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It was raining. Ichigo had hated the rain. Ever since his mother had been killed. Yoruichi also hated the rain. Ever since Ichigo was taken away by Aizen.

It was raining tonight too as Yoruichi bound from roof top to roof top. She missed him. She missed him because she'd fallen in love with him. She didn't admit to anyone.

She didn't even admit to herself, atleast not until it was to late. Stopping on the roof of the biulding she'd just landed on she allowed herself a moments rest and reflection

Helpless. She'd never felt so helpless, so useless before in her life. She had watched it all unfold in right infront of her and she had been unable to do a thing about it. Not a goddamn thing!


It had been Aizens second 'assault' on Karakura town. Ichigo had just been assigned as 5th Divsion's captain. The lieutenant Momo Hinamori had gotten on rather well with Ichigo even starting tp try and teach Ichigo kido.

In fact it was during these training sessions in the real world that Aizen had seen fit to steal away Ichigo.

Yoruichi had been at the sidelines watching and giving Ichigo pointers and secretly resenting the fact that Ichigo was getting training from Hinamori and not her. An explosion from Ichigos attempt at the 'Red Fire Cannon' pulled Yourichi from

her musings and give her cause to snicker at her beloved students mishap.

"Shut up" Ichigo snapped. "It's not funny!"

"Pretty damn funny from where I'm sitting, Ichigo~" she purred out making an extra effort to sound out his name in the best sing song voice she could muster.

Grumbling he turned his attention back to Momo.

"Now let's try that--" Ichigo was cut off by the spiritual pressure of an Arrancar. Even in Urahara's training grounds the spiritual power could still be felt.

Without so much as a second thought they'd rushed off to meet the intruder.

They were surprised to find her standing right outside 'Urahara Shoten'. Dark skinned, blonde hair, peircing teal eyes. Momo recognized her as the one who'd fought Toshiro.

"Who the hell are you and want are you doing her?" demanded Ichigo in a stern and threatening manner.

Always the tactful one aren't you Ichigo? thought Yoruichi with a groan.

"My name" She tarted while taking out her sword. "Is Harribel Tia and I'm here, to fight you 5th squad captain Ichigo Kurosaki" She finished her sentence with a lunge towards Ichigo.

Ichigo sidestepped the frontal attack and let loose a quick Getsuga at her or atleast tried too. For you see his sidestep had sent him a few dozen feet up and Gin had been waiting.

"Shoot 'em dead, Shinso" he stated with a maniacal glee. Ichigo had turned to face him only to get skewered through his chest.

"GAH!" Ichgo exclaimed only to feel Harribel's sword tear thourgh his back and her hand smah into the back of his head.

Retracting his sword Gin let out a snicker. "Well that was easier than I thought. Guess poor Ichi-kun was to exhausted from all that kido training to notice me." He turned his eye towards Momo. "Tsk, Tsk he started waging his finger.

"Two captains in such a short amount of time. I really think you should re-examine you ability as a lieutenant Momo-chan." As he stepped through the garganta with his prize. " He turned once more to face hem And as it closed

He waved to them and left with the aprting words 'bye bye' and that damnedable ever present smile of his.

Momo had rushed of to soul society to give the new of Ichigo's capture. Yoruichi just stood there, even in her cat form her greif was visible. Shock and horror marred her features.

When did it start raining? wondered Idly. her own tears mixing with the rain.

She was still sitting there when Kisuke returned with Tessai and the children.

They'd inquired about what happened but she refused to speak with anyone. She had then preceded to lock herself up in her room for the better part of a month. Even Soi Fon had been unable to coax her out.

When she'd finally left herself out the change in her demeanor was immediately noticeable.

She was still the same (more or less) but when it came to Ichigo or hollows for that matter she'd become violent.

Anytime Ichigo was brought up she'd become angry and 'unsociable' as Kisuke had oh so delicately put it. She'd lash out (though mostly at poor, poor Urahara) and then sulk. She'd apologize occasionally for her behavior. But mostly she'd grieve for him.

As for hollows words like 'vengeance' didn't quite do what she did justice. She went out of her why to kill them. It didn't matter what the were, regular hollows or Arrancar she made sure they all died swiftly and painfully.

-*Flashback End*-

Which brings us to now.

She felt it before she saw it.

"Garganta!"she silently hissed.

Silently she made her way over. She stood motionlessly waiting for her prey.

She was surprised when her 'prey' literally fell out of the opening. What appeared to be a figure wrapped in a ragged cloak. The figure landed with a thud.

Curious Yoruichi approached, careful to mask her presence as she did, and was ready strike when she noticed that the figure had a coughing fit.

What in the hell is going on? she asked herself.

The figure whom, Yoruichi could now say was female, judgeing from the bulge under the cloak and the fact that the cough and groans were noticbly feminine, was using the wall to support herself.

When she got close enough to strike it hit her. This spiritual pressure of the figure is--- it can't be!

Yoruichi's hand shot out and tore away the cloak before the girl could even react.

The girl was clothed in the telltale white garments of the Arrancar. She was wearing the same shoes and her clothing were a direct white colored version of the shihakushō shinigami wore, but with a red sash around her waist holding her zanpakutō sheath.

She turned quickly raising her zanpakutō to strike when she stopped eyes widening, mirorring Yoruichi's own surprised reaction. Her hair though matted and covered lightly in sand was a beautiful orange color and those

amber eyes were filled with an all to familiar look of determination.

The girl in her fright the girl raised her reiatsu giving Yoruichi a good feel for it. It was different but there was no mistake. It was Ichigo's.

"Ichigo..." she exclaimed softly.

"Yo...chi..-san.." she ground out before finally collapsing. Yoruichi caught her before she even got close to the ground.

"Ichigo! ICHIGO!" shouted Yoruichi in a panic. Her fears were quickly allayed when Ichigo's slow beat steady breathing showed she was still alive.

Yoruichi quickly made her way to mind was filled with a million and one questions. It was still raining, but Yoruichi couldn't help but think. Maybe it's not so bad altleast for tonight...


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