A loud moan escaped Paul's throat, excitement pulsing through every fiber of his tensed body. He was getting more and more sweaty as Ash's little lips were working at his neck, licking, biting and kissing his pale skin.

"Ash, enough!" he purred, voice hoarse with lust. The younger boy feigned that he hasn't heard him, keeping his lips glued to his neck. His soft, shameless tongue ran along the curve of his neck, leaving a wet trail of saliva.

"I said enough, Ash!" Paul barked at him, pushing of slightly away from him. The younger boy stumbled backwards, a disappointing look appearing on his cute face. "Why?" he pouted. Paul stretched his arm and ran a hand through his raven hair.

"I've got to go training." Paul answered. "Maybe I'll see you later." Ash nodded, pressing his lips against Paul's cheek in a light, tender kiss.

"Bye, Paul! I love you!"

"Yeah, as you say…" Paul winked before turning to leave.

Ash smiled. Paul was his little, best kept secret. He has been dating him for months, without his friends knowing. He wasn't sure what their reaction would be, but he knew it wasn't going to be somewhat...positive, and he wasn't ready to find out. He wasn't ready to share this secret with his friends, irrespective of how close they were.

Paul was astonishing Ash; he was always full of surprises. He was like a forbidden fruit, and he wanted to taste more of it. Ash always knew it was something good, caring and sensitive beneath the shell of his arrogant, selfish attitude and he was happy that he was able to see a part of Paul that nobody have ever seen. He was feeling special; he had been the one to make him open up his soul, he had been the one to put a smile on his frozen face. Him, not somebody else, and he was quite proud of that.

Ash watched his own shadow stretching as the sun was sinking slowly beneath the horizon line, getting a charming crimson glow. 'I better go, before Dawn and Brock get suspicious.'


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