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Tony sat on his haunches as he attempted to get his breath,all he could think,the only thing that was registering in his mind at the moment, was that they were breathing,they were alive,finally.

His lungs were burning like fire,his body felt heavy,his clothing soaked,his Gucci shoes destroyed,but it didn't matter,they were alive.

Suddenly there were voices,familiar voices, calling out his name,pleading for answers but he could barely hear them,must have water in my ears, he thought to himself,his lungs still working hard to get air into them.

He looked up to see a very concerned Ziva starring down at him,her face a combination of of confusion and concern.

"Tony can you hear me?" her voice now penetrating his water logged ears.

He nods, but his body is failing him,he feels as if he can't breath,like when he had the plague,that horrible feeling that you are being suffocated.

"McGee call an ambulance,now!" she yells to the computer analyst, who was now agent in charge given Tony's condition.

"Already on it!" he was checking the pulses on the two men at the warehouse door as he gave the information to the 911 operator,they were dead.

Ziva was tearing off her coat and placing it around Gibbs,whose own body had begun to shiver,realizing the other victim was also having a problem with the cold, she yelled again."McGee, I need your coat!"

He ran to her side after giving the information,sirens could already be heard in the background, a familiar quick response to an officer down call.

McGee quickly took his coat off and wrapped it around the other victim,Maddie,who seemed very focused on the man who had just saved her's and Gibbs life."Thank You." she whispered,her throat soar from vomiting the water that she had ingested.

Tony nodded,his breathing still hadn't improved. He couldn't remember ever having this much of a problem getting his breath before,he ran ten miles a day,passed his yearly physical just a month ago, so why was he having so much difficulty getting air that he so desperately needed into his lungs?

New voices from behind brought him out of his self-centered thoughts and he attempted to refocus his attention on what was going on around him. Gibbs and Maddie were breathing,that was all that really mattered right now,they were alive.

McGee seemed to have taken over the reigns,noticing that the senior field agent ,Tony,was having a difficult time just breathing at the moment.

Gibbs eyes were now set on his senior agent and he was looking a lot angry,why had they not assisted Tony? Were they thinking he was alright? Even he , in his condition could tell that Tony was far from being fine,he was struggling. His agent was in trouble.

"Would someone get him a blanket or something,he just saved our damned lives. Ziva,get Tony inside of his car and turn on the heat." Gibbs commanded as loudly as his now sore,scratchy throat would allow.

She was confused,Tony had saved them,but how had Tony saved them? She didn't wait for Gibbs to repeat the order, instead she walked over and took Tony's arm and helped him to a standing position.

"Tony,can you make it to your car,no?" she continued to observe his labored breathing,also noting how he was bending at his middle,still trying to drag in air to his scarred lungs, and it was notably difficult.

"He glanced over to the car on the other side of the fence,he would have to walk back through the warehouse and around to his car,he would never make it due to his inability to get air into his air hungry lungs,he shook his head,it was too far.

She knew immediately that Tony was in trouble,he needed medical attention. Now that other agents were now ascending on the crime scene,she could now focus only on Tony, her partner.

An EMT ran up to the victims lying on the dock,both breathing fine,both probably suffering from the trauma of drowning but Ziva knew that Tony was still having respiratory problems,her mind suddenly recalling his bout with Y Pestis.

"I need help! My partner is having problems with his breathing" she called out to the second approaching EMT who was carrying the equipment.

He quickly set the cases down and ran to Ziva's side as did McGee and a very unsteady Gibbs, who had now taken on the pale appearance of a man who had just drowned and came back from the dead,his face almost ashen in color and his lips still edged with a tint of blue."Tony!"

His words had just left his mouth when he saw his agent collapse onto the green planks,his body going completely limp, his breathing was no longer labored as it had been minutes before,the EMT announcing loudly for his partner to hear,"We have a respiratory arrest, get the defibrillator!"

The team stepped back to allow the two men to get to Tony,and watched as they ripped open his water logged suit and shirt,as they applied electrodes to his chest to see if he still had a cardiac rhythm. "We have sinus braydcardia,get me a endotracheal tube,we need to get him an airway!" he ordered as he tilted Tony's head back and as he was handed the tube he carefully inserted it into the trachea, his airway reestablished as a bag was applied and squeezed.

The second paramedic had already started placing a tourniquet around Tony's arm,attempting to get a line started for the soon to be given needed drugs. The angiocath was immediately established by the well trained paramedic and he started intravenous fluids, then flipped open an ampule and inserted the medication into the line, only then allowing himself a glance at the monitor again."Amp of atropine given, he's back in sinus rhythm." the man starring at the rhythm on the monitor.

"We need to transport now!" The first paramedic called out, the other man ran to get the stretcher, Gibbs and the rest of the team looked on, another set of paramedics had arrived and were attending to Maddie, a firm arm grabbed Gibbs but he shook it off, one of his men was down, Tony was down, and he was the priority.

Gibbs watched as they took his agent and placed him onto the stretcher, still having to use the tube to assist him in his breathes. It was his fault,Tony would've never been in this situation if it weren't for him and his inability to not confide ,not to trust his team with a personal issue,if Tony died, it would his fault and his only.

He watched them as they loaded Tony into the ambulance, and as the doors were slammed shut and the sound of the sirens and the glow of the bright lights moved away quickly. He took his hand and slapped the back of his head, "What had he done?"

Ziva and McGee just stood in silence, watching Gibbs grab a cell phone from one of the police officers to make a call,but they knew who he was calling,Ducky.