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"Matsumoto! I'm can undress myself y'know!" Ichigo cried in dismay. Sadly no amount of yelling would or probably could stop the excited shinigami lieutenant from stripping Ichigo naked.

"There! Isn't that all better Ichigo?" Rangiku happily quipped as she finished peeling the remainder of Ichigo's clothing off. She took a step back to cast a critical eye over Ichigo. Her hair a was greasy, and matted. Her skin was a little pale from lack of sunlight and only slightly less greasy then her hair. Her however seemed to generally be in good condition. 'Really good condition'.she mentally corrected herself. She felt more than a little self-conscious. She certainly hadn't been that nicely filled out at the same age.

"Ichigo you can stop. We're both women, no need to cover up like that." Matsumoto said. Sadly Ichigo didn't relent and her face, already red, went several shades darker. 'She's soo cuute~!' By now Ichigo had actually turned away from her in embarrassment. Matsumoto took a moment to appreciate Ichigo hips and butt. Now armed with a full image of Ichigo she idly began coming up with cute (sexy) outfits and various stores she could take her to. Shaking her head she promptly doused Ichigo with a bucket of cold water eliciting a surprised yelp from the gender-bent teen.

"In you go!" She exclaimed as she cheerfully shoved Ichigo into the shower.

The instant the hot water hit her she immediately went rigid before relaxing. She hates rain, but absolutely loves a nice hot shower. They could be so relaxing. With that thought in mind she paused to enjoy the moment. Good thing too because a scant second later a nude Rangiku appeared right behind her sponge in hand. She than promptly began to 'clean'.

"Ran... Matsumoto-san., those.." poor Ichigo couldn't get out a proper response. Apparently the first thing a woman's supposed to clean is her breasts.

"Aaaahh... I'm so jealous~ You're not even a proper woman yet and already you're filling out so nicely!" Matsumoto quipped and to Ichigo''s relief she moved on from her breasts to actually scrubbing her back. Of course when Rangiku started moving lower...

"Gah!" Ichigo shouted before jumping away from her. "What... where..." she stammered her face quickly approaching a deep shade of red.

For her part Rangiku had her hands on her hips and tilted in confusion. She honestly couldn't see anything wrong with what she doing. I'm just trying to show her how to properly take care of her body she thought. I mean a nice girl like her should... oh! Though she may act it Lieutenant of the 10th division Rangiku Matsumoto was far from stupid.

"Is something wrong Ichi-chan?" she teased. Taking a deliberate step forward with extra care to put a noticeable bounce in her step, and with her chest it showed quite well, though Ichigo really wished it hadn't. By all rights the water hitting her should have been reduced to steam. Eeee! Ichigo looks so adorable whens she's embarrassed! She thought with glee. Sadly, I Rangiku Matsumoto had not yet begun to tease! She thought a she reached forward. Rangiku Matsumoto may not yet have begun to tease, but she sure had been stopped if the mocha colored arm that shot forward between her and Ichigo was any indication.

"Aaw! I was just cleaning her up! Honest!" Rangiku pouted as a mildly annoyed Yoruichi let go of her arm and placed the rest of herself between Ichigo and the lieutenant.

"No, you weren't. You were however fondling her breasts and trying to cope a feel of her ass." she deadpanned. "Now give me the sponge."

"Aw, why do you have be so mean?" Rangiku replied. Oh please Yoruichi scoffed. The puppy dog eyes routine may work on most men in the world and some women. But to Yoruichi it was just annoying and amateurish. So in response she merely restated her previous order and tapped her foot in annoyance. Rangiku handed over the sponge with a 'humph'.

"Okay. Now Ichi... what are you doing?" she said. Ichigo was currently trying and failing to make herself as inconspicuous as possible. Yeah good luck with that in that body girl Yoruichi thought. With a smirk she started advancing on the unfortunate former male..

"I don't trust you any more than I do her!" Ichigo practically shouted. "You'll probably use that as an excuse to grope me or something!"

