Bella was Heartbroken when the Cullen's left. Bella is in the meadow when she gets turned into a vampire by some old enemies. So what happens when Bella joins a coven or 4 very powerful vampires? 147 years later they go to live in forks and attend forks high…to find out they're not the only vampires there!

Read on to find out…

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Thinking about him became easier as the months passed. Maybe because I was starting to convince myself that he had never existed, like he was some kind of dream. But no matter how hard I tried to convince myself, I had not once forgotten about Edward Cullen. My friends started to believe I was getting better, because I was talking more. Never once about Edward, but little did they know he was in my every thought. It hurt me to know he intended on this. I remember the week he left.

I remember the day he left, as if it was just yesterday… the party, the paper cut, our last and final kiss, the walk and the words that ruined my entire life…


He took a deep breath "Bella, we're leaving"

I took a deep breath, too. This was an acceptable option. I thought I was prepared. But I still had to ask…

"Why Now? Another year ----"

"Bella its time. How much longer could we stay in Forks, after all? Carlisle can barely pass for thirty, and he's claiming thirty-three now. We'd have to start over soon, regardless"

His answer confused me. I thought the point of leaving was to let him family live in peace. Why did we have to leave if they were going? I stared at him, trying to understand what he meant.

He stared back coldly. With a role of nausea, I realized I'd misunderstood.

"When you say we---" I whispered

"I mean my family and myself"

"okay…I'll come with you"

"you cant, Bella. Where we're going…It's not the right place for you now"

"where you are is the right place for me. What happened with Jasper --- that was nothing, EDWARD! NOTHING!"

"Bella, I don't want you to come with me" He spoke the words slowly and precisely, his cold eyes on my face, watching as I absorbed what he was really saying. There was a pause as I repeated his words in my head a few times.

"you…don't…want me?" I tried out the words, confused by the way they sounded, placed in that order.


~Flashback Ends~

I shuddered, as the pain all came back…the same pain I felt when he walked away from me, when I was curled up on the wet bracken, repeating his words in my head. He didn't want me. I never wanted to be found, I just wanted to die.

I tried my best everyday…to try and hide the true pain I felt. It was if I was wearing a mask, to hide the true pain I felt. Charlie and Renee were not convince, that's when Charlie tried to send me off to Jacksonville. I wasn't leaving forks…not without him!


I sat cross legged amongst the beautiful flowers. I inhaled deeply smelling the wonderful scent of blossom, roses and lavender. I closed my eyes letting the sun prickle my pale skin. I was so relaxed it was unreal. Mine and Edwards meadow always had this effect on me. That's why whenever I was feeling down or needed time to think, the meadow was a perfect place to visit.

I touched the daisy's that surrounded me, tapping each and everyone one the yellow bud, before watching their delicate petals close around themselves. The birds fluttered around in the sky, so peaceful and happy… I wish it was that easy for me. I laid myself back into the grass, staring at the striking, blue sky. How the meadow was out of the cloud bank the sky was clear and cloudless, A very rare thing to see in forks. I closed my eyes, focusing on the chirping of birds and the soft breeze that made the leafs rattle. I opened my eyes, to take once last glance at the sky before Slowly shutting them again, feeling the pressure of my lids press down and everything turning black.

My eyes opened in a shot, it was pitch black. That sure was some sleep. I quickly looked around the meadow, I'm sure I heard something, no one knew such a thing existed …it must have just been my imagination. But there is was again, the same very rattling noise.

"hello…who's there" I shouted toward the cracking twigs coming from the forest. I couldn't help but feel scared, nothing could keep my mind off the thing that lurked in the shrubbery.

"hello…is anyone there" I called once more as I got to my feet preparing to run at the slightest movement.

No reply … whether that's a good thing or bad, I wasn't hanging around much longer to find out.

I walked slowly to the forest edge, My broken heart pounding in my chest. the fear took over as two dark figures entered into the meadow. They were motionless, staring in my direction. I only knew of one creature that could keep as still as that.

They finally started moving toward me, slowly crossing the meadow. I backed away slowly, then stopped dead when the moonlight caught their faces.

It brought back the many, horrible memories of last summer, when we were on the baseball clearing. My lungs refused to breath and my legs deviated from the order to run. Victoria walked forward from the shadows, her fiery red hair blowing in the breeze, a grin stretched across her beautiful face.

"lookie who we have here … all alone… no little Cullen's to protect them" Victoria called over from the far side of the meadow. Her voice gentle and velvet like.

"looks like Edward didn't care about her after all" she laughed bitterly looking over at the other dark figure…Laurent!

"w-what do y-you want" I stuttered in fear "please l-leave me a-alone" I crossed my looks between the both of them, feeling a lump stick in my throat. I edged my way further back in the forest, one foot back at a time. Laurent and Victoria just giggled harshly as they saw my strides back , became bigger and faster.

