some other time."

Choji nodded, "That's fine, I'm sure mom and dad will want to see this fight of yours."

After their goodbyes, Naruto and his new friends took off, Cheshire riding on Naruto's shoulder as they headed for the forest, but Naruto couldn't resist one last dig at the Uchiha, who's hands were still webbed to the civilian pair, "Remember, Sasuke, they can't hold your hands through the whole fight."


Naruto and his summons eventually stopped in a small clearing in the forest, and once they landed Cheshire disappeared for a few moments before reappearing in its normal size in front of the others, "This seems like a good enough area and we will be left alone. Now little one, I believe it is time to teach you a bit more about summoning. How did you summon Madame Spider?"

"Belle-chan helped," the boy answered.

The cat nodded, "I see, but the little pixie will not always be there to help you. Now what were you thinking when you first summoned the little pixie?"

Naruto shrugged, "I was just excited to try a new jutsu, I can do the henge really well and I'm alright with Kawarimi, but I can't use the Bunshin, so a new jutsu is great!"

Charlotte giggled, "You can't? That doesn't sound like you Naruto."

The blond boy smiled sheepishly, "Well, I just can never seem to get it right."

Tinkerbelle landed on the spider woman's shoulder, "What the heck's a Bunshin anyway?"

"It's supposed to make an illusion copy of you as a distraction, but," he made three quick hand signs and a pair of sickly pale versions of himself appeared in puffs of smoke, "mine always end up like this."

Cheshire looked on as the clones vanished, "Well I see the problem; you're just too strong for it." The others looked at it strangely before it continued, "He puts too much power into it, like overfilling a balloon. The balloon pops and the little ones left with a shredded husk."

"So," Naruto queried, "If I can use less chakra I can use the bunshin?"

The cat shook its head, "I'm not sure you can control yourself well enough for that, but maybe we can find a fitting substitute once you beat the spoiled one tomorrow. Now back to your summoning, the reason you summoned the little pixie is that you only put your energy into the summoning with no thought to who or what you were calling, and she was more accurately matched to the power you put into the summoning, any more or less power and you may have summoned someone else." Naruto nodded as he tried to follow along, "As I told you last night, the amount of your chakra you use can determine who and what you summon, the more you use the greater the summon. Although the pixie girl is a helpful summon, and she has a number of unique abilities, power-wise she is on the lower tier of what you can summon."

The cat realized it had lost him so it elaborated, "Simply put, she is a gennin, Madam Spider would be around what you would call chunin, and I suppose I would be jonin. However, just using the jutsu and your chakra will end up with you getting someone at random from the contract, as long as enough chakra is used."

Naruto cocked his head, "So how did I summon Charlotte and Zeke? What did Belle-chan do?"

"She did what you did not, she chose. You see little one, if you know who's to be summoned and focus on them while using enough chakra, that is who you will summon, and the little pixie acted to help you summon by adding her focus and a little of her power to your summoning. But since you don't know many from the contract, you will have to take a different path, and yet, before we start, I want you to, without help, summon the big bad wolf. Just focus on his image and what you've seen he can do as you cast your jutsu."

Naruto did as he was told and soon the group was joined by Zeke, who was looking around at everyone before his eyes settled on Cheshire, "Oh crap, it's you." He said in an annoyed tone, "What do you want?"

The cat just widened its grin, "The little one is practicing his summoning for a fight he has been challenged to, and I would like you to be here as a precaution."

The wolf sighed, "And why should I, I admit the kid is kinda cool, but I barely know him."

Cheshire chuckled, "Because I can retrieve your treasure for you."

In a second Zeke was in his humanoid form and growling at the feline, "What did you do with it?"

"Me? I did nothing to your little treasure, but I know where the thief took it, and can easily retrieve it for you if you help the little one."

At this point Naruto spoke up, "Excuse me Zeke, what is Cheshire talking about."

Zeke growled, "A few months ago, something near and dear to my heart, a gift from an old… acquaintance I guess you'd call her, was stolen from me, and I have yet to find who took it."

Naruto turned to Cheshire, "If you know where it is, would you please just get it for him," He turned back to Zeke, "I didn't wear them today, but I have this pair of goggles at home, I found them wrapped in front of my apartment a couple years ago on my birthday. I don't know who they were from, but they were one of the first real presents I ever got, and I know how mad I'd be if someone just stole them."

Cheshire smiled as its body faded, "Once again, you prove I was right to make you our summoner." And it was gone, and returned a few moments later with a slightly larger than normal guitar that had a strip of red cloth tied to the neck, which Zeke grabbed, looking it over thoroughly when Cheshire spoke, "Since the little one asked I suppose you may just return if you wish."

