This is a poem I wrote in my last 'Growlanser phase' recounting several prominent memories of Wein Cruz and Max Schneider. Growlanser is such an underappreciated series, especially here in the U.S. It doesn't have much fan art, and I presume not much fan fiction, so I wanted to help it Grow[lanser].

Okay, okay. Shoot me now for even coming up with such a lame, corny pun. Gomen.

I own diddly-squat.


Remembering our meeting

When we fought together

Taking the victory from

Our opponents hand.


Remembering the friendship

We used to share

And all of the burdens

Together we'd bear.


Remembering the overlook

All those happy memories

My orcania; your dreams of peace

Our 'philosophical discussions.'


Remembering our parting

Imperial Knight on my mind

You, the minister; pacifist;

Peace on your own.


Remembering the dam

When we each thought the other

Had started a war

Filled with anger and betrayal.


Remembering your treason

Peace was all you wanted

But you took it too far

There is always a better way.


Remembering the pain

I thought we were friends

Still, we fought for the world

And after, I thought you were gone.


Remembering the overlook

All those bittersweet memories

The gem you gave me so long ago

The song I played in return.


Remembering my surprise

To find you alive

Back to your senses

But now unable to stay.


Remembering those things now

I look back and smile

My girl at my side

I look forward to seeing you again-

Not just remembering.

Yes, yes, another authors note. Wasting time is fun.

Anyways, '[Wein's] girl' is Arieta. I figured I should clear that up instead of keeping some people from sleeping. -- JK.