Gannon is up now,

Gannon most wanted list

Darunia-sage of fire- took my hammer. 500 rupees

Epona- was my birthday present to Nabooru 600 rupees

Great duku sprout- he just needs to die- some one please put him out of his misery- 200 rupees

Zelda-princess of destiny- 400 rupees

Sheik-espionage for the enemy- 1000 rupees

Impa- messing up my plan to send Zelda to an exchange school. Honestly the girl needs to be taught how to defend herself.

King Zora- sorry excuse to be king. 100 rupees

Navi- she is a nuance- hasn't even sent Link into insanity yet- 300 rupees

Nabooru- sage of sprit- old girlfriend- alive, or you die- 1000ruppies

That owl- 10,000 rupees dead or alive

Link- horse stealer- pet killer- hero of time- wedgy boy- is it really a crime to be tone deaf?

Half of hyrule

So any requests on any other people?