Zeke shook his head and turned to the young boy, "Thanks kid," and with that he moved and sat below a tree and began to skillfully strum a soft tune on his prize possession.

"Well, little one, we have gotten a little off course, but it is time to get back to work." Cheshire said, as Charlotte and Tinkerbelle moved near Zeke as they listened to his music and watched Naruto, "Now, because you don't know everyone you can summon, you will have to go by intent when you summon," Before the boy could question it, the cat continued, "What that means is that instead of focusing on who you want, like you did with the wolf, you will focus on what you want. For example, if you need something that can fly, you can focus on that requirement, if you need something that can carry a person, then you focus on that, and if you need both, you focus on both. The more requirements your focus on, the more specific your summon will be, and if you focus on a set of specifications that no summon fulfills, or you aren't using the right amount of chakra, you'll get the one who fills the most of the requirements, and the more you try to focus on the need, it may be more difficult for you to call forth enough power. Now let's begin, but start easy, I want you to start with just one specification to begin with."

Naruto nodded and began the hand signs.


The summons walked the street with Tinkerbelle leading them back to Naruto's apartment, Naruto asleep on Charlottes back as she scuttled along, Zeke in his beast form with his guitar strapped to his back and Cheshire in its tiger form. It had been an interesting session as Naruto practiced and summoned a few new creatures until he finally felt the need to sleep. He had made a few new allies and even met his first dragon.

Jigyaku no Jutsu (Time Reversal Technique)

Naruto decided to give a more specific summoning a try, and given he had heard of there being dragons for him to call, he called forth a bit more chakra then he had with Zeke or Charlotte and went for two easy requirement: summon should be a dragon and should be friendly.

After the normal blast of smoke cleared, the group was faced with a large white serpentine dragon with a blue-green mane along its spine. Everyone looked on in awe as the dragon looked around to take in its surroundings. After a few moments, there was a flurry of scales and in the reptiles place was a dark green haired man in his late twenties in a pair of blue shorts and a white shirt.

The man looked towards Naruto, "I would assume since you're the only human in the group," he then faced towards Cheshire for a moment, "And that the cat is here, that you are the one who summoned me."

Naruto nodded, "My name is Naruto. We've been practicing my summoning jutsu for a fight tomorrow and I thought I'd try to call a dragon."

The man looked Naruto over for a moment before speaking, "Naruto-san, I am called Haku, and first I would like to congratulate you on your summoning." He allowed the boy a smile before he continued, "But I would request you don't summon me again," he raised a hand to forestall the boys questions, "I only mean for at least a year or so, you see my wife, Chihiro, is close to having our first born, and I don't want to be too far away, and I also wish to be able to take care of my child."

Naruto seemed to think for a minute before running to Cheshire and whispering to the feline, who nodded and shrank to its kitten size, crawling around the boys neck like a scarf, before Naruto addressed the Dragon-man, "Would you wait here for a moment?" Curious, Haku nodded and Naruto and the cat faded from view, Naruto's grin seemed to stay around longer than Cheshire's.

After a few moments, the pair returned with Naruto holding a small stuffed frog that seemed to be a little frayed with patches at some places. He held the toy out to Haku, "Here you go, it's not much, but I hope your baby likes it."

Haku took the toy and looked at it for a few moments and placed his hand on the boys head and ruffled his hair, "I'm sure the baby will love it, Naruto-san, and I think my wife will too. I hope you can come meet her and our friends at our bathhouse someday." And he was gone in a puff of smoke.

Jigyaku no Jutsu Kai (Time Reversal Technique Release)

The summon creatures were surprised that the boy had been able to summon a dragon, but they were all starting to take a real liking to the boy and the surprises that seemed to come from him almost every day. As they turned down a street, they came face to face with an angry looking group of people, many who seemed to be in the same dress as the chunin teachers Zeke had seen earlier that day.

One, a man with red triangles on his cheeks, an arrogant look on his face, and a dog at his side, stepped forward, "We don't want you freaks in our village, so leave the demon brat and go back to the hell you came from."

As Charlotte braced herself with Tinkerbelle to escape with their young ward, Zeke looked to Cheshire, "He's an idiot, but at least he's forward," as the feline nodded the wolf shifted to his humanoid form, which seemed to scare several of the group as they started backing away, and turned to the dog, a thigh high shaggy mutt who was now shaking and seemed close to wetting itself, "You sure want to be here mutt?"

