This is the one-shot I promised. It's related to the poem Not Done Living.

Always Loved You Flack

It had been six months since she had been gone. He came home either too exhausted to think or he would just drown himself with liquor. He knew it was a path of destruction but he just couldn't care anymore. He was becoming like his sister Samantha. Everything he used to judge her for, he himself was doing wrong now.

He was barely asleep one night when he heard a knock at the door. His instincts were a bit hazy but he knew he needed to get a grip. Maybe he didn't care for his life anymore but he still was a cop. He had to make sure the others in the building were safe.

He got up from his bed. Outside the cool November breeze lingered. He decided to close the window later and went towards his front door.

Suddenly the door opened and there she was.

Don was stunned beyond belief. He must truly be dreaming. She could not really be here. Had he drank earlier today? No today he had not drank.

"Flack I am here," she assured him.

She could tell he wasn't taking care of himself. He looked like a shadow of the man she fell in love with.

"Jess you can't really be here. I mean I held your hand right before Sid came in to..," he trailed off.

"Sid didn't do an autopsy Flack. I woke up and told him they needed me to go into hiding until they could figure out who wanted our team dead," she stated.

He sighed.

"I can't believe this Jess. You couldn't tell us?"

She shook her head.

"They had to make sure we would all be safe. I could risk it for you Flack but I couldn't bear it if my risk caused you to die," she stated.

He slumped down on his couch.

She came over to sit beside him.

"I always have loved you Flack. I hope you can forgive me," she whispered trying not to cry.

He looked up at her.

"I am glad you aren't done living this life Jess. I don't know how I have spent this past six months just wasting away."

She embraced him and he gently and slowly wrapped his arms around her.

"Promise you'll take me with you next time. Don't leave me alone again Jess. I love you," he declared.