"Excuse me?" Yoruichi replied indigently raising an eyebrow as she crossed her arms under her chest. "When have I ever- oh right." She muttered remembering all the times she had appeared without any clothes. But he looked so adorable when he blushed she thought. "Well then you shouldn't be in for any surprises." And with that she pounced.

Poor Ichigo was already backed into a corner and so she was completely unable to escape when the former Captain grabbed her. Yoruichi quickly went about scrubbing her clean.

"See? Not so bad is it." she said.

"You do know I'm capable of taking a shower myself?" Ichigo shot back. "I mean I did just take one five minutes ago!" Rangiku never one to be ignored decided now was the time to rejoin the conversation.

"True, but sooo much fun to take one together~!" she remarked. "Now while miss Yoruichi" she started placing emphasis on the 'miss' which got her a small death glare from Yoruichi "scrubs you clean, I'll go over skin and hair treatments~!"

"...what?" Ichigo squeaked as she tried to back away from the much to happy lieutenant, only pin Yoruichi to the wall behind them (though strangely Yoruichi didn't seem to mind). Matsumoto continued undaunted.

"Come now Ichi-chan! A young lady has to properly take care of herself." Ichigo thought the pose she struck after finishing was completely unnecessary. "You didn't even use conditioner last time did you? A girl needs to use more than... " she picked up the bottle of shampoo "this" she finished wrinkling her nose. This stuff's just the cheap generic crap they sell for a dollar! Ugh... Then another thought struck her.

"Ichigo, do you even know how to use anything else other than shampoo? Do you use skin cream?" she asked raising an eyebrow as she spoke. She sagged in disappointment when Ichigo shook her head.

"Aww... you poor thing." she said as she pulled Ichigo into a hug."There, there" she said patting Ichigo's back "don't worry I'll will teach you everything I know about taking care of your body." Yoruichi's quip of 'that shouldn't be much' went unheard.

"Sooo, what do you actually know about being a woman?" Rangiku inquired when Ichigo finally managed to wriggle free of the older woman's bear hug. "And don't say stuff like 'I have breasts now'." Her response was a simple shrug.

"Than as of today I, Yoruichi Shihoin, shall teach you the in and outs of womanhood!" Yoruichi said imposing herself once again between Ichigo and Matsumoto much to the latter's annoyance.

"Excuse me? I already said I'd do it." Matsumoto said giving Yoruichi a pointed look.

"No, you said you'd teach her how to take care of her body." Yoruichi corrected her. "I said I'd teach her about being a woman."

"I can teach her that just fine." Rangiku replied. Both women we now sending death glares at each other.

"Um, I really like to finish before we run out of hot water." Both women turned to face Ichigo who now was kinda wishing she'd just kept her mouth shut.

"Who do you want to be your teacher Ichigo?' Rangiku asked. "Me or her?"

"Well to be honest I haven't really thought that much about it." Ichigo started scratching the back of her head. "I figured I'd ask Tatsuki or Inoue about it." Luckily for her this seemed to placate the to irritated females enough to stop their glaring match. If only a little.

"Well I'm still gonna teach you." Rangiku stated.

"Well, so am I. Besides I already taught her Bamkai, and am teaching her Hoho and Shunpo." Yoruichi replied.

"Yeah, well he went to Momo for Kido lessons" she muttered as she stepped out of the shower to retrieve her hair products.

"Yeah you did didn't you? Why didn't you ask me?" Yoruichi whispered

"Well... I... um, I was having trouble with it and Momo offered to help so I..." Ichigo really didn't know how to phrase it properly or why she felt so bad for not going to Yoruichi first and just asking for lessons. Fortunately Ichigo was saved from having to finish when Rangiku stepped in with several bottles of shampoo and conditioner.

"Okay I've brought several different kinds for us to try out and we can just see what works. First off..."

Yoruichi zoned out as Matsumoto went about hair care and body lotion. She really didn't want to her it so she went back to cleaning Ichigo who actually didn't need any more cleaning.

Okay now I'm groping you.

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