The man looked to his partner, "C'mon, Junichi, these demons don't stand a chance against all of us."

"The wolf was right, Maeashi," a rough feminine voice said, "You really are an idiot." Everyone looked up to see a feral looking woman with a one eyed wolf next to her standing on a roof.

The man took a step back, "Tsu-Tsume-sama!"

Tsume and her partner leapt between the groups, facing her subordinate, "Maeashi, I thought I made it very clear to our entire clan that I will NOT tolerate ANYONE threatening that boy or any friends he may make. Did you think being a nephew of mine would save you?" She looked to the shaking Junichi, "And the fact that you were about to force your companion to try and fight someone you should know he can't handle puts you in a bad place as well."

"Get the hell out of our way, demon lover," one dumb civilian yelled before a kunai buried itself in his shoulder.

The group looked up to see an ANBU team, lead by the purple hair woman in the cat mask, who landed next to Tsume, "Charlotte-san, Tinkerbelle-san, please continue your way home with Uzumaki-san, we will take care of this."

The girls nodded and began to walk away, but Zeke stayed for a moment, staring at the large black wolf-dog, "Keep a shorter leash on your pups, mutt," the wolf faced Tsume as he unconsciously rubbed the scar on his belly, "I made a promise a long time ago I wouldn't eat people anymore, but now I'll make you a promise, if one of your arrogant little lackeys threatens that kid again, you'll get them back in pieces."

As the wolf turned and followed the others, Cheshire waited for them to get around the corner before turning his attention to the people being handcuffed and spoke loudly, "I think I should warn you people against attacking the little one anymore, lest you bring about the wrath of his friendly summons, and just this eve he befriended a rather large dragon." The tiger chuckled at the frightened looks on the people's faces as it left, not paying attention to the grin on Tsume's face.

I have got to see that fight tomorrow.


Naruto woke to a pleasant smell filling his room. As he climbed out of bed he noticed something strange, on his table was a large, metal lantern. He walked over to it, it had a dark iron frame and fogged glass, and what seemed to be a door on one side. He opened the door and found his first summon curled up in what seemed to be a nest of cloth scraps, small fur pelt pieces and a couple flowers. The walls of her little room had small aged paper scraps and a couple faded pictures. A small groan drew his attention to the pixie, and a softly mumbled, "Don't go…please."

"Close the door and let her rest, Naruto," He turned to see Charlotte holding a couple of plates, each with a good amount of food, "She was up a little late and finished fixing your metal kitchenware, and she fixed up those weapons of yours too," she pointed to a small bedside table that had Naruto's kunai and shuriken, the throwing weapons he had salvaged from training grounds were now in near perfect condition. The spider woman placed the plate on the table, "Eat up, Naruto, you'll need your energy today. You have about an hour and a half until your fight, and you should shower."

Naruto nodded and dug into his meal. When he was finished, Charlotte handed him a set of clothes, "I was able to take my time with these, so they are a bit tougher, they're like the ones you wore yesterday, just tougher and a different color." She said, pointing out the black clothes and dark violet vest and gloves.

When Naruto got out of the bathroom after his shower, Tinkerbelle was on the table, eating from a small plate. She looked at him and yawned, food still in her mouth, "Mornin' Naruto."

"Good morning, Belle-chan, thanks for fixing my weapons."

She waved it off, "Just kick the bird brain's ass today."

The trio soon left and arrived at the academy to see a surprising number of people already there, and most of them were too old to just be students, Choji, Ino, Shikamaru, and, oddly enough, Kiba all seemed to be with their respective parents, and Hinata was with a dark-haired, red-eyed woman. The Sandaime was with his teammates, the three of them smiling at Naruto and the rest of the adults looking in awe as Naruto came in for a soft landing.

Naruto looked around a bit, "What's going on?"

Sarutobi stepped forward, "It would seem a few of the clan heads are interested in seeing your fight."

"Why," Naruto turned to see Sasuke and the civilians from the day before entering the grounds, "He's just going to lose. What's the fun in watching when they know how it will end?" He turned to Naruto, "That spider freak of yours won't get the drop on me again."

Naruto smiled, "Good to see you don't need those two holding you hand anymore, Sasuke," he said in a babyish voice, "You're becoming a big boy, aren't you?" He laughed at the scowling boy before continuing, "And Charlotte won't be fighting, and she is the least of your worries anyway."

The two boys were shown to a sparring area that had a pond and a few trees, where Iruka was waiting, they faced each other as the teacher spoke, "Now listen you two, I'm here to make sure there are no unnecessary problems, so if I say the fight is over, it's over, got it?" The two nodded and Iruka signaled the start of the fight.

