Ziva watched as their boss made sure Tony felt safe, he had been through hell. The realization alone that his father was a murderer had to be one of the most difficult moments in her partner's life.

When Gibbs was satisfied that Tony was sleeping soundly he removed himself from the bed and pulled the sheet up over his second. He was fairly certain that Ducky had been kept busy with Brad and also with retrieving Anna's body from the plane. He knew that Dr Pitt was probably a little furious that they had taken his patient, again.

He was concerned though and he was about to make a decision that he might regret but he had found something that was very concerning regarding his friend's well being. There was a raised area on the back of Tony's neck, stitches still intact, and he needed Ducky and Brad to look at it immediately,

"Zivar, get Ducky on your cell, tell him I need him here as soon as he can get here, and to bring Brad with him." Gibbs voice was serious, his tone low, as if he were trying not to wake or startle her partner.

"What's wrong Gibbs?" She was dialing the number but wanting some answers. She was wanting to know what had scared her boss into needing the man here that they had just escaped from. Why had Gibbs suddenly changed his mind?

Gibbs reached down and pointed to Tony's back, to a reddened, raised area located at his upper spine. There was a barely noticeable raised area, a fresh wound with stitches still intact right at his mid hair line. Something had been inserted underneath Tony's skin and Gibbs was fairly sure what it was, ore least suspected, a tracking device.

"Ducky, Gibbs needs you here now." her strong voice betraying her as it cracked with emotion.

She looked over at a worried Gibbs, who had to be thinking, ' Here we go again.' She felt so bad for Tony. Her partner, her friend.

Ziva added, "And Gibbs wants you to bring Brad with you." She had presented Ducky with the stunning request right before she ended the call. Ducky had not asked any questions, he said he would be on his way and that he would be bringing Brad with him.

A sudden realization hit her hard, everything had just changed again, Tony's safety might still be an issue, hell, it was an issue.

"He's not finished with Tony yet." Gibbs walked out of the room for fear of waking up the exhausted man in the bed.

Ziva followed, wondering if she was missing a piece of the puzzle. Why would DiNozzo Senior attempt to kill Tony but yet place a GPS device underneath Tony's skin? It didn't make sense.

Gibbs slammed his fist against the living room wall, the newly plastered wall. His anger palpable as Ziva entered the room behind her boss.

The work on the house had been finished just a few days before, the bullet holes were no longer visible, the shattered glass windows now sported new tinted windows and the door was donned with multiple locks. He had to be sure that he could keep Tony safe if there was a next time and evidently there would be, given the fact that the man wanted to know where to find his son, if Senior could call him that. The man sure as hell didn't act like a father.

"What was he thinking? That Tony would be forgiving him for attempting to kill him or did he want to make sure that he knew exactly where his insurance policy was just in case his marrow transplant wasn't successful the first time around?" Gibbs asked out loud, wanting the answer but knowing he would never be able to figure out Tony's father, the man was a mystery, a real son of a bitch.

"We need to remove the device, it should be an easy procedure, yes?" Ziva asked, wondering if she was missing something. She knew that Tony's father had probably killed Anna, had attempted to kill Tony. But why? Why would they go through all the trouble placing a tracking device only to turn around and attempt to kill him? Too many questions and no real answers.

"That is why I need Ducky and Brad, I want it out... now!" Gibbs walked over to the fireplace and started placing wood on top of the old newspaper, he had watched the weather earlier, it was calling for snow, he needed to get the place warm, he didn't want Tony to catch a chill.

"I will go outside and wait for them to arrive and to keep an eye on the place." she was worried about Tony's father's goons making their presence known, again.

"Where's McGee?" Gibbs asked, forgetting that Tim and Abby had been stopped at the airport by security.

"I will make some calls Gibbs. They're probably still at the airport, those security guards did seem a little ticked off, yes?" she answered.

Gibbs started pacing as Ziva went outside, her weapon readied as she exited the door, her cellphone out making the call to find her other partner Tim and Abby.

Thirty minutes later

Gibbs House

"At least they cured the fungal infection in his lungs but the damage they've done to him mentally may take a longer time to heal, longer than the physical pain for sure." Brad stated out loud as he examined Tony.

"What do you think Brad? Can we take the device out here?" Ducky asked as he continued to examine a still sleeping DiNozzo, hoping the answer was yes so that Tony could continue to rest comfortably.