"there is no point in running, lovely Bella" Laurent soothed. Within seconds he was stood next to me, his cool finger tips caressing my cheek "how on earth did that stupid Cullen boy ever let you go… your simply…mouth-watering" I tensed as Laurent shoved me toward Victoria "she's all yours. Do with her as you please"

She grabbed my arm tightly, I gasped loudly in pain. She pulled her face close to mine, her coal black eyes glaring at me. The grin she bared revealed the pain she was planning for me. I couldn't look at her face.

She stoked her icy fingers over my neck, following the light blue veins over my skin. The corners of her mouth ridded up, as she pulled in closer to me. My heart stopped as Her lips grazed my throat, letting out a small giggle she pressed her teeth into my neck. I closed my eyes, feeling the agonizing pain as the venom released into my body. I pursed my lips together forcefully, trying to conceal the screeches that tried to escape my mouth. Victoria finally pulled away, letting me fall to the damp ground, withering in pain. I tried to silence myself, I didn't want to give Victoria the satisfaction of the pain. But it was too intense. I cried heavily, pleading for the fire to stop. I could hear the evil laughs of the two nomads, as they watched me roll around on the floor…the pain became worse with every second that dragged by. Through the screams, I grasped onto the gushing wound on my neck trying to stop the spreading. I lost all control of my body. I couldn't move. I was dead still, inside of what felt like a shell. The burning seared me as I yelped out long and painful screams, begging someone to kill me already.

I soon lost track of time. Laying still, being consumed by the fire, that I thought would never stop. But the pain subsided in the end, it felt like I had been here for years. The pain might have been gone but the hurt was still claiming me. Edward …he let this happen to me! He let me die. Die through the most excruciating pain known and he didn't care…care to save me.

My heart stopped…not to beat again, Gradually I opened my eyes. It was different, everything in high definition. The slightest little thing, something I would have never noticed before…it was clearer than ever.

Where was I? I had never to this place before. I looked around hastily, I was surrounded by four rotten, wood walls, which belonged to a shed. The bunch of tools I was dumped amongst were century's old, by the smell of the rust on them. The shed was dark, with a single line of light coming from the small window, that was covered in ivy. I sniffed the air only to smell dirt and moss. A shot of heat burned up my throat interrupting my breath I drew in. I coughed hard, wrapping my hands around my throat. When I realised the note on the door.


To Bella

I know what the pain feels like. when you lose somebody that you love, since you took my James, I know exactly how it feels. I'm going to have to live eternity without my love

Now…so will you



I read the note slowly, taking in what she had meant. She is going to live forever without James, so I'm going to live without Edward. She thought I would get off easy by dying in the end. She didn't want that…she wanted me to feel the pain that she does. Finally I understand.

I pulled myself out from amongst the mature tools, brushing off my tattered clothes from the dust that gathered on me. I watched as the dust broke free from the fabric and floated elegantly around in the air.

I breathed in gently, watching the dust get sucked into my dead lungs and burned my raw throat. I was thirsty, Edward had explained the whole ordeal when we had first met, when he thought he was going to kill me.

I had to get something to eat, plus I couldn't stay in here forever. I grabbed hold of the shed door and pushed it open. Forgetting my strength I pushed the disintegrating door right off its hinges. I looked around, I was in port angelus. I remember the roads from the day Edward had saved me. And I could see the welcome sign from here. They must have set me here on purpose, so I could hunt. Hunting…what was I supposed to hunt. Surly not humans, and How on earth will I hunt the kind of animals the Cullen's did. Small Animals looked like the easier option for now.


I never realised how difficult it is to get a meal as a vampire. I don't understand how the Cullen's could pull it off. I had tried to catch several different deer and elk, none of those successful. Giving up has never sounded so good in my life. But the burning could not be ignored.


I pounced onto the deer's back, instantly breaking its bones. I quickly bit into the creatures throat, draining the animal completely.

"hmm that wasn't too bad" I mumbled to myself…

I laughed happily as another animal dropped to my feet. It was a lot easier than the other five…I suppose I just needed practise, since no one can teach me, leaving me to learn on my own.

I didn't like the feel of being full with blood. It made me feel kind of…like a water absorbed sponge. Blood wise of course. I didn't want to run with a full belly, but I had to find a place to stay.

I ran through port angelus as fast as possible, trying not to catch the scent of any humans. I never really liked this part when I was human. Sitting on Edwards back as he ran through the forest, but I was actually…enjoying this!

I ran down secluded roads and alleys, so I would not get noticed.

Then a scent hit me and My feet stopped in their path of running…I smelt something. I tilted my head into the air, sniffing carefully focusing on that one scent…Vampire! It wasn't the Cullen's…there smell was not this unique. Even though their diet was different to others of their kind. But this scent, it was a mixture between the both. what if its Laurent, last time I checked he was on a mixture of blood. NO…it wouldn't be him. Plus nothing like him could smell so nice. I sniffed once more, hmm…they smelt lovely, maybe even better than the Cullen's. That's when I saw them…


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