Sasuke opened with a few thrown shuriken, which Naruto dodged by taking to the air. Naruto then few in close, starting hand to hand combat. After a few blocked hits, Sasuke managed a punch that knocked Naruto back a few feet in the air, the blond looked up only to be struck with a few Kunai. The Uchiha smirked until his opponent suddenly became a log; he looked around for Naruto, only to catch sight of the blond as he barreled into him. Sasuke rolled away a bit before righting himself, and flashed through a few hand signs before spewing out a fireball, Naruto backpedaling out of range of the flame before hitting a tree, when a number of wired shuriken came from the flame, and caught the blond off guard, tying him to the tree.

Sasuke sneered, "I told you."

Naruto saw Iruka about to call the match when he screamed, "WAIT, I'M NOT NEAR DONE WITH THIS!"

Iruka looked at the blond and recognized the gleam in Naruto's eye, a gleam many teachers had come to fear, and for good reason.

Sasuke didn't notice it though, "Your hands are tied, you're immobile and useless, just give up idiot."

Naruto smiled a smile that brought a slight shiver to the spectators, and said something that brought a gasp from everyone concerned, "Who needs hand signs?"

Jigyaku no Jutsu (Time Reversal Technique)

Naruto was resting a bit when a question came to mind. He turned to Cheshire, "Hey, Cheshire, is there an easier way to summon? I mean, some ninja lose hands and sometimes I might not be able to get blood in time."

Cheshire had a bemused look on its furry mug, "Well, it's not so simple, little one. The summoning technique you ninja use has three parts, you see. The chakra is two parts of it and the blood is the third. The chakra you ninja use contains your mental, or spiritual, energy as well as your physical energy. Have you noticed that most ninja say the name of the jutsu they use," the boy nodded, "Well that is a way of molding your energy. Words, or mental intent, form, forge and shape your spiritual energy, while your physical energy is shaped by the hand signs you use, your physical intent. Your mental and physical energies call the respective energies of who you are summoning, you can eventually learn to do so without hand signs if you take the time to learn, but the problem you would find is the blood tribute. The blood you use is an anchor for the body of the one you call forth, no blood, no body."

"So I need blood to summon no matter what, right?"

"Now, little one, I never said that, you would just need to summon someone who doesn't have a body."

"No body?" Naruto paled, "You mean a g-g-g…"

"You are in luck, little one, there is a body-less summon, and you don't need hand signs to call him, but you have to remember this spell, word for word…"

Jigyaku no Jutsu Kai (Time Reversal Technique Release)

Naruto focused for a moment before speaking in a voice that was different from normal,

Though I'm Warned I Should be Wary

Now I Call to Someplace Scary

As Naruto said this, the skies darkened, a threatening rumble emanating from the clouds.

This Ghostly Haunting's wrath I loose

Sasuke didn't know what was happening, and he wasn't the only one. He pulled out a kunai and charged to finish the fight, but was too late.

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, BEETLEJUICE

As Sasuke was a few feet from the blond, lightning struck in front of him, knocking the Uchiha back as everyone saw the ground thrust itself upwards, an unknown voice yelling, "SHOWTIME!" followed by a cackling laughter.

The dust settled to reveal a hole in the ground, and hovering above was a pale man in a black and white striped suit, who seemed to be in his mid thirties with yellow-green hair, misshapen green teeth and shadowed, sunken eyes. He looked to Naruto, "I thought you might have called to have some fun kid, but I guess you're a little tied up at the moment."

Everyone watching sweat-dropped at the pun as the blonde responded, "Yeah, Beetlejuice, could you lend me a hand?"

Suddenly, one of the man's hands popped off his arm and was held by the wrist in his other hand, "Well, I guess I could cut you some slack," the severed hand changed into a knife, which sliced the wires and freed Naruto, who took to the air next to his latest summon, who looked to the sneering Uchiha, the summon floating between the teens, "So is this the stick-in-the-ass snob you said you have to fight?" he asked as he reattached his hand.

"Yeah," Naruto said nodding, seeing the Uchiha flash through hand signs.

In a second, a fireball engulfed Beetlejuice, but once it dissipated, he was still floating in the air, charred black with his hair burning. He coughed a couple times before looking bored to Sasuke, "Is that it?" a small cloud formed over his head, "Well, punk, I hate to rain on your parade," The cloud released a small down pour, which stopped after a few moments, revealing an unhurt specter, "and this may come as a shock to you," a small lightning bolt shot from the cloud and knocked the Uchiha into the pond as the cloud vanished.

Naruto and his summon floated over the pond as Sasuke came up sputtering, Naruto smirked evilly, "Hey, Beetlejuice, that's just wrong, it looks like someone didn't flush that little turd."

The ghost nodded, "It's impolite, isn't it?" he made a thumbs down sign and the water in the pond began to spin, drawing Sasuke to the center. The last Uchiha disappeared below the surface and a deep rumbling was heard from the bottom of the water, "Great," Beetlejuice yelled, pulling a giant plunger from his sleeve, "Should have known the system couldn't handle that much crap." And he thrust the plunger into the pond, after a few tries, there was another deep rumble as Sasuke flew from the water, landing on the ground coughing.

The Uchiha caught his breath as Beetlejuice tossed a deck of cards to Naruto, who took a hint, "Wanna play a game, Beetlejuice, this is just getting boring." He said loudly, angering the Uchiha.

"I know what you mean, bud," The ghost replied as he began shuffling his own deck of playing cards, not paying attention as the Uchiha hurled a volley of shuriken at him as they passed right through him, "How about 'Go Fish'?"

Naruto bent back out of the way, dodging a kunai, "Nah, to easy, how about poker?"

Beetlejuice shook his head, this time the thrown weapons didn't get near them, "No way I'm playing that against you again, I don't know if you cheat or you're just that lucky, but I ain't gambling against you ever again." He then grinned mischievously, "How about…"

The two shared a look then glared at Sasuke and spoke in unison, pointing their decks at him, "FIFTY-TWO PICKUP!" The cards flew at Sasuke with impossible force, slamming him into a tree as a few nailed him and his clothes to the wood.

There was a sudden flash as Sasuke opened his eyes, around him were what seemed to be clones of the strange summon in different forms, women, children, with what seemed to be the real one next to him in a straw hat and a cane,. He wacked the cane above Sasuke's head, drawing attention that he was sitting on a teeter-totter and stuck to a rail lined with lights and a bell on the top.

The head Beetlejuice started yelling, making a show of it, "Alright people, step right up and test your strength, prove yourselves, are you a manly man or a noodle armed nerd? Step right up and take a swing!"

Sasuke saw Naruto move to the head of the crowd, "I'll try."

"Well, folks, it seems we have a challenger. Well, my boy, just grab a mallet and step on up!"

Naruto moved to a chest that appeared, and pulled out a good sized mallet. He stepped in front of Sasuke and grinned, right before bringing the mallet down on his end of the lever, which slammed the other end into Sasuke, causing the Uchiha to scream and fly up a few feet before falling back down.

The 'Crowd' started laughing as the head ghost called out, "Now Now, folks, let's give him a chance." He turned to the blond, "You want to try again?"

"Can I get a different hammer?" The ghost nodded and Naruto started rustling around in the chest, right before he brought out an impossibly large mallet. He walked towards Sasuke, chuckling like a madman, the same as the crowd echoed. He slammed the hammer down and Sasuke shot up like a rocket, getting knocked out for good as he hit the bell, breaking it off the track as he flew off, landing several yards away.

Once Sasuke landed, the crowd, and the game disappeared, leaving just the boy and his summon looking at the crowd of observers, all of whom had their jaws on the ground, trying to comprehend what the hell just happened.

Finally Naruto broke the silence, "Are we done?"

Iruka shook the cobwebs from his head as he raised an arm, "Winner, Uzumaki Naruto!"


A.N. And there ya go. Now to the note

Yes, it was Beetle juice, and thanks to Changechild for calling Sasuke a turd, it gave me the flush idea (He did something similar in the show once). Haku is the one from spirited away, but he won't be around too much.

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Now a question has been raised about a storybook Naruto having a polygamist relationship, now allow me to explain, it's a short trip. One of the big things in fairy tales is the princess/heroine/damsel-in-distress lives happily ever after with her prince/hero/knight-in-shining-armor, the problem? Naruto is, quite often, the big hero, the prince, the knight. And with princess's Koyuki, Toki, Haruna, and even Hinata and Shion are princess's in their own rights. I would hate to deny All but one of their happy ending.

I will bring up what Tinkerbelle was dreaming about, but not for a long time.

Lastly, I'm taking any suggestions for the contract boss, if you guys got any, but just to point out, there will be no human summons, no knights or witches, and, as I plan to point out in the next chapter, I don't count Beetlejuice as human, since he's dead, I'd say he's a poltergeist.

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