"I would rather take him to my office. We're assuming it's a tracking device but I at least want an xray of his neck," Brad responded as he noted all of the bruises, scars and Tony's fevered skin. He was concerned, something was off, and he didn't want to guess at what it was, he needed to run tests.

"He really needs to be in a hospital getting around the clock attention." Brad wanted the two men to know he hadn't given up on his previous attempt at hospitalizing Tony, at least for a few days, but what his patient actually needed was weeks of recuperating from months of physical and mental pain.

Ducky realized the frustration that Brad must be experiencing right now, being unable to give Tony the care he wanted to give, but Tony really needed his NCIS family more right now. His thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a small voice.

"Brad, I'm sorry about what happened at the airport, but I really think I might shoot someone if I had to go back to a hospital." Tony stated in a low whispered voice, so low it was barely audible as he opened his eyes and looked up at his friend.

Brad smiled, it was good to see his friend, his patient again, "I have come to some understanding that it would not be in your best interest Tony but I would like for you to come to the office with me. That device in your neck, do you know what it is?" he asked, wanting to know if Tony remembered it being inserted or had it been done during a drugged state.

Tony's hand automatically reached up to the sore area and rubbed at it, unaware of its presence until now "No, what is it?" His words spoke volumes about how it was placed.

"That's what we're going to find out Tony. It might be a tracking device but I need an xray to find out." he was being honest with his patient, wanting him to know that he was not going to do anything against his patient's will.

"When?" he asked, feeling the need to get whatever the hell it was out of his neck.

"Now if you want. Ducky and I can take you to my office and if we need to we can remove it there." Brad was putting away his instruments, hoping that Tony would be agreeable.

Tony looked around the room for Gibbs, who had taken a stand at the door. "Boss?", Tony's voice was barely above a strangled whisper.

"Right here Tony. It'll be okay." Gibbs knew the question, Tony was asking if he would be safe, and he would make sure that he was regardless of what that entailed.

Tony looked up at Brad, " Let's do it."

Brad, Ducky and Gibbs assisted a still nauseated and feverish Tony to a sitting position, it was quickly evident that he was very weak and his legs shook when he stood, the muscles too weak to hold up his thin frame.

Gibbs grabbed him underneath one arm and Brad the other, they would basically have to carry him to the car, he was that weak and his muscle atrophy wasn't lost on the two physicians. He must have spent the last few weeks in bed.

"Can't do it boss, I can't make it to the car." Tony felt his body slipping to the floor even with the two men almost taking his full weight.

Gibbs met Brad's glance and knew he would have to carry him to the car, finally an understanding of how badly Tony needed medical treatment dawned on all three men and they knew Tony would not be coming back to Gibbs' place for a while.

Brad's Office

Ducky stood in the lab starring at the xray, he couldn't believe what he was seeing and neither had Brad.

"What the hell did they do to you Anthony?" Ducky asked to nobody in particular as he scanned the multiple bruises and scars left on Tony's body, his pale skin and his extreme weight loss. They must have starved him for weeks or Tony had refused to eat, probably the latter knowing that Tony could be quite stubborn, even to the detriment of his own health. There were marks on his wrists and on his ankles, they had used restraints, bindings, and they had used them inappropriately evidenced by the deep indention into the wounds. "I am so sorry Anthony."

"What is it Duck?" Gibbs asked as he entered the small space, Tony had fallen asleep in the adjoining exam room.

" It's a GPS tag that they use in animals to locate them in the wild. They have tagged our dear boy with a wilderness locator." Ducky was pissed.

"Can you remove the damn thing?" A very irritated Gibbs asked.

"Brad is scrubbing up as we speak, he is concerned about Tony's health though, as am I. He is very weak. He is weaker now than he was when he left, if that's possible." He answered. Tony needed a place to recuperate, a place to get better without being blown up, shot at or having the responsibility of having to take down terrorists.

"Brad told me he wants to place DiNozzo back into a hospital setting, due to several factors, the fever, his weight and muscle loss and his inability to take food without throwing it up. Does he have to do it today...tonight?" Gibbs asked, he was actually more concerned for Tony's state of mind than his health right now.

" Yes for all those reasons alone and several more. I'm afraid Jethro that it's necessary. Tony's very weakened condition makes him most susceptible to infections" Ducky moved towards the area where Brad was readying for the small surgery. " I need to get ready to assist. I would strongly suggest that you listen to Brad." Ducky patted Gibbs shoulder, then disappeared, leaving Gibbs standing alone, deep in